100kV Chapter 69

Chapter 69
Rescue Mission

Leaving Collum

In the crowd, Mullen roared: “Moses! Fuck, that bastard killed Moses!”

Like some “start” switch had been flipped, everyone began to move. Number two desperately retreated, while number three ignored the danger, rushing toward Ye Wenxuan.

Behind him, Issera’s soldiers pointed their guns at the four men, and bullets roared out like fire!

Xing Yuan and Xu Shan simultaneously grabbed the person next to them, calling: “Get back into the building——”

Ye Wenxuan: “Don’t move!”

A dense electricity grid emerged from the ground around the four men, keeping the bullet rain outside.

Ye Wenxuan no longer hesitated. With a flip of his hand, he stabbed the “longsword” into the ground. After entering the earth, the tip of the sword scattered into tens of thousands of lightning bolts. With the sorcerer as the center, they avoided Xing Yuan and the two peacekeeping scouts, and rapidly extended to all sides——

Each individual lightning bolt was multiplying and extending further and further, wrapping up the entire town of Collum. The purple current was like a shackle. They sprang up from the ground, accurately binding every single person who wanted to escape. Only when the person was electrocuted to death did they release them and move forward.

Some soldiers wearing insulated suits were not caught and were fortunate enough to escape a few steps further. Ye Wenxuan was half-kneeling on the ground, and then he suddenly looked up. Black dark lightning balls fell from the sky one by one, landing in various parts of Collum.

Many of the soldiers were familiar with these. They avoided the lightning mines in fear, and for a period of time, Issera’s soldiers had no time to take care of the four invaders. Even Monroe screamed and retreated, calling out for his own super warriors.

“Protect me! Hurry up and come protect me!” Monroe grabbed number three, who had come running over: “What are those, ah ah ah…electricity…electricity…”

Number three grunted, his entire body locked up by a thick rope of lightning. Monroe hurriedly loosened his hands, but wasn’t able to escape the electricity current and was immediately electrocuted and fainted.

In just two minutes, Ye Wenxuan withdrew his hand, and the lightning sword inserted into the ground dissipated into the air with his movements.

With the exception of the four Chinese and the two super warriors, no one in the town of Collum could stand up.

The ground was still covered in electricity, and the land had been ravaged by the dark thunder. People unconscious and killed were all lying on the ground. At first glance, it seemed like they had strayed into an endless purgatory.

Ye Wenxuan’s footsteps faltered. When he turned around, he was hugged by Xing Yuan. He leaned into his arms and whispered: “My electricity power wasn’t enough…no…no more strength…” And then asked: “How’s Yu Wei?”

He could barely even open his eyes anymore. Xing Yuan tightened his lips and leaned to his ear, whispering: “He’ll be all right. You don’t need to hold on anymore, you can leave the rest to me.”

Ye Wenxuan: “I…killed again…”

Xing Yuan bowed his head and looked into the eyes of the man in his arms, where he could see a thick uneasiness.

He kissed his eyelids: “If they didn’t die, we would have.”

“You did nothing wrong.” He continued: “You only came here because of me. Even if someone did something wrong, it was me.”

Ye Wenxuan wanted to say that you didn’t calculate things like that, but as he moved his lips, his consciousness became fainter and fainter. In the end, he didn’t have time to say anything before he slanted into Xing Yuan’s arms and fainted.

Xing Yuan’s breathing turned disorderly for a few seconds. Only when he found that he had just fainted, which should have been from him using too much lightning power, did he relax.

Picking up Ye Wenxuan, Xing Yuan turned to ask Xu Shan: “Can you still walk.”

“Yes.” Xu Shan wiped off the blood on his face and put the already unconscious Yu Wei on his back, saying quietly: “Yu Wei’s condition is not great…”

Xing Yuan interrupted him: “There’s probably no doctor in Collum. I know the location of the nearest field hospital, and I think you should also know where it is.”

“We can get there within an hour.” Xing Yuan got into an Isseran armored vehicle nearby and signaled Xu Shan to put Yu Wei in the back seat so that it would be less bumpy.

He started the car, pressed the accelerator all the way to the floor, and calmly said while staring at the town exit growing larger in front of them: “He will not die. We will all leave here alive.”


When the armored vehicle carrying the Chinese men disappeared outside the town of Collum, someone limped out of a building.

The clothes he was wearing were no different from the Isseran soldiers lying around him on the ground, with several layers of insulation. His walking posture wasn’t very smooth, caused by the paralysis from the electricity Ye Wenxuan had just released.

