CFCS Chapter 13

Chapter 13
Gourmet Food Heir (Arc 1.12)

Zheng Jianlin used all kinds of methods to accuse Lu Jingyu of not having any humanity or any conscience, heartless and unjust, and the sounds of people supporting him again showed signs of increasing. But Jing Yang remained unmoved like before, only paying attention to doing his own business, living his own life, and didn’t come out to justify himself.

The Zheng family father and son saw that using public opinion to pressure him was useless, but were still not reconciled to being chased out of the Lu family like this. So if they wanted to rob back the Lu family from Jing Yang’s hands, they could only use other methods.

During this period of time Zheng Junming never saw Qian Xiang, the news of them being chased out of the Lu family was noisy to this extent yet Qian Xiang didn’t appear to say to help them. Then he could only take the initiative to go find Qian Xiang at his residence.

Qian Xiang had been spending all of this time recuperating, he had nearly been crippled by his cousin and Jing Yang’s double beating, and yet all of them were inner wounds, from the outside you couldn’t see out anything. In the previous several days he had always been living in the hospital, and just returned home yesterday.

Zheng Junming said a few words with Qian Xiang and then saw that he occasionally used his hand to hold his stomach, and worriedly looked at him. “What happened? Not comfortable?”

“Nothing, I was careless and fell down at home, nothing big.” He definitely had no face to say that he had been beaten up by his cousin and by Lu Jingyu. After all, he’s also a big man, he also wants face, how could he say out these kinds of matters.

“My parents and I were chased out of the home by Lu Jingyu, did you know of this matter?” Zheng Junming asked.

“Know.” This matter was noisy to that extent, the media still reported on it every day, how could he not have known.

“Can you help think of some way…” Zheng Junming hesitated. “I did not want to live in the Lu family since a long time ago, but my dad invested so many years for the Lu family, if he’s chased out like this, his heart is really uncomfortable, and he was also humiliated. My dad actually doesn’t want that property, he just wanted to have something to serve as his justification, he wants to prove that his bitterness over these years was worth it.”

“Don’t worry, I will solve his matter. I will make it so that Lu Jingyu will no longer be able to go against you again!” Qian Xiang wrote down the matter of Zheng Junming being chased out and himself being beaten, these accounts he would definitely settle clearly with Lu Jingyu.

“You also shouldn’t make things too difficult for him, as long as he can politely invite my father back, that’s enough.” Zheng Junming sighed. “After all, he’s also pretty pitiful.”

“How is he pitiful?” Qian Xiang disdainfully curled his lip.

“He saw his mother commit suicide with his own eyes, that’s already quite pitiful.” Zheng Junming strove to make a sympathetic expression.

“Pitiful people must have hateful reasons, plus what relationship does his mother committing suicide have with you, why would he only go against you and vent his anger on you?”

Zheng Junming said, “Even though I didn’t live well in the Lu family when I was young, and suffered not a few looks from his mother, but my father still did his best to compensate me. In the past I quite hated the Lu family, if it wasn’t for their family, my parents wouldn’t have been unable to be together, and I wouldn’t have had to be labeled as an illegitimate child. Then I thought about it later, since the people had already died, why should I still hate them? I feel that one day Lu Jingyu will understand, when people have virtuous thoughts, their lives would also change to become much more beautiful.”

“You ah…” Qian Xiang patted his hand. “Your character is just too kindhearted and clean, but that’s also good, you should just continue to stay this way, other things I can come help you do.”

If this conversation had been heard by Jing Yang, he would definitely find it very funny. Zheng Junming actually said that his childhood in the Lu family was very difficult. After Zheng Jianlin brought him back to the Lu family, his attitude towards him and the methods of instructing him, were completely the type of treatment of setting him as the Lu family’s heir.

And the one who suffered from unfavorable looks was Lu Jingyu. Zheng Jianlin never treated him like his own son, this left a shadow in his heart ever since he was small. Only because of this was he still so scared of Zheng Jianlin even after he had grown up.

During this time Jing Yang always drove by himself to go out and didn’t allow bodyguards to follow him. Today when he left the house, he felt that there was a car following him. When he looked in the rearview mirror, he smiled, they finally came?

