CFCS Chapter 70

Chapter 70
Legend of the Holy Light (Arc 6.3)

When Jing Yang rushed over that night, Orede was being tormented by the demon gas. Even though he still seemed to be in pain, it was evident that he was no longer unable to control his sanity, and was struggling between sobriety and insanity.

Jing Yang crouched down in front of him and raised his hand to stroke his face. Whenever he thought of him being tortured like this every day for five years without interruption, he would feel uncontrollable heartache.

Orede hugged Jing Yang tightly, burying his head in his neck and breathing him in greedily. His appearance of wanting to hug him tighter but not daring to hug him tighter was just like he was holding a life-saving straw and his heart’s treasure. Jing Yang hugged him with one hand to comfort him, while placing the other hand on his chest and releasing his light power to help him clear the demon magic.

Orede’s pain was immediately relieved, but he still hugged Jing Yang like this. He liked to hug this man in his arms, and he enjoyed these emotions that he had never experienced before.

For several nights in a row, Jing Yang helped clear out a large amount of demon gas from Orede’s body. Then, as long as he could force out the blood essence from inside his body, Orede would no longer be subject to the torture and control of the demon gas.

At night Jing Yang would go to the main temple to help Orede clear the demon magic, and during the day he would just mend his sleep in his room. The soldiers guarding him all felt as if he was just staying at home. When the daytime attendant came over to send him food, seeing him sleeping all the time, he felt that it was really strange. Clearly he only had less than 10 days to live, but he never did anything, just sleeping. Soon he would be put to eternal rest, was he still afraid of not being able to sleep enough?

It was clear that for Jing Yang’s behavior of just sleeping during the day and at night, it was not only those soldiers and attendants who felt that it was strange, but those who had sent people over to monitor him were also doubtful.

When Carnia received the report, he curiously came over to find out what exactly was going on. When he arrived, he saw that Jing Yang really was nestled in his covers to sleep.

Carnia’s attendant walked forward and yanked Jing Yang’s covers to the ground, and another attendant held a pan of steaming hot water and walked to the bed, throwing it on his face. Jing Yang opened his eyes and quickly dodged, the pillow was drenched, even steaming with smoke.

Jing Yang looked at Carnia, his eyes ice cold and his face expressionless.

“I heard that you are sleeping all day long, not moving half a step outside. Originally it was true.” Carnia looked at Jing Yang with an arrogant and condescending attitude.

“Does it have anything to do with you? Just directly state your purpose.” Jing Yang said.

Carnia smiled. “For the sake of you not having many more days to live, I feel like you’re quite pitiful, so I kindly wanted to bring you out and take a final look at this world. It’s already been five years since you last came to the capital ba, could it be that you don’t want to see the changes in the capital now?”

“No interest, you can go.” Jing Yang said.

“You haven’t been in the capital for a few years, so you might not know, right now in the capital, there is no one who can refuse my kindness.” Carnia proudly said.

Jing Yang understood his purpose, today whether or not he followed him out was not something that he could decide. Jing Yang was clear that now was not the time to get into a head-on conflict with him, in that case, he would just follow along with him.

The carriage drove out of the temple and went north. They arrived at the busiest street in the capital, and the two people got off the carriage and started walking around.

When people on the street saw Carnia, they would all stop to salute him with respectful expressions. All the way down the road, this happened without exception. This was the treatment only the emperor and the prince could have, previously Sylvie’s grandfather was also treated like this, but now it had changed to Carnia.

But no matter whether it was the emperor or the prince, or Sylvie’s grandfather, they would not be like Carnia, deliberately walking down the streets and finding satisfaction from other people’s respect.

Carnia always kept a slight smile on his lips, using warm eyes to look at the crowds on the road. At this moment, in his heart he was feeling incomparable enjoyment at this honor.

Jing Yang walked with Carnia’s attendants and kept a certain distance away from him. Looking at his slowly walking back, Jing Yang felt very disdainful in his heart. The more inferior and vain people are, the more they want to be recognized by others. The truly powerful ones would simply not care about these things.

They climbed the tallest bell tower in the center of the city. Carnia stood at the edge of the wall, overlooking the city, as if overlooking his own empire. As if everyone below him, and the entire world, were kneeling at his feet.

Carnia let the other soldiers retreat first, leaving only a few confidants. He looked at Jing Yang and said, “Your Graham family’s glory has already disappeared completely from this world. Right now, all of the glory only belongs to me, all of this was what I took from your grandfather, you should hate me, right?”