But if you took off his helmet and gloves you could tell that this man wasn’t a South Sudan man at all, with bright blonde hair, blue eyes, and pale skin. If Ye Wenxuan were still here, he would immediately know that this man was the temporary chef who had cooked several meals for him: Clarence.

Just now when the Isseran soldiers and Ye Wenxuan were in a standoff, the first person to shoot and cause that riot, was also this person.

The blonde man took off the heavy insulated suit as he walked. In his heart he felt very fortunate that he had hidden well and avoided the dark thunder mines and most of the lightning attacks. He had only felt his limbs go numb for a brief period of time, and wasn’t missing any arms or legs or unconscious or even just directly dying like some people.

Clarence went downstairs and walked all the way past the soldiers lying on the ground. From time to time, he stopped to lean over. When he saw a higher-up in the Isseran army, if they were still breathing, he would gift them a bullet.

Number two and number three had skin as hard as iron, and the bullet got stuck halfway in their skin. Clarence huffed softly and decided to take care of the ordinary men first.

Until he found the half-dead Monroe, the blonde man showed a slight smile. He pressed the muzzle to the other man’s temple and said softly: “The biggest one, BOOM~”

Monroe’s body trembled, and he was truly dead.

Then he turned to see Mario Rhodes, who had fallen on the other side. After thinking for a moment, he raised his gun and fired a shot into the man’s head.

“Mario Rhodes, I know this name very well.” Clarence stepped over him and began to rummage through the suitcases of the assistants next to him, whispering to himself: “The scientific maniac who betrayed the country. He’s been occupying the top 20 of the country’s most urgently needed executions for all this time, it’s really hard to forget.”

“I really didn’t expect, what should have been a simple lurking mission, actually turned out a shark of this size…”

His fingers had just touched the documents when someone sneered behind him: “Since you know my name, how could you be so incautious.”

Clarence: “???”

The man turned around, but his speed was no faster than the other person’s pistol.

Mario shot him in the chest. Seeing that the other person wanted to return fire, he shot his limbs: “German spy?”

Clarence fell to the ground. Spitting out blood, he looked at him incredulously: “Impossible…I clearly…aimed for your temple…”

Mario’s face was covered in blood. The gunshot wound on his temple healed at a speed visible to the naked eye. He rubbed the wound, his calm face coming closer to Clarence.

Clarence died in grievance.

“Abominable German.”

Mario viciously kicked the body. Half a day later, he took out his cellphone and pressed the power button.

The screen didn’t light up. Mario pressed the button a few more times and finally determined that the man-made large scale electricity attack had completely wrecked the phone.

Helpless, he began to rummage through one body after another. After a few minutes, he finally found a cellphone that was barely functional.

Mario dialed a string of numbers while walking back.

After the phone connected, he slowly paced a few steps. He stood near the dead assistants that he had brought in, and found a blonde boy.

“Hey, who is it.”

Mario: “Daniel, it’s me.”

“Oh, doctor, how did you change your number?”

“The trip to South Sudan is over, and the business with Issera is cancelled. Arrange a return flight for me immediately, I’m going back to the lab as soon as possible.” Mario said, turning the boy over.

The blonde boy lay on the ground with his eyes closed. He was covered in black marks scorched by the lightning, and there was a clear gunshot wound on his temple. At this time, red and white liquid was flowing out from the wound. Mario glanced at it a couple more times and then stood up, no longer paying attention to the boy he had brought with him.

“Basically everyone I brought has died, and P0185 has also broken down. Someone shot me in the temple and it was transferred to him.” Mario casually said: “Daniel, remember to prepare a new clone for me.”

“Yes, doctor, P0186 is on call. I’ll let her pick you up on the plane.”

After that, Daniel added: “The Institute has received a new batch of experimental bodies. Besides Dr. Lambert, who has already selected, the other doctors are all waiting for you to come back and pick first.”

Mario looked around and turned a few times in place. He slowly walked to number two, casually responding with a grunt.

Number two and three were taken care of by Ye Wenxuan’s lightning. At this point they were just lying on the ground, their arms stiff. Mario crouched down and felt under number two’s nose and found that he was dead.

Then he went to look at number three. The failure of this product was even worse. The skin was electrocuted and some places had directly turned into paste from the heat. In any case, he could not be more dead.

Mario looked at him and suddenly started laughing softly.

Daniel said at the other end: “Doctor, it seems like your mood is pretty good on this trip?”

Mario: “Oh? Why would you say that?”

“You lost most of your assistants and P0185 was wrecked and you didn’t lose your temper, you must have encountered some very good thing.”

Hearing this, Mario laughed: “Ah, I really did encounter a sky-high surprise.”

“Daniel, when I get back, check out a few people for me.”

