100kV Chapter 27

Chapter 27
Going to London

The group of people mixed into the crowd of students and rushed into the lecture building, climbing all the way to the third floor. On their way up there were fewer and fewer people. Li Fei looked for an open office, sticking his head in, it was empty.

This office was not large, approximately only around 10 square meters in size. The room was quite disorganized, with filing cabinets lining both walls, a desk in the middle, and a half-open window behind it. The owner of the office must have forgotten to close it when he left the room.

“Let’s first hide in here, Haoying, close the door.” Li Fei leaned against the window, carefully looking outside: “In such a large place, if they want to find a few people, I think that they shouldn’t have that kind of skill. Damn it, those Flying Wolves were too vicious this time.”

Liang Haoying closed the door and affixed his ear to the door to listen to the footsteps rapidly running in the corridor. Someone pulled hard at the door handle of the office they were hiding in, but failed to open the door even after trying several times. So they could only continue running, out of breath.

After he made sure that no one was outside the door, Liang Haoying finally said: “Stay away from the windows and door, find a secluded corner to squat, and speak as quietly as you can.”

Duan Er looked at him disdainfully, whispering: “What kind of trash rules are those, as if there’s an idiot who wouldn’t know them.”

Ye Wenxuan glanced at him and consciously found a place far away from him to sit down.

No one had any objections. Liang Haoying and Duan Er stayed by the door, Xing Yuan leaned against the wall beside the window, and Cherno stood a few steps away from him.

Everyone else either sat down underneath the wood desk or crouched down by the cabinets, calming their unsteady breathing while trying to reduce their sense of presence.

Ruan Yushan just crouched down and then took the opportunity to ask: “Can I make a phone call and ask about the staff’s situation?”

“I suggest that you best do not.” Li Fei looked at her: “If they are really in a critical situation or have already gone into hiding, your phone call may even hurt them.”

Outside the gunfire sounds were getting quieter. Ruan Yushan tightened her lips and turned to look at Xing Yuan: “Xing boss, are we really not going to care about them.”

Xing Yuan was leaning against the wall with his arms folded. He took back his gaze from Ye Wenxuan and faintly said: “If I am not around them, presumably those people will be safer.”

Ruan Yushan was choked into silence, she looked at her phone and finally let out a breath: “I understand.”

Zhang Qingxue crouched next to her, looking around the room, she rubbed her chest: “Xing boss…are we safe here?”

No one paid attention to her words. The crowd of people looked at each other, and Li Fei said: “Boss, there’s no more gunfire out there.”

Ye Wenxuan whispered: “There seems to be no one in the hallway.”

Liang Haoying knocked on the ground and then pressed his hand on the doorknob: “I’ll go out and take a look.”

Duan Er immediately said: “I’ll also go.”

Xing Yuan: “Be careful.”

Ye Wenxuan watched those two bodyguards leave the room one after another. He pulled his phone out of his pocket and opened it to take a look.

10:40 am.

The attack took place during Xing Yuan’s speech, and now more than 20 minutes had passed since then.

He felt a sense of foreboding in his mind, and always felt that today’s terrorist attacks wouldn’t end so simply.

Just as he was thinking about this, his phone suddenly vibrated twice.

Ye Wenxuan subconsciously looked down and found that it was a text message.

[To Mr. Mage: The Brotherhood has already sent a mole, the school is not safe, the target’s location has been exposed, be careful of moles nearby. Find the chance to go to the small door in the northwest corner of campus, and find a milk truck. Finally, a reminder to not use your abilities on a large scale. Please remember. ——Cannibal Flower.]

Ye Wenxuan’s heart thundered a bit.

Zhang Qingxue, who was originally crouching next to the filing cabinets, leaned over: “Brother Ye, what are you looking at?”

Her face had a faint blush, moving closer to Ye Wenxuan, she softly said: “I didn’t even know, originally brother Ye you’re actually so handsome, why have you been wearing glasses ah.”

“Ah…it seems like they were knocked off earlier, and I didn’t notice.” Ye Wenxuan swiped with a finger and opened a news page: “I just looked at the news, news about the British university terrorist attack has already come out.”

Zhang Qingxue delicately “ah”d and then ran to the corner and tearfully said to Xing Yuan: “Xing boss, I’m so scared ah…”

Ye Wenxuan: “…” This sister, is your expression of fear just taking that big chest of yours and constantly rubbing against other people.

He expressed his admiration while quickly deleting the text message.

Xing Yuan simply ignored the female assistant next to him. Watching Ye Wenxuan’s movements, he suddenly said: “What did the report say.”

Ye Wenxuan froze for a second: “Ah?”

Xing Yuan patiently continued: “The news about the university terrorist attack.”

“Well, they just said that there was a terrorist attack at the Westminister University, and that police were engaged in a shootout with the culprits.” Ye Wenxuan kept on feeling like Xing Yuan looked at him too long. He was alert, but still pretended to be ignorant: “The news didn’t say that you came to give a speech, I guess that they had deliberately concealed it.”

Xing Yuan nodded and didn’t ask again.

The narrow office fell back into silence.

Li Fei suddenly said: “Boss, I think that the current situation is not very good.”

Xing Yuan pushed Zhang Qingxue away: “It’s too quiet here.”

Zhang Qingxue leaned back again: “Xing boss, I’m afraid…”

Ye Wenxuan’s mouth twitched.

He silently observed the people in the room. Ruling out Xing Yuan, there were still two bodyguards and two assistants.

Li Fei had been brought over by Xing Yuan from the country, his work experience was very rich. Before Cherno came, he was basically the captain of the bodyguard team. Xing Yuan’s security during this trip were mostly organized and arranged by him.

