CFCS Chapter 49

Chapter 49
Prince of Piano (Arc 4.9)

As the dinner party was coming to an end, Kurt wanted to bring Jing Yang back home together and take advantage of this opportunity to talk to Hai Weixiu. But before he could find the right chance to go forward, Hai Weixiu had already left with Jing Yang.

The Mooney family returned home, and after Susan finished showering and came out of the restroom and lay down on the bed, Kurt told her, “There is less than a year before Avi will turn 19 years old. We need to quickly determine his and Faith’s wedding date first, and then in a few months, we will start preparing.”

Susan was silent for a while. “But…Faith very obviously likes Corrica, he has also said to me multiple times that he does not want to marry Avi.”

“Can this kind of matter be decided by him?” Kurt responded unhappily. “If he doesn’t marry Avi, then after Avi takes away all the money, this family will go bankrupt. Then what is he going to use to allow Corrica to continue to learn piano?”

“What if Faith adamantly refuses? We also can’t just forcefully pressure him to hold a wedding ah, what would that look like.”

“If he isn’t willing, I will send Corrica away and let him forever never be able to think about seeing him again.” Kurt revealed a hardened and strict expression on his face.

“Then…our family has raised Corrica for so many years and spent so much money on him, wouldn’t we have wasted it all then?” Susan asked.

“At today’s dinner party, you saw Avi’s behavior. Right now he is Hai Weixiu’s student, and in the future he will know many people of high status. For our Mooney family, this will be of great assistance, but if we want Corrica’s help, we still don’t know how many years we would have to wait for that to happen. If his further music development could become even greater, that would obviously be very good, and we would not have wasted all of the effort and care our family has put into him these years. But right now no matter from what perspective we’re looking at, he is not as valuable as Avi, and our family cannot collapse just because of him.”

Susan was silent. She felt that what her husband said was very reasonable, but she was still concerned that her son might be sad.

“If Faith is willing to follow our plans, leaving Corrica behind is also not impossible. Even though we can’t give him any status, if they maintain a relationship privately, I will also turn a blind eye as long as they don’t cause any problems or humiliate our Mooney family.” Kurt added.


In the afternoon the next day, Jing Yang was brought back to the Mooney family again.

“You’ve returned, Avi.” The moment Jing Yang entered, Susan walked over and pulled his hand happily toward the dining room. “We’ve already prepared dinner and we’re just waiting for you to come back. Come and look, it’s all dishes that you like.”

After Jing Yang sat down, they finally started eating. In the past, even if Avi was right at home, they would still never wait for him to sit down at the table before beginning to eat.

Not too long after dinner started, Susan exchanged a glance with her husband and said to Jing Yang, “Avi, next year you will be turning 19. Your uncle and I have discussed a bit, and we will set you and Faith’s wedding day on your birthday, what do you think?”

The fork in Corrica’s hand fell on his plate, letting out a ringing sound. Everyone turned their gazes toward him, and he hurriedly lowered his head to conceal his own expression.

Faith was very unhappy about his mother’s words, and just when he wrinkled his forehead and was about to say something, Jing Yang put down his utensils and spoke a step before him. “Uncle, aunt, there’s a matter that it looks like I will have to speak clearly about today. Faith and my engagement is not valid, and I will also not marry him.”

Their entire family was stunned, including Faith and Corrica. They had never thought that he would say these kinds of words. Even though Faith felt that he himself did not want to marry him at all, hearing him say these words personally, he still felt very uncomfortable in his heart.

“This…” Susan glanced at her frowning husband, and said to Jing Yang with a somewhat flustered expression, “Your engagement was personally decided by your grandfather, how could it not be valid?”

“That is not wrong, Faith and my engagement was really personally set by our grandfathers.” Jing Yang responded calmly. “But it was also just a verbal agreement, we have not signed any engagement contracts, so we can cancel it verbally at any time.”

“Avi.” Kurt seriously looked at Jing Yang. “The matters that our elders decided, how could they just be canceled randomly? You marrying Faith was your grandfather’s final wish, could it be that you want to go against his dying wish?”

“You’re wrong about this, uncle.” Jing Yang responded. “My marriage with Faith was not at all my grandfather’s dying wish. Before my grandfather died, he had told me that if I changed my mind after I grew up and did not want to marry Faith, I also did not need to force myself to do it. He had also said that if I did not want to marry Faith, besides paying for my usual living expenses, the Deere family would also additionally pay the Mooney family a sum of money, which could be considered as thanks to your family for taking care of me over these years, but you could not force me to marry Faith. These words were all written in my custody agreement, and also has my grandfather’s signature—furthermore, it has already been acknowledged by the courts, and is supported by the law.”

