100kV Chapter 70

Chapter 70
Rescue Mission

Last Day in South Sudan

When Ye Wenxuan next woke up it was nighttime.

The oxygen tubes in his nose had been removed, but the patches covering his body were still there.

There were no lights on in the ward, only the faint glow from the medical equipment. Ye Wenxuan lay there in a daze for a moment and then looked to the right.

The curtain on his right was pulled back. Yu Wei lay there, who he had already seen when he woke up earlier.

Where were the others?

Ye Wenxuan opened his mouth and called out: “Xing Yuan…?”

His voice was very soft, but in this quiet ward, it sounded unusually loud.

Suddenly a noise came from the left. Someone staggered off a cot and felt his way over to his bed like the wind, and then a warm palm fell on his forehead and his ears heated up, someone leaning over at his pillow to whisper.

“Wenxuan, you’re finally awake.”

The voice was familiar. When he heard it, he knew immediately who was talking to him.

The two men were quiet for a while, and then Ye Wenxuan turned his head to the left, whispering: “Have I slept for a long time?”

In the dark, the man gave a low “en”: “The doctor said that you may have used too much strength, but you closed your eyes and left for a full two days. I…have never been so scared…”

“Well, it’s probably because I had overused my ability.” Ye Wenxuan moved his fingers a couple times, wanting to touch the hand on his forehead, but his body simply did not have the strength and he had to give up: “This has also happened before. That time I slept for a full two days and three nights, but when I woke up I wasn’t as tired as I am now.”

Xing Yuan didn’t speak. He stayed silent for a moment and then suddenly leaned down, pressing down on Ye Wenxuan and hugging him tightly, keeping him locked in his embrace.

The detector on the side began to screech again. Xing Yuan loosened him a little, reached into the quilt with one hand, and then placed the patch back on.

Ye Wenxuan could feel his hand sliding on his chest and moved somewhat uncomfortably: “It’s really not a big deal. Weren’t you also hurt? I remember you had a hole in your leg, plus those injuries that hadn’t even healed yet…”

Xing Yuan chuckled silently: “When we got to the hospital I got someone to wrap them up and put on some medicine, and didn’t even lie down in bed.”

Ye Wenxuan: “Ah.”

He turned his head, avoiding the burning breath in his ear, and said: “You still don’t have to watch over me at night…”

“I went to cook at noon and missed the moment you opened your eyes, so then I was irritable all afternoon.” Xing Yuan hugged the man in his arms and touched his head: “I couldn’t sleep at night. I wanted to smoke, but I can’t smoke in the hospital, so I just lay in bed thinking about some things. Good thing I didn’t sleep, or else I would have missed you again.”

The arm holding his shoulder was full of strength. Ye Wenxuan wanted to reach out and hold him back, but his body really had no strength, so he could only stop.

Xing Yuan hugged him and didn’t speak anymore. Ye Wenxuan could feel the man’s cheek against his face. Xing Yuan seemed to really enjoy this kind of closeness, so Ye Wenxuan quietly hugged him back for a few minutes.

After a long time, Xing Yuan slowly said: “Wenxuan.”

Ye Wenxuan: “En?”

The lights from the monitor flickered in the dark. He raised his head and could see a faint blue glow in the other man’s eyes.

The light was brilliant and vibrant, making one unable to resist getting closer.

Xing Yuan looked at him and quietly said: “It’s good…you woke up.”

Ye Wenxuan’s throat trembled, intuitively knowing what he was going to do.

Sure enough, after he said that, Xing Yuan bowed his head and gently rubbed against his lips, full of inquiry.

Ye Wenxuan didn’t refuse. He even opened his mouth, exchanging a warm kiss with the man on top of him.

The kiss lingered too long. Ye Wenxuan’s heart beat faster, and the line on the monitor screen fluctuated back and forth, exposing all of his violent emotional ups and downs.

But neither of them had time to worry about those details.

When Xing Yuan pulled back, Ye Wenxuan gasped: “I…I haven’t washed in two days…”

Xing Yuan smiled and reached out to wipe off the saliva from the corners of Ye Wenxuan’s mouth: “I like how you taste no matter what.”

Ye Wenxuan: “…” So it really smells?!

The monitor started to fluctuate wildly again.

Xing Yuan laughed: “No, I’ve helped you wash these past two days.”

Ye Wenxuan stuttered: “…How, how did you help me wash?”

Xing Yuan: “Scrub the body, clean the mouth, change clothes, and so on.”

Ye Wenxuan: “…”

Ye Wenxuan felt like the monitor next to him might soon be wrecked by him.

Xing Yuan who was lying in bed with him suddenly sighed and rubbed his head, softly saying: “I won’t joke with you anymore. Sorry, I’m too happy, so I lost myself a little.”

Ye Wenxuan slowly calmed down and then said: “Can you turn on a little light?”

Xing Yuan: “What’s up?”

Ye Wenxuan: “I want to…want to see you.”

Xing Yuan didn’t speak, just reaching for the bedside to turn on a small lamp.