That car sped up and drew close to him, and after it stayed a few seconds next to his car, it overtook him by half a car length…

In the past Jing Yang had acted as a competitive racer before, he completely didn’t place this opponent’s car driving skills into his eye. On this stretch of road there were very few cars, so he would just accompany the other guy to play a little, and before they arrived at the intersection, he would then solve the other man.

The two cars kept on battling on the road, occasionally passing by some other cars, which quickly emergency braked after being scared by the two cars.

At a bend, Jing Yang pulled into a drift, the two cars scraped together. Jing Yang suddenly emergency braked, the other car bumped into the front of his car and spun out to very far away. Not stopping until it crashed into a very wide tree.

But in this crash, the person inside would definitely have not light injuries.

Jing Yang took out his cell phone to call Zhao Bocheng’s number and used a somewhat flustered tone to say, “A car crash happened here, can you come over?”

“Where are you?” Zhao Bocheng immediately asked.

Jing Yang told him his address, and after he hung up the phone, he just kept sitting in the car to wait.

Zhao Bocheng very quickly brought people to rush over, and opened Jing Yang’s car door with a somewhat anxious complexion. He kept on looking him up and down, “Are you hurt?”

“I wasn’t hurt.” Jing Yang pointed at that car crashed into the tree. “The person on that car should have been injured.”

Zhao Bocheng supported Jing Yang out of the car, his movements were very gentle and careful, and checked all over Jing Yang’s body. When he saw that he really didn’t seem like he was injured, he tightly held him in his arms.

Jing Yang looked over Zhao Bocheng’s shoulder and saw that Zhao Bocheng’s men had already surrounded that car, and two of them were currently contacting some people.

Zhao Bocheng brought Jing Yang onto his own car and drove him to leave. Jing Yang asked, “You don’t need to pay attention here? I don’t need to wait for police here?”

“They will solve it, you will first come with me to the hospital.” Zhao Bocheng’s face was still stretched tightly, his tension had not yet alleviated.

“I don’t need to go to the hospital, I really wasn’t hurt…” Jing Yang saw that Zhao Bocheng didn’t pay attention to himself and was still driving in the direction of the hospital, so he could only change to a different topic. “That car started following me since I went out and bumped into me several times. As a result I stepped on the brake in a moment of nervousness, and then he crashed into the tree by himself. He evidently came to rush at me, you help me investigate who prompted him to do this.”

“Don’t worry, no matter who told him to do this, I will definitely make him pay the price.” On the road here, Zhao Bocheng experienced the anxiety that he had never experienced before, he didn’t even dare to think of the image of the person sitting next to him being injured.

Jing Yang was brought to the Zhao family’s private hospital and went through a complete physical examination. After it was confirmed that there was no problem, he was finally able to leave the hospital, and was sent back to Lu De Ji by Zhao Bocheng.

Zhao Bocheng very seriously made clear to Jing Yang, in the future he could definitely never go out by himself, no matter where he was going, he must bring bodyguards, and he also made all of his original bodyguards resign, and he would immediately arrange new bodyguards to come over.

Jing Yang didn’t object to Zhao Bocheng’s arrangements. The Zhao family’s bodyguards would definitely be better than the ones he had invited. He just told Zhao Bocheng that after he got the results of who had instigated this event, he had to let him know.

The next day Zhao Bocheng came to see him, and Jing Yang knew that he already found out who had been the culprit. The Zhao family’s power was truly strong and powerful, it had only been a day’s time.

Jing Yang accompanied him to drink tea for half a day and still didn’t hear him say anything. Then he asked, “Could it be that you aren’t planning on telling me who wanted my life?”

Zhao Bocheng looked at him and still didn’t say anything.

“Even if you don’t say it I still know.” Jing Yang smiled bitterly. “I thought about it again and again yesterday, besides Zheng Jianlin and Zheng Junming, there shouldn’t be anyone else who wants my life. If it were Zheng Junming, he would definitely go find Qian Xiang to help him, so the person who had crashed into me, was directed by Qian Xiang, right?”

