100kV Chapter 28

Chapter 28
Going to London


The entire office distorted and shattered, an invisible shock wave rushed forward. Ye Wenxuan didn’t even have time to let out a cry of pain when he had already been hit flying, right into the back of the man in front of him.

A sharp pain came from his nose.

Screams of women and curses of men sounded in his ears, and it seemed as if he could hear someone far in the distance whistling and laughing.

The second rocket came flying over!

It passed through the already destroyed wall, broke through the smoke, arrogantly roared, and thus smashed over toward the target with great fanfare.

Suddenly, an electric grid appeared out of thin air, intercepting this big arrogant fellow right in the middle!


The rocket was still unwillingly rotating at a very high speed. The bright blue electricity strands tightly locked it in place, as if it were a gradually tightening fishing net, making sure to kill off the prey in its net.

No one could see this wrestling match in the heavy smoke. The mysterious electric grid only appeared for five seconds, and just like when it had appeared, suddenly disappeared.

That rocket had been greatly weakened by that ghostly “enemy.” It tipped over, hit the ground, and then once again exploded on the already messed up staircase.

It’s just that the man holding the RPG rocket launcher outside the building let out a light cry of surprise, as if the result of this shell was very unexpected.

“Eh, that’s not quite right.” He stood up from the ground, hoisted his weapon to his shoulder, and muttered to himself: “Didn’t kill anyone? That’s really a big shame.”

However, the power of these two rockets was actually extremely great.

This lecture building originally had six floors, and was at least 30 meters long. At this time the south-facing wall of the fourth floor was the focus of the shells, the rocket explosions had created a huge hole. After the detonation, those burning red flames were fueled by the wind, and soon started a huge fire.

The walls collapsed, the fire spread, and smoke poured into every corner of the building. This was a horrible misfortune for everyone trying to seek asylum in the lecture building.

Within moments, howls and cries could be heard from even dozens of meters away.

In this huge fire, some people ran out in a panic, and some people casually strolled further inside.

Saying that it was a human purgatory, would not be an exaggeration.


A burst of pain stung his nose, and Ye Wenxuan jerked his eyes open, right into a pair of deep “sapphires” above his head.

Well…it looks kind of nice.

“Are you awake?” Xing Yuan removed his hand that had been pinching his nose and stretched out two fingers in front of his face: “How many fingers?”

Ye Wenxuan looked at him, somewhat dizzy: “…How many fingers?”

Xing Yuan extended four fingers: “I’m asking you.”

Ye Wenxuan shook his head: “…Asking you.”

Xing Yuan looked down at him for two seconds: “Sure enough, he turned into an idiot after hitting his head.”

“Smashed silly…?” Ye Wenxuan used his right hand to touch the back of his head and felt a very obvious bump: “What…what happened…”

Just when he asked he remembered.

The six people had fled into the hallway, when the second rocket flew over right toward their butts, Ye Wenxuan had used an electric grid to intercept it under the cover of the smoke. But he hadn’t noticed the collapsed floor and carelessly stepped out onto nothing, falling down to the third floor along with a mass of gravel.

Then the second shell exploded, and he was again blown flying by the strong shock wave. In the middle a rock even hit him on the back of the head, and luckily his head hadn’t been smashed in.

As for why Xing Yuan would fall to the same place as him, Ye Wenxuan really had no recollection.

After the feeling of dizziness finally faded, Ye Wenxuan finally had the energy to look around at his situation.

Right now they were nestled in a very small space. To the sides there were stacks of concrete blocks and broken steel bars. The area he could see was very dim, and sometimes when he moved he would bump into hard stones.

There were constant cries for help on all four sides coming through the crevices, and Ye Wenxuan guessed that they should be poor men who were also crushed under the stone like them.

He moved his nose, and then couldn’t help coughing from being choked by the pungent smoke.

Xing Yuan was lying on his body, that face was right next to his right cheek. Hearing him cough, he laboriously stretched out a hand and covered his mouth and nose: “Breathe gently, don’t cough hard, if you breathe in too much smoke your little life will be gone.”

With that, he suddenly turned his head a bit and said: “Cherno, can we leave?”

Ye Wenxuan suddenly heard a familiar voice coming from behind Xing Yuan: “Can.”

That’s when he reacted, it turns out it wasn’t just him and Xing Yuan here, there was still a Cherno above them.

No wonder when he woke up he always felt as though he was going to be squished flat, it was because two big men were pressing down on him.

Just now he had really thought that Xing Yuan was lying about his weight, and was in fact a big fat man over 400 kg.

Ye Wenxuan was squished until he could barely speak: “You two——so heavy——”

Xing Yuan snorted, and seemed thankful that Ye Wenxuan had not been smashed into an idiot: “You should be happy about being alive, you’re still criticizing your own savior?”

Hehe, who exactly is the savior is still unclear.

Ye Wenxuan was overwhelmed and helpless by the terrible weight on him, and could only gasp: “Right now…what’s the situation ah…?”

His voice had just fallen when a roar came from above. Cherno, with his back against the two men below, had lifted the half door that was crushing them, while throwing away the countless stones that had been smashed on top of the door.

This movement was really not small, gravel flew all over the place, with a few pieces even landing next to Ye Wenxuan.

A moment later, the weight on top of Ye Wenxuan became much lighter. He opened one eye and saw the silhouette of two figures in the dark.