After a moment, a soft orange glow filled the little compartment.

Xing Yuan first pressed a hand on top of Ye Wenxuan’s eyes, and then when he adapted to the sudden brightness, he slowly removed his palm.

Ye Wenxuan looked up at him.

The man’s chin was covered in a layer of stubble, and those always cool blue eyes were bloodshot. His hair was a mess and his eyes had heavy purple bags under them, probably from not properly resting for several days.

Xing Yuan was no longer wearing the previous t-shirt, instead wearing a dark button-down from who knows where. It was very tight on him, probably not the right size.

But he was still very handsome. Ye Wenxuan said in his heart.

He looked at him for a while and then looked down: “How’s your leg?”

Xing Yuan replied: “I changed the medicine this afternoon, but it’s not too convenient to walk.”

Ye Wenxuan: “And your other injuries?”

Xing Yuan smiled slightly: “How about I take off my clothes and let you check from head to toe.”

“…” Ye Wenxuan somehow remembered the experience in the villa.

Even though his face was a little hot, this time he wasn’t as discomfited as last time, smiling and provoking him: “You can owe me first. When I get out of bed, I’ll come and personally check.”

Xing Yuan stared at him, his voice hoarse: “Okay, I’m waiting.”

The two men looked at each other, and both of them saw a trace of flame that couldn’t be covered up from the other’s eyes. Ye Wenxuan couldn’t resist laughing: “Okay, we’re now two wounded patients, the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. Let’s stop playing hooligan with each other. Be careful of being caught by the doctor and then getting scolded to death.”

“I’m not afraid.” Xing Yuan was fearless: “He scolds me almost every day, I don’t care.”

Ye Wenxuan was curious: “Why does he scold you every day?”

Xing Yuan ambiguously said: “I don’t like to lie in my bed, always paying visits to other places.”

Ye Wenxuan had a vague hunch: “Which places?”

Xing Yuan: “…Your place.”

“…” Ye Wenxuan: “You deserve to be scolded.”

Xing Yuan smiled: “The injuries didn’t reach my bones and I walk around with crutches, it doesn’t interfere with my wounds healing. He thinks that I’m always hanging around you and finds me annoying.”

Ye Wenxuan glared at him. Xing Yuan was in a good mood and didn’t bicker with him.

“Yu Wei is in the bed next to mine, right. Where’s Xu Shan?”

Xing Yuan helped him open a small gap in the curtain, exposing Yu Wei on the other side, and quietly said: “Yu Wei’s internal organs were damaged and his spine was badly injured, but fortunately it wasn’t broken. He has been in the ICU for the past two days. The medical equipment here is inadequate and they barely managed to save him from the brink of death several times. Only today was he transferred here, and his state has slightly stabilized.”

Ye Wenxuan’s eyes instantly turned red: “Is there going to be some sequelae?”

Xing Yuan fell silent for a moment, then quietly said: “China is sending over a special plane tomorrow, we’re going back together. B city’s several top experts are on standby at the hospital, and with the Special Affairs and Military Affairs Departments to help control traffic, we can transfer the wounded at the fastest possible speed to the hospital. They will definitely…help him recover in the best possible condition.”

“Earlier you wouldn’t wake up, and the Special Affairs Department had also arranged for doctors in both Chinese and Western medicine.” Xing Yuan lifted the corners of his mouth but had no smile in his eyes: “But it seems that they were useless, which is for the best.”

Ye Wenxuan took back his gaze from Yu Wei, somewhat depressed: “What about Xu Shan?”

Xing Yuan: “He went to go contact his superiors. His body was covered in injuries but he simply wrapped them up and left. Before leaving he even asked me to help watch over Yu Wei a little.”

As he spoke, he paused then bowed his head to whisper into Ye Wenxuan’s ear: “I originally wanted to give the syringe of medicine I stole from Issera to him, but after Xu Shan reported to his superiors, they said that South Sudan wasn’t safe and wanted us to go directly back to China.”

“I think that it would be best for you to be the one to hand it over to the Special Affairs Department.”

Ye Wenxuan blinked.

He looked at the man huddled on a hospital bed with himself. Xing Yuan’s scraggly stubble, a cheap shirt, white bandages under the neckline, all with a pungent smell of medicine.

But his eyes were full of warmth.

This kind of Xing Yuan, sloppy, unrefined, yet covered in human taste, Ye Wenxuan had never seen before.

He almost couldn’t tear his eyes away.

After a while, Ye Wenxuan slowly let out a breath.

He struggled to lift his hand, touched Xing Yuan’s waist, then lifted the hem and put his arm around his bare waist.

Ye Wenxuan: “That potion, you will give to them.”

Xing Yuan turned to look at him. Ye Wenxuan smiled and leaned his head against Xing Yuan’s shoulder, continuing softly: “The Xing family colluded with the senior officials, and now the evidence is conclusive. When I came to South Sudan, the Special Affairs Department had already begun to open public investigation. When we get back, the Xing family’s situation will probably not be great, so your situation can turn very awkward.”