“It was Qian Xiang.” Zhao Bocheng looked at him.

“So this matter, could only be settled without being settled like this?” Jing Yang lightly tapped on the table with his finger, his face with no expression, like talking about someone else’s matters. “He is your cousin, and dying in a crash would be my fate, and not dying in that crash would be my good fortune. Only next time whether or not I would have such good fortune would be hard to say.”

Zhao Bocheng placed his teacup down and said seriously, “You don’t have to say these words to make me angry, I will definitely solve his matter for you. As long as it’s someone who threatens your safety, even if he is my cousin, I will still never let him off.”

Jing Yang propped his chin on his hand. “This time Qian Xiang wasn’t able to take my life, I don’t believe that he would give up just like this, he would definitely continue to arrange things. I don’t want to keep living in danger, if you aren’t able to handle him, then I will come personally. No matter what kind of methods, even if it’s mutual destruction, I still don’t want to live with fear and trepidation like this.”

“I said that I will help you solve it.” Zhao Bocheng solemnly looked at him and warned, “Don’t mess around, or else I’ll close you up.”

After Zhao Bocheng left, he didn’t show up for several consecutive days, Jing Yang also wasn’t worried, and didn’t take the initiative to contact him. He just continued to wait like this to see how he would solve his matter. If he had made big claims and showed little results, if he just taught Qian Xiang a lesson and considered that done, then he could only personally move, and reconsider his relationship with Zhao Bocheng.

After several days, Jing Yang received the news that Qian Xiang was in a car accident and wasted two legs, and he was hurriedly sent overseas to recuperate.

At night Jing Yang didn’t return to the Lu family residence and just slept on the large bed in the the lounge. The bodyguards around him had all been changed into Zhao Bocheng’s arranged people, so Zhao Bocheng was naturally very clear about his whereabouts.

Familiarly entering into the lounge, Zhao Bocheng took off his clothes and lifted up the quilt to lie down. He hugged the person into his arms and reached his hand into his pants to fondle.

“En~” Jing Yang didn’t stop him or resist, enjoying his caresses.

The moonlight shone through the window into the room, it could be vaguely seen that on the spacious solid wooden bed, the bulges in the quilt were currently rapidly rocking. Occasionally repressed moans would disseminate, making people unable to distinguish clearly, whether the person who was making these sounds was actually in pain or pleasure.

Jing Yang lay on Zhao Bocheng’s chest and waited until his breathing smoothed with great difficulty, asking, “You forced Qian Xiang overseas?”

“En, he will never have the opportunity to return, you don’t have to worry.” Zhao Bocheng caressed his back.

“He’ll never come back? His parents agreed?”

“Qian Xiang is the only heir of the Qian family, for his parents, Qian Xiang is more important than the company. His parents will quickly go over to take care of him, his entire family will not ever come back again.”

Since Zhao Bocheng had said that their entire family wouldn’t return to the country, he naturally had his own methods to achieve that. Directly wasting Qian Xiang’s legs, this method was really ruthless enough.

Jing Yang felt that according to Qian Xiang’s personality, without his legs, his later half of his lifetime would all be in suffering, this would be even more ruthless than taking his life directly.

But for this kind of result, he was very satisfied.

Translator Notes:

[1] gentle and careful – 小心翼翼, idiom, cautious and solemn
[2] again and again – 翻来覆去, also means to toss and turn when sleeping
[3] settled without being settled – 不了了之, also means to end up with nothing definite
[4] made big claims and showed little results – 重重拿起,轻轻放下, this should be some type of saying, I’m assuming it means like you claimed to do all this but in the end you just let him off lightly

Random Notes:

It’s been a while since I’ve translated, I’ve been mostly focusing on reading and adding to my Reading page. This took 1.5 hours, 2 pm – 3:30 pm, for 3.3k characters to 2.4k words. There weren’t that many idioms, but still a bunch of words I had to look up. I find translating dialogue much faster usually, though in this case the dialogue was pretty involved. Probably bc my Chinese is at the conversational level. Dialogue usually isn’t too complicated.

We’re getting close to the end. Revenge will quickly be reported.

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