100kV Chapter 90

Chapter 90International TeamJoining the International Counterterrorism Team Saying it was deep in the forest, but in fact it was just a little farther away from the city. The villa was in a pretty well-known area that developers liked to invest in, with the main attraction being “returning to nature.” The neighborhood had ten or so… Continue reading 100kV Chapter 90

100kV Chapter 89

Chapter 89International TeamYou Need To Wait for an Opportunity This was the first time he had heard of this. Ye Wenxuan couldn’t help but sit up straight. His fingers twitched slightly on the armrest, but he didn’t speak. “This site publishes some of the results from the SP Institute from time to time. Some of… Continue reading 100kV Chapter 89

100kV Chapter 87

Chapter 87International TeamGlobal Terrorist Attacks Xue Yongchang waited until everyone finished reading the detailed report, and then gestured: “Xingguo, you can continue." Zheng Xingguo nodded. Hearing that, the staff member Li Shaoyuan sitting next to him immediately pressed a key on the computer and the image projected on the screen suddenly changed. Ye Wenxuan sat… Continue reading 100kV Chapter 87

100kV Chapter 84

Chapter 84The Calm Before the StormOn How to Call Lightning at Will “In the several cases that have occurred these days, the suspects have basically all used remote-controlled bombs, mostly in crowded areas. This indicates that their purpose is not for specific acts of retaliation.” Zheng Xingguo slowly said: “Their target is ordinary citizens, and… Continue reading 100kV Chapter 84

100kV Chapter 81

Chapter 81The Calm Before the StormComing back from the date hehehe Xing Yuan didn’t know that this guy’s imagination had already wandered off to “Lei Xiangming was overcome with sorrow, and suffered a miscarriage after falling” this chapter. He only thought that Ye Wenxuan was shy and easily embarrassed, so while starting the car he said:… Continue reading 100kV Chapter 81