100kV Chapter 84

Chapter 84
The Calm Before the Storm

On How to Call Lightning at Will

“In the several cases that have occurred these days, the suspects have basically all used remote-controlled bombs, mostly in crowded areas. This indicates that their purpose is not for specific acts of retaliation.” Zheng Xingguo slowly said: “Their target is ordinary citizens, and the criminal tools they use are more advanced. There are more than ten people, so it should an organized, planned criminal gang.”

“But because S city police were very alert, the criminals made adjustments. They started to choose places where there were fewer people to commit crimes.”

Zheng Xingguo sneered: “Since they like bombs so much, then we will let S city rain. It’ll be even better to rain harder a bit, to make it more difficult for them.”

Ye Wenxuan thought in his heart: Damn, deputy team leader wouldn’t be thinking…letting me drop a few storms, would just water up the detonators in the bombs?

Well…if that really happened…I’m afraid that that would be an extraordinary move…

Ye Wenxuan thought like this and suddenly respected Zheng Xingguo.

The deputy team captain was unaware at the other end and was still talking: “This time we are allowing you to use your ability in S city, but you also have to control yourself. The summit will be in two days, we can’t have the city flooded by you.”

Ye Wenxuan couldn’t help but say: “Deputy team leader, stop making fun of me.” Then he whispered: “That, deputy captain ah, you say…is this considered calling thunder at will?”

Zheng Xingguo laughed and scolded: “You rascal, the airport power failure review hasn’t yet been handed in, but you already came here to show off to me?”

Ye Wenxuan: “deputy captain if there is nothing else i am just going to hang up ah will ensure the completion of the task i miss you and xue group leader bye bye!”

This series of words did not have even a single bit of punctuation, and afterward he hung up the phone, breathing hard.

Thinking again about the ten thousand word reflection that still hadn’t been written, he couldn’t help but be sad.

“Doing good things still gives punishment, if not for Xie Shengrong telling on me, where would lao zi have to write a review. And he’s good, getting all the credit for dismantling the bombs of the criminals.”

Ye Wenxuan glanced at his phone and threw it into his pocket. Only then did he start walking over to Xing Yuan and Lei Xiangming.

As he walked, he subtly moved his lips: “Xie Shengrong…hmph…”

“Don’t let me catch you.”

Back at the table, Xing Yuan had already finished eating. He saw him come back and asked, “Did they tell you to return?”

Ye Wenxuan shook his head and stabbed a pancake onto his plate. Then he said: “No, they said to let me stay in S city for a few more days.”

Xing Yuan raised his eyebrows. He thought for a while then mused: “Could it be related to G10 summit?”

Ye Wenxuan was busy filling his stomach, but took the time to give him a thumbs up.

Xing Yuan: “I remember seeing a lot of police at the airport when I arrived yesterday.”

Sitting opposite them, Lei Xiangming was at a loss. He felt like he was being isolated by two shameless dog men: “Hah? Why do you guys talk like you’re playing a guessing game? Is anyone going to tell me what you’re talking about?”

Ye Wenxuan waved his hand, and Xing Yuan answered for him: “Don’t ask, it’s not convenient for him to tell you.”

Lei Xiangming: “???”

Finally stuffing down a piece of buttery bread, Ye Wenxuan picked up his glass of milk and downed it, feeling like he had come back to life.

He looked at Lei Xiangming who was still unaware and felt like he should still remind him a bit: “Lei ge, are you busy in S city these days? You’re also going to attend the G10 summit on the 8th right?”

“Of course ah, your Lei ge is already very handsome, and his company is in the top 500 in the world, it would be very strange if I weren’t invited.” Lei Xiangming took it for granted: “In fact this afternoon I have to head over. This time it’s being held in our country, and a group of my foreign friends came over to S city. They want to eat and drink and hang out in the Bund, so I have to act as a host ah.”

With that, he pointed to Xing Yuan: “This boyfriend of yours knows twice as many rich people as I do. Lao Xing ah, you really won’t go this time?”

Xing Yuan grabbed Ye Wenxuan’s right hand and pulled out a tissue to wipe off the oil on his paws: “No, I accompany my wife.”

Ye Wenxuan immediately pressed his palm on Xing Yuan’s cheek, wiping his face with oil in retaliation.

Xing Yuan: “…”

Lei Xiangming patted the table hard: “Hahahahah, good job good job——”

Ye Wenxuan sincerely said: “Ai, hand slipped, really hand slipped, don’t mind it ah.”

The man next to him squinted and looked at him for a few seconds. Then he suddenly leaned over, stretched out his neck and stuck his face to his left cheek, then rubbed a few times.

