100kV Chapter 80

Chapter 80
The Calm Before the Storm

Let’s go on a date today

It took an hour before they finally arrived at their destination. Not long after Ye Wenxuan closed the maps app, a call came in.

He looked at the nickname [big flower] shown on the screen, and felt a tinge of guilt.

Big flower was only a code name, referring to his colleague Zhong Lei in the Special Affairs Department.

Sure enough, after he picked up the call, Zhong Lei said: “Little Ye, speak, did you run to S city.”

“Ah haha, that…” Ye Wenxuan coughed: “Brother Zhong, you’re truly magical!”

Zhong Lei scolded laughingly: “What magical, S city’s criminal investigation team leader just sent people to scout you out, and our deputy team leader infuriated them until they retreated. Speak, what did you do to them?”

Ye Wenxuan wiped his face and said very innocently: “I really didn’t do anything bad ah, but instead did some things quietly with a red scarf, doing good things without leaving a name. Ai…”

Zhong Lei heard his pitiful tone and couldn’t help laughing: “I heard that side say that someone secretly placed bombs in the trash cans in S city airport, but the bandits didn’t seem to be very strong. They were caught on the spot.”

Ye Wenxuan said quietly: “In fact, those people were electrocuted unconscious by me.”

Zhong Lei: “I also heard that bomb disposal experts went over to go through the trash and pulled out five or six bombs at once. After the crowd was evacuated they carefully opened them and took a look. Ei, everything inside had been completely destroyed. I heard that surnamed Xie was stunned. He dragged over the bandits and shook them hard, asking if they were insane, using such bad goods to do a crime, no dedication at all.”

Ye Wenxuan continued to whisper: “Well, I destroyed the bombs.”

Zhong Lei: “That’s right, I heard that later there was a big power outage at the airport? Surnamed Xie guessed that this might involve some of their accomplices, and he’s bringing people to run back and forth to search for them.”

Ye Wenxuan coughed violently: “This…I don’t know about this…”

Zhong Lei laughed loudly: “You rascal, good job hahahaha!” After laughing he said: “But our deputy team leader already knows of this matter. I’ll give you a wake-up call, in a while you should personally go repent to the old man, and you might be able to write tens of thousands of words fewer in your reflection.”

Ye Wenxuan sighed loudly: it’s true that beauty causes a nation’s downfall!

As for who this beauty alluded to, of course, only Ye Wenxuan himself knew.

At this time Xing Yuan had stopped the car. He pulled the luggage in one hand, using the other to pull Ye Wenxuan to the front entrance of the hotel. Ye Wenxuan was wearing headphones to answer the phone and didn’t notice when he and Xing Yuan naturally held hands.

Both of them were tall and handsome men. Xing Yuan was wearing a suit, and with his blue eyes, that kind of cold abstinent elite momentum was simply unstoppable.

Compared to him, Ye Wenxuan was dressed much more casually. Under his windbreaker he wore a black turtleneck sweater and casual trousers. As the two slowly walked past, they immediately attracted countless curious gazes, excitement and admiration hidden in their eyes.

Xing Yuan and Ye Wenxuan walked in one after another while holding hands. The one in front was cold and hard. Even though he was incredibly handsome, his entire body gave off an awe-inspiring momentum, like steel and ice. Standing with him made you feel like you were always a level below him, that feeling wasn’t very great, so not many people really dared to come talk to him.

In contrast, the young man behind him was much more attractive.

His black hair was tied back behind his head in a high ponytail, leaving only a few baby hairs in front. They exposed his full forehead as well as that pair of peach blossom eyes he was born with. Those eyes seemed like they hid little hooks—once someone met his gaze, they inexplicably felt like they got a gentle shock, making them shiver.

But because of his recent practice, that slight current that had always been brought out from his mindless movement had already been well controlled and didn’t run around wildly.

Superhumans seem to have an extraordinary charm, presumably due to recognizing their own abilities.

This recognition made Ye Wenxuan more confident. He was like a gradually emerging diamond: everyone was attracted to his natural charm, and then could no longer look away.

His change was so obvious that even Xing Yuan could feel it. But he himself seemed to know nothing about it, and was still yapping into the phone.

Both men and women around them became restless. There were several who wanted to come over to talk to him, but after barely taking a couple steps they would feel cold all over. After looking up and searching around, they easily came across the freezing blue gaze from the man pulling along the young man.

That cold lethality came crashing to their face, like an invisible knife straight for the heart. Those people couldn’t help but shuffle back a few steps, shivering.

No one else dared to run over and stop them.

Xing Yuan took back his gaze in satisfaction and first led Ye Wenxuan to the front desk to check in.

When Ye Wenxuan finally finished repenting to Zheng Xingguo, he hung up the phone and looked around. He found that he had already been led into a prepared room.

Xing Yuan opened the suitcase and picked out a few everyday clothes, throwing them on the bed. He slowly took off his coat jacket, asking: “Colleagues?”

Ye Wenxuan nodded and conveniently told him what happened at the airport this morning while he was waiting for someone.

