100kV Chapter 79

Chapter 79
The Calm Before the Storm

Reunion in S City

Today was the fourth day of the new year, there weren’t as many passengers as normal. Several airport staff members were distributing little New Year’s gifts to the passengers walking in the terminal. Ye Wenxuan also got one.

It was a small pendant of this year’s zodiac animal. Ye Wenxuan played with it in his hand while staring at a few people in the terminal.

Three men in trench coats wearing black hats refused the gifts from the staff members and walked toward a corner of the hall.

Ye Wenxuan tied the little pendant onto his backpack. Then he smoothly got up from his chair and walked over casually.

He was far behind the three men. He watched them secretly throw a few bags into separate trash cans, then turn and head for the airport exit.

Behind his sunglasses, Ye Wenxuan’s eyes flitted around. Very quickly, he saw several armed police from the airport slowly gathering around. He whistled, stopped next to one of the trash cans, then gently knocked a knuckle on top of the trash can.

A small magnetic field was gradually generated. The various objects in the trash can were shuffled around, and a black cloth bag drilled out of the opening.

In the distance, the three men hurrying out of the airport suddenly twitched and fell to the ground in convulsions. Ye Wenxuan didn’t look over, only picking up the bag. He opened it slightly and looked inside.

Sure enough, the bag contained a delicate bomb.

The detonator had already been damaged by electromagnetism. Ye Wenxuan was not in a hurry. He threw the bag back on the floor, then walked along the path the three men just took. He went through the garbage cans and using his electromagnetism, he destroyed all of the bomb receivers.

At the airport exit, the three gangsters had already been captured by the armed police. Those men were all foaming at the mouth, their eyes rolled up, as if they were almost about to die.

The armed police officers looked at each other, at a loss.

The alarm was raised in the airport, and armed police quickly sealed off the exits. They set up a cordon around the scene, and the staff began to shepherd the crowd.

Five minutes later, the criminal police arrived at the scene and began to question the airport’s armed police and staff.

Ye Wenxuan took off his coat and sunglasses. With his headphones on, he leaned against a pillar near the airport entrance, hiding in the crowd to watch the police handle the case.

In fact, there wasn’t much to see. The bombs had already been deactivated by him, and the suspects had also been decommissioned by his electricity.

It’s just that seeing the S city criminal police hurriedly arriving, Ye Wenxuan didn’t know whether he should go over and greet them. Lest in a moment when they look at the footage, he looked like a suspicious criminal.

Thinking this way, Ye Wenxuan simply put his sunglasses back on and put on a face mask to cover the lower half of his face. He wove through the crowd, approaching the cordon.

The officer on duty saw him approaching and immediately raised a hand to stop him: “Sir, please leave here at once.”

Ye Wenxuan took out his identifying document from his pocket and showed it to him: “Counterterrorism operations team, is your captain here?”

That man looked him up and down and said: “Oh, please wait.” After that, he pulled over another man to continue standing guard, and he turned and ran further in.

Ye Wenxuan stood there for a couple minutes, then saw the man lead a serious-looking police chief over.

This police chief stood in front of him. The two people silently looked at each other, and the other man extended a hand to Ye Wenxuan: “Hello, I am the S City Public Security Bureau’s criminal investigation team leader, Xue Shengrong.”

Ye Wenxuan reached out to shake his hand: “Hello, Special Affairs Department Counterterrorism Operations Team member, Ye Wenxuan.”

Xie Shengrong heard the “Special Affairs Department counterterrorism operations team” name, and then looked at him a few more times: “You are here for…”

“It was purely a coincidence. I was waiting for someone here, and just happened to see three sneaky men.” Ye Wenxuan pointed to another police officer who was following behind him and smiled: “Look at his expression, I’m guessing that he recognized me from the surveillance.”

Seeing that they turned to look at him, that police officer who just came pushed up his glasses and smiled in embarrassment: “Ah, I didn’t realize that I failed to recognize someone familiar. Everyone here is on the same side, lucky lucky.”

Xie Shengrong introduced him to Ye Wenxuan: “This is Lin Feng, vice-captain of the criminal investigation team.”

Ye Wenxuan: “Hello.”

Lin Feng: “Oh, hello hello.”

They walked while chatting. Ye Wenxuan gave them a simple summary of the incident, only concealing the part where he used his abilities.

The three criminals deliberately selected a few trash cans that were furthest from the surveillance cameras, which unintentionally helped Ye Wenxuan. No one noticed how he had pulled the bags containing the bombs out of the trash cans, nor did anyone see him using his electricity to damage the bomb.