The other bodyguard, Cherno, suddenly appeared next to Xing Yuan on the second day they came to Britain. His skills were extraordinary, and his relationship with Xing Yuan didn’t seem as simple as just employment. Just from his observation yesterday, Cherno called Xing Yuan “master”, and when the two people spoke, he would humbly call himself “servant”. His loyalty seemed very high.

As for the other two bodyguards who had gone outside, he hadn’t had close contact with Liang Haoying, and only knew that he was a very taciturn man. However, when he observed from afar using his photographer identity, he would always feel as though Liang Haoying seemed slightly familiar.

Ye Wenxuan thought for a long time and finally discovered that Liang Haoying was that one bodyguard Xing Yuan had brought with him to the Red Rose Clubhouse last time he had followed him.

As for Duan Er, that guy had a bad temper and was prone to speaking out against people. He was a very explosive and temperamental person, and always liked showing off his abilities.

Ye Wenxuan added tags to each of them mentally, and then looked at the remaining two assistants.

Ruan Yushan crouched by herself next to the filing cabinets. She kept looking at her phone, and earlier she wanted to call some of the colleagues, but of course was already stopped by Li Fei. At this time, Ruan Yushan seemed very anxious, her face was pale, and obviously was not in a great mood.

And the other one, Ye Wenxuan just felt that she was really awesome.

Zhang Qingxue leaned against the wall, directly taking that E cup chest to rub against Xing Yuan, while weakly saying: “Xing boss, people have an idea, so that we can hide from those bad guys.”

Xing Yuan casually responded: “Oh?”

“Those bad guys seem to be coming for us.” Zhang Qingxue leaned closer and whispered: “We can change into student uniforms, dress as college students and mix into the crowd. With so many people, they will definitely not be able to find us, so that we can mix in and then run out.”

Xing Yuan moved away a bit and finally charitably glanced at her.

“And ah, with big brother Li and the rest covering for us, we can also pretend to be a campus couple, those bad guys would definitely not think of it.” This assistant’s pretty face flushed, sticking closer to Xing Yuan’s broad shoulder: “Xing boss, okay?”

Ye Wenxuan: “…”

That’s suspicious!

No matter whether it’s this silly girl’s suggestion or her motives, it’s all too suspicious ah!

Earlier he had heard those colleagues chatting and said that this woman had already been working for over a year in the Xing group and had once stated her grand ambition of becoming the young lady of the Xing family. From then on she would use every method possible to get close to Xing Yuan, a simply vixen-like existence.

At that time he had shrugged it off, and now it seemed, she was really such a character.

He felt that even if Xing Yuan could avoid the Flying Wolf’s terrorist attack, he still had to suffer from Zhang Qingxue’s spiritual attacks, his life was truly really dismal.

Ye Wenxuan thought expressionlessly, while deeply admiring Xing boss’s ability to maintain his indifferent expression.

If other people were the president, they wouldn’t be able to endure.

He looked at the expression of Li Fei on the other side of the room. His face also showed a complicated expression, it could be seen that it was not only him feeling this way.

Li Fei was just about to say something when Cherno suddenly spoke: “Downstairs, someone, looking here.”

Everyone froze. Xing Yuan pushed Zhang Qingxue away and looked outside carefully: “Exposed.”

Cherno: “He’s holding a weapon.”

Li Fei looked carefully from the other side of the window, and then his body jerked and his face instantly became ugly: “Damn, that’s an RPG rocket launcher!”

Li Fei turned and yelled: “Get away from the window! Quickly run!”

Cherno didn’t need his reminder, he already grabbed Xing Yuan’s left arm and pushed him away from the window. The latter’s reaction was not slow, at the same time as Li Fei’s shout, he immediately pushed Zhang Qingxue toward the door, and he also followed Cherno’s push and quickly pounced over!

“Everyone go go go!” Li Fei moved the fastest. He opened the door, carefully observed the situation in the hallway. He pulled out a gun and whispered quickly: “The situation outside the building is unclear, first go to the second floor, if it’s really bad you can still jump out of the window and escape! Women take off their high heels, move a little faster!”

Ye Wenxuan followed behind Xing Yuan and Cherno. His lips slightly moved but he hadn’t spoken when suddenly a loud bang came from behind him, a rocket drilled into the wall, and instantly exploded!

## I have a special way to escape ##

Xing Yuan pulled Ye Wenxuan to hide in a small dark room.

Xing Yuan: “I have an idea on how to get rid of them.”

Ye Wenxuan: “Say it.”

Xing Yuan: “We will change into school uniforms.”

Ye Wenxuan: “En.”

Xing Yuan: “Pretend to be a couple.”

Ye Wenxuan: “?”

Xing Yuan: “When we’re found, then we’ll just kiss on the street.”

Ye Wenxuan: “…”

Xing Yuan: “Those single dogs will automatically retreat.”

Ye Wenxuan: “…Who gave you this idea?”

Xing Yuan with a justified expression: “My assistant ah.”

Ye Wenxuan kicking Xing Yuan flying: “Then go find your assistant, thank you, I will not send you.”

Translator Notes:

[1] sent a mole – 由明转暗, I’m assuming that this means there’s a traitor, 明 is like bright side, turning into 暗 the dark side, so someone has gone rogue
[2] express his admiration – 叹为观止, idiom, means to gasp in amazement, acclaim
[3] use every method possible – 见缝插针, idiom, literally means to see a gap and stick in a needle, to make use of every second and every inch

Random Notes:

Around one hour: 10:30 am to 11:30 am, for 3.2k characters to 2.1k words. Apologies for missing a chapter last week, I was on a tight schedule and unfortunately didn’t have time to translate for 100kV that week. Recently I should be able to build up some chapters though, so hoping for the best!

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