“Of course I hate you, I also hate my grandfather. If it weren’t for him being too kind, if he hadn’t helped you beg for mercy, you would long have no longer existed in this world, and would also not have the chance to commit evil.” Jing Yang said. “It was my grandfather’s soft-heartedness that made so many people suffer.”

“From a long time ago, I also really hated your grandfather.” Carnia paused for a moment. “I also hated you, I hated God’s unfairness, why would some people have things once they’re born that other people can’t even hope to get in their lives, and why would some people once they’re born be destined to suffer from a life of tragedy. Why would your grandfather be able to have such a strong light power, and let him take charge of the temple and be respected by the people of the empire. Why would you be your grandfather’s grandson once you’re born, and be able to inherit everything without any effort, while I’m born impoverished, and the only thing I have is demon magic that curses my destiny.”

“My grandfather may have let down the entire empire, but the only person he did not let down was you.” Jing Yang was expressionless. “He had a great power and bore a greater responsibility than most people, and now that you are in his position, have you even done one millionth of what he did? He valued every life, believed that every person who came to this world all had the right to live, and he spent his life saving more people. Even a half human and half demon existence like you, he still tried to save and hoped that you could live a normal life. He definitely did not think that he would cause such consequences because of saving you. I think that before he died, he must have deeply regretted his decision.”

Carnia had no way to refute, anger rose in his heart. Glaring darkly at Jing Yang for a long time, Carnia suddenly smiled. “Some people’s fates are doomed by God, and some people’s fates are changed by themselves. People doomed by God will never be able to go against those in control of their fate, so your grandfather was not as good as me, and you, don’t even have the qualifications to compare with me. I will have even more glory in the future, unfortunately, you and your grandfather will not be able to witness it yourselves.”


Clearing out the blood essence was much more laborious than removing the demon magic, and it would take even longer. That night, Jing Yang  came to the main temple a lot earlier.

“How do you feel today?” Jing Yang observed his face.

Orede smiled and said, “It’s too much better than before, today I actually only had one seizure, and it wasn’t as painful as before. The speed of the blood essence creating demon gas is nowhere as fast as your speed clearing out the gas, so the demon magic already has been unable to control my reason.”

“At your current rate of recovery, there should be no problem getting out of here before I am sacrificed.” Jing Yang said.

Orede immediately frowned and grimly affirmed, “Whether or not there’s a problem, I will leave here. Even if I have to fight for my life, I will not let anyone hurt you.”

Jing Yang believed him, but he only looked at him and did not speak.

Orede looked back at him and earnestly said, “I will prove it to you.”

Just as Jing Yang was going to start helping Orede clear the blood essence, Orede hugged him into his arms. Orede kissed him, Jing Yang did not refuse or reject, just accepting the gentle yet overbearing kiss.

Jing Yang’s acceptance and occasional return of his kiss made Orede’s heart feel soft and joyful. He had always wanted to enjoy the feeling of pressing him under his body again, but he was worried that the first time had left a bad impression on him, and would make him afraid.

Jing Yang’s tongue was made sore by his entanglement, he was pressed down to the ground by Orede. When he pulled his robe to his waist and reached into his clothes to caress him, Jing Yang did not refuse, only letting out a light moan of protest.

Just as Jing Yang thought that he would go further, Orede suddenly paused and turned to look at the closed door of the great hall.

Jing Yang found that something was wrong, blinked away the fog in his eyes, and came back to his senses. “What happened?”

“Someone’s coming, quickly hide!” Orede quickly helped Jing Yang up, picked up his cloak and put it on him. The moment Jing Yang’s body became transparent, the door behind Orede opened.

The person who would come at this time, Orede didn’t even need to consider, he already knew who it was. He didn’t turn around, just giving Jing Yang a look and letting him hide.

Jing Yang looked at Carnia walking over and turned and walked behind the stone pillar at the left of the main hall. He wanted to see what he was going to do.

“His Royal Highness.” Carnia was dressed in a loose, holy white robe, and slowly walked towards Orede after the door closed.

“Roll!” Orede said, not even turning around.

“I haven’t come to see your Highness for the past few days, I really miss you in my heart. Please turn around and look at me, your Highness…” Carnia raised his hand and wanted to stroke Orede’s back.

Before he could touch him, Orede quickly turned and slapped his hand away. When the two hands collided, there was a very loud noise, and Carnia’s hand immediately became red.

