CFCS Chapter 21

Chapter 21
Unstable Chinese Republic (Arc 2.5)

Jing Yang was walking quickly when he turned a corner and ran into someone, and his cap fell onto the ground.

“Apologies.” Jing Yang didn’t raise his head. He bent his waist, wanting to pick up his hat and leave. Yet the other person beat him to picking up his cap.

“Many thanks.” Jing Yang had no choice but to raise his head and reach out his hand to take his hat, but after he saw the other person’s appearance clearly he froze. This person, it seemed like he was a little familiar, as if he had seen him somewhere.

That person patted the dust off of the hat and stared at Jing Yang’s face for a while, and then focused on watching his eyes attentively. Time seemed to have stopped, the two people were just mutually looking at each other. Obviously it was the first time meeting each other, yet it seemed like gazes between lovers.

That person’s eyes contained some indiscernible thoughts, it seemed like he was examining, and also seemed like he was confirming something. He placed the hat back on Jing Yang’s head, turned around and left.

Jing Yang watched that tall and straight back get on a car and then disappear into the streets. He used the system to quickly search, and after he found out that person’s identity, in his heart he was somewhat surprised. That person was actually the Yang commander who had disposed of Wei Tianxiong.

Based on the development of the previous world, right now the person who should have been dispatched to Li cheng should have been someone else. That person had not been able to contend against Wei Tianxiong, and only later did Yang Wangkun come to Li cheng. But why did he already show up here now.

Returning to the Cheng residence, Jing Yang was still considering this question. Yang Wangkun had already come to Li cheng, this was a quite big matter, yet not a bit of news had been spread about it. For what reason he would appear at this place at this time, and even bumped into him by coincidence, it was almost like he had especially waited for him.

Then since Yang Wangkun had already come to Li cheng, did he need to change his plans? But matters had already developed to this step, even if he wanted to withdraw, it was already too late. Then the plan could only continue, and if in the middle there occurred some changes because of Yang Wangkun’s arrival, he would just have to handle it accordingly.


Wei Tianxiong wanted to see Jing Yang, but Jing Yang had already left Fairview Park. Wu troupe master could only personally visit Wei Tianxiong to give an explanation, this Jun boss would always immediately leave after he was done singing, and he wasn’t too willing to let others know his identity.

This kind of explanation naturally wouldn’t make Wei Tianxiong drop the matter. In this Li cheng, he was the local tyrant, he was accustomed to ruling tyrannically, and there never were any people who dared to reject him to his face. He told Wu troupe master to have the Wu troupe perform in his residence three days later. That Jun boss had to appear, otherwise whether or not his Wu troupe was able to survive, it would be hard to say.

Wu troupe master was completely anxious, he had no other choice, stealthily visiting Cheng residence that night. Jing Yang told him that he didn’t need to worry, in three days he would go with the Wu troupe to the commander’s residence to perform. With this, Wu troupe master was finally able to relax.


The Wu troupe entered the commander’s residence, everyone was under the containment of the commander’s guards. Jing Yang wore a hat and an ordinary cheongsam, mingling in the middle of the Wu troupe. Today if he wanted to quietly leave like before it didn’t seem quite possible, so he had already made preparations to expose his identity.

Wei Tianxiong and his ten or so concubines had already sat down and were waiting for Jing Yang to go on stage when his aide extremely hastily ran in to report. “Report to commander, Yang commander-in-chief has come to pay a visit.”

“Who?” Wei Tianxiong widened his eyes. This Yang commander-in-chief, it couldn’t be that Yang commander that he was thinking of?

“Yang president’s nephew, Yang Wangkun commander-in-chief has come to pay a visit.” The aide repeated.

Wei Tianxiong instantly stood up, his complexion changed several times in a split second, and then he rapidly turned around to walk outside.

“Yang commander-in-chief, excuse me, excuse me.” Wei Tianxiong’s fierce-looking face was filled with smiles, as if he was really happy about Yang Wangkun’s arrival.

Yang Wangkun was suited in a black military uniform, his hands were clothed in white gloves and holding a horsewhip. His handsome face was outlined clearly, resolute and stern. Behind him stood two squads of soldiers, full of killing air. At one glance you could tell these soldiers were experienced and seasoned, they had crawled out of piles of dead bodies, elites among elites.