“The super warrior potion and the Xing family’s criminal record being caught was in large part thanks to your efforts. Based on this point, they can’t casually embarrass you.” He buried his head in Xing Yuan’s neck and smiled: “I hope that you can become better and better, have honest and sincere friends, live a simple and low-key life, learn to respect others, and know how to cherish and protect the lives of others.”

“Use it in exchange for a full retreat, and no longer stir up the murky waters of the Xing family, can you?”

Xing Yuan could no longer resist. He turned over and pressed Ye Wenxuan down, sucking on his lips. He kissed him for a long time before letting go, gasping lowly: “You really want my life…”

Ye Wenxuan still held his waist, a bit of stubbornness in his eyes: “Can you?”

Xing Yuan leaned his forehead against Ye Wenxuan’s powerlessly, sighing.

“I’m afraid that in the future I’m going to become a henpecked husband.”

Ye Wenxuan: “You haven’t answered me yet.”

Xing Yuan: “Wife, whatever you say is right.”

“…” Ye Wenxuan really hated that at this time his entire body had no strength, or else he must electrocute this guy and make him chew and swallow the word “wife” back into his stomach.

Ye Wenxuan: “We aren’t dating, don’t call me randomly.”

Xing Yuan smiled: “Sooner or later we’ll all be a family.”

Ye Wenxuan’s mouth twitched: “…Where do you get all this self-confidence.”

Xing Yuan rubbed his earlobe, gently saying: “I won’t mention before, but the self-confidence now is mostly given by you.”

“…” His gaze was burning. Ye Wenxuan looked away: “Move, you’re almost crushing me to death.”

Xing Yuan smiled and gave him some space.

After chatting for a while, Ye Wenxuan really couldn’t last any longer. He spoke to Xing Yuan more and more slowly, and finally simply leaned against him and closed his eyes, falling asleep.

As for later, whether or not Xing Yuan really squeezed with him to sleep in a single bed for a night, Ye Wenxuan really didn’t pay attention.

In any case, the nurse who came to give him an infusion the next day had a strange expression.

Ye Wenxuan: “…” Why did he keep feeling like he had missed some big thing?

In the morning the doctor came to check up on him. His body had no problems, mainly just muscle weakness and low energy.

However, after waking up, Ye Wenxuan’s state began to improve at an alarming rate. In the afternoon, when the Special Affairs Department members sent from China to meet them arrived, Ye Wenxuan was already able to run circles around the field hospital.

The brothers sent to meet up with them were all from the counter-terrorist action group, but they were perennially stationed in the special forces barracks. Ye Wenxuan had not met a single one of them before, but hearing that they were in the same department as him, Ye Wenxuan felt a sense of closeness with them, as if they were his relatives.

Maybe he had been abroad for a bit too long.

After finishing up some handover work with the field hospital, the soldiers brought Yu Wei into the car. Ye Wenxuan sat down and saw from afar Xing Yuan talking to his attending doctor.

The doctor seemed to have an unpleasant expression. He handed him the plastic bag in his hand, then turned back into the hospital.

When Xing Yuan came over, Ye Wenxuan asked him: “He scolded you?”

Xing Yuan opened the bag in his hand: “He said that I don’t listen to the doctor’s orders, so he wants you to help me change medicine on time.”

Ye Wenxuan rolled his eyes: “Expected.”

They drove to Juba airport. The Chinese foreign affairs ministry had already contacted the government of South Sudan beforehand. When the envoy stopped at Juba airport, the group of people were only stopped for a brief inquiry, and then were immediately released.

The government officials were all very proactive, not at all like when Ye Wenxuan had first arrived here and was blocked by airport staff all over the place and had to give out a lot of tips.

He didn’t know whether the government forces had received the news of Issera’s massive losses. Ye Wenxuan had asked the soldiers in the hospital, who said that Issera still had some activities in small and medium-sized towns.

There had been rumors among South Sudan’s various forces these days that two thirds of the rebels’ senior generals had been secretly destroyed by US forces. Whether or not it was from air raids or something else was unknown, and whether the leader Monroe was dead or alive was also unclear.

Ye Wenxuan listened to the soldier explaining this to him and didn’t say anything, acting as if he didn’t know the truth about this situation. He just threw the pot back onto the US military.

## ye xiao shou dislikes the rich and loves the poor ##

Ye WEnxuan: “I like you wearing a 5 dollar vest, squatting on the side of the road, eating bread and salted vegetables like a migrant worker.”

Xing Yuan: “…”

Xing Yuan: “Honestly, wife you may have a problem with your aesthetic.”

Translator Notes:

[1] spirit is willing but the flesh is weak – 心有余而力不足, idiom, also means the will is there but not the strength
[2] don’t care – 我死猪不怕开水烫, idiom, literally a dead pig doesn’t fear scalding water

Random Notes:

A little more than an hour: 10:15 am – 11:30 am, for 4.2k characters to 2.7k words.

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