So Ye Wenxuan also got a face full of butter.

Ye Wenxuan: “…”

Xing Yuan: “Sorry, my head slipped a little.”

Ye Wenxuan: “…Do you think I’m retarded, if you have the guts say your head fell off ah.”

Xing Yuan: “Little Zhi, don’t make a fuss.”

Ye Wenxuan: “…Little Zhang, if I don’t electrocute you to death today count it as my loss.”

Lei Xiangming: “Hahaha——aiya, really laughing to death, damn are you two playing some sort of skit hahaha——”

Xing Yuan turned to look at him: “Single dog, go play by the side.”

Ye Wenxuan helped from the side, quietly saying: “Adult interests, Lei ge you may not understand.”

Lei Xiangming who hadn’t laughed enough was suddenly violently attacked. The hearty laughter was like it hit a wall, choked back in a moment.

Damn, didn’t you say that we were good brothers for a lifetime, is not being single anymore so great?! Lao zi also has a bunch of handsome males and beauties rushing to get close, and I’m not such a show off like you two!

Lei Xiangming secretly despised the pair of dog males in his heart, feeling like he was really the only one left in this villa with a pure conscience. He was really enlightened and pure, or else how would he not have killed the opposite two out of anger.

He really cultivated well.

He said that in the afternoon he was going to entertain friends coming from afar, but in fact, it was not even noon when Lei Xiangming had already prepared to go out. Before leaving, he told Xing Yuan: “You two do whatever you want ah, if you want to go out, I have four or five cars in the garage that you can use. The keys are with the housekeeper, and if there’s anything else you need, you can directly tell him.”

Xing Yuan smiled: “I won’t be polite with you.”

Lei Xiangming: “Heh heh, I’m leaving.” With that, he whistled and ambled out the door.

Ye Wenxuan sent him out the door with his eyes, then said to Xing Yuan: “A good friend.”

“Of course. If it were some friend who couldn’t even be shown, I wouldn’t bring you to get to know him in the first place.” Xing Yuan dismissed the servants in the living room and sat down next to Ye Wenxuan: “They gave you another task?”

Ye Wenxuan thought about the previous phone call and was a little helpless: “This time the order they gave me was really…hard to describe.”

He told Xing Yuan what happened with the bombs in S city, and even though only one of them was successful, it still made people very disturbed.

Then he whispered with the man about Zheng Xingguo’s command and shook his head: “Deputy team leader gave me this task, it was really not serious at all. He told me that when I’m idle I can just rain a bit and bring some trouble to the criminals. I feel like he just wants me to give Xie Shengrong some trouble.”

Xing Yuan nodded: “No matter what, it must be sunny on the day of the summit, this kind of thing is convention.”

He got up: “Wait a moment. Lao Lei might not have anything else, but he definitely does not lack wine.”

Ye Wenxuan sat on the sofa for a while. Five minutes later, Xing Yuan came back.

Behind him was the young housekeeper. A servant was pushing a cart, bowing her head and walking at the back.

That servant parked the car by the coffee table. She took out a long dark-colored cloth from the cart, spread it out on the table, then placed a few glasses gently on top of it.

She quickly finished this and then glanced at the housekeeper, who waved his hand: “I will continue here, you can go back to the kitchen.”

The servant didn’t speak, leaving in silence.

The housekeeper went to the cart and pulled out a bottle of red wine: “Xing boss, what do you want to drink?”

He and Xing Yuan should be quite familiar, and when they spoke it was relatively casual. Xing Yuan leaned back lazily on the sofa and pointed at Ye Wenxuan: “First a cup of something lighter. Today this one is the main character, I’m just an accompaniment. You have to ask him.”

The housekeeper then looked to Ye Wenxuan. Ye Wenxuan looked around the trolley and saw that there were a lot of different packaged bottles in there with every color in the rainbow. He couldn’t help but be curious: “You know how to make drinks?”

The housekeeper showed an expression of exasperation and sighed exaggeratedly: “I didn’t before, but Lei boss likes to drink ah, so he forced me to learn bartending for over a year. Then wouldn’t I know how to make drinks now.”

As he talked, he took a few bottles out of the cart and placed them on the table, followed by some bartending equipment.

Then Ye Wenxuan watched a wonderful bartender show.

Less than forty minutes later, dark clouds rolled over the city of S, and thunder roared in the sky above the city.

Xing Yuan turned his head and looked outside through the glass doors of the living room.

The housekeeper had stopped handing them more alcohol. Xing Yuan looked back and thought: “Have someone bring a few boxes of beer over. You don’t have to pay attention to us anymore, you can busy yourself with your own tasks.”