Xing Yuan hung his jacket up in the closet and began to unbutton his shirt: “Three days later there will be an international conference in S city, and important figures from the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Russia, and Australia will all come. The participants should all be officials above the ministerial level. At such a time, if there are any explosions in S city, it’s also quite reasonable.”

Ye Wenxuan: “…”

Upon closer inspection, this matter was also in the scope of their counterterrorism operation team’s work. These days, this comrade Ye had been immersed in romance and didn’t look at the news or pay much attention to the work group, so he could only bow his head in shame.

Then he stared at Xing Yuan’s abs for a while.

Xing Yuan asked while undressing: “Good looking?”

Ye Wenxuan blurted out: “An 8 pack, awesome…”

As soon as the words left his mouth he couldn’t help but want to bite his tongue. But the words he said had already been spoken. Ye Wenxuan raised his head expressionlessly, looking at the smiling man.

That man put his hand on the zipper of his trousers and pulled it down bit by bit.

He said: “I have something even better.”

Ye Wenxuan: “…Roll.” F*ck, being vulgar in front of him again!

Xing Yuan pulled the zipper all the way down, and the soft trousers fell directly to the ground. He then bent over to pick up the pants, turning to hang up his clothes while only wearing his boxers.

Ye Wenxuan stared at his butt. He swallowed twice, feeling like he also wanted to take off his own pants.

In order to not appear too awkward, he went into the executive suite office area. He sat down in the big chair, pretending to go through the hotel information on the table.

But his mind still involuntarily stayed on a certain president’s butt, he kept wanting to go and pinch it a couple times, see how it felt.

Xing Yuan tightened his lips. He felt a slight desire to laugh, but forcefully suppressed it. He was afraid that someone with thin skin wouldn’t be able to handle it and would be scared away.

He didn’t talk again about where on him was even better, but instead casually picked up a set of everyday clothes to change into while talking to Ye Wenxuan.

“Where do you want to go later?”

Ye Wenxuan was still immersed in a beautiful man’s body but came back to his senses upon hearing his words. He touched his nose: “My college was in S city. Even though I stayed home for two years after graduation, I jumped ship to the SFLS branch here and stayed for over a year. I really have nothing else I am interested in here in S city.”

Xing Yuan put on his pants: “Well, I really forgot that you used to be a fashion designer.”

Ye Wenxuan puffed out his chest: “If I didn’t have to go take the Xing group’s task for the Special Affairs Department, your grandpa I would now be the design director of SFLS. Maybe right now I would be in the headquarters in Paris, drinking coffee and driving a sports car.”

Xing Yuan: “I heard that last year SFLS didn’t do very well. At the end of the year they laid off many employees, six out of ten were directors.”

Ye Wenxuan: “…There really is no way for us to chat today.”

Xing Yuan: “Don’t say that, I feel like our chatting is pretty good.”

Ye Wenxuan couldn’t help but fall into meditation: “Lao Xing, do you really like me, and don’t actually have enmity with me?”

Xing Yuan walked over and rubbed his head, sighing: “Lao Ye, no other way, seeing you I really want to anger you.”

Ye Wenxuan: “…” Lao Ye?

It could be seen that he really owed him a lot of electricity.

After Xing Yuan finished changing, the two men simply arranged their luggage and Xing Yuan pulled him out the door: “Since you can’t think of a place, our day will be decided by me.”

Ye Wenxuan shrugged: “It doesn’t matter, I’m fine with anything.”

And so, when they really arrived at the destination and Ye Wenxuan saw clearly where they were going, he only hated that he hadn’t fought back at the start, casually saying to go to the Bund would also have been good.

But now he was pulled by Xing Yuan, one hand holding a ticket, to follow the crowd of people into Disneyland. He really wanted to give the previous him who had said “it doesn’t matter I’m fine with anything” a strong slap and then turn back time and redo it.

“Lao Xing ah…” He leaned weakly on Xing Yuan’s shoulder, lifeless: “I didn’t think, really, I really didn’t think, you actually were so obsessed with merry go rounds…”

Xing Yuan didn’t speak.

Ye Wenxuan continued to say powerlessly: “How old are you…how could you still rob these horses from these little friends…”

That’s right, the two were now standing in the bustling Disneyland, waiting in line for the merry go round.

Xing Yuan raised his phone and reminded him with a raised eyebrow: “I vaguely seem to remember that before the new year, there seemed to have been someone who recommended that I go to S city to go on the merry go round.”

All around them in the queue were little friends and their parents, and as the only adults here without children waiting for the carousel, Ye Wenxuan had lost all hope. He was very sure that Xing Yuan was really trying to get back at him.

Xing Yuan pressed down on his head and leaned over, smiling: “Since you said that it doesn’t matter where we go, accompany me to sit once.”

Ye Wenxuan pushed his face away: “I suddenly feel that we may not be suitable for each other. Let’s just break up while on this merry go round. Loved once, don’t look back.”

Xing Yuan laughed loudly and hugged him over to give him a good ravaging. Ye Wenxuan cried out while kicking him with a foot, and almost kicked a young mother beside them in the same line.

He immediately lost his temper, and the two big men seriously gave her an apology. This young lady leading her child couldn’t help but smile, not angry at all, and even whispered to them that their relationship was so good, making people feel happy just looking at them.

