CFCS Chapter 83

Chapter 83
Supermodel Competition (Arc 7.4)

The five selected models, including Jing Yang, appeared in the studio the next day to shoot the perfume ad.

Dilumo stood in the corner, viciously glaring at Jing Yang. He did not think that this person actually really was Arthur Yang. A man who hadn’t gone out his door for three years, once he appeared, he immediately snatched away what should have belonged to him.

Originally he had been determined to become the main model for this ad, after all he was the model with the highest popularity right now. But the Lai Feng company actually signed Arthur Yang as the main product model. This was someone who he had previously stepped right down into the mud, what qualifications did he have to appear here? Let alone the fact that he was still the target of attack on the internet. The Lai Feng company would certainly regret looking for him to shoot their advertisement, the company would definitely instigate public uproar by using Arthur Yang.

Dilumo coldly smiled. Right now he was no longer that newcomer in Arthur Yang’s studio, and Arthur Yang was not that once popular famous model. In that previous situation he was even able to get together with Conley and defeat him, not to mention in the current situation where they had now swapped roles. He would make him regret appearing once again in the limelight.

Regulus again appeared in the studio, leaving those models all uncontrollably excited, trying to show off their best appearance in an attempt to get his attention. Dilumo also raised his chest and tilted his head, adopting the posture that he thought could best show off his figure.

Only Jing Yang sat to the side and closed his eyes, going over in his mind the movements that would be filmed later.

The director called the models to prepare, and the other four models first went up to shoot. Jing Yang was going to be shooting the main product, which had more individual shots, so it would be filmed later.

Regulus sat to the side. He seemed to be watching the filming process, but in fact his attention was not at all on the models being photographed, his eyes glancing over at Jing Yang from time to time. Seeing that Jing Yang was keeping his eyes closed the entire time, he simply found an angle where other people couldn’t see his face, and directly looked at him.

The filming over there didn’t seem to be going very well. After the director finished filming, he let Brolly look over it. Brolly kept frowning and shaking his head, this was not the effect that he wanted.

Regulus looked at the time. He didn’t have that much time to spend sitting here, so he let his assistant inform the director and Brolly to first finish filming Jing Yang’s part.

Regulus changed to a position with a good line of sight and watched as Jing Yang walked onto the arranged set, skillfully and smoothly making various movements and postures. He was sometimes mysterious and cold, sometimes sexy and seductive, entirely in line with the mood that this main perfume wanted to exude.

Originally there were three cameras filming, and then the director had the cameraman bring out the three other spare cameras at the same time. He used six cameras to shoot, not wanting to let go of any angle.

The other three models went to sit and rest, and only Dilumo stood to the side with his arms crossed, staring at Jing Yang. Even though he was trying hard to find a place where he was not doing well, whether from a professional or a layman standpoint, his performance was too perfect. He had already not picked up any work for three years, but he actually could perform even better than before, how on earth did he do it?

Dilumo was angry and jealous in his heart. He clearly was already way beyond this person, and it had been so hard for him to finally get to this point. He definitely could not be beaten by this person.

As soon as the cameras stopped rolling, without waiting for the director to call him over, Brolly rushed over to watch the screen.

“Look, this angle, and this angle, it’s simply perfect!” The director exclaimed. “Every shot can be used, if you aren’t even satisfied with this, I really can’t shoot anything better than this.”

“Satisfied satisfied!” Brolly nodded continuously. “Show me all the other angles, do you think if we cut it like this…”

Brolly and the director were already starting to discuss the question of how to cut the video. The assistant came to ask whether or not they needed another try or to make up any scenes, but the director said, “These shots are enough, each shot is very good. If we shoot any more we might have to extend the advertising length. Let him go back to rest, if there are any problems later then we will let him know.”

Jing Yang was notified that his part had already ended and he went to the dressing room to change his clothes, preparing to leave.

