100kV Chapter 81

Chapter 81
The Calm Before the Storm

Coming back from the date hehehe

Xing Yuan didn’t know that this guy’s imagination had already wandered off to “Lei Xiangming was overcome with sorrow, and suffered a miscarriage after falling” this chapter. He only thought that Ye Wenxuan was shy and easily embarrassed, so while starting the car he said: “Lao Lei is one of my few good friends. Previously when I was in England, a lot of the things that happened here I relied on him to help keep in check. Whenever we meet up it’s always very casual. This time he happens to be in S city, so we should meet up with him.”

With that, he glanced at Ye Wenxuan: “And at the same time, I can re-introduce you to him.”

Ye Wenxuan’s brain’s little theater was still playing “Lei boss suffered a difficult birth, the son was safe and sound then the scum father bailed” this scene, and when he heard the words he was a little dazed: “Introduce what?”

Xing Yuan: “What do you think?”

Ye Wenxuan blurted out: “I’m not going to be a mistress!”

Once the words came out of his mouth, there was a silence in the car.

Ye Wenxuan: “…”

Xing Yuan: “…”

Ye Wenxuan: the heavens are going to kill me!

The car stopped by the side of the road. Xing Yuan crossed his arms and turned to face the passenger seat, squarely watching the young man who was trying to shrink back into the corner of the car.

“Mistress?” He lifted the corners of his lips and said softly: “Come, tell me, who is the mistress?”

Ye Wenxuan had the dazed expression of “f*ck lao zi is going to fall here today”, and hearing his words he shrunk back further toward the door, drily smiling: “If I said…just now I was actually asleep, and was sleepwalking…w, would you believe me?”

Xing Yuan’s mouth was smiling, but his eyes were full of coldness: “Guess, would I believe it or not?”

Ye Wenxuan said sincerely: “…I guess that you will believe.”

Xing Yuan: “Hehe.”

Ye Wenxuan looked at his appearance and felt like this guy was definitely thinking of something evil in his mind. His eyes turned and he simply didn’t hide anymore. He leaned over and suddenly gave him a kiss while Xing Yuan was unprepared.

He came over aggressively, biting the man’s lips and sucking on them. After gnawing on him like a wolf for half a day, he finally opened his eyes and stared at the man who he was kissing: “Why don’t you open your mouth?”

Xing Yuan met his gaze from up close: “Who’s the mistress?”

Ye Wenxuan: “…Can you not selectively lose your memory.”

Xing Yuan: “Taking advantage of me and still telling me to lose my memory, why are you so hard to please?”

“…” Ye Wenxuan could now tell that this guy was being proud and deliberately making it difficult for him.

His arms were still wrapped around Xing Yuan’s neck, his lips were only a few millimeters apart from Xing Yuan’s. As they spoke their breaths mingled, both ambiguous and  moving.

With such a good atmosphere, Ye Wenxuan really could not bring himself to tell him the “Xing Yuan x Lei Xiangming” 38 banned little theaters in his mind.

Still…just still keep kissing ba…

It’s always better than getting killed by an angry Xing president…

Ye Wenxuan gnawed at the man’s lips and thought to himself.

——It was very clear that this fellow had already forgotten that he could still make electricity, and his fighting power was not much lower than this Xing president.

Well, falling in love making people mentally disabled, this phrase was really not fake.

This car had stopped along the road, and this one stop lasted for over an hour. During this period, because someone felt guilty and was in the wrong, Mr. Xing took advantage of this opportunity to molest him countless times. This experience could simply be written into tens of thousands of words of vivid fanfiction.

After all they were in a rented car, so everything was inconvenient. Even though Xing Yuan didn’t do it to the end, everything else that he could do, they had basically done in the car.

Ye Wenxuan completely didn’t think that the follow up would develop like this. He lay there paralyzed in the passenger seat like a salted fish. Comparing what the two of them had just done with the “Xing x Lei” 38 banned little yellow tests, he felt that the 38 banned might have lost.

As he pulled up the zipper of his pants, he dazedly wanted to have a post-fun smoke.

Xing Yuan started the car again, one hand ruffling Ye Wenxuan’s hair: “What do you want to eat?”

Ye Wenxuan was too lazy to bother with the hand on his head. After he zipped up his pants he took out a cigarette and lit it, then said: “Let’s have five catties of crayfish ba.”

Xing Yuan: “Give me one too.”

Ye Wenxuan glanced at him, took out the cigarette in his mouth, and then put it at his lips.

Xing Yuan was watching the road. He didn’t hesitate, extremely naturally taking the cigarette between his lips.

Ye Wenxuan smiled and lit another one.

There was a certain charming smell in the car. The two people didn’t pay attention to it, and after finding a large food stall they parked. They ordered seven or eight pots of spicy crayfish, and only when it was after 10 pm did they finally wipe their mouths and go back home.

