CFCS Chapter 23

Chapter 23
Unstable Chinese Republic (Arc 2.7)

Jing Yang walked on stage and sang a section of the Drunken Beauty. His face and body didn’t have any makeup or costume, but in his glances and movements, there were threads of natural lovely charm.

That voice and movements, as well as that attitude, it was really undoubtedly Jun boss.

After he finished singing a section, Jing Yang walked down from the stage, and the guests immediately became lively. Everyone was surprised and excitedly discussed amongst themselves, the Cheng family big young master actually was Jun boss, why did he run to go sing opera? And he even sang so well, in the past why did no one know about it…

Cheng Jiaming’s complexion was even more unpleasant, he already couldn’t say anything. No matter how unwilling he was to believe it in his heart, he had no way to deny it, Cheng Junxi was Jun boss.

“Really good, really good, looks like you really are Jun boss. Only, why did you want to hide your identity before?” Wei Tianxiong asked.

“Singing opera is only a small hobby of mine, I don’t need to rely on this to make a living, and also didn’t want to let others know my identity. But commander wanted to see me, I had no choice…” Jing Yang didn’t finished speaking, but his meaning was already evident.

“If it’s like this, it’s my fault.” Wei Tianxiong smiled. “I apologize to you, then stay behind tonight…”

“Wei commander.” The Yang Wangkun who had always been sitting at the side based on status finally opened his mouth to interrupt Wei Tianxiong.

Wei Tianxiong this person had been blinded by greed, after seeing Jing Yang, he had already been obsessed to the point of forgetting about the occasion. And now being interrupted by Yang Wangkun, he finally remembered that at the side there was still a very important person next to him, and he turned his head to look over.

“Many thanks to Wei commander for holding this welcome reception for me today, I will salute you a cup.” After Yang Wangkun drank a cup he stood up. “The time is no longer early, today I will first return, I will come bother again on a different day.”

“Where, where, I will send Yang commander-in-chief.” Wei Tianxiong heard that he wanted to leave, it was just exactly what he had been looking for, for being able to change a day to have a confrontation with Yang Wangkun, he was not urgent to do it here. In any case their previous matter were also not able to be solved in a short time, he had already prepared to have a prolonged battle against Yang Wangkun.

Yang Wangkun looked toward Jing Yang. “Today being able to see Li cheng’s legendary Jun boss, truly outstanding. I don’t know know whether I will have the honor of sending Jun boss back.”

“Yang commander-in-chief, your status is precious, how could we let you personally send him. That really is undeserving of him, I will personally dispatch people to send him and Wu troupe back.” Wei Tianxiong was already unable to wait to bring the person into his hand, it would be best to be tonight, how could he just let him leave.

Jing Yang didn’t think that Yang Wangkun would mention sending him back, he had already decided to stay behind tonight. If he returned, wouldn’t he again have missed an opportunity to give Wei Tianxiong poison?

His eyes moved back and forth between Wei Tianxiong and Yang Wangkun, the two people were both waiting for his response.

“Then I will trouble Yang commander-in-chief.” Jing Yang looked at Yang Wangkun. He would still have opportunities to poison Wei Tianxiong in the future, in any case his identity had already been exposed now. There was a more important matter, he wanted to obtain an answer as soon as possible.

Wei Tianxiong also didn’t anticipate that Yang Wangkun would mention sending Jing Yang back, and even more did not anticipate that Jing Yang would agree. Right now no matter whether it was Li cheng or Cheng family, they were all under his control, even if Yang Wangkun wanted to cripple his power in Li cheng, he was also not necessarily able to achieve it.

Jing Yang and Yang Wangkun’s actions let Wei Tianxiong lose face, but the two people were already walking outside, so he could not really forcefully stop them. Otherwise, he would have to contend with Yang Wangkun face to face today.

Jing Yang got on Yang Wangkun’s car, and after staying silent for a long time, he opened his mouth. “I would like to ask about a person with commander-in-chief.”

Yang Wangkun turned his head to look at him.

Jing Yang looked back at him, and seriously looked at his eyes. “Does commander-in-chief know Zhao Bocheng?”

“I don’t know him.” Yang Wangkun immediately responded, his memorization ability was very good. He basically didn’t need to think about it, he already knew that this name didn’t exist in his memories.

“Please, carefully think about it a bit.” Jing Yang focused on his eyes, he wanted to try to sense his soul through his eyes. In the previous world, he was always able to sense his soul penetrating through his eyes. That so-called soul may have been only a feeling, but that kind of feeling made him want to get close.