When he came out of the dressing room, he almost collided with a man. He took a step back and looked up at the man, saying, “My apologies, are you going in?”

“I’m not going in, I’m waiting for you.” Regulus looked at him and said.

“Waiting for me?” Jing Yang was preparing to go around him but doubtfully asked, “Is there a matter?”

“If you have time now, I would like to invite you to dinner.” Regulus invited him very directly.

Jing Yang was somewhat surprised. After thinking very quickly for two seconds, he looked up into his eyes for a moment. That was a pair of very deep eyes, and Jing Yang felt like he had the illusion of being immersed in them. But that familiar heartbeat did not appear, so he simply refused. “I’m very sorry Mr. Fernelea, I don’t have the time now to have a meal with you. I have some very important matters to go back and deal with.”

This time it was Regulus’s turn to be surprised, this was his first time being rejected when inviting someone. It was not easy for him to meet someone he was interested in, and he was definitely not the type of person to casually pay attention to someone and then casually give them up. “Then when are you free. I can wait to find you when you are free.”

Jing Yang smiled. “How could I let Mr. Fernelea accommodate me. I am a very boring person, I’m afraid that eating with me might affect your appetite, so let’s just forget it.”

Regulus looked at Jing Yang and then also smiled. “Rejecting me so directly like this, are you not afraid of offending me?”

“I believe that with Mr. Fernelea’s heart, you will not be angry with me for such a little thing. After all, every day you have so many big matters to solve, such a little matter will soon be left behind. An unimportant person like me, you will soon forget about.” Jing Yang thought, if I could not offend you I would do my best not to, but if you were to force me to do something I don’t want to, even if it made it more troublesome, I can still only offend you. Before meeting his lover, he would not give anyone an opportunity, and would not be ambiguous with anyone.

“Okay.” Regulus didn’t plan to push him too tightly. After all, he was someone who did everything strategically. “Then I will give myself a little time to see whether or not I can forget about you, and I will give you a little time to consider my invitation. I appreciate you very much, so even if we just become ordinary friends, that would also be very good. You don’t have to guard against me, I will respect you and not bully you.”

“Thank you Mr. Fernelea.” Jing Yang felt some relief in his heart. Just from one look he knew this man was not easy to deal with, he was not willing to become enemies with him. But if it was just being friends, as long as he was willing to keep his distance and not encroach on his bottom line, it wasn’t impossible.

“It seems that you are in a hurry to go back, then why don’t you leave first.” Regulus moved to the side.

“Thank you.” Jing Yang sincerely thanked him and then quickly left.

Regulus looked at his back, his gaze becoming even deeper, and then smiled. He never thought that one day he would fall in love with someone at first sight, but he had always been someone who saw his own heart very clearly. He had always been someone who followed his heart, and he disdained to do something like avoiding his true thoughts. So this person, he would get.


Jing Yang saying that there were some matters he needed to deal with was not completely just an excuse to deny Regulus. He really was collecting everything that could prove that Dilumo and Conley were complete trash. Even small, seemingly trivial details could become a breakthrough, and then he could break that wound right open, completely ripping off those two people’s hypocritical masks. He could then reveal their truest faces and let everyone judge.

After the ad was broadcasted, at first everyone was praising that Lai Feng’s advertising standards were getting higher and higher. After knowing that the person in the ad was actually Arthur Yang, besides shock there was only more shock. Wasn’t it said that Arthur Yang’s body was deformed, and his face couldn’t be seen by people? So what’s going on here? Did he take some sort of fairy medicine? He had been photographed on the street but little more than a month ago, even if he had some sort of restoration surgery it wasn’t possible to be done so fast?

Jing Yang released the complete images of the crushed starlight and dark lost night promotional videos, and confirmed that the person inside was himself. Afterwards, the internet immediately boiled over. After all kinds of shock and disbelief, there was debate and discussion. Most were doubtful, they couldn’t understand how someone could have such a big change in a month. Plus becoming worse was easy but becoming better was very difficult. Not to mention with only a month of time, even becoming worse wouldn’t be easy, let alone changing his body to become so perfect.

