CFCS Chapter 127

Chapter 127
True or False Mermaid (Arc 9.14)

The door of the cell opened, and Corey came in with an empty gaze, as if he were a soulless puppet. Abby huddled against the wall trembling. His haggard face was filled with pain and sadness, looking at Corey with a pitiful expression and tears in his eyes.

Corey stood in the middle of the cell for a long time before slowly turning to Abby and looking at him.

“Corey…” Abby carefully called out to Corey, his voice hoarse.

Corey’s gaze turned vicious. He walked over to Abby, who was frightened by his eyes and had hurriedly shifted back until he reached the wall.

“My father is gone.” Corey gritted through his teeth.

Abby stared in surprise. “The king is de, dead?”

“Not the king, but my father! The current king is royal uncle Reibar, not my father, because he is already dead, he’s dead!!” Corey roared at Abby.

Abby closed his eyes in pain and turned his head, because he was afraid to look at Corey’s gaze.

Corey pinched Abby’s neck and said, “This is all because of you! It’s all because of you! You killed my father!”

Abby was almost suffocated by his pinch. He tried to pry his fingers off his neck and squeezed out, “Corey…, not, this…so, rry…”

“My father, in order to let me inherit the throne, used his own life to exchange for a pureblooded mermaid to marry me. The result was that because of your impersonation, you destroyed everything that my father had paid his life for! Why were you not the one who died! Why weren’t you the one who died!” Corey loosened Abby’s neck, slapping him hard.

Abby fell to the ground. An entire half of his face had turned hot and swollen, blood dripping out of his nose. He lay there on the ground and couldn’t come to his senses for a long time.

Corey grabbed Abby’s hair and lifted him from the ground. He looked at his face and said, “You keep saying here and there that you did it because you love me, but in the end you not only killed my father, but you also destroyed everything I had. Why did you have to show up? Just because I saved you when I was a kid, I have to pay such a price?!”

“My father also died.” Abby cried. “In order to let me be by your side, my father also gave his life. I am also in great pain, I also didn’t want it to become this way.”

“So what?!” Corey’s face was filled with so much fury it looked grotesque. “For your so-called love, you sacrificed your dearest people and even sacrificed my dearest people, you’re going through a lot huh?! Someone as selfish and ugly as you simply does not deserve to live in this world!! Do you know how much I hate you?! Do you know?!”

Corey punched and kicked Abby in the face, and Abby screamed miserably. Abby never dreamed that he would experience what he was going through, not only hated by his most loved person, but even punched and kicked by him.

Abby felt that his bones had broken. Nowhere in his body didn’t hurt, he was in so much pain that he couldn’t even make a sound. He lay paralyzed on the floor as if he were unconscious. He really hoped that he would be able to faint right now, but his consciousness was still very clear.

“I truly really want, really want to personally kill you! But Royal Uncle said, you can’t die, hahaha…” Corey laughed wildly. “Someone like you actually can still live, actually can’t die, even if you die a thousand times, a million times, it still won’t be enough!”

After venting, Corey went out blankly just like when he came in, as if he had no soul.

Abby lay on the ground for a few days. Every day, someone would bring him a bowl of porridge and a bowl of soup. Abby really couldn’t understand, did they want to let him die or let him live. Or, did they want to make him live wishing for death.


Jing Yang managed with great difficulty to get Reibar’s permission to come see Abby in the cells. Because he was pregnant now, Reibar’s protection of him could be described as paranoid. As long as there was anything the slightest bit dangerous, he would never let him do it. When he came to visit Abby, a large number of guards stood outside, and inside a group of attendants stood along the wall. In short, Reibar would not let him and Abby be alone in the same space, even if Abby could not even climb up from the ground now.

Abby lay there on the ground, only able to move his eyes. He looked at Jing Yang. “What did you come here for? To see how pathetic I ended up?”

“That’s right, seeing how pathetic you are now, I feel especially relieved.” Jing Yang smiled slightly. “How does it feel? Being hated and beaten by your loved ones isn’t comfortable is it? Do you think that all of this was because of me?”

Abby didn’t respond, but Jing Yang could tell from his gaze that the answer was already very obvious. He indeed felt that the reason he would end up like this was because of Jing Yang.

“Though I don’t think it makes any sense to speak reason with someone like you, I still want to explain it to you. Just take it as me being too bored.” Jing Yang looked down at him. “You ending up like this is completely because of yourself, as well as your stupid father who loved you too much.”

Jing Yang mentioning Abby’s father agitated Abby’s emotions. “Don’t you insult my father!”