“…” Ye Wenxuan was a little embarrassed, but Xing Yuan smiled and very solemnly thanked her.

Because of this, when it was their turn, Ye Wenxuan completely had no temper.

He and Xing Yuan sat front and back. Ye Wenxuan’s horse was powder white and had two little pink wings, really stupidly adorable.

Ye Wenxuan covered his face and climbed up onto the horse. He felt as if he were a salted fish who had lost his dreams and was lying there paralyzed on a piece of wood, waiting to dry out.

Unknowingly, someone behind him had secretly pulled out his cell phone. While the young man wasn’t paying attention, he quickly pressed the shutter button, taking 50 consecutive shots of him holding the horse’s neck, softly leaning on the little pink and white horse.

Having done all this, Xing boss swiped a finger on the screen, looking over all of the photos he had taken and then intimately placing them into an encrypted album he then named [LP].

After that, he put his phone back into his pocket in satisfaction. His serious expression was as if he had just finished reading a financial report, and anyone who saw this person would feel like he was very upright, an honest man.

The two stayed in Disneyland until 7 in the evening. After Ye Wenxuan escaped from the merry go round he felt like he had a new lease on life, actively pulling Xing Yuan to go on some exciting rides. Only then did he feel like the pinkish tinge on his body had been washed away, and he had turned back into a handsome and tough man. Xing Yuan brought him to confusedly leave the park.

Coming in he was 100% unwilling, but when leaving he was actually a little reluctant. Ye Wenxuan couldn’t help but discuss with Xing Yuan that when they were free they would come again and have some fun.

With the two men’s coats hanging on his arm, Xing Yuan smiled: “When I finish this project, let’s come again.”

Ye Wenxuan sighed: “I just don’t know if my task will be done at that time. A task like supervising the superhumans, I estimate that that would at least have to be calculated on an annual basis.”

Xing Yuan’s smile twitched. It was obvious that he was very disgusted by this task arranged for him by the Special Affairs Department.

But he didn’t say anything. They left Disneyland with the crowd and found their car in the parking lot, and he changed to a casual topic: “Tomorrow morning I’m going to go meet with the investors. I will get lunch with them and in the afternoon I will bring you to see someone.”

Ye Wenxuan casually said: “Oh, who ah.”

“My friend.” Xing Yuan pressed the button on his car keys, and the lights of the black car in front of them flashed twice: “You’ve seen him before, Lei Ying company’s president.”

Ye Wenxuan thought for a while and finally remembered who this person was: “That’s…that’s that person…when I first went undercover at your place, that interview task?” He tapped his chin: “What was his name, uh, flashing lightning?”

Xing Yuan opened the door and got into the car and waited for Ye Wenxuan to get into the passenger seat before saying helplessly: “It’s Lei Xiangming.”

Ye Wenxuan waved his hand: “Don’t pay attention to these details. Wouldn’t it be awkward for me to be there when the two of you meet up.”

Speaking of this Lei Ying company’s president, Ye Wenxuan immediately remembered the Lei x Xing and Xing x Lei 38 banned fanfiction that were circulated privately by the employees in the Xing group at that time.

It could only be said that the Xing group was truly full of hidden talents. One of the fanfics was written in such a deeply impactful manner that it would forever linger in your memory. Even now, his mind was like a bullet screen, full of “Lei Xiangming reached out and kabedon’d Xing Yuan”, “Xing Yuan hugged Lei president with a smile” and even “after a white light, the two completed the great harmony of life.”

Thanks to these fanfics, once Xing Yuan mentioned that he would bring him to see Lei Xiangming, Ye Wenxuan would inexplicably have the strange vision of a scum man bringing a mistress to have a showdown with the real wife.

Ye Wenxuan: “…” It’s definitely that merry go round’s fault, making him turn all girly. In the future he would never go back to Disney!

the author has something to say:

xing yuan: “because i like you, i want to anger ♂ you.”

ye wenxuan: “the two of us really have a vendetta.”

## xing group’s staff express that 38 banned is no big deal ##

Xing Yuan: “Tomorrow I’ll bring you to see Lao Lei.”

Ye Wenxuan instantly recalled those 18 banned, 24 banned, 38 banned, 56 banned, and 88 banned that he saw a few months ago.

Xing Yuan: “…Why do you have a nosebleed?”

Ye Wenxuan covered his nose and waist, dying: “Quick…call me an ambulance before you go…”

Translator Notes:

[1] red scarf – see note from previous chapter. again, it seems like a movement from communism of sorts
[2] awesome – 棒棒哒, a very cute way of saying awesome or amazing
[3] flashing lightning – 电闪雷, the surname 雷 means lightning/thunder, so he’s just coming up with a random word with thunder/lightning in it
[4] bullet screen – 过弹幕, something very common for chinese streams, where comments basically fly across on-screen in real time
[5] kabedon – 强势壁咚, probably known, but just in case, in manga/anime when the male (usually) forces the female (usually) against the wall, making a “don” sound

Random Notes:

A little over an hour: 5 pm – 6:10 pm, for 4.3k characters to 2.9k words.

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