“You hate me so much?” Carnia covered his sore hand and pitifully looked at Orede.

“I don’t just hate you.” Orede coldly said. “I’m also completely disgusted by you, you make me sick.”

“Why?” Carnia grievingly looked at Orede. “Could it be that I don’t look good?”

“Under your leather bag that looks relatively good, how foul and evil you are, other people might not be able to tell, but I am very clear about it.”

“I really like you, your Highness, you have already been in here for five years, could it be that you’re not lonely? Try it with me once, I promise to make you feel comfortable, you will definitely love me.” Carnia looked up, in his eyes there was a desire for Orede that couldn’t be concealed.

Once Orede saw Carnia’s face he would feel angry, and once he felt angry, the demon magic’s attack would speed up. He forcefully pushed Carnia away very far, and crouched down, holding his chest being tortured by the demon magic.

Jing Yang was furious while watching from the side. Someone actually dared to seduce his man in front of him, he really wanted to go right over and tear Carnia up.

Even though Carnia was lovers with the demon king and the second prince, he was still attracted by Orede’s appearance and strength. He felt that this man deserved him more than the second prince, and he was even more handsome than the demon king. The more he couldn’t get it the more he wanted it, the more Orede pushed him away, the greater his desire to conquer the man.

Carnia had full confidence in his body, even the demon king and the second prince were fascinated by him, and countless people were eager to get him. But he has always had very high standards, he not only valued appearance, but couldn’t even see those of even slightly lower status.

The demon king had said before that his body was the most beautiful thing in the world. He believed that he would definitely be able to conquer Orede with his body. As long as he could conquer Orede, the most powerful and most noble person in this world would belong to him alone.

Carnia rose from the ground, taking off his clothing one by one. He walked toward Orede who was being tormented by the demon magic. “Your Highness, you look at my body, I have a very strong light power, I can help you clear out the demon magic and restore your past glory. As long as you are willing to love me and be with me, I can make you even stronger than before.”

Orede stood up slowly. Carnia looked at him, full of hope. Orede raised his foot and kicked him in the stomach, Carnia fell heavily to the ground, spitting out a mouthful of blood.

Jing Yang really wanted to go up and also kick him once. All of the suffering of Sylvie’s family, and Orede’s torture, were all caused by this person. He actually still wanted to seduce Orede now, did he really think that his body could conquer everything?

Orede looked crazy and out of control, constantly beating up Carnia. Carnia trembled in pain, continuously spitting out blood from his mouth. If he continued being beaten by Orede like this, he would definitely die here.

“Men! Men!” Carnia desperately yelled. “Save me!”

Outside Carnia’s guards pushed the door open and ran in, when they saw the scene, they all froze. The crazy Orede was so terrible that the soldiers didn’t dare to move against him and were hesitating, not daring to move forward.

“Save me…” Carnia reached out to the soldiers.

Seeing Orede stop, the soldiers braved the dangers and quickly went forward. They dragged out Carnia, who was not wearing a thread of clothing but was covered in blood, not daring to stay for even a second longer.

Carnia was dragged out of the main temple. The second prince Louis just happened to lead men over, and seeing his appearance, he immediately ran over to hold him. “Carnia!”

Carnia fainted in Louis’s arms. Louis held him and ran back to Carnia’s residence in the temple, while telling the soldiers to call the elders from the temple.

Jing Yang stood by the door. Hearing that the movements outside had disappeared, he took off his cloak and walked to Orede.

Orede’s crazy and uncontrollable appearance from just now had already completely disappeared. Naturally he was really being tormented by the demon magic, but in reality he already would not lose his sanity like before. Just now his crazy appearance was just him pretending.

Jing Yang placed his hand on his chest and released his light power. Orede pressed on his hand and held him into his arms. The two people sat on the ground, holding this position for a long time.

Translator Notes:

[1] staying at home – 足不出户, literally means not putting a foot outside
[2] soft-heartedness – 妇人之仁, idiom, means excessive tendency to clemency
[3] grievingly – 泫然欲泣, basically just crying and sobbing
[4] Louis – 路威, pinyin lu wei, seems like this is how Louis Williams the NBA player has his name translated

Random Notes:

About one hour: 10:30 am – 11:30 am, for 4.3k characters to 2.8k words. The plot is moving along, kids. I thought I would be able to translate more, but it’s been difficult motivating myself. I’ve been reading a lot of BL from fushuwang in the past few days, I can’t believe I’ve been missing out on all this BL smut.

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