Yang Wangkun followed his request and seriously thought about it for a while, and then again definitively responded, “Don’t know him.”

Jing Yang closed his eyes in disappointment, Yang Wangkun’s response incited a burst of disappointment in his heart. He had also not felt from Yang Wangkun’s eyes that familiar feeling. Zhao Bocheng this name, didn’t let Yang Wangkun raise the slightest bit of different thoughts, he also didn’t need to trick himself anymore.

Even though now he was still unable to determine whether or not he was Zhao Bocheng, but at least he had proved that he had no memories related to Zhao Bocheng.

Yang Wangkun could tell the disappointment on Jing Yang’s face, he couldn’t understand why he felt that he would know this person. “That person is very important to you?”

“Very important, extremely important.” Jing Yang didn’t try to conceal his sense of loss at all.

The car stopped outside the Cheng residence entrance, Jing Yang thanked Yang Wangkun. Without turning his head back, he got off the car and entered his home, he felt that he might need to do some heavy drinking in order to pacify his feelings.

In the previous thousand or so worlds, he had always been living my himself, he had thought that he had long been used to being alone. But after loving and being loved he finally discovered, originally he also loathed being alone, he wished to be accompanied for a long time by someone else.

Yang Wangkun saw the Cheng residence gate open and then close, and then allowed the guard to drive away. From the first time he saw Cheng Junxi at Fairview Park, many of his actions and decisions, even he himself was unable to understand.


The Cheng family’s young master Cheng Junxi was actually the Jun boss at Fairview Park, this matter had already turned into the liveliest topic of discussion in Li cheng. Many people were deeply moved by the Cheng young master’s deeply hidden talents, and actually there were not really any people who ridiculed him for letting himself go. After all, now opera was already not some lowly matter, and besides, he sang even better than those famous singers.

Everyone took Cheng Jiaming and Cheng Junxi’s opera to compare against each other, and everyone unanimously agreed that Cheng Jiaming was unable to defeat Cheng Junxi, and the difference was quite big.

Cheng Jiaming had been chased out the Cheng residence with his mother when he was five years old. Not many people knew in Li cheng that he was also a young master of the Cheng family, otherwise in their leisure time, the people in Li cheng would have even more topics to chat about.

“Roll! Roll out for me!” Cheng Jiaming chased out all of the people who had come over to console him, he had already smashed an entire room’s vases and teacups in anger.

Everyone was saying that he was inferior to Cheng Junxi, even Wei Tianxiong was obsessed with him after taking a single glance.

And there was that Yang commander-in-chief, he wouldn’t even take on look at him, a face full of indifference and coldness, making him think that he just didn’t have any interest in men. But when Cheng Junxi appeared, his eyes never left his face, he obviously had interest in Cheng Junxi.

He had learned opera for over ten years, he had endured so much suffering to get to this point, had Cheng Junxi suffered these difficulties? For what reason would his opera be stronger than him, and even snatched away all of the limelight that belonged to him. He also had the Cheng family’s blood in his veins, the Cheng family’s properties originally should have a portion that belonged to him. Not to mention that Cheng Junxi had seized the Cheng family properties for so many years, now he was even vying against him in opera!

Cheng Jiaming was excessively furious, even the muscles on his face started distorting. He would definitely wrest back the Cheng family properties, and would also again become Li cheng’s best opera singer, he would definitely not let Cheng Junxi off!

Cheng Jiaming hurriedly rushed to the commander’s residence, he had to take advantage of matter not developing to the step beyond his control and take all of the Cheng family assets into his hand.

“Commander, you had previously said that you would give the majority of the Cheng family properties to me, you wouldn’t be going back on our promise now ma?” Cheng Jiaming used wronged eyes to look at Wei Tianxiong, he deliberately pressed close to him.

“Yang Wangkun has arrived in Li cheng, this is a big threat to me. I barely have time to handle my proper business, where would I have the time to worry about your small matters.” Wei Tianxiong had previously been quite receptive of this kind of action, but now all of his attention was on thinking about how to bring Jing Yang into his hand, where did he have the mind to pay attention to Cheng Jiaming.

Everyone says the things that cannot be gotten are the best, Cheng Jiaming this kind of person who took the initiative to throw himself into his arms, was not worth his thoughts, Wei Tianxiong also didn’t have the previous patience to handle him.