And there were some netizens who had been very uncomfortable with Dilumo who took this opportunity to satirize him for deliberately letting other people think that the person in the videos was him. This was simply faceless. Those fans who had been slapped in the face still obstinately fought back against those scolding Dilumo.

Conley stared at the screen and repeated the ad several times. Then he turned off the screen and said, “It’s really him, how did he do it…could it be that those people you arranged had gone too long without results and were impatient, so they deliberately deceived you to get benefits?”

“What’s the use of saying this now?” Dilumo said with a face full of fury. “As soon as he appeared he robbed the limelight that should belong to me. The main product advertisement should originally have been filmed by me! With this ad, I would have been only one step away from becoming a supermodel, but he actually suddenly came out to rob me!”

“All right, all right.” Conley held him in his arms. “Don’t be angry, it’s just his figure that’s better.”

Dilumo glared at him. “What do you mean?! You dare to praise him in front of me, do you still have feelings for him?”

Conley patted him on the back and comforted him. “The facts are in front of us, we have to admit it. But besides his good figure, he simply has nothing else, how could he be compared to you. How stupid his brain is you know very well, it’s easy to deal with. Why do you have to be angry with him. We have weathered so many storms together, are you still afraid of not being able to deal with him? He robbed you of your thunder this time, we will just get revenge on him twice over. This time we will completely destroy him so that he has no chance of coming back.”

Seeing that Dilumo was still somewhat unhappy, Conley continued, “Rest assured, he won’t get any advantages from this time’s ad. We’ve already spoiled his reputation, so even if he shoots the ad well, he’ll continue to be scolded. Although the Lai Feng company is a branch of the Fernelea group and is very powerful, they can’t ignore the views of the netizens and deliberately go against them. After all, they opened the company in order to make money. As long as there are more and more people scolding them, the Lai Feng company won’t be able to withstand the pressure, and will naturally remove his ads. It’s also uncertain if the main product ads will be re-shot.”

“Next time I will let him see well!” Dilumo gritted his teeth and said.

“We don’t have to wait for next time. Right now we can go on the network to instigate the mood of the netizens, and scold him until he regrets reappearing.” Conley said.

There really was a lot of swearing on the internet, but the number of views and clicks of the advertisement had been continuously rising, and the sales for the main dark night perfume hit a record high. In just a few days they were out of stock.

Some people scolded Arthur Yang while also unable to resist repeatedly going to watch the ads. Then they lost more control of their hands and bought a large number of the main dark night perfume. Because the ad really looked too tempting, making people unable to resist wanting to own this perfume. They felt that with this perfume, they could be as mysterious and seductive as the person in the advertisement, and make people unable to resist wanting to get closer. After putting on the perfume, they felt that their chances of attracting their favorite people would improve greatly.

The number of fans on Arthur’s profile started to rise. Some people didn’t care what happened before and didn’t care what kind of person he was. In any case they themselves admitted they were beauty dogs, and they just liked his face and body and couldn’t extricate themselves.

The people Conley arranged worked hard to fan the mood of the netizens and lead them to scold Arthur and complain to the Lai Feng company, asking to cancel the ad Arthur Yang filmed. But the results were not great. Those people who disliked Arthur Yang very energetically scolded him, but their contribution to advertisement views and product sales were no less than those of passerby and those netizens who started to like Jing Yang.

Dilumo was even angrier when he saw this kind of situation. Conley could only comfort him that they could start from other places. There were countless places where they could destroy Arthur Yang’s chances, so he didn’t have to worry too much.

Translator Notes:

[1] beauty dogs – 颜狗, so basically this means they’re just slaves to beauty, chase whoever is beautiful, don’t know what term this is lol

Random Notes:

About one hour: 9:45 am – 10:45 am, for 4k characters to 2.6k words.

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