After eating and drinking enough, about how the two men shook the heavens and the earth in that luxurious executive suite bedroom all the way until the sky turned bright, we will not discuss for the time being. We will only say that the next day Xing president got up before Ye Wenxuan, and when he stood up his legs actually almost collapsed.

He quickly held onto the nightstand and didn’t actually kneel to the ground.

Xing Yuan: “…”

Ye Wenxuan was still nestled in the quilt. Xing Yuan looked at him and then walked into the bathroom.

This tall man filled a cup with water to brush his teeth while he lowered his eyelids, calmly recalling certain scenes from last night.

By the time he finished washing up, he had already adjusted his expression. He pulled out his cell phone from his pocket and opened the X bao app.

As for how later, Xing boss’s assistant coincidentally happened to find out that his boss had secretly ordered a bunch of X-source kidney supplements, and ordered some custom version of super insulated Durex or something…

En, this was too…too…let’s not mention it.

After a sound sleep, Ye Wenxuan woke up and it was almost ten in the morning.

He turned over and groped around under the covers with one hand for a moment. After a long time, he struggled to open his eyes, and found that the other man had indeed gone out.

Then he flipped over and found his phone next to the pillow, checking the time.

9:45. Xing Yuan should have already gone through a round of talks already.

He lay there for a few more minutes, before finally lazily sitting up, casually tying his messy long hair into a ponytail. Naked, he rolled out of bed.

Then, what Xing Yuan had experienced in the morning, this extremely frustrating matter, very smoothly also happened to Ye Wenxuan.

He had just stood up and hadn’t even straightened up his waist when immediately his legs collapsed and he fell onto the carpet.

Ye Wenxuan: “…”

“What…what the fuck??!”

Ye Wenxuan rolled up from the ground in shock. He first touched his legs, then touched his kidney, and finally touched the delicate little chrysanthemum behind him.

No way??!

Seven times a night could really make people’s kidneys weak???

Ye Wenxuan covered his face with one hand, the other supporting his waist: “F*ck, is lao zi’s physical strength so bad…impossible?!”

“This…is too…too f*cking shameful!”

These two men who had started doubting life when they got up in the morning were both unaware of the other, and secretly decided separately that when they did some exercise together later they would take it a little easier. Seven times was too many, and for the sake of their own waists, they must restrain themselves a little. Six times would be enough.

And then without the other knowing, they each bought a box of X-source kidney supplements.

And so in the afternoon, when Xing Yuan came back to bring Ye Wenxuan to see Lei Xiangming, the two men’s expressions were somewhat unnatural. Subconsciously, the both of them very vaguely touched their waists.

Ye Wenxuan & Xing Yuan: “…”

Ye Wenxuan: “Cough…let’s go, let’s go…”

Xing Yuan: “En.”

Getting in the car, Xing Yuan hesitated, but finally couldn’t help but say: “You…when you’re excited…there’s really electricity there…”

Ye Wenxuan: “Ahhhhh shut up——”

Xing Yuan did indeed shut up, and no longer tested his sensitive nerves.

But whether or not in private he secretly thought back to that time, only he himself would know.

Xing Yuan: heh, kidnapped an awesome boyfriend…

Hei hei hei.

When they arrived at the agreed place, the two men had started chatting again, and had silently agreed to skip over this awkward topic. Their expressions were indeed a lot better again.

Ye Wenxuan looked up and found that the destination was a very unassuming teahouse.

He followed Xing Yuan into the front door, and a lady in a dark red cheongsam immediately came over and asked if they had a reserved box. Xing Yuan directly told her Lei Xiangming’s name. That little sister smiled like a flower in an instant, and led the two people to the stairwell next to her.

Lei Xiangming’s box was on the second floor. The cheongsam beauty gently opened the door, and Ye Wenxuan and Xing Yuan walked in. They looked up to see a familiar young man leaning against the window.

The young man was wearing a steel gray casual suit and had a buzzcut. He had thick eyebrows and large eyes, with a hearty, righteous, and imposing demeanor. With one look he would be the type of person ladies would like. At this time, he was holding a delicate tea bowl in his hand and seemed to be attracted by something outside the window, not noticing that someone had come in the door.

The cheongsam beauty’s eyes contained a clear admiration. She stepped forward and gently said with a pleasant-sounding Wu dialect: “Mr. Lei, your friends are here.”

Lei Xiangming turned around hearing her words and smiled at her: “It’s been hard on you, little Qian.” Then he warmly soothed her: “You can feel free to first go take a rest. Coming back in an hour to change our tea and cups would be perfect.”

Xiao Qian’s cheeks reddened. She spoke a couple more words and then exited the room.

Lei Xiangming saw her leave the room and it was like a switch had been flipped, instantly revealing his real personality. He reached out a hand and ran it through his 2 millimeter long hair, then threw the tea bowl back onto the table with a cheerful whistle.

Turning his head, he saw Xing Yuan’s contemptuous eyes.

Lei Xiangming: “…I’m just pretending to be cool, it’s not like this is your first time seeing it, why are you so hateful.”