After finding the bombs, the group of criminal police immediately began to evacuate the crowd. Xie Shengrong allocated a part of the police force to check over all of the people present in the hall, while having the remaining officers keep watch over the trash cans, waiting for the bomb disposal experts still on the road to come and check the bombs.

Ye Wenxuan glanced at the trash cans and said nothing.

He had really just come over to report. After chatting with Xie Shengrong a bit, he said that he still had something to do. The two exchanged phone numbers, and Ye Wenxuan bid his farewells before he quietly left while the police were busying themselves.

He picked up his vibrating phone and pressed the answer button: “Did you arrive at the airport?”

There was some static on the other end, and Xing Yuan said: “En, our plane just landed.”

“Oh.” Ye Wenxuan quickly walked, threading through the crowd of people who were watching the chaos: “Stand at the door and don’t move.”

Xing Yuan: “En?”

Ye Wenxuan: “Just stand there and don’t move.”

Just when he finished speaking, an entire row of lights in the airport blacked out. The airport entrance instantly became dim, and only the floor-to-ceiling windows allowed the light from outside into the hall, reflecting the shadows of countless people.

Those passengers still standing there to watch the ongoings, the officers assisting the police in handling the case, and the airport staff were all startled.

Amongst the crowd you could vaguely hear Xie Shengrong shouting: “Don’t move! Where’s the electrical box? A few people come with me to take a look!”

Ye Wenxuan ran forward a few steps, flying onto a tall man’s back. He wrapped his legs firmly around his waist, his arms forcefully holding his neck, his entire body sticking onto this man like a monkey.

In the dim airport lobby, people ran about in a panic. Only two people were still standing still in a small area.

Ye Wenxuan came closer to the man’s ear and huffed: “Don’t move, lao zi came to rob.”

Ever since his breath appeared behind his back, Xing Yuan had quietly extended his right hand. But hearing the familiar voice, Xing Yuan’s movement paused, and his hand turned around, very naturally moving back.

He smiled quietly: “Hero, what do you want to rob?”

Ye Wenxuan stuck closer to him: “Come and tell lao zi, what do you have.”

Xing Yuan: “No money, only beauty, do you want to rob?”

Ye Wenxuan jumped off of his back: “Pei, when did you guess it was me.”

Xing Yuan turned around: “No need to guess, I knew once you came close.”

As they were speaking, all of the lights in the airport began to turn back on.

In just five seconds, the hall was once again brightly lit. If it weren’t for there not being as many passengers just watching the fun, it wouldn’t have seemed like there was much difference from before.

Xing Yuan looked around, frowning slightly: “Police?”

Ye Wenxuan looked over and coughed drily. He dragged Xing Yuan away: “It’s nothing. Someone wanted to bomb the airport and was caught by that group of police officers. Let’s go register our identities, then we should be able to leave.”

He recalled that instant of brain fever where he used his ability to cause a blackout in the airport. He thought of if Zheng Xingguo or Xue Yongchang knew of this, they would definitely make him fly directly back to B city to write a ten thousand word reflection. For a moment he felt very embarrassed, and he couldn’t help but use more force: “Let’s go, if we stay here any longer I feel like it would be life-threatening for me.”

Xing Yuan grabbed his hand: “Wait a minute.”

Ye Wenxuan: “What else, let’s go let’s go…”

Xing Yuan didn’t respond to him. He turned and said to the people behind him: “In a bit you all will first go to the hotel and organize the information. Tomorrow morning you will directly go to the company, you do not have to wait for me.”

“Okay, president Xing.” “President Xing, do you need to call a car?”

Xing Yuan: “No need, you all can leave first.”

Only now did Ye Wenxuan see that there were still a few men and women following behind Xing Yuan. They all had the social elite look. He couldn’t help but recall that a few minutes he had directly pounced over to flirt with someone, and his old face couldn’t help but redden. He pushed his sunglasses further up his nose and pretended that he was not embarrassed at all.

It was really not good for him to go out today…

Xing Yuan finished his orders and looked back at him: “What’s wrong?”

Ye Wenxuan: “No, nothing…”

Because of the previous chaos from the power failure, the staff rushed to let out many of the passengers in the airport lobby. Xie Shengrong was a little frazzled. Seeing that Ye Wenxuan and Xing Yuan had come to register, he didn’t go greet them. The entire time, he was squatting there with the bomb disposal experts next to the trash can, carefully pulling out one bomb after another.

Ye Wenxuan looked at their cautious appearances, and felt too embarrassed to tell them that those broken things had already been dealt with by him.

He and Xing Yuan discreetly left the airport. The criminal police outside the door didn’t slack off. Xing Yuan called someone by the road, and not long after, a black car was parked next to the two.

The driver opened the door and got out of the car. He handed the keys to Xing Yuan, then waved a taxi over and left.

