CFCS Chapter 90

Chapter 90
Supermodel Competition (Arc 7.12)

The netizens witnessed this entire process through the stream. At first they were confused and couldn’t understand the situation. But after they saw Dilumo slap Conley, they finally reacted. This was Conley wanting to frame Jing Yang, but he was unaware that all of his actions had been filmed. The netizens were in a frenzy, making all kinds of comments ranging from sarcasm to insults toward Conley. During this time Jing Yang had accumulated quite a bit of popularity and had a large increase in fans. His fans saw that Conley was actually so shameless, and immediately angrily attacked Conley. They even brought out all of the previous matters, saying that since Conley was so familiar with framing people, he must have practiced it a lot before. Then for those bad rumors about Arthur, they must have also been prepared by him and Dilumo together to slander Arthur.

The netizens scolded Conley, and basically no one defended him, because the facts were there, and everyone had personally seen it. No matter who was right or wrong earlier, right now he had done this kind of thing, and if anyone still helped him speak, that would really be lying with their eyes open.

When scolding Conley no one said anything, but when people started scolding Dilumo, his fans were unwilling. They felt that even though the two were lovers, one person’s mistakes shouldn’t be borne by both of them. And Dilumo wasn’t even involved in this matter at all. From the slap that he gave Conley you could tell that even he didn’t expect Conley to do such a thing.

Dilumo’s fans used all kinds of whitewashing and justification, and simply did not admit that Dilumo had any relationship with Conley framing Jing Yang. In their hearts, their idol was pure and the image of goodness.

A crowd of reporters were chasing and surrounding Conley. Now he was even afraid to go back to his own home, and could only hide away in the remote small home he lived in while in college.

Conley, who had already gotten used to living in a large house, felt depressed and suffocated living in what he felt was a broken and old home, restless and unable to sit down. Every couple minutes, he would go to the window and draw the curtains open by a little seam and look down, waiting for Dilumo to come. If it hadn’t been to make it more convenient to meet with Dilumo, he would long have returned to his current home. Even though he knew that there must be a lot of reporters outside his house, as long as he didn’t open the door, the reporters couldn’t force their way in.

Dilumo managed with great difficulty to sneak over to meet him. Once he entered the door, he didn’t have time to take a breath when Conley already grabbed his shoulder and said, “What am I going to do now? What do we do?!”

Dilumo’s arm hurt from his grasp. He forcefully pulled off his hand and said, “Calm down! Am I not here to discuss methods with you?!”

“What kind of methods are there?” Conley stared at him with bloodshot eyes. “Right now I don’t even dare to appear in front of people, and everyone is scolding me! Do you know how ugly those people’s words are?”

“And what can I do?” Dilumo also shouted with red eyes. “You think I want it to be like this? But the things have already happened, we can only escape or face them, there’s only two ways!”

“It was your idea, and the matter was also what you wanted me to do. Now we failed and you actually get off scot-free, letting me bear the consequences alone? I’m telling you, you can perish that thought!” Conley roared furiously.

“Can you calm down?!” Dilumo rubbed his forehead. “Could it be that you would be satisfied by implicating me in this as well? In that case, we would really be done for! Right now, at least I have the hope of turning the tables!”

Conley wiped his face and sat down on the sofa, feeling powerless.

Dilumo calmed down his emotions and walked over, crouching down next to him. “Right now we still have hope, as long as I can continue to develop in the modeling world, I would never leave you behind. What’s the big deal with not going out to see people? Didn’t Arthur Yang stay at home for three years without leaving the door? Now, people are very forgetful. Give it at most a year and no one will mention this matter again. Then you can come up with a way to clean your reputation, and these matters won’t have an impact on you. Then you can go out in public again. Time is the best way to solve all problems. When time has passed, no one will be able to tell the truth about what happened years ago.”

After Conley calmed down a bit, he also knew that Dilumo’s words were reasonable. Right now, the only method he had was to not appear, and everything would be forgotten eventually. Now, the more he attempted to defend himself in public, the more he would be scolded. Staying silent and disappearing is the best method, anything will disappear one day.

So Conley chose a late night and prepared to sneak back home. But he was still discovered by some reporters who surrounded him for a long time and asked him a lot of questions. He broke through the reporters’ siege with great difficulty and entered his own home.