“I showed up uninvited, I hope that Wei commander doesn’t take offense.” Yang Wangkun saluted Wei Tianxiong.

“How could that be, Yang commander-in-chief being able to come, your presence truly brings light to my humble dwelling.” Wei Tianxiong moved to the side. “Please come in.”

“When did Yang commander-in-chief come to Li cheng?” This was the question that Wei Tianxiong was most doubtful about, and also most wanted to know.

“Just arrived this morning, my troops are still outside the city. I first came to greet Wei commander and only then would it be good for me to let my troops into the city.”

“Commander-in-chief also brought troops?” Wei Tianxiong was startled in his heart, yet his expression still remained calm. “Then you are planning to reside in Li cheng?”

“Uncle sent me to govern Li cheng together with Wei commander, in the future I hope Wei commander will be patient with me and give me more advice.” Yang Wangkun walked with him inside while speaking.

“Mutual advice, mutual advice.” Wei Tianxiong’s expression was already obviously no longer as natural as before. He had long guessed that Yang president would send someone over to Li cheng to weaken his power, but he had never thought that the person who came would be this evil star. Based on his information, this person should have been going to battle in the north, how could he suddenly have come to Li cheng, making him entirely unprepared.

Hearing the percussion drifting from afar, Yang Wangkun said, “Wei commander is having a celebration today? It seems that I have not come at a good time.”

“It’s not really a celebration, I had just invited an opera troupe to perform in my residence as amusement for my household.” Wei Tianxiong had originally wanted to bring him to the main hall, but when he heard him say this, he could only lead him to the back garden. “Our Li cheng has three specialities: opera, wine, and tea, commander-in-chief really came at a good time today, you just happen to be able to hear our Li cheng’s best singer.”

A singer was just warming up on stage, the concubines saw Wei Tianxiong bringing in guests and all stood up. When they saw Yang Wangkun, there were even some who were frightened by his harsh aura, yet were unable to resist being attracted by that handsome face, stealthily taking glances at him.

“Today I am receiving honorable guests, you all first withdraw ba.” Wei Tianxiong waved his hand, letting the concubines disperse.

One after another the concubines left, there were a few who had more courage and snuck a glance at Yang Wangkun when leaving.

Wei Tianxiong was bisexual, but was still partial towards men, those concubines were all sent as gifts to him by other people. He interacted with them very little, most of time using them just as decoration.

Wei Tianxiong’s character was not good, and his interest towards women was also not big, those concubines also didn’t dare to act coquettishly in front of him, so they were all very lonely. But now a handsome robust soldier had come, even though his imposing manner was somewhat frightening, but his appearance and figure were all too outstanding, making them unable to control their amorous feelings.

After he came on stage, Jing Yang saw Yang Wangkun sitting below the stage, and only then did he find out that he had also come to the commander’s residence. Even though he was somewhat taken aback, he didn’t feel surprised. After all, they had only met a few days ago.

Because of curiosity, Jing Yang glanced at Yang Wangkun, the two people’s gazes coincidentally met. That feeling of tugging on his soul again struck. He felt extremely shocked, his mind was already incapable of concentrating on his performance, his singing and movements were already all completely controlled by the system. Could it be that the person who had met his gaze at Fairview Park previously was Yang Wangkun? He was his lover? So only then did he come to Li cheng in advance, he especially came to look for him?

Jing Yang had many questions in his heart, he couldn’t resist looking at Yang Wangkun many more times. The two people’s gazes intersected a few times, yet that previous feeling never appeared again. Jing Yang couldn’t understand why it would be like this.

It didn’t matter if those concubines’s amorous feelings stirred after seeing Yang Wangkun, but now the Jing Yang who was performing on stage was also exchanging flirting glances with Yang Wangkun. When Wei Tianxiong saw this he was very uncomfortable.

Wei Tianxiong was very clear about Yang Wangkun’s purpose for coming to Li cheng. This person was not easy to deal with, he needed to avoid meeting him head on as much as possible, the best method was to rely on schemes to prevail over him. No matter how strong his battle prowess was, he was only a twenty something years old young man. In any case he himself was a well travelled man, when comparing schemes, Wei Tianxiong didn’t believe that he wouldn’t be able to defeat him.