Ye Wenxuan watched him leave: “You called a car rental company?”

“The assistants did it before we came.” Xing Yuan threw his luggage into the trunk: “Get in the car. When did you arrive in S city?”

“Ten minutes before you.” Ye Wenxuan also threw in his backpack: “How was it, did you feel frightened? Stimulated?” After closing the trunk, he added: “Are you driving?”

Xing Yuan smiled: “Service fee, an hour 50,000. Are you going to hire me.”

Ye Wenxuan sat in the passenger seat: “Damn, your price is one of top public relations. Xing boss can really do business ah, you’re raking in the money?”

Xing Yuan crossed his long legs, closing the door and starting the engine: “Thank you thank you. This price is still looking at our relationship, giving you a 50% discount.”

“…” This guy had gotten addicted to this roleplaying. Ye Wenxuan’s mouth twitched, and he squinted at him: “We have a good relationship?”

Xing Yuan then turned to look at him, his gaze could disgust hundreds of single dogs to death: “Wife, long time no see.”

Ye Wenxuan: “…” Fuck.

Xing Yuan didn’t hurry to drive. He suddenly leaned close, half his body leaning over the passenger’s seat. He didn’t wait for Ye Wenxuan to react, lowering his head and sucking on his lips.

Ye Wenxuan: “?!”

Stealing a kiss, Xing Yuan smiled. He didn’t move back, only maintaining that posture to look at him.

Ye Wenxuan said in a muffled voice: “Electrocute you to death.”

Xing Yuan: “Wait a moment.”

Ye Wenxuan smiled coldly: “Now you want to ask for mercy? It’s too late.”

“I’m not asking for mercy.” Xing Yuan reached out a hand, gently stroking his fingers over his soft cheek. Then he turned his wrist and pulled the seat belt over Ye Wenxuan’s chest, clicking it in.

“Just helping you fasten your seat belt.”

Ye Wenxuan: “…”

He hesitated: “Lao Xing ah…”

Xing Yuan happily stroked his face: “En?”

“Did you read some sort of Mary Sue romance before you came here?” The expression on Ye Wenxuan’s face was indescribable: “This kind of cliche action, right now even junior high school students are afraid of using this, you know.”

Xing Yuan: “…Do you know why they’re afraid of using this?”

Ye Wenxuan: “Because it’s stupid!”

“No.” Xing Yuan looked at him and tapped on the real leather seat. He said: “Because the junior high school students who have no money can’t afford to drive luxury cars, and rich junior high school students can’t get a license.”

Ye Wenxuan: “…” Actually sounds very reasonable???

But with this interjection, the original ambiguous atmosphere was completely broken. Xing Yuan went back to his seat, pressing down on the accelerator. He turned the steering wheel, driving onto the main road: “Did you book a hotel?”

Ye Wenxuan had a faint urge to touch the corner of his mouth, but he resisted: “No.”

Xing Yuan smiled: “Perfect, live with me.”

The big man in the passenger seat had no opinion. He just took out his cell phone and glanced over it, checking in with his family.

The black car threaded into the traffic, merging into the crowd after a while.

The hotel Xing Yuan was staying at was in the Pudong new area, not far from the company he was going to have a meeting with. It was also the place where the partners in S city booked for them.

Ye Wenxuan used his cell phone to help navigate. Xing Yuan wore a headset to talk into the phone. Ye Wenxuan listened casually, guessing it was one of the subordinates who just accompanied Xing Yuan on the plane.

## ye xiao shou’s red scarf is very gaily colored today too ##

Ye Wenxuan: “Today I did a good thing~”

Xing Yuan: “What did you do?”

Ye Wenxuan: “I caught the gangsters, destroyed the bombs~”

Xie Shengrong: “Well, let’s talk about the power outage at the airport.”

Ye Wenxuan: “…”

Ye Wenxuan: “What are you talking about, I don’t understand (⊙_⊙)”

Xie Shengrong: “…Peh.”

Translator Notes:

[1] failed to recognize someone familiar – 大水冲了龙王庙, idiom, literally means the surging waters flooded the dragon king’s temple. in chinese mythology, the dragon king is basically a water and weather god. the water flooding their own god’s temple is pure irony
[2] hello – of note here, the hello YWX is using is 你好, the classic greeting where 你 is just you. the hello that the other officers are using toward him is 您好, where 您 is also you, but a respected you. thus, their greeting is much more respectful
[3] red scarf – 红领巾, literally means red scarf. from what i can tell, this is a connection to the young pioneers movement from communism. i’m assuming here that he’s saying he’s very righteous

Random Notes:

About an hour: 3:40 pm – 4:40 pm, for 3.9k characters to 2.6k words.

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