Kurt and Susan’s hearts became completely frantic at this moment. Avi actually was unwilling to marry Faith, this was completely out of their expectations. Based on Avi’s previous behavior, he should have liked Faith, and should have wanted to marry him. The custody agreement had really said that if Avi was unwilling to marry Faith, the Deere family would pay the Mooney family another sum of money, but compared to the Deere family’s entire portfolio of assets, that sum of money was trivial.

The Mooney parents had also believed that Avi wanted to marry Faith no matter what, but Faith actually didn’t want to marry Avi, so the power was on their side. As long as they said that they had decided to let Avi and Faith marry, Avi would definitely be very happy and grateful to them. So over the years, they had always shown an ambiguous attitude, not determining their engagement, and also letting them believe that Corrica also had hopes of marrying Faith. Plus, their care and love for Corrica had exceeded that for Avi by a large amount.

Faith and Corrica’s feelings were also very complex. Avi had taken the initiative to cancel the engagement, and Faith had thought that he himself should be happy about it, but he was actually not the least bit happy. Originally the feeling of being avoided and ignored would make people so uncomfortable.

Corrica had also thought that Avi taking the initiative to mention that he was unwilling to marry Faith should make him happy, since this way he would have even more hope to marry Faith. But now this result was not something that he had achieved using his own ability, and not because he was better or more valuable than Avi. The thing that he desperately wanted to fight for, was something that Avi looked down upon and didn’t want.

The Mooney family parents did not think that the situation would become like this. Avi was unwilling to marry Faith, but according to the custody agreement, if the Mooney family did not return the Deere family assets before Avi turned 19, the court would freeze all of the Mooney family’s assets and begin forceful transfer.

This also meant that as long as the time was up, the Mooney family was doomed to bankruptcy. This fact made the Mooney parents very anxious, but they also couldn’t think of any ideas for the moment, and could only persuade Avi to agree to marry Faith before he turned 19. This also needed Faith’s cooperation, but Faith liked Corrica, and would definitely not be willing to cooperate. This matter was extremely complicated.

Early the next morning, Jing Yang was brought away by Hai Weixiu’s driver, not even eating breakfast. The Mooney parents had not slept for an entire night, and were still unable to tell him the words that they had planned for an entire night.

Hai Weixiu sat to the side and watched Jing Yang play piano. When he found that Jing Yang seemed to be playing very seriously but was actually distracted, he sat down next to him and stopped his hands. “What are you thinking about?”

Jing Yang raised his head and looked at him. “Not much.” He was thinking about what he should do now in order to cause the Mooney family to panic even more and then self-destruct.

“You can’t tell me?” Hai Weixiu pinched his chin and met his eyes.

“Really nothing.” Jing Yang turned his head and broke away from his gaze.

Hai Weixiu picked Jing Yang up and placed him on the piano, hugging his waist. “I will give you three seconds, if you don’t confess, don’t blame me for forcefully extorting a confession.”

Jing Yang looked at him, stunned, wanting to ask how he planned to forcefully extort a confession?

“1, 2, 3.” Hai Weixiu quickly finished counting, and then picked up Jing Yang and walked into the bedroom. “You have already lost your opportunity to take the initiative to confess.”

“En~” Jing Yang was pressed down on the bed and deeply kissed, he rudely stirred up his mouth, his tongue unceasingly rubbing against his. Jing Yang felt that his own lips were going to be sucked swollen by him.

When Hai Weixiu finally released his mouth and started to suck and kiss his neck, Jing Yang’s chest violently moved up and down, panting and gulping in air. Calming down his breathing with difficulty, he felt a hand reaching into his pants, and Jing Yang propped up on his elbows, wanting to push him away a bit. “Don’t be like this, teacher.”

Hai Weixiu kept kissing all the way down his body, and Jing Yang couldn’t resist flinging his head back and moaning, “En~”

Jing Yang silently scolded himself for being hopeless—once he encountered this person and was kissed a few times, touched a couple times, his body immediately softened, without the least bit of ability to resist.

Jing Yang’s appearance of wanting to refuse but still welcoming him, his face blushing but entire body weak, made Hai Weixiu’s animalistic nature suddenly explode. No longer able to control his own desires anymore, he fiddled with Jing Yang, forcing him to toss and turn again and again.

Jing Yang screamed until his own throat had gone hoarse, and was still unable to get a bit of sympathy from this fellow, instead causing him to do it even more energetically. In the end Jing Yang could only open his mouth and call out soundlessly, he felt that he could no longer even close his legs.

He forgot when he had finally fallen unconscious, and when he woke up, the sky had already turned dark.

“Ah!” Jing Yang wanted to turn over, but when he just moved a bit, his waist and the place below his waist started hurting unbearably.

