CFCS Chapter 77

Chapter 77
Legend of the Holy Light (Arc 6.10)

When Louis and the officials were captured, Orede had a legitimate reason to send out troops. In only two days, he had taken back the three cities occupied by the demons.

The demon king personally brought his soldiers to confront Orede, and Louis and those civil servants were brought as hostages in front of the demons’ army.

“Orede, your luck is really good, you were hurt by my demon blood bead and were actually still able to recover completely.” The demon king looked at Orede from afar. Even though he had heard that Orede had already cleared out the demon gas completely, but when he saw with his own eyes that he had fully returned to normal, he was still somewhat shocked.

“My luck is truly good.” Orede looked at the demon king with pride. “So you will start to be out of luck.”

“Huh!” The demon king disdainfully sneered. “Your arrogant attitude has really not changed a bit. You shouldn’t have already forgotten that you have lost in my hands?”

“I’ve only lost to you once, but you have lost to me many times. You wouldn’t have been living too comfortably these past few years and forgotten how big a price you paid to finally make me lose to you?” Orede smiled coldly. “Can your demon blood bead still be used?”

Orede’s words were as sharp as the sword in his hand, viciously stabbing the demon king’s heart. In order to deal with Orede and Sylvie’s grandfather, the demon king had used up all three blood drops on the demon blood bead, only to let Sylvie’s grandfather die on the battlefield and leave Orede seriously injured.

The blood in the demon blood bead had been exhausted, which had not only seriously damaged his own magic power, but also affected the magic power of the entire demon clan. He had thought that letting the humans lose a war god and a saint, only leaving a second prince without any power and a new saint that was his own person, would make exhausting the demon blood bead’s power worth it.

The destructions of the humans was the common wish of the demons of all generations. If he could complete this wish in his generation, he could become the legend of the demon clan, and become the most admired demon king of the demon clan. But he completely did not think that in only five years Orede could come back here again, and even had the support of an even stronger saint. Everything that he had done before, was equivalent to having been done in vain.

“We don’t need to be so concerned about matters of the past.” The demon king was about to vomit blood from anger, but he forcefully swallowed it down. He maintained his calm and said, “Let’s talk about the matter in front of us.”

“What do you want to discuss, and how?” Orede asked indifferently.

“Of course it’s about these hostages.” The demon king said. “Aren’t you going to save these people? If they all die in our hands, it won’t be easy for you to account for them when you go back ba?”

“What do you want?” Orede coldly glanced at those people controlled by the demons.

“Ten cities!” The demon king opened his mouth in what he thought was a very assertive manner. “For all of their lives, and we will not hold you accountable for killing our demon elder.”

“Use these people to exchange for ten cities? You really dare to speak.” Orede said sarcastically.

“How? You don’t want to?” The demon king narrowed his eyes.

“Don’t mention ten cities, I will not exchange even a single city with you. These people are not worth me using the people living in the cities to exchange.” Orede said.

The demon king coldly smiled. “Then I can only use their lives to start this battle.”

“Your Highness! Your Highness save us! Save us!”

“Your Highness! We know our mistake, you can’t just not save us ah!”

“Your Highness! We were wrong! We were wrong! We will repent, please give us another chance, save us!”

Those civil servants cried out desperately at Orede to save them. They had been tortured almost to death for two days by the demons. These people had never suffered such hardships since birth, and they originally hoped that Orede could save them. But now, seeing that Orede had no intention at all of saving them, they immediately collapsed.

“Royal brother!” Louis shouted. “Carnia is together with the demon king, they colluded to destroy the humans. I was wrong before. If I can’t personally avenge myself, you must kill Carnia and avenge everyone who died because of him!”

Carnia was riding on a horse behind the demon king, and he was uncomfortable and disconsolate when he heard Louis saying this. He knew that Louis definitely hated him to death right now, he also didn’t want to hurt him, but there was no other way. In order to protect himself, he could only sacrifice him.

“Have you considered it properly?” The demon king asked Orede. “Are you going to let them live or die?”

Orede pulled out his sword and raised it high. In the moment he pointed his sword at the demon king, the human soldiers charged toward the demon soldiers.

The demon king did not think that Orede would suddenly attack and was caught a little off guard, quickly ordering the demon soldiers to also rush up to fight. If the human soldiers reached them, they would be surrounded.

The hostages Louis and the officials all wanted to escape in the chaos, but after Carnia found them, he let the soldiers drag them away.

Louis viciously glared at Carnia, as if he wanted to kill him with his eyes.

The demon king commanded the soldiers to assume formation and released demon magic to cover those soldiers rushing forward. Suddenly a light flashed in his eyes, and he saw a bright light expanding, quickly coming over to envelop them.

The demon soldiers shrouded in the bright light not only could not release their demon magic, but their attack ability also immediately weakened greatly. After being exposed to the holy light for a long time, they would only feel their entire bodies covered in pain. They hadn’t even dealt with the human soldiers yet when they all fell to the ground one by one.

The demon king wanted to look through the glare of the holy light to see clearly the person releasing the holy light. Even though his generals had already warned him that this new human saint was quite powerful, many times more powerful than his predecessor, he didn’t expect that this new saint would be even stronger than he thought, and could actually make his soldiers useless. No wonder it only took Orede two days to take back the three cities the demons had occupied. Originally this time he had really found a strong helper.

The demon king was still in shock when Orede had already reached him. He frantically blocked Orede’s attack. When he wanted to release demon magic to strengthen his power, he finally found that even he could not release demon magic. Such a powerful light power, he had always thought that it would never exist.