“I’ll love to help you, doctor.”


Everywhere was gray. There was no sound, nothing in this space.

Ye Wenxuan was suspended here. Above him wasn’t a sky, and below him there was no ground. He looked around, at a loss, not understanding where he was.

“Is anyone here?” He called out quietly. Not getting a response, he whispered to himself: “Where did I run off to?”


Ye Wenxuan’s ears shook and he looked up.

Small strands of electricity swam past his gaze.

They were like playful fish, slowly converging and growing from static electricity strands into a bolt of lightning.

Straight lines, flaky pieces, spherical ones, and even beaded ones…

The colors were also varied.

Ye Wenxuan was puzzled. He reached out slightly, and a thick bolt of lightning threaded through his palm. He didn’t feel anything, and Ye Wenxuan quickly closed his fingers, only catching the tail.

“Here, could it be my spiritual world?” He guessed, and then felt that he had read too many internet novels. He caught another lightning bolt around him, saying self-deprecatingly: “Haha, laozi wouldn’t be going through the lightning tribulations ba…”

Of course, no one answered his question.

When his surroundings were filled with lightning, they covered the sky and the ground like huge chains. Ye Wenxuan was stunned by the spectacular scene in front of him, unable to speak for a long time.

The roaring of the thunder was right in his ears. Ye Wenxuan watched the lightning like this, and after a deafening roar, he suddenly opened his eyes!

Ye Wenxuan: “!!!”

He sat up. The abrupt movement disrupted the wires that were on his body. His ears were no longer filled with the roars of the thunder but the beeps of the machine alarms.

He gasped violently, and his eyes couldn’t adapt to the light, tears sliding down from the corners of his eyes. Ye Wenxuan laboriously reached out a hand, randomly wiping his face.

What was that scene? A dream, or an illusion?

Ye Wenxuan calmed his breathing while thinking in confusion.

Here…where is it…?

He slowly turned his head and found himself lying on a bed.

On the cabinet to his right there were various medical instruments. Many wires came from above and reached all the way below his quilt. Ye Wenxuan reached out to touch his body and felt a pile of patches.

Well, his upper body was naked.

It wasn’t until the door of the room was pushed open and several doctors poured in that Ye Wenxuan slowly reacted——he seemed to be lying in a hospital?

The male doctor reached out and pressed down on his uninjured shoulder, and Ye Wenxuan instinctively pushed off his fingers, wanting to push him away.

But when he just moved, his arms weakly fell down and he slanted over, almost falling down.

Fortunately the doctor caught him just in time and helped him lie back down.

The quilt was lifted and a nurse put the patches back on his body. The oxygen tube was reinserted into his nose, the thermometer clamped back into his armpit, followed by a sting on the back of his left hand, where a nurse attached his IV.

Ye Wenxuan’s breathing finally evened out. He looked around and didn’t see anyone he knew.

His doctor seemed to know what he was thinking. He leaned down to his ear and whispered: “This is the battlefield hospital opened by the Chinese. Your comrades are in the beds next to you, please rest assured that you are safe.”

As he spoke, he let the nurses step aside and pull open the curtains beside the bed to reveal the beds next to him.

Ye Wenxuan was running out of the strength to even move a finger. He turned his neck slightly, looking along the direction the doctor was pointing.

Yu Wei was lying on the bed nearest him. He wasn’t moving at all, and didn’t seem to have woken up yet.

He couldn’t really see the bed beyond that. Ye Wenxuan’s lips moved, and whispered: “Xing…Xing Yuan…?”

The doctor seemed to not have a good opinion of Xing Yuan, saying drily: “He insists on not staying in bed, and right now he should have followed the nurse to get you some liquid food.”

Liquid food?

Ye Wenxuan’s consciousness was muddled. Hearing him say that Xing Yuan and Yu Wei were all right, he finally felt relieved.

The sleepiness hit him again. Ye Wenxuan gently lifted the corners of his mouth and then closed his eyes, falling back asleep.

## when xiao shou’s power isn’t enough ##

Xing Yuan: “Don’t you use love to generate electricity, how do you not have electricity anymore.”

Ye Wenxuan: “Not enough love.”

Xing Yuan picked him up and kissed him for half an hour.

Ye Wenxuan kicked him flying: “Enough! It’s full! Any more and it’s going to leak out!”

[the little theaters are fake!!!]

Translator Notes:

[1] clone – 改造人, this has a lot of meanings. one of the most direct ones is cyborg or remodel. this will be explained later, but the boy was basically a clone.

Random Notes:

About an hour: 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm, for 4.4k characters to 2.6k words.

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