hello all, sorry to go on hiatus again. i have 3 exams in the next two weeks, so i will likely be taking at least 2 weeks to focus on studying. i will be back hopefully to continue translating during my break. thanks for your patience! also, i just want to reiterate that if anyone… Continue reading break

CFCS Chapter 135

Chapter 135Artistic Life (Arc 10.8) Su Mo not only arranged for his grandmother to be interviewed, but besides his brother who was abroad, even had his parents interviewed. The entire family was in jubilation. Because Su Mo suddenly became famous, many friends and relatives came to congratulate the Su family. Su Mo’s grandmother was also… Continue reading CFCS Chapter 135

100kV Chapter 87

Chapter 87International TeamGlobal Terrorist Attacks Xue Yongchang waited until everyone finished reading the detailed report, and then gestured: “Xingguo, you can continue." Zheng Xingguo nodded. Hearing that, the staff member Li Shaoyuan sitting next to him immediately pressed a key on the computer and the image projected on the screen suddenly changed. Ye Wenxuan sat… Continue reading 100kV Chapter 87