“I insulted him, what can you do to me? Right now you can’t even stand up, can you beat me up?” Jing Yang sneered. “To you he’s your father, to me he’s my enemy, why can’t I insult him?”

Jing Yang crouched down and looked at Abby scathingly. “At that time, your father used a knife to cut open my stomach and snatched away my bead. You arrived at the capital using my identity, and told Corey to send me to the auction hall. That McAnton was the one you arranged to buy me back, right? If Reibar hadn’t bought me then, would you have let him torture me viciously?”

“What do I owe to you father and son? For you to treat me like this? He’s lucky that I’m only insulting him verbally right now, if he were still alive, I would give him a taste of what it’s like to be alive but wish for death! Do you know how McAnton is doing?” Jing Yang smiled. “I think you might not want to know, because right now he is in much more pain than you. But later, you will be in much more pain than he is.”

“You’ve already won. There’s no benefit in keeping me behind, just kill me.” Abby closed his eyes.

“No.” Jing Yang shook his head. “Killing you also gives me no benefit. Only by keeping you behind, knowing that you are living in constant pain, can my heart feel relieved. Then I can live comfortably.”

“You’ll get retribution!” Abby said viciously.

“Retribution?” Jing Yang looked at him in surprise. “You actually spoke about retribution this word with me? It turns out that you actually believe in retribution?!”

“But believing in retribution isn’t wrong.” Jing Yang said. “Because what you are experiencing now is the retribution you deserve. The retribution that you and your father have to suffer for everything you did! So why would I suffer retribution for making someone face the retribution that he deserves? God is still not blind.”

Jing Yang was pregnant and tired more easily. After speaking for a while, he was a little tired.

“I’ll come and see you again later. Rest assured, I will never let you be.”

Jing Yang walked to the door and saw Reibar standing outside. “Why did you come? Weren’t you very busy?”

“I was worried.” Reibar wrapped his arm around Jing Yang, walking outside.

“What is there to be worried about. There’s so many people standing inside and outside, just with him, what could he do to me?”

“It’s still best to be careful, what if something happens? You’re not allowed to come see him in the future, just stay in the bedroom and don’t go anywhere else.”

“Are you imprisoning me?” Jing Yang said unhappily.

“This is considered imprisonment? This is protection.”

“It’s clearly imprisonment, don’t make it sound so kind! Let me go!” After he became pregnant Jing Yang’s emotions were sometimes unstable. He would lose his temper for no reason, not to mention Reibar taking the initiative to make him angry.

“Don’t be angry, don’t be angry, it’s all my fault, I was wrong, okay?” Reibar carefully hugged Jing Yang while coaxing him.


Because of the huge blow, Corey lost his spirit, but not many people really cared about this prince whose sense of existence already wasn’t very strong. Especially after Reibar became the king, there were even fewer people who cared what was going on with him.

Instead of letting the insane Corey move out from the palace, Reibar kept him in the palace. But he could not leave his hall.

Reibar even asked Abby to go take care of Corey. What was strange was that Corey obviously already couldn’t recognize anyone, but as soon as he saw Abby, he would beat him madly. After beating Abby unconscious, he would cry like a child, shouting constantly for his father.

Perhaps because Abby felt like he owed Corey, every time he would let him beat him as much as he wanted. He didn’t run away and didn’t avoid him, getting knocked unconscious every time before Corey would stop.

After this went on for a long time, one time Abby was punched in the head by Corey until his head bled. He only woke up after a few days unconscious, and then also became somewhat mentally abnormal. When Corey once again started beating Abby, Abby actually started to fight back. The two would often beat each other up. Even though both of them were injured, Corey was bigger and stronger than Abby, so the one more seriously injured was still Abby.

Time slowly passed. Abby seemed to have finally been unable to take this kind of life any longer and began to think about running away. But he tried twice and failed. Reibar had a long and heavy chain locked around his ankle so that he could never escape again.

Even though Abby’s life every day was miserable and his face already turned deformed from all the punches, Reibar still felt unsatisfied. As long as he thought of Abby’s father cutting Leann’s stomach open with a knife, snatching his bead, and throwing him into the sea after heavily poisoning him, he wanted to give Abby’s father a thousand cuts. Now that Abby’s father was dead, Abby would have to bear all of these sins. In any case everything was because of him, he would not let him live well for a single day.

Random Notes:

About an hour: 4 pm – 5 pm, for 3.1k characters to 1.8k words.

Thanks for your patience, everyone. This arc is finally over. I will probably be taking a short break before starting the next one. See you then!

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