In the second round, Jing Yang maintained his position in first place. His score was far ahead of the other models, and his fan numbers also rose sharply.

The last round of the competition was to shoot the model’s own propaganda video. The content of the film would be set by the model himself, and the clothing and scene would also be designed by the model.

In this round, the netizens could see how model propaganda films were shot, and would also test the models’ level in film design. Or else there were always some models who clearly invited someone to design their publicity images, but always said that it was based on their own inspiration and the whole process was designed by themselves and then was completed together with the staff.

Dilumo had said many times before that he personally came up with the inspiration for his promotion images, and he had even said that during the shooting process, often he would be the one directing. When other models heard these words, they all were scornful. Just being able to shoot well was already quite good, but even guiding the director, where would it be that easy. But those fans who didn’t understand the filming process only worshipped him more.

Dilumo did not think that the content of every round poked him right in his weaknesses. Not a single one of strengths was incorporated, and the skills they had to compete with were all things that he was not good at but had declared to the public that he was very good at.

With the previous two fiascos, Dilumo had lost most of his hope in becoming the lifelong spokesperson for Fernelea. Now all he wanted to do was to save his image and stabilize the hearts of his fans who were still supporting him.

Jing Yang had previously personally filmed his own two publicity images, which were on crushed stars and lost night. So now everyone was very curious about what kind of propaganda film he could produce this time.

This time, Jing Yang gave his publicity image the name: moonlight haze, which would be entirely of the classical Oriental style. He drew out the scene he imagined digitally and handed it over to the staff arranging the scene.

The scene Jing Yang wanted was not difficult to arrange. The staff held the computer and confirmed some details with him, and found that his understanding of scene layout could be said to be at a professional level.

The head of the film crew said, “Out of all of these models, it is the easiest to discuss with you. It feels like you’re a professional. Some people not understanding is nothing, but they don’t understand and still have to pretend they do, putting forward some completely impossible requests. We are really helpless.”

Just now, Dilumo actually asked them to make a beach for him, based on the fact that his fans liked the beach images he had taken. He even said that with the advancements in technology, as long as they laid out the scene and added some special effects, recreating a real beach wasn’t too difficult.

At that time they were all speechless. Even if technology was really developed, and special effects were really good, the results from shooting here would still be very different from those shooting at a real beach. After all, these were videos, and not photos. If it was just a photo, they could simply get a green screen and then put up the background directly. So the staff felt that Dilumo’s knowledge of scene setup may still be stuck in the age of photos from decades ago.

Jing Yang smiled. “I really can’t be considered professional. I just had to set up my own scenes before, so I needed to learn a bit more about it.”

“If every model were like you, trying to get a little bit of understanding before deciding what kind of scene they wanted, we wouldn’t have to work so hard to explain. And he could get better results.” The film crew leader said a little helplessly.

After Jing Yang confirmed some details with the clothing and makeup staff, he started filming the next day.

Jing Yang wore a wig with waist-length hair and a moon-white light changpao, stepping barefoot to the window. The first thing in the camera was his bare feet, white and clean, even his toes were round and lovely. Very few people were perfect to the extent that even their feet would look so good, and the surrounding staff all couldn’t resist looking at his feet and sighing in their heart.

He sat down on the arhat bed and picked up the wine jug on the tray, pouring himself a glass of wine. He leaned against the window, his fingers holding the glass of wine. He lightly swung it but wasn’t in a hurry to drink, instead slightly raising his head to admire the huge moon in the sky.

This time the director filming for the models was the one who had taken the underwater films for them in the first round. Last time he had felt that Jing Yang did especially well, and sure enough, this time he didn’t let him down. How this time’s video would be shot, when, and from what angle, were all done according to what the model himself requested.

The lens slowly glided down from top down, past his perfect profile to his beautifully sleek neck, so that the people watching couldn’t help their heartbeat increasing. The lens slowly pulled out a bit. Jing Yang picked up the glass of wine and drank it, one glass after another. After drinking, he seemed to disdain using a glass as not enough fun, directly picking up the wine jug to drink.

