100kV Chapter 71

Chapter 71
Rescue Mission
Midair Interception and Return

When the private jet took off, Xing Yuan sat down next to Ye Wenxuan, held his hand, and joked: “If this plane falls down too, I may never want to take this kind of transportation again.”

Ye Wenxuan smiled coldly: “Quickly shut your mouth before you jinx us.”

Half an hour later, the plane entered the stratosphere. The onboard broadcast suddenly sounded, and the pilot announced with a steady voice: “Attention all passengers on board, there are UFOs approaching us. Warning signals were ignored, they are very likely to be hostile.”

“There will be turbulence later. Passengers, please pay attention to your safety. We will take tactical actions to avoid conflict.”

Because this wasn’t a fighter jet, there were no weapons or ammunition. The pilot could only avoid threats from the other side as much as possible.

The plane was full of special forces soldiers on mission, and after hearing the radio announcement, they immediately cooperated. Ye Wenxuan saw them trying to secure Yu Wei in a secure position. Thinking a bit, he began to unfasten his seat belt.

Xing Yuan saw him from the corner of his eye and immediately guessed what he was going to do: “You were just able to take a couple steps, can you handle this?”

“No problem, I’m just going to take a look at the situation first.” Ye Wenxuan stood up and pinched Xing Yuan’s chin: “Such a jinxing mouth.”

Xing Yuan glanced at him: “If you want me to kiss you right here, please continue to provoke me.”

Ye Wenxuan immediately removed his hands.

He went to find the captain on the plane and explained his intentions. This captain knew his ability and brought him into the cockpit, letting him first exchange positions with the deputy pilot.

Through the early warning radar display, he could see the pursuers behind the aircraft. They were scattered to the left and right behind the plane, and weren’t very close. Ye Wenxuan clarified the positions and said: “Can you determine what they are? They don’t look like birds, are they another country’s surveillance aircraft?”

The captain responded: “We sent them a signal asking, but the other side didn’t have any response and also didn’t attack. So we initially believed that it was most likely for them to be another country’s surveillance aircraft. If they really are fighter planes, we can only try to find a safe location to force a landing.”

Ye Wenxuan looked at the radar display for a moment, then stood up: “I understand. You can keep flying, it’ll be all right.” After that, he added: “If you see something strange in a moment, don’t panic. Just follow the route and fly.”

Before he left the cockpit, he said to the captain: “I’ll keep the plane safe.”

The captain nodded: “It’ll be hard on you.”

Walking back, Ye Wenxuan sat back down next to Xing Yuan.

He leaned sideways onto Xing Yuan’s shoulder, his eyes squinting slightly. He reached a hand into the other person’s coat pocket and took out a pen.

“You actually didn’t lose it.” He spun the pen, placed the tip against the window of the plane, and tapped it lightly.

Outside the window, some small electricity currents formed out of thin air. They were inconspicuous, and remained a distance away from the plane so that it wouldn’t interfere with the plane.

The conditions in the stratosphere wasn’t very conducive to forming lightning. Ye Wenxuan looked out of the window, tapping the tip of the pen against the window. He gradually felt like it was getting arduous.

“It seems that during this period, I will need to control the usage of my ability.” He thought calmly: “Maybe I can just change my method…”

The pen hung in the air, spinning.

At this time, a number of the stealth surveillance aircraft flying behind the Chinese plane began to have the same problem.

“Number one, number one…zi zi…hello, can you hear me…zi zi…”

“Zi…zi zi…”

“Damn it, what’s going on!” The pilot in the plane looked at the dial and display in front of him, the expression on his face growing increasingly panicked: “Number two, can you hear me? Number three…”

An electric spark suddenly flashed out of the control module, and the pilot’s finger on the button was immediately electrocuted. He yelled and panicked, the plane starting to lose control.

“Calling HQ, plane number five has abnormal malfunctions! Requesting support! Requesting…ahhhh…”

The pilot watched “number three” falling headfirst from the sky, as if all of its power had been exhausted or its system had failed. Next to him, “number one” and “number four” also tilted and slowly fell.

Suddenly, a heavy object hit the left side of his plane. While getting bumped, the pilot saw “number two” scraping past him, falling out of the sky.

Finally, the number five plane he was in also flipped over and began to lose control.

“Oh…oh my god…I can’t believe that this is real…”

Cold sweat covered the flight suit. The pilot quickly switched to manual mode, and the device under his seat instantly ejected him out of the cabin. His parachute opened, and through his helmet, the pilot watched the number five surveillance aircraft careen out of the control, soon disappearing into the clouds.

In the air below him, his comrades also chose to abandon their aircraft and escape, five parachutes slowly falling down.

By the time they looked up again, their target had already flown out of sight and disappeared in the sky.

The pilots were left with cold sweat covering their backs. Later, hearing the huge explosion from their aircrafts falling below, they shuddered one by one.

