100kV Chapter 26

Chapter 27
Going to London

Cherno picked up the massive console and smashed it down in front of the two people. He used the huge piece of equipment to block the other person’s line of sight, observing from the side while whispering: “In the building across he way, there is a sniper.”

Ye Wenxuan almost started swearing from the pain in his back: F*k, do they need to be so vicious? The bombers and snipers all came, just for one Xing Yuan?!

He was just scolding the flying wolves in his heart when the person on top of him slowly said: “Ye Wenxuan, let me ask you something.”

Ye Wenxuan casually: “Ah?”

“If you hadn’t pounced on me, that bullet might now be in my brain.” Xing Yuan was still pressing down on him, leaning down and staring into his eyes: “How did you know that a bullet would fly over?”

Ye Wenxuan blinked and immediately came back to his senses.

That’s right, for the average person, don’t mention coming over to save people, they wouldn’t even be able to feel that kind of creepy sense of crisis just now. A young photographer who had never touched a gun before, why would he just happen to be able to help Xing Yuan avoid a bullet?

Ye Wenxuan’s mouth twitched, he looked up to see the examination in Xing Yuan’s blue eyes, involuntarily coughing: “Xing boss, I was just…actually too scared, I…wanted to find someone to soothe my wounded heart…”

Xing Yuan: “Oh?”

Ye Wenxuan: “That…big brother next to me didn’t look like a good person, and you were also very close to me so…” He explained with great embarrassment: “Xing boss, I also want some face, just forget about it…”

He didn’t know whether or not Xing Yuan accepted this reason, Xing Yuan just thoughtfully stared at him for a long time.

With gunfire and explosions behind him.

This was really not a good time to interrogate him, and Xing Yuan knew his priorities, so he didn’t say anything else. He just bent his knees and stood up, no longer pressing down on Ye Wenxuan’s body.

Ye Wenxuan was still very invested in his act, he was helped up by the bodyguard, with an expression full of embarrassment and fear. Then he was thrown to the side, and hurriedly shrunk by himself in a nondescript corner.

His trembling appearance was not as strong as the anxiously pacing Ruan Yushan, and not as prominent as Zhang Qingxue who always wanted to entangle Xing Yuan, so no one noticed him.

On the other side, Li Fei quickly communicated with the security guard and returned to the group: “Boss, we can’t stay here too long, let’s go.”

Xing Yuan nodded: “I will be counting on you.” After he spoke, he paused and pointed behind him: “Trouble you to take them with you.”

Referring to his two assistants and one photographer.

Ye Wenxuan rubbed his forehead: I’ll consider you as having a bit of conscience.

There was the bang of a gunshot, and one of the security guards was hit by a bullet, falling to the ground with a scream, and then was dragged back behind the console by his companion.

Zhang Qingxue jerked back, covering her face and screaming.

Li Fei said in a low voice: “Go!”

The group immediately drilled into the chaotic crowd, Li Fei bringing Ruan Yushan, Liang Haoying protecting Zhang Qingxue. The bodyguard dragging Ye Wenxuan along was called Duan Er, even though he was handsome, his face was ferocious.

Cherno followed by Xing Yuan’s side, occasionally firing a shot into the crowd.

Ye Wenxuan ran while saying: “If he does this, he’ll hit the students!”

Cherno passed by him and responded: “Won’t.”

Just taking a few steps, the four pairs were swept away and scattered in the crowd.

Ye Wenxuan grabbed Duan Er: “Where’s Xing Yuan, let’s stay close.”

This bodyguard escorting him seemed to be very impatient, he tutted and just pulled him forward to run. Ye Wenxuan was helpless, looking around in a circle, he finally found the target again.

Xing Yuan ran to his left in front of him. That creepy sense of crisis again struck his heart, and Ye Wenxuan hurriedly looked around.

In just a few seconds, he really found a young man only five to six meters away from Xing Yuan. This person was not panicked like the rest of the crowd, he pulled out a hand from inside his coat, a black handgun in his hand.

Ye Wenxuan didn’t even have time to think, pulling down an object from his waistband and smashing it over there!

Electricity wrapped around that object, making contact with the attacker in half a second, and then made him foam at the mouth in another half a second. The handgun fell to the ground, and the person also fell unconscious.

Ye Wenxuan finally let out a breath. He finally had the time to look toward his waist, and found that he had thrown the DSLR lens hanging on his waistband.

Ye Wenxuan: “…” That thing was super expensive ah ah! Xing Yuan you compensate me!

He didn’t see that Xing Yuan, who was walking fast in front of him, suddenly turned back and cast a deep gaze toward him.


University of Westminister, Westminister, England, 10:20 AM

Terrified crowds fled wildly across the school campus. They realized that there were several gunmen hiding amongst them, and all screamed for a safe room or a uniformed police officer.

The police officers were also just as pressured.

This was not a simple school shooting incident. The other side not only had guns, but even arranged snipers and hidden explosives, the entire process was very organized and disciplined.

There were no crazy shots, no clear hostages, no police negotiations. The terrorists all remained silent, only speaking with their guns.

Yes, the police had already realized that this was a vicious group of terrorists.

“These sons of bitches!” A policeman put down his loudspeaker, throwing his hat on the ground hard: “They definitely can’t have no motive, today is the day of the school speech, they were deliberate!”

The sheriff behind him pushed up his glasses and deeply muttered: “The guest of today’s speech is Xing Yuan, their purpose is definitely him.”