Xing Yuan was too lazy to talk to this guy. He slowly walked to the table and first pulled out a chair to let Ye Wenxuan sit down. Then he sat down next to him and casually flipped over two teacups, filling them up from the teapot.

Lei Xiangming saw his movements and immediately sat down on the other side of Xing Yuan. He picked up his own teacup and thick-skinnedly placed it next to the other two cups, waiting for Xing Yuan to service himself.

Xing Yuan didn’t even look up: “Service fee 100,000, swipe card or transfer money over the phone?”

Lei Xiangming was shocked: “…F*ck, it wasn’t this expensive in the past…why is the price going up again?!”

Xing Yuan: “Because I want to.”

Lei Xiangming: “Heh, lao Xing you are now not the richest man in China anymore, your value has long fallen out of anything near the peak, and you actually still dare to ask 100,000 yuan from lao zi for pouring a cup of tea?”

He watched Xing Yuan add the tea leaves into the teapot, then add the hot boiling water into the purple teapot. The pot was filled with the aroma of tea, and he couldn’t help laughing: “Then, later I will pour you a cup, and with lao zi’s current identity, you will have to give lao zi 200,000. Hahaha, this deal is good!”

Xing Yuan poured two cups of tea and pushed one to Ye Wenxuan next to him: “Here, taste it.” He simply ignored the Lei president on the other side.

Under the gazes of both people, Ye Wenxuan picked up the bowl of tea with difficulty, bowed his head, and took a sip, thinking in his heart: damn, these two people must be flirting, the next will probably be Lei boss’s miscarriage episode.

F*k, it keeps feeling like there’s a green cloud over my head.

Ye Wenxuan had become extremely invested in the play and was worried, so he raised his head and downed the entire cup of tea.

“…” Lei Xiangming really had never seen anyone come to this teahouse and taste the tea like this. He looked between Xing Yuan and Ye Wenxuan a few times, and finally blinked at Xing Yuan, silently asking him: brother, who’s this friend ah?

Apparently, Lei boss already couldn’t remember seeing Ye photographer before.

Xing Yuan picked up his tea bowl, bowed his head and blew at it, and smiled slightly: “My lover, Ye Wenxuan.”

Lei Xiangming’s mouth dropped into an O shape.

Not a pet or a toy, this was a f*cking “lover”?!

“I…damn…lao Xing you’re serious?” Lei Xiangming stared wide-eyed at the two of them, and the more he looked at Ye Wenxuan the more familiar he seemed: “Wait a minute, why do I feel like this…this handsome guy I seem to have seen him somewhere…”

Ye Wenxuan put down his tea bowl and cleared his throat: “Hello, I used to be lao Xing’s personal photographer.”

Xing Yuan added at the side: “It’s private, personal, exclusive, this suffix of photographer is negligible.”

Lei Xiangming was awed: “…There’s something like this?”

Xing Yuan smiled: “Destined to be mine, can’t escape.”

Ye Wenxuan rolled his eyes.

Lei Xiangming’s face was also covered in black lines: “I beg you not to show off anymore, lao zi is almost about to vomit from the sour smell of love.”

This was really f*cking private, very intimate, very exclusive.

He finally realized: “So…you f*cking came over to find me to show off that you found a partner?”

Xing Yuan’s smile didn’t change. He took the hand of the young man next to him and kissed it: “That’s right ah, I brought him to meet someone, and by the way ask for a congratulatory gift.”

Lei Xiangming was expressionless: “You are already no longer the clothed beast that I used to know, you have f*king evolved ah. You’re not even as good as a beast anymore, it seems like we can only cut ties.”

Xing Yuan: “Sure. Bring the gift, I will immediately cut off relations with you.”

Lei Xiangming: “…”

## the little xing who’s thinking for the sake of his sexual happiness ##

Xing Yuan placed an order on X bao and left a message in the note: be sure to do the best insulation on these. money is not a problem, but if my tintin is electrocuted, I will notify my lawyer and mail you the court summons.

The Durex official website customer service on the other side: ??? electrocuted? W h a t??

This gentleman, are you trying to do some high-risk sports with Durex condoms?? [WAIT]

Translator Notes:

[1] X-source kidney supplements – X源肾宝, basically in chinese philosophy, jing is an essence vital for the body and stored in the kidneys. this philosophy believes that this jing in the kidneys can be largely exhausted during sex, so excessive sex will deplete this jing, leading to health problems and even endangering your life. so here he’s buying supplements to refill his jing
[2] awed – 不明觉厉, the translation is hilarious: it means “although i don’t understand it, it seems pretty awesome”
[3] WAIT – 尔康手, a meme, from the TV show 还珠格格, one of the main characters with an exaggerated facial expression and a palm outstretched that’s like WAIT, don’t go

Random Notes:

Over an hour: 11:10 am – 12:30 pm, for 4k characters to 2.7k words.

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