In the Chinese plane, Ye Wenxuan played with the pen for a few minutes, and then placed it back into Xing Yuan’s coat pocket, smiling: “I still think that holding a symbol and then using abilities is still more cool, isn’t it?”

Xing Yuan looked down at him: “When we get back we’ll give you a good pen.”

Ye Wenxuan continued: “When I get back I’ll go on X Bao and buy a mask. Later when I pretend to be the lightning god I’ll wear the mask and hold up a pen, shouting ‘Demacia!’ Then when the enemy wants to laugh at me for being intellectually disabled, a lightning strike will decimate him into slag.” Speaking to here, he couldn’t help but sigh: “Ah, that scene must be amazing.”

Xing Yuan saw his passionate expression and swallowed the “more like delusional” evaluation back into his mouth.

Whatever. In any case the bodies and minds being affected were of their enemies.


On April 2nd, at 4:15 pm, the plane arrived at the Chinese capital airport.

Immediately after disembarking, Yu Wei was pushed into an ambulance by several medical staff and secretly taken to the nearest hospital. There, several well-known domestic medical experts had gathered in a conference room to wait for the wounded. Once Yu Wei arrived at the hospital, they could begin surgery immediately.

On the other end, Zheng Xingguo brought four team members to receive Ye Wenxuan and Xing Yuan. They left from the special channel and entered the city in two separate cars.

Ye Wenxuan sat in one car with three of his colleagues. Zheng Xingguo said a few words to him, then he sat down in the car with Xing Yuan. Presumably they had a lot of things they had to discuss in detail.

One of the four team members who came to pick them up was an acquaintance, and Ye Wenxuan hadn’t met the other two. As they slowly made their way out of the airport, they chatted with each other, the atmosphere relaxing significantly.

The driver was Zhong Lei, who Ye Wenxuan was familiar with before. They hadn’t seen each other for over a month, but this guy hadn’t changed much. Pointing to the other two, Zhong Lei introduced them to Ye Wenxuan: “The person sitting shotgun here is He Shun, and next to you is Cao Liyan. Both of them are part of the hidden investigation team. You are all young and should have some common conversation topics.”

He Shun turned and smiled: “Hello brother Ye, I have long heard your big name.”

Ye Wenxuan waved his hands: “I’m only a new person, don’t say that.”

He Shun also waved his hand: “I’m also a new person. I only entered the team two months earlier than brother Ye.”

He Shun’s appearance had nothing out of the ordinary, and he was also short. He belonged to the type that you would forget after looking at him. Ye Wenxuan was pretty curious about what he did before, and He Shun showed him the camera hanging on his chest: “I was a part-time tabloid reporter. Sometimes I would chase after celebrity gossip, so I’m used to bringing my equipment everywhere I go. He he he…”

Ye wenxuan: “…” He turned out to actually be paparazzi, my bad my bad.

The person sitting next to him was much more handsome and elegant.

Cao Liyan was the type that easily got familiar with anyone. After chatting a bit he slung an arm around his shoulder, saying: “Brother Ye joined the team while I was abroad. This time it wasn’t easy to have a chance to pick you up from the plane, I asked the deputy director for two days for this!”

Ye Wenxuan moved to the side a bit, blocking his hand: “Sorry, my left shoulder is injured. When my wound heals, we can even have a bear hug.”

Cao Liyan immediately retracted his hand: “Ah, sorry sorry, habit.”

Ye Wenxuan smiled: “It’s alright, I also like being lively.”

After casually chatting for a bit, Ye Wenxuan pretended to unintentionally probe these colleagues. He had been in England the whole time and then went to South Sudan. The whole time, the Special Affairs Department had been doing a major clean-up operation, and he didn’t know what the situation was.

But back at the airport he saw Zheng Xingguo’s expression. He didn’t have anything abnormal, just a calm appearance, a far cry from the fatigue from their previous video call.

As he thought he looked out the window. This road was heading to the Special Affairs Department. It was past four in the afternoon, with relatively few cars on the road, but when they entered the fourth ring they were still blocked on the road.

Zheng Xingguo and Xing Yuan were in the car in front of them. The four of them were idle, so they just chatted and gossiped with each other, and sometimes would talk about serious matters.

For example, the family of the Xing president sitting in the car in front of them.

“It seemed like around the 16th, social media sites began to show rumors of the local small officials’ corruption and bribery. There wasn’t any real evidence, all conspiracies. Then after a couple days, several official Weibo accounts published the explosive news that Xing Jianming was transferring assets, and the Xing group lost 60 billion.” Zhong Lei shook open a cigarette box and offered it to the other three: “Smoke?”

The three young people shook their heads simultaneously. Zhong Lei shook one out, and He Shun took out a lighter from the storage box, helping him light his cigarette.

Zhong Lei: “Thanks.”

Cao Liyan: “Aiya, you don’t say, this set of actions was done very skillfully.”

He Shun laughed with a ‘hehe’: “Practice makes perfect.”