The housekeeper wasn’t courteous with him, laughing: “If there’s something call me.” He added: “Looking outside it seems like it’s going to rain. I’ll have someone prepare lunch in the dining room, and a servant will come and bring you over later.”

Xing Yuan: “Thank you.”

Housekeeper: “Just take it as your own home, boss Lei deliberately ordered that before he left.”

Then he quietly left the living room.

The spacious living room was only left with Xing Yuan and Ye Wenxuan.

The sky outside was getting darker and darker. Xing Yuan picked up the remote control on the table and turned on the lights in the living room before turning to look at the man beside him.

“Baby, are you all right?”

Ye Wenxuan was still holding a glass. He shook the glass gently, and the pale green cocktail inside softly swirled around with his movements.

“I’m not drunk, I’m just a little dizzy.” He leaned back against the sofa and shook his head: “When I was still in the Special Affairs Department, the team started a special course to train my drinking ability. The result was that there was no fucking use. When I was supposed to get drunk I still got drunk, and when it was time to thunder, it would never miss.”

As he spoke, a lightning bolt fell outside. A dazzling light reflected on the glass window, and then they heard a loud bang.

Ye Wenxuan: “How many cups in am I?”

Xing Yuan looked at him, thinking about how to answer. Ye Wenxuan saw him like this: “You can just say the real number.”

Xing Yuan: “Two and a half cups.”

Ye Wenxuan: “…”

Seeing his face of despair, Xing Yuan comforted him: “At least it was a lot better than the very first cup, and from when you drank until now, there has only been one lightning bolt outside.”

He hadn’t even finished talking when there were seven or eight lightning bolts coming down one after another outside.

Xing Yuan: “…”

Ye Wenxuan: “…I’m really just a little drunk, I didn’t mean to hit you in the face!”

Xing Yuan: “…I’ll reluctantly believe you.”

The two men listened to the thunder outside. In the middle, someone sent in three boxes of beer. Xing Yuan opened a box, placed two cans on the table, then drank from a bottle of water.

Ye Wenxuan sipped from the cocktail in his hand, then held his head, being dizzy for a couple minutes. He whispered: “Is it dark outside?”

Xing Yuan said not yet: “It’s all just thunder outside, it seems like it’s going to start getting windy.”

Ye Wenxuan gave an oh in response, then after a while, he asked: “Did my cell phone ring?”

Xing Yuan glanced at the phone on the table: “No.”

Ye Wenxuan: “You say, will the Meteorology Bureau run to our unit and accuse me of foul play.”

Then he sighed: “I am now thundering on orders, why do I feel so falsely panicked. In England and South Sudan there wasn’t this much trouble, I even felt like it was handsome when I chopped down a bad guy. So ah, sure enough it’s because I’m too patriotic…”

Xing Yuan couldn’t bear to see this any longer: “Wife, you’re drunk.”

Ye Wenxuan was really drunk. Hearing someone call him wife, he responded with an “ai” and those peach blossom eyes smiled: “Want to drink beer.”

Xing Yuan stared at him. After a moment he reached out his hand and touched his smooth cheek: “Wife, come closer a bit.”

Ye Wenxuan: “Good ah!”

His eyelids fluttered. Those tiny currents began to run rampant again, some landing on the sofa, gently stinging Xing Yuan’s palms.

Xing Yuan: “Wu…”

The objects in the living room swayed faintly. The ornate crystal chandeliers on the ceiling began to swing, and the expensive antique vases started shaking with the tables and chairs, drifting upward slowly.

As if pulled by an invisible wire, everything in the living room floated quietly  in the air, beginning to resolve very slowly.

the author has something to say: the man even more awesome than the little shou is the little gong who has the “even if i die i have to first touch this electric door” mentality and dares to date the electrocuting little shou

## so the little theater is like this ##

One day, a group of little gongs sat together and compared their own little shous.

Little gong A: “My family’s little shou is beautiful and fair, I have a nosebleed every time I see him!”

Little gong B: “My family’s little shou is a super genius, he’s creating a big plane!”

Little gong C: “My wife is even more like a gong than me, with a single punch, I’m almost knocked out.”

Xing Yuan quietly said: “My wife’s chrysanthemum has electricity.”

Little gongs ABC: “…” We lost.

Little gongs worshipped: “Elder, you’re awesome.”

Translator Notes:

[1] Zhi, Zhang  – 小智, 小障, basically the previous comment was ywx asking if he thought he was 智障 (zhi zhang), which means someone with learning difficulties. so xy is basically just taking the first character of that and making it his nickname. then ywx responded with the second character

Random Notes:

About an hour: 12:15 pm – 1:20 pm, for 3.9k characters to 2.6k words.

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