“Don’t move.” Hai Weixiu pressed down on him from behind, helping him massage his waist and kissing his ear and face.

“Teacher…” Jing Yang remembered the intense scenes from earlier, and couldn’t resist blushing again, muttering quietly, “Hoodlum, beast.”

“What did you say?” Hai Weixiu strongly kissed his mouth.

“Nothing…” Jing Yang buried his face in the pillow.

“Tomorrow I will take you out of town to immersively experience the imagery and feelings that all the music want to express.”

“En? We’re going to go travel? Where are we going?” Jing Yang was still quite looking forward to being able to go on a trip together, and as long as he could stay less in the Mooney home, he would be very happy.

“You’ll know when we get there. I have already sent people over to let the Mooney family people know, and said that I will be bringing you to other places for special training, and after the training is over I will send you back.”

Jing Yang thought, it seems like his own absent-minded appearance during the day had made him think that he didn’t want to go back to the Mooney family. But he also really did not want to go back, and this just happened to be to his liking.

Even though Kurt was Avi’s guardian, when Hai Weixiu mentioned wanting to give him special training as his guidance teacher, Kurt had no reason to object.

Plus, he had thought that last time the training had only been fifteen days, so this time’s should also not be too long. After Avi returned, they could properly discuss the matter of him marrying Faith.

But he had never thought that Jing Yang and Hai Weixiu would leave for several months.


They went to many places.

They went to Hai Weixiu’s private island, playing piano on the beach, bare feet stepping on the white soft sand, and when the ocean water rushed forward again and again, it washed over their feet, like it was giving them a massage, very comfortable. Looking at the big blue sea, wide and endless, vast and boundless, this vastness was conveyed to their hearts, and through their hearts, they conveyed it to their fingers, and expressed it through their music.

They went to a villa on the cliffs, looking down from the top of the mountain, the wide expanse of endless mountains and cliffs extending far into the distance was thrilling and magnificent.

They played piano below the roaring waterfall, and Jing Yang was pressed down by Hai Weixiu on the smooth rocks, opening his own body to receive his invasion. In the sky birds would occasionally fly across, making Jing Yang endlessly shy, as if they had been peeped on.

They played piano in the forest, the music that Hai Weixiu played was able to attract the animals to listen attentively. Jing Yang saw those animals seriously listening, and felt that it was completely amusing and adorable. At night they slept in a treehouse in the big trees, and Jing Yang’s breathing and moans attracted animals to knock on their window. Jing Yang saw the big round eyes outside their glass window, and then looked at the two people’s intertwined bodies, his face reddening until it seemed to drip blood. And this audience actually stimulated Hai Weixiu even more.

They hugged together in a glass room on top of the hills to look at the stars, the two people completely naked and covered with only a single thin blanket, their bodies tightly stuck together.

They went to the permanently snow-capped mountains, and Jing Yang threw a snowball at Hai Weixiu and then ran away. He hadn’t run very far when he had been caught, and then started rolling in the snow to refuse to acknowledge that he had lost. Hai Weixiu pressed down on him and didn’t let him move around randomly, and the two people had kissed for a very long time. The cold weather and snowy ground did not cool Hai Weixiu’s lust in the least, and when Hai Weixiu started taking off Jing Yang’s pants, Jing Yang said quietly, teacher, I’m afraid of the cold, if my butt gets frozen then I won’t be able to sit and play piano anymore. Hai Weixiu said, I won’t let you be frozen, and used his coat to wrap their waists. When Jing Yang had turned muddled from his fiddling around, he wanted to say, you’ll be cold if you take off your coat, but when he felt the sweat coming from Hai Weixiu’s forehead, he shut his mouth.

By the time they finished their trip and turned to the city of Odyssey, it was already nearing the end of the semester.

During their departure, the Mooney family had gone to the school every few days to ask whether they had returned or not. As the number of times they asked increased, they could not help but begin to panic. As soon as they heard that he had returned, they immediately picked up Jing Yang and took him back.

Translator Notes:

[1] turn a blind eye – 睁一只眼闭一只眼, idiom, means he’ll ignore it even though he knows it’s happening
[2] next year – 明年中旬, so 中旬 apparently means middle third of a month aka the middle ten days of a month, but they didn’t even specify which month so I don’t understand what they’re trying to get at here
[3] uncle – 伯父, not biological uncle but the polite way of addressing anyone your parents’ age as aunt or uncle
[4] panic – 自乱阵脚, idiom, means to lose their head, fall to pieces

Random Notes:

1.5 hours: 4:30 pm – 6 pm, for 4.2k characters to 2.9k words. As much as I love reading smex, I don’t enjoy translating it very much. I feel like my translations of it always feel really awkward, hopefully it’s fine for you all.

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