The wine flowed from the corner of his mouth and down his neck into his lapel, and Jing Yang put down the empty wine jug. He pulled at his clothing with some discomfort, so that the originally tightly wrapped clothes slightly loosened, revealing a little more skin. His eyes started misting up, and his face began to redden, apparently intoxicated.

Jing Yang stretched out his foot and half lay on the windowsill. In the moment he looked back at the lens, those watery eyes, those reddened cheeks on that white face, that head of black shiny and silky hair casually scattered behind him, no matter how you looked, it was truly devastating.

Whether it was the staff on the scene, or the netizens watching through the screens, there were many people whose noses started itching, and felt an impulse for their blood to start dripping from their noses. They really wanted to scream to express the shock in their hearts. They wouldn’t even care if people thought they were crazy, because it was really attractive, this was simply a crime ah!

The place where Jing Yang was looking, was precisely where Regulus was sitting. Everyone thought that he was looking at the camera, and only the two people meeting gazes knew that they only had each other in their eyes at that moment.

Jing Yang looked at Regulus and smiled gently, his eyes full of charm and deep feelings. The people looking at him couldn’t help but blush and become agitated, their entire bodies heating up.

Regulus tightly clenched his fists, suppressing his desire to rush over and carry him away. This was his baby, but now he was actually being appreciated by countless people. He naturally was unhappy.

Regulus felt very conflicted in his heart. On the one hand he thought, if only he could just hide away his baby in the future, then only he could appreciate him, and no one else could see him. But he also felt that such a good baby, he should be shining, and it would only be right for more people to know how good he was.

The netizens were already uncontrollably howling at their screens to vent, slapping the desk or their own legs to release the feelings scratching at their hearts.

The comments on the live broadcast page were also boiling over.

————Oh my god! My god! Even just the process of filming is so seductive, I can’t imagine what the finished film will look like.

————This is the first time I’ve had a nosebleed in all the years I’ve lived. My first time was given to you, Arthur, you need to be responsible~

————Evidently he’s so covered up, but just from the gaze and that face, it is already attractive enough.

————I really want to travel through the screen and look from the scene! I really envy the staff who can see this personally!

————I am already unable to wait for the finished films, I feel like the blood in my nose will squirt out.

————Ah! Ah! Ah! I really like Arthur so much!

————Male god! Male god! No matter what happens, I will always support you!

————Oh my god! How could there be such a seductive man in this world! Your gaze is a crime! Crime!

————Is this still a human? This is definitely a demon ba?! It’s too charming!

After he finished shooting, Jing Yang looked at the result and then discussed with the director on how to cut the film. He was originally supposed to go to the dressing room to remove his makeup and change his clothes, but was instead led to the lounge by his assistant.

Regulus pressed Jing Yang on the door and lifted his chin, kissing him hard.

After the two kissed for a while, Regulus picked him up and put him on the sofa.

As long as he thought of countless people seeing his baby today, Regulus almost went crazy with jealousy. He wanted to hide him away and not let anyone see him, only appreciating him himself.

One world after another, they continued to meet and love each other. Jing Yang didn’t know how many more worlds they could fall in love in, and they could only do their best to go through every life perfectly.

Perhaps they should also thank fate for arranging it like this, and not let fate down for doing so.

Translator Notes:

[1] confused – 不明所以, basically failing to understand why
[2] lying with their eyes open – 昧着良心, actually means like without a conscience
[3] scornful – 嗤之以鼻, means to snort disdainfully
[4] moonlight haze – 月下饮, actual name is moonlight drink, but haze sounds more artsy lol
[5] moon-white light changpao – 古代轻薄长袍, basically like the robes from classical Chinese dynasties
[6] arhat bed – 罗汉床, google it, kind of also looks like a chaise
[7] demon – 妖精, like a evil spirit, but mostly in seducing people, like an succubus lol

Random Notes:

A little over an hour: 12:30 pm – 1:45 pm, for 4.3k characters to 2.8k words.

Extra Note: thank you all for your patience! it has been an entire month since i last posted that there would be a brief hiatus. it was much longer than i originally planned, from a combination of being busy with a lot of things and with a lack of motivation to translate. i have started getting back to translating, but will likely be picking up slower. this most likely means that there will at least one chapter of cfcs a week, not always two as before, at least in the beginning. one chapter of 100kv will be translated every week. thanks for all of your support! 🙂

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