“You two standing like this, I even thought that Heibai Wuchang had come to take away my soul.” Ye Wenxuan raised his hand and spit weakly, and then asked: “Why is it just us three, where are the others?”

Cherno came to pull him up but was stopped by Xing Yuan. He himself leaned over to seize that outstretched hand, and with some force, pulled Ye Wenxuan up.

“Things happened too suddenly, only you were close to me.” He let go and faintly said: “Fortunately Cherno grabbed half a door to block on top of us, or else the three of us would have become half dead.”

Ye Wenxuan sat up and patted off the dust on his body. Hearing this, he still said, “Thank you.”

Because of the fire in the building, the three people didn’t stand up, lowering their bodies to avoid inhaling the thick smoke. They looked for the others while searching for a way out.

Five minutes later, they found Li Fei and Zhang Qingxue in the wreckage around 10 meters away, who had also fallen down from the fourth floor.

Li Fei had been hit by a falling stone to the shoulder, and one of his arms was broken. Zhang Qingxue had been under his protection, so she only had bruises after the fall, but none were fatal.

“Cough, wu wu wu…Ruan assistant she…didn’t fall down.” Zhang Qingxue coughed and cried: “She pushed me from behind and ran away by herself, ying ying ying…”

Li Fei was dripping blood from the corners of his mouth and dragging his bloody right arm, he whispered: “If the Flying Wolves are cautious enough, they will definitely come in to get rid of us, we must quickly leave here.”

Ye Wenxuan observed everyone under the light of the fire, while sticking a big question mark on Ruan Yushan.

Could it be that Ruan Yushan was the mole that “Cannibal Flower” mentioned?

And those two bodyguards who had gone out to explore earlier never came back, was it possible that…they had actually gone out to tip them off?

The more he thought about it, the more the lump in the back of his head clamored. Ye Wenxuan couldn’t help but touch it again, and then frowned and stopped thinking about these problems.

His current priority was to bring Xing Yuan to that back door that “Cannibal Flower” mentioned, and then find a milk truck.

He was just thinking about how to proceed when Xing Yuan suddenly said: “There’s gunfire.”

The crowd froze and no longer spoke.

He didn’t know where, but thick boots were crushing the stones they stepped on, walking at a steady pace.

Those footsteps sometimes paused, and then they could hear a “pop” sound. Ye Wenxuan was quite familiar with this sound, he habitually remembered when in the special affairs department his shooting coach had made him try this.

This was the sound of a silenced gun firing.

He didn’t know whether it was just his illusion, but the cries for help around them seemed to die down.

Ye Wenxuan’s breathing became erratic. Next to him, Xing Yuan pinched the back of his neck and rubbed his neck, while he whispered: “Calm down, follow me, we will first look for a bunker.”

Ye Wenxuan worked to breathe evenly: “En…I’m not afraid.”

Zhang Qingxue sadly said from the side: “Xing boss…Xing boss I am afraid ah…”

A group of people pretended not to hear it.

The footsteps came closer and closer. Xing Yuan quickly looked around, he told Cherno to go deal with the person coming while looking at Li Fei’s injury: “If your wound doesn’t stop bleeding, your entire arm will be destroyed. If you follow me I’m afraid that you won’t be able to treat your wounds in time. Move on your own, get out of danger, and then we will get back in contact.”

Li Fei bit his teeth: “Boss, be careful. There must be a traitor around us, or we wouldn’t be exposed so quickly. That Qian Wu, and…”

Xing Yuan interrupted him: “Don’t say, just remember it in your mind. When we leave, you can help me investigate.”

Li Fei swallowed his slightly bloody spit: “Yes.”

While the two people were talking, Cherno had already left the group and started fighting with that enemy in the dark.

“Hahahaha!” That person laughed wildly: “I found you all, little babies…”

Cherno let out a low roar from his throat, the two people hit dozens of rounds under the light of the fire. All the way from the corridor to the classroom already in ruins next door, occasionally there would be sounds of gunfire and walls collapsing. It was conceivable how fierce this battle was.

Xing Yuan pushed the people next to him: “Go!”

Ye Wenxuan had long waited for this opportunity. He pulled at Xing Yuan and Zhang Qingxue, and began to struggle through the difficult passage.

When Xing Yuan and Li Fei were talking, he had already long started observing his surroundings and searching for an escape route.

## Zhang assistant ##

On a certain European business trip, Xing Yuan and his group encountered a volcanic eruption.

Assistant Zhang Qingxue came over: “Xing~ boss~, people are really scared ah~”

Xing Yuan: “Calm down.”

A certain time they went to the Middle East to see a certain king of xx country, Xing Yuan and his group met some rebels.

Zhang Qingxue: “Xing~ boss~, people are almost scared to death ah~”

Xing Yuan: “Calm down.”

This Westminister speech, suddenly there was a terrorist attack.

Zhang Qingxue: “Xing boss~ feel my heart, it keeps jumping~”

Xing Yuan: “Calm down.”

Ye Wenxuan: “Actually…I feel like that little sister is quite calm.”

Xing Yuan: “I am reminding myself that I must be calm and not punch her in the face.”

Translator Notes:

[1] Heibai Wuchang – 黑白无常, two deities in Chinese folk religion in charge of escorting spirits of the dead to the Underworld, subordinates of Yama

Random Notes:

Around one hour: 1 pm – 2 pm, for 3.2k characters to 2.1k words. I almost fell asleep translating this, rip my sleep schedule.

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