100kV Chapter 55

Chapter 55Rescue MissionThe Asian within the Rebels Moses clicked his tongue: “Don’t know. They’re all foreigners, this woman says that she is a doctor.” As he spoke, he added impatiently: “We found medical supplies in their car. She should be a real doctor." “Bring her over and let me take a look." Gemma was pulled… Continue reading 100kV Chapter 55

100kV Chapter 54

Chapter 54Rescue MissionForeigners Who Strayed into the War Zone Yulaya turned his attention to the other people. He avoided his employer and opened fire at Ye Wenxuan: “Yellow-skinned monkey, you don’t want to go down and take a look? Maybe some corpse in the gunfire area might look like your friend." Ye Wenxuan glanced at… Continue reading 100kV Chapter 54

100kV Chapter 46

Chapter 46Going to LondonTemporary Alliance Ye Wenxuan held up his pen, lowering his eyelids to cover the excitement and vigilance in his eyes: “So, we are the same kind?" “I haven’t heard of your name, you’re a previously unexposed superhuman.” Adonis quickly said: “Do you know Mario?" Ye Wenxuan: “Oh, that plumber that hits mushrooms… Continue reading 100kV Chapter 46