Originally Wei Tianxiong had planned to leave behind Jing Yang tonight, but Yang Wangkun had suddenly arrived, making him temporarily no longer have that time or mind. After Wu troupe finished singing, they left. Wei Tianxiong entertained Yang Wangkun for a meal, and after he sent him away, he immediately convened his subordinates to discuss countermeasures.

When Jing Yang had just arrived home, the housekeeper rushed over to report to him with an anxious expression. “Young master, Wei commander’s men came over again today and asked why our opium den still hadn’t opened yet. I responded based on your words, and sent them away again with a couple banknotes. But dragging on like this won’t be possible ah, those people’s appetites are simply bottomless, no matter how we fill them they won’t be full. If we keep doing this, they will just come even more often.”

Jing Yang pondered for a moment and then said, “I understand. Don’t worry Zhang uncle, they won’t be able to keep going much longer, this money doesn’t really matter, sooner or later they will spit it out.”

“Young master this is…, you have some good methods?” The housekeeper looked at him.

“There are naturally methods, only…, I still need to think about it more.” Jing Yang raised his hand and indicated for the housekeeper to retire first. “You first withdraw ba.”

Based on Jing Yang’s original plan, today after his identity was revealed, Wei Tianxiong would definitely leave him behind. In this way, not only would he be able to poison him for the first time, but Wei Tianxiong would also not make things difficult for him in the future. And when Wei Tianxiong finally suffered from his slow-acting poison and suddenly died, those underlings of his would definitely descend into in-fighting for the position. At that time Yang president would dispatch men over, and everything would have been much simpler.

But Yang Wangkun suddenly came to Li cheng in advance, and today he had disrupted his plans. But these things were not that important. Right now the most important matter was, how could he determine, in the end whether or not Yang Wangkun was his lover.

Jing Yang wanted to go meet him and feel him out face to face, at least it would be better than making conjectures by himself. But he also couldn’t just brazenly go meet him, if it was known by Wei Tianxiong, he would just be inadvertently alerting an enemy.

The news that Yang Wangkun had arrived quickly spread across Li cheng. Jing Yang still hadn’t had the opportunity to stealthily go see him when the commander’s residence again spread the news that they wanted to hold a welcoming reception and feast for Yang commander-in-chief.

Those with some identity or position in Li cheng all received invitations. Jing Yang also received one, but he couldn’t attend with the identity of Cheng Junxi, because Wei Tianxiong had let Cheng troupe and Wu troupe come together to perform at the commander’s residence.

After Jing Yang contemplated it, he felt that looking at it from every perspective, this could perhaps be an opportunity.

Translator Notes:

[1] excuse me – 有失远迎, polite saying, excuse me for not going out to welcome you
[2] experienced and seasoned – 历经百战, idiom, literally means veterans of a hundred battles
[3] brings light to my humble dwelling – 蓬荜生辉, extremely polite, this dialogue is making me cringe
[4] a singer – 武生, more specifically, a male military role in opera, but it was a little awkward to fit there
[5] exchanging flirting glances – 眉来眼去, idiom, literally means eyes and eyebrows come and go, or to make eyes at someone
[6] well-traveled man – 老江湖了, he is well acquainted with the ways of the world
[7] inadvertently alerting an enemy – 打草惊蛇, idiom, literally means to beat the grass to scare the snake

Random Notes:

Not a bad chapter, took ~2 hours (though I did something in the middle so not entirely): 8:15 pm – 10 pm, for 3.1k characters to 2.3k words.

To be honest I don’t quite enjoy this arc as much as the other ones. It’s just one of the bad things about the second arc of these fast wears, since it’s the first time the MC’s left the ML and he’s still uncertain about whether the ML will really follow him over and how exactly to determine whether or not the ML is actually him. These MCs always think the MLs would keep their memories, sigh.

I’ve taken quite the hiatus from reading light novels. I was reading over my Reading page today, and got quite the urge to reread the 100k volt story, one of my only 2 6 star (5 star + 1 heart) rated BLs so far. I might just start skimming through that again. Gotta love my OP MCs, man. When is One Punch Man season 2 gonna come out?? Or TKA season 2??

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      1. Haha 100kV is just a raw, but (spoiler) it might be translated soon 😉
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