CFCS Chapter 95

Chapter 95Supermodel Competition (Arc 7.17) Ever since everything was exposed, Dilumo and Conley seemed to have disappeared from this world, and there had been no news of any of them. Two years later, Jing Yang became this world’s top supermodel, with countless fans all over the world. Many businesses were all willing to pay sky-high… Continue reading CFCS Chapter 95

CFCS Chapter 94

Chapter 94Supermodel Competition (Arc 7.16) Dilumo held a press conference three days later. He had a bandage around his head, a bruise on his face, and a cast on his arm. He sat in the middle of a long table, ready to be interviewed by the reporters. Dilumo hadn’t even started speaking when tears started… Continue reading CFCS Chapter 94

CFCS Chapter 93

Chapter 93Supermodel Competition (Arc 7.15) Dilumo didn’t pay attention to the reporters surrounding Conley’s house, directly rushing inside. “Did you do it?! Was it you?! You gave those videos to the media, didn’t you?!” Dilumo shook Conley’s collar, his face twisted with anger. “It wasn’t me!” Conley forcefully pushed Dilumo away, loudly saying, “How could… Continue reading CFCS Chapter 93


hi everyone! i will be very busy over the next couple of weeks with interviews and exams and projects and papers, so unfortunately there will probably be another delay in the chapters, perhaps for one week, perhaps two. hopefully i didn't stop on any horrible cliffhangers...i will see you all again as soon as possible!