CFCS Chapter 69

Chapter 69
Legend of the Holy Light (Arc 6.2)

After many years of expansion, the temple in the capital was extremely large, with two main temples and six side temples. In the main and side temples, each had many large halls and courtyards.

Jing Yang was arranged to live in a small courtyard in a side temple, with many soldiers guarding the yard. Even though the soldiers guarding him from the second prince had been replaced with the emperor’s soldiers, Jing Yang knew that outside of the yard, the second prince’s men were still secretly guarding him.

Jing Yang held the already cleaned cloak and sat down on a chair by the window, waiting for night to fall.

All of the lights in the room were extinguished, Jing Yang put on the cloak, covered his entire face with the mantle, and jumped out of the open window.

He directly walked past the soldiers out of the courtyard, and trotted in the direction of the main temple.

The great prince Orede was locked in the main temple. After his body had been invaded by the demon magic, his personality had changed greatly, and at any time may suddenly explode and cause injury to the people around him. Jing Yang went to find him in order to help him eliminate the demon gas, and then cooperate with him against the second prince and Carnia.

Now the weather is just in the hot season, and in the rooms where people lived, their windows would basically all be open. This also facilitated Jing Yang’s movements.

Jing Yang relied on the system to help him search for the great prince’s position. The place where he was enclosed was a brightly lit hall. Inside and outside this main temple were large water tanks, which were filled with the purest water from the holy light springs. With this spring water, the great prince whose body contained the demon gas could not leave the main temple.

Jing Yang entered the temple. In the middle of the large hall, a tall and upright figure was sitting with his back to him. Because he was wearing the cloak, Jing Yang approached him without concern.

Orede suddenly turned around. Jing Yang was startled and subconsciously stopped moving. Jing Yang looked at that handsome face, perfect as if it had been carved out by the gods, and his heart slightly trembled. No way? Could it be…

Orede felt as if there was someone behind him, but when he turned to look, there was nothing there. He was somewhat doubtful and felt that there was definitely something. He stood up, turned and walked over.

Jing Yang saw him walk towards himself and slowly retreated. This person had been tormented by demon gas for five years, and incredibly still had such a keen ability and intuition. That was no ordinary demon magic, the demon king had used the demon clan’s most precious treasure, the devil blood pearl, to harm him, and left a drop of that blood in his body. If he were an ordinary person, he would have died who knows how many times, but he actually could fight back against that demon magic for five years and not die, really worthy of being the empire’s war god.

Orede slowly raised his hand and reached forward, but didn’t touch anything. He frowned and turned back to the place where he had been sitting before.

Jing Yang followed him, and Orede suddenly quickly turned back around, waved his arm, and then took hold of Jing Yang.

Orede was very surprised. This feel was clearly that of a human body, but why could this person be invisible?

Jing Yang was tightly held by a strong arm, his chest was affixed to the other person’s body, his breathing unsteady. Seeing the sharp glint in Orede’s eyes, he quickly raised his hand and removed the cloak’s hood.

“Who are you?!” Orede’s arm tightened.

Jing Yang let out a breath in pain. “…I am Sylvie.”

“Sylvie?” Orede frowned and thought, this name sounded familiar.

“My grandfather was the former temple elder.” Jing Yang said. “I’m not here to hurt you, please let go of me first.”

Orede really remembered that he had heard the elder mention that he had a grandson named Sylvie, and if anything happened to him, he hoped that he could help protect him. It had been such a long time ago that he had almost forgotten.

Orede loosened Jing Yang and said, “Did your grandfather ask you to come to me?”

“No.” Jing Yang rubbed his arm. “Even though Your Highness has been locked in here for years, you shouldn’t be completely unaware of what’s happening out there ba?”

Orede looked at him expressionlessly and did not speak.

“I was picked up and brought back to the capital, and in 10 days, I will be sacrificed to the demonic beasts.” Jing Yang looked at him.

Orede was aware of this matter, his men had already passed this news to him, saying that the elder’s grandson would be brought back to the capital to sacrifice to the demonic beast.

“I can’t even save myself now, and even more so will not be able to save you.” Orede thought that he had come to ask for help.

“If I can get you out of here, are you willing to cooperate with me?” Jing Yang asked.

Orede laughed coldly. “You think that I have no way to get out of here? If the demon gas isn’t removed, what could I do even if I went outside. Later, I wouldn’t even be able to control myself from randomly killing people.”

“My helping you would exactly be to help you clear out the demon magic and let you directly walk out from here, and not any other method.”

“The things that even your grandfather couldn’t do, you think you can achieve?” Orede turned and walked back to his original spot, continuing to sit.

Jing Yang crouched down in front of him, looked at him, and asked, “Whether or not I can succeed, wouldn’t we know if we try?”

Orede just wanted to ask him how he would try when he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his chest, as if a blazing fire was burning there, and would burn him to ashes from inside out.

“Get out of here!” Orede covered his chest and clenched his teeth to maintain his last shred of sanity. “Quickly leave!”

Jing Yang washed his blue eyes slowly turn red and knew that he was suffering from the blood essence of the demons and lost his mind. Jing Yang placed his hand on his chest and was ready to activate his light power when Orede suddenly threw him to the ground.

“Let, me, go!” Jing Yang’s hands were tightly held, and he struggled hard to push him away.

Orede’s eyes were blood red, his body was like an exploding volcano, making him filled with pain. He desperately wanted to vent this pain out.

If he hadn’t been enclosed by the spring water, Orede would rush out of the hall and kill. But now he only had Jing Yang in front of him, normally he should long have killed him, but his soul controlled his body, and the desire to kill had turned into another form of desire.