Under Orede’s attacks, the demon king spit out a mouthful of blood. He knew that he could not continue entangling him, or else he would become the first demon king to die on the battlefield. That would be an immense humiliation.

Under the cover of the soldiers, the demon king quickly escaped, but even though he had escaped, the demon soldiers were all basically massacred. Besides the soldiers who had protected Carnia and the hostages in their retreat, all of the other soldiers were basically unable to return alive.


After the troops returned to the city, Jing Yang first went back to his room to rest. He had originally thought that Orede would come back quickly, but in the evening, when Jing Yang had already almost fallen asleep, he finally felt someone press up behind him and hold him.

He smelled wine and opened his eyes in the dark. “Did you go to drink?”

“En.” Orede lay his scalding face on Jing Yang’s cool skin to cool himself down. His own temperature didn’t fall, but instead made Jing Yang’s face also heat up. He kissed Jing Yang’s lips and said, “I have fought countless battles, and only today’s was the happiest. You must be the holy light the heavens had sent down for me, just like that holy light that came down thousands of years ago for the humans.”

Jing Yang raised his hand and stroked his face. “I came here specifically to meet you ah.”

Orede kissed Jing Yang, and his hand reached into his clothes to caress him.

Five years of time was not very long, but also not short. He was not afraid of being tortured by the demon magic, but was afraid of not being able to see the hope he was waiting for. He didn’t know what kind of end he would wait for, whether he would not be able to support and die, or wait until the day the humans were completely destroyed.

He had thought of thousands of methods, and thought of thousands of possibilities, but the only thing he did not think of was that hope would suddenly appear in front of him. Thank God for not completely abandoning the humans, thank God for sending him to his side. He not only eliminated his physical pain but also filled the emptiness in his heart. Ever since he stayed beside him, he finally experienced how it felt to be truly invincible.

Not only him, but even his soldiers and subordinates. After five years of time, he had thought that their combat skills would all be rusty, but he did not expect that he would be as strong as a heavenly soldier. Everything was because he was here.

“En, en~” Jing Yang held the head buried in his chest and moaned lightly. While he was still barely sober, Jing Yang said, “I have something to discuss with you.”

“Even important things will need to wait until tomorrow.” Orede took off his pants and squeezed between his legs.


After returning to the demon temple, if the demon king had not healed himself in a timely manner, he would have almost lost his magic power. How could a demon king without any demon magic still sit on the throne?

Orede now had such a powerful helper that even his own demon magic could be completely suppressed. He had to rethink his approach. The demon blood bead was now unusable, and face to face confrontation was definitely not possible. It seemed like he still needed to start from this new saint. The best way was just to kill him so that he could actually fight with Orede.

The demon king was racking his brains to think of a way to deal with Jing Yang. But two days later he received a report from the soldiers that the man himself had come to the door.

At that time Carnia just happened to be by the demon king’s side. He told the demon king, “This person is very calculating, since he will come, there must be some kind of conspiracy. It is best not to let him in, lest you fall into his trap.”

The demon king smiled disdainfully. “No matter how strong he is, in my own territory, what can he do? Those who possess the power of holy light will be suppressed as long as they enter the demon temple. Since he dares to come, why wouldn’t I dare to let him in? This is a very good chance to let him never return.”

“Bring him to see me.” The demon king commanded. “Only allow him to come in alone. If he dares then he can come in, if he doesn’t dare…, use all your power to kill them.”

The demon soldiers understood and soon brought Jing Yang alone to the demon temple.

The demon king saw Jing Yang. He looked at his delicate face and beautiful skin, and his heart couldn’t help but move. He couldn’t see clearly in the battlefield, originally the person who had released such a strong light power was actually such a beauty. He was more beautiful than all of the human youths he had collected before, and much better looking than Carnia.

“Your courage is really not small, you actually dare to come to my demon temple by yourself.” The demon king had no way to show a vicious expression, but instead looked at Jing Yang with a smile on his face.

“I’m here to make a deal with the demon king.” Jing Yang said. “I think the demon king should not refuse an opportunity that sends itself to the door.”

“A deal?” The demon king looked at him with doubt. “What kind of deal do you want to make with me?”

Jing Yang glanced at Carnia staying next to the demon king. “Just like the deal Carnia made with you. I am helping Orede for glory and wealth. If you can give me more than he can, I can also choose to help you.”

“You are willing to help me?” Even though the demon king was moved by Jing Yang’s appearance, he still had his reason. He did not believe Jing Yang’s words. “You think that I will believe you?”

“I even dare to come here alone, and my life or death are in your hands, why would you not believe?” Before coming, Jing Yang had already used the system to raise his charm levels. He was fully confident in attracting the demon king. “If you are willing to cooperate with me, we can both do something that can show our sincerity.”

“How do you want me to show my sincerity? And how are you going to show me your sincerity?” The demon king asked.

“I can personally kill the second prince Louis, along with the officials you seized. You can also leave one or two of them alive as witnesses. That way I will have left a handle in your hands. And all you have to do is get rid of the contract with Carnia and make a contract with me. What do you think?”

Translator Notes:

[1] collapsed – 情绪崩溃, mentality wise, not physically
[2] immense humiliation – 奇耻大辱, idiom, means extraordinary shame and humiliation
[4] heavenly soldier – 天降神兵, kind of weird but basically someone with the strength of the heavens I’m assuming

Random Notes:

About one hour: 10 am – 11 am, for 3.8k characters to 2.5k words. Sorry for the delay everyone. I can’t guarantee that I won’t have delays in the future, but I will try to finish the last few chapters of this arc.

Edit: Sorry for the delay in posting this. Changing time zones confuses me when I schedule my posts.

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