“If they’re just trying to scare him, they won’t make such a fuss. Catching him alive, or killing him, there’s only those two possibilities.” The sheriff continued: “It seems that they might be trying to kill him.”

With that, he removed his walkie-talkie and pressed the call button: “All team members attention, the terrorists’ target is most likely the Chinese Xing Yuan, protect him, do not let him fall into the hands of the terrorists.”

“Yes, sir!”

On the other side, the campus of the University of Westminister was still like a human purgatory.

In the endless sounds of gunfire, a garbage can in the northeast corner of the library was detonated. The loud explosion caused the crowd to freeze, and then start a new round of frenzied escaping.

The explosion blew the trash can far away, Ye Wenxuan heard it from afar, his steps involuntarily slowing down a bit.

Those shrill screams seemed to be chasing right behind him, prepared to grab him by the ankle whenever he was distracted.

“Are they out of their mind?!” He glanced back, just to see someone blown away by the shock wave. Some fell to the ground in pain, and he couldn’t resist shouting: “What do these bastards want to do? They are slaughtering students!”

Duan Er yanked at him: “So what, are you going to go back to be a hero and save them?” He glanced at him and mocked: “Just you, do you have the power?”

He knew that this bodyguard was just being sarcastic and telling him to calm down and not meddle. Ye Wenxuan frowned and shook off his hand: “I will run by myself, I don’t need you to drag me.”

Duan Er whispered a warning: “Don’t cause trouble for lao zi, just with your weak flesh, when you run back other people will blow up your skull with a single shot.”

Ye Wenxuan coldly said: “Roll.”

Duan Er didn’t want to pay attention to him, but because of Xing Yuan’s orders, he showed an expression bemoaning his bad luck, and still firmly grasped Ye Wenxuan’s arm, dragging him forward.

Ye Wenxuan no longer argued with him.

In his heart, he silently said: I can go and save them.

If it weren’t because he needed to follow Xing Yuan…

He yanked off his glasses and raised his head, taking a deep breath. At the same time as a second explosion, he lowered a ray of thunder from the sky toward a certain spot behind him.


The lightning, like a furious dragon, growled from the sky. After reaching the ground, it flew forward more than 10 meters, exploding into a blinding light.

It was only when the light grew darker that the people took their hands off their eyes.

At the place where the lightning had previously passed through, several men armed with machine guns fell to the ground. The men were blackened and motionless, and a moment later armed police approached to check, and found that the men were dead.

“This…” The policeman was stunned: “All…they’re all electrocuted to death…”

In the months and even years since then, when people in Westminister mentioned this terrorist attack, they would all first talk about the terrible thunder that fell in front of the University of Westminister library.

There was some drizzle that day, the sky was gloomy, as if God knew the vicious battle that was about to take place here, and shed a few tears of sorrow for the dead innocent.

More than ten unknown terrorists hid in the crowd, launching a terrorist attack on a university speech day. They silently shot civilians, exploded bombs, engaged in a shootout with the police, and constantly incited panic.

Until a ray of lightning fell out of thin air.

Witnesses recalled that after the lightning reached the ground it was like a snake, quickly traversing more than 10 meters. It had bypassed the students and professors, killed five or six hidden murderers, before gradually disappearing.

Before that, Westminister had never seen such a spectacular lightning bolt, and no one had ever been killed by lighting.

“This was the wrath from Heaven.” Some people insisted: “Their actions angered God, so He lowered the lightning as punishment!”

The lightning deterred the terrorists and destroyed their morale.

Many of those villains were Islamic, and their worship of miracles was even more intense than those of many missionaries. Because of the appearance of the lightning, those people fought with the policemen for another half an hour and then retreated from the campus.

As a result, all of the citizens of the city of Westminister believed in the “wrath of Heaven.”

And now, as the creator of the lightning, Ye Wenxuan only tightened his lips and didn’t turn back when the lightning fell.

He shoved the stunned Duan Er aside, dodged the petrified crowd, and kept back up with the Xing Yuan in front of him.

“I can save them.” Ye Wenxuan silently said in his heart. “Even if I am trapped with Xing Yuan’s task, I can still save them.”

If he only thought about finishing his task, and then just watched other people die, what would be the point of him joining the Special Affairs Department’s counterterrorism action group?

There would be no point!

## Ye (Zhang Jue) Wenxuan ##

Ye Wenxuan held two fingers together, and pointed them high toward the sky: “Lightning——God——assist——me——!”

Wind suddenly howled, a bolt of lightning struck down from the sky!

Flying wolf abcde: “Ah!”

Ye Wenxuan successfully received five drops of blood from the other side, completing his five kill super god.

Translator Notes:

[1] pressured – 焦头烂额, idiom, literally means badly burned about the head (from trying to put out a fire), or under heavy pressure
[2] bastard – 变态, in slang this actually means perverts but sounds kind of out of context here
[3] Zhang Jue – 张角, a rebellion leader in Chinese history, but also a character in video games, likely Dynasty Warriors or something. this reference actually appears quite a lot in the novel, but i never really understood it. there’s probably some character in the game that can summon lightning.

Random Notes:

About one hour: 9 am – 10 am, for 3.2k characters to 2.1k words. As in the T/N for the little theater, YWX seems to be really into roleplaying as this character or another character. I’m assuming that it’s some sort of video game character, but my translations might not be entirely accurate for it.

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