Orede buried his face in Jing Yang’s neck, Jing Yang could feel his fiery breath. When this man wasn’t crazy he was already very strong, and now when he was on the brink of madness, Jing Yang was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to control him later, and was thinking about what to do.

Orede stuck tight to Jing Yang’s skin, as if finding a cool clear spring in the middle of the hot sun, making him want to touch even more. His mouth pressed against Jing Yang’s neck all the way up, and after finding his mouth, he contained his lips and sucked.

Jing Yang turned his head and wanted to avoid him, but failed, and his tongue had invaded his mouth. Jing Yang was just about to subconsciously start the system when the moment the two people’s tongues entangled, his soul trembled and immediately produced a desire. This was his lover!

Jing Yang’s body went limp, allowing him to roughly rip open his invisibility cloak, tear up the clothes inside, open his legs, and begin to invade his body.

“En~” Jing Yang was in extreme pain, biting his lips to avoid making a sound. Even though the walls of the temple were thick and soundproof, he feared that he might lose control and scream too loudly and then be heard by the soldiers outside.

Jing Yang had never suffered from such pain before. He had been with this man for several lifetimes, and even though he would always be very domineering in this aspect, he would still be very careful to not hurt him. If it weren’t because he had lost his mind and had no idea what he was doing, Jing Yang would have settled accounts with him.

Seeing Orede’s twisted expression from being tormented by the pain, Jing Yang was full of heartache. Even though he had hurt him, at the moment he must be 100 times more miserable than himself. He believed that as long as Orede had a hint of sanity, he would never hurt him. This man in no matter what life would always be a powerful existence, but now was tormented into this by the demon magic, and even caused him to also suffer. This debt, he will definitely force Carnia to return!

The second time, Orede seemed to gradually regain his sanity. His actions were not as rough, and even though he did not stop, he at least started to pay attention to Jing Yang’s feelings, and no longer only vented by himself. Jing Yang held his shoulders and started to enjoy the familiar pleasure.


Orede opened his eyes, his eyes had turned back to the original blue, and his blurred sight began to recover. He bowed his head and saw Jing Yang being pressed down by him, and widened his eyes in shock.

Jing Yang also opened his tired eyes, and met his gaze for a moment before saying, “How long are you going to keep pressing on me? You’re really heavy, you know?”

Orede hurriedly sat up, and seeing Jing Yang’s body covered in marks, for the first time in his life he was at a loss. It was obvious that he had made all of those marks, and he felt a great deal of guilt in his heart, along with a lot of heartache.

Jing Yang found that his gaze was constantly looking between his legs. He closed his legs, pulled over the cloak to cover his body, and also sat up.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know I was going to do something like this. In the past whenever I regressed I would just kill people, and this kind of situation had never happened.” Orede was genuinely regretful, he had never thought he would do such a thing.

“Then I still need to thank you for not killing me.” Jing Yang said with no happiness.

“I feel that I cannot kill you.” Orede spoke what was in his heart, even though he didn’t know why.

Jing Yang stared at him for a while, and even though he knew he didn’t intend for that to happen, he still was a little angry. He raised his hand, placed his palm on Orede’s chest, and his hand was immediately held by him.

Jing Yang saw the desire resurface in his eyes and warned, “You have now regained consciousness, please control your desires.”

“I am a normal man.” Orede looked at his body and said earnestly, “You look like this and even took the initiative to touch me, of course I will react.”

Jing Yang pulled back his hand and looked at him. “I touch you because I want to save you, and if you don’t want to continue to be tormented by the demon gas, don’t always interrupt me.”

Jing Yang’s stare made Orede’s heart tremble, whatever empire’s war god, iron-blooded prince’s majesty was gone. Don’t mention Jing Yang saying to save him, even if he said that he wanted his life, at this moment he wouldn’t resist, especially when he had done such a thing to him.

Jing Yang once again placed his palm on Orede’s chest and used his light power to remove the demon magic from his body. The devil blood pearl was worthy being the demons’ treasure, the demon magic was very strong. Even though Jing Yang used the system to raise Sylvie’s light power that had been sealed up several notches, he still had no way to completely erase the blood essence from inside his body at once. But it wouldn’t take too long, 10 days should be enough.

Orede seemed to feel a soft and comfortable breeze infuse his body, moisturizing the interior of his almost withered body. It was clear that the demon magic in his body was fading at a very rapid rate under Jing Yang’s strong light power. He didn’t think that Jing Yang would have such a strong light power, which was many times stronger than that of his grandfather.

Orede felt that Jing Yang had suddenly appeared in front of him, like that light column lowered by the heavy rain thousands of years ago, and brought him endless hope. This was the start of his, and all other humans’ new fate.

The sky outside was gradually starting to brighten. Jing Yang retracted his light power and put his hand down. “Today we can only come to here. I must go back now, and in the evening, I will come back.”

Jing Yang wanted to stand up, but his legs couldn’t withstand the force. Orede hurriedly half-hugged him to help him up.

“Your clothes…” Orede looked at the ripped fabric on the ground.

“You find a way to deal with it yourself.” Jing Yang responded with irritation. He shook open his cloak, draped it over himself, and immediately became invisible.

When Jing Yang put on the cloak, Orede’s eyes darkened, and almost couldn’t control himself. He could feel that his heart was gradually falling. For the first time in his life, he experienced how it felt for his spirits to sink.

After Jing Yang left, Orede hid those pieces of fabric. He was now filled with hope, and as long as he blinked, the sky would immediately turn dark.

Jing Yang returned to his room, quickly washed a bit, then dragged his exhausted body to the bed and quickly fell asleep.

Random Notes:

About one hour: 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm, for 3.9k characters to 2.5k words. No translator notes for the first time I think! A novelty. Also, no need to guess any further about the ML. One of the fastest confirmations in the story.

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