Cheng Jiaming clenched his teeth in anger, but also felt that Wei Tianxiong was impatient and didn’t dare to be as presumptuous as before. “My small matters, of course I wouldn’t dare to inconvenience commander to personally trouble himself, commander could just do the same as before, casually send some subordinates to do it.”

“You are directing me?” Wei Tianxiong’s face sank.

Cheng Jiaming immediately explained, “Where would I dare to direct commander, I am trying to request commander.”

Wei Tianxiong impatiently waved his hand. “We’ll talk about these small matters later, I will naturally have my own plans, it’s useless even if you’re anxious.”

Cheng Jiaming saw that Wei Tianxiong had fallen out with him so quickly, he was extremely furious. He had been with Wei Tianxiong for almost two years, he had spared no effort to curry favor with him on and off the bed, he had even endured those unusual fetishes of his, he had never thought that he would be so quickly tired of him. But he temporarily still had no other methods, so he could only go back to make some other plans.


Jing Yang couldn’t think of any ways to determine whether or not Yang Wangkun was his own lover. His heart was quite gloomy, so he drank some wine to vent his feelings. The Cheng family restaurant’s wine couldn’t satisfy him, so he personally brewed some wine for himself to drink.

The housekeeper hastily came to report, he said that Yang commander-in-chief had come to pay a visit, he was totally shocked. Jing Yang stood up to personally go welcome him in.

“Yang commander-in-chief suddenly came to pay a visit, is there some urgent matters?” Jing Yang walked while speaking.

“I came to see you.” Yang Wangkun looked at him.

Came to see me? Jing Yang was puzzled in his heart, this person said that he didn’t know Zhao Bocheng, it didn’t seem like he was tricking him, but if he didn’t have the memories of the previous world, why did he seem like he treated him differently.

“Commander-in-chief came at a good time, this is the wine I personally brewed, commander can taste it.” Jing Yang sat down and poured Yang Wangkun a cup.

“You’re already drinking wine this early in the morning?” Yang Wangkun asked.

“Normally early in the morning I always drink tea, but these couple days my mood isn’t great, so I changed to drinking wine.” Jing Yang also didn’t cover up the truth, directly speaking frankly.

“Why is your mood not good?” Yang Wangkun looked at him. “Is it because I said that I don’t know that person named Zhao Bocheng?”

Jing Yang placed down the wineglass he had just raised to his lips and looked back at him. “Then does commander really know him or not? This is my last time asking you this question, I hope that commander will speak the truth with me, and not keep me in the dark.”

“Then I will also tell you for the last time, I don’t know him.” Yang Wangkun looked at him strangely. “Why do you feel that I would definitely know this person?”

Jing Yang bitterly smiled, toasted and then drained the cup with one gulp. “Because you are very similar to him.”

Yang Wangkun looked at him for a while, and suddenly didn’t know what he should say. He also drank a cup, and when he placed down the wineglass he exclaimed in admiration, “Good wine.”

If you said that Wei Tianxiong was an opera fan, then Yang Wangkun was a wine fan, and he had never been drunk before, he was the type who became even more sober as he drank. Originally it should not have been him bringing soldiers to Li cheng, one of his trusted aides was a Li cheng man, he had spoken highly of how good Li cheng’s wine was. He had happened to pass by this place because of some matters, so he had come to see how good the wine in Li cheng really was.

Because he had incidentally accompanied his subordinate to go to Fairview Park to listen to an opera, and seen the Jing Yang who was singing the Drunken Beauty on stage, after the two people’s gazes had met for a split second, he had kept on thinking about him, and always thought about seeing his true appearance after removing the makeup. After seeing him once, he was even more unable to forget this person. He didn’t understand why he would be interested in a man, but he this type of person, would never deliberately go against his own intentions.

Translator Notes:

[1] natural – 浑然天成, idiom, means to resemble nature, but could also mean of the highest quality
[2] exactly what he had been looking for – 求之不得, idiom, literally means seek but fail to get
[3] deeply hidden talents – 深藏不露, literally means deep hidden not exposed
[4] letting himself go – 自甘堕落, idiom, means to abandon oneself
[5] spared no effort – 竭尽全力, idiom, also means to do his utmost

Random Notes:

Second chapter translated today, another nice and quick one: a little over an hour, 11:15 am – 12:30 pm, for ~3.6k characters to 2.6k words. This was actually much longer than the previous one, but took about the same amount of time. Probably because there weren’t too many T/Ns required.

See, this is what I’m talking about with the trouble with the 2nd arc in these fast wears. But there should only be another chapter of stuff like this before they finally get together. Then the good stuff happens.

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