Ye Wenxuan gripped his seat: “Keep talking, don’t stop.”

Here only he didn’t know much about this matter. Zhong Lei obliged and continued: “These were all still just rumors, there was no evidence. The wording was very ambiguous, and they were removed by Xing Jianming’s team. The two sides engaged in a tug-of-war for a week, and every day the hot search list was filled with the gossip about the Xing group. The Xing group’s stock price fluctuated wildly, and the shareholders almost got heart attacks.”

“And that’s when our special affairs department carried out a massive clean-up operation.” Zhong Lei glanced at the backseat: “Part of our hidden personnel name list was exposed, and some of the programs for the special affairs departments’ important operations were leaked. You know a bit about this.”

Ye Wenxuan nodded: “Yes, I heard that many colleagues were attacked.”

Zhong Lei gave an “en”: “Over thirty of them were attacked. Most of them were hidden in positions close to the government agency officials, probing the big political tigers. But they were also the first batch of people to encounter an accident.”

Ye Wenxuan unconsciously sat up straight: “You mean…there’s someone up there…”

He turned to look at Cao Liyan. The other person’s face was also very serious. Seeing him looking over, he nodded slightly.

“In a week, the Special Affairs Department closed its doors and cracked down on moles, and a group of leakers came out.” Zhong Lei sneered coldly: “All of the departments had them, and our department also had one. Ding Yiqiao.”

“Ding…something qiao?” Ye Wenxuan had no impression of this person: “Who is this ah, I haven’t seen them before ba.”

“You’ve seen them.” Zhong Lei was a little helpless: “In the same office as Shaoyuan. Our department’s clerk, the girl who wore long skirts all the time.”

His impression of Li Shaoyuan was quite deep. He was the one who contacted him before joining the Special Affairs Department, that weak boy who had come to personally receive him.

But for that girl, Ye Wenxuan really had no impression of her. He smiled awkwardly: “I really don’t remember.”

From the passenger seat, He Shun gave him a thumbs up: “That Ding Yiqiao looks very pretty ah, brother Ye you must have high aesthetic standards. Elder sister-in-law must be a super beauty.”

Ye Wenxuan vaguely gave a couple words in agreement. In his heart, he said, whether or not your Ye sister-in-law is a super beauty isn’t certain, but it is very likely to be a super handsome guy.

However, based on He Shun’s special side identity, he decided not to reveal to them for the time being his unclear relationship with Xing Yuan.

After all, nothing had even begun to take shape yet.

Zhong Lei added: “Starting on the 25th, a lot of the political tigers were caught. The Xing group was thoroughly investigated, and because the evidence was conclusive, the trial led out a lot of people. Corruption, bribery, murder, arson, everything happened. My friend works in public security. Those days he was so busy his feet barely touched the ground, and he lost a dozen pounds.”

The “conclusive evidence” he was talking about, Ye Wenxuan guessed that it should be the information that Xing Yuan sent back when he was in England.

“What about after? What step are they on now?”

Zhong Lei was busy puffing out smoke. Cao Liyan took over: “They pulled out more and more people, and finally they tracked down the core. They…pulled out the biggest tiger.” As he spoke, he raised his index finger and pointed at his head: “Ge big tiger.”

“…” Ye Wenxuan blinked, holding his breath: “A big one, last name Ge…it wouldn’t be the one I’m thinking…”

Cao Liyan snapped his fingers: “Think in the direction of the one with the biggest identity. It’s that one.”

Ye Wenxuan: “…Fuck, Ge Zhengqing?!”

He Shun: “Bingo!”

Ge Zhengqing held a high-profile position in China. He had a military background and assumed a key position in the Military Commission, but he was low key, and every time he appeared in public, his words and deeds were very upright. It was also because of this that even though Ge Zhengqing was already almost 60 years old he still had many fans and was very popular.

As soon as he heard that it was this big man, Ye Wenxuan’s jaw dropped: “This…does this count as failing to protect your integrity even in old age?”

Zhong Lei rolled down the window and threw out his cigarette butt, scoffing: “This is God opening his eyes and revealing his true self.”

## i’m a little theater birthed from the poison of readers’ comments ##

Ye Wenxuan shopping on X Bao: “I want to buy a mask that fits my noble identity!”

After looking through for half a day, he finally decided on the most suitable one.

Two days later, Ye Wenxuan and Xing Yuan’s packages arrived together.

Ye Wenxuan took out the Pikachu mask: “Ah ha, perfect! Lao Xing ah, what did you buy?”

Xing Yuan silently put away the Poké ball he bought, smiling silently.

Translator Notes:

[1] big political tigers – 政界大老虎, i think this just means the top leaders??
[2] nothing had even – 八字也没一撇, idiom, the first stroke of the word 八 (eight) hadn’t even been written yet, a commonly used idiom

Random Notes:

Over an hour: 1:15 pm – 2:30 pm, for 4.2k characters to 2.7k words.

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