100kV Chapter 83

Chapter 83
The Calm Before the Storm

Thunder When Free

“Photographer…that was also back when the Xing group hadn’t collapsed. Right now you’re mixing up like this, I have not heard that president Xing still needs a personal photographer by his side.”

Lei Xiangming squinted his eyes and turned to look at him: “It’s not that lao zi has any objections to him, but right now your situation is not like the previous years. The people around you who want to retaliate against you is still a lot. Our relationship is like iron, so I have to help you a little, I can’t always let random people beside you take advantage of you.”

He blabbered for a while and only then asked: “So, this Ye Wenxuan, where did he really come from?”

Xing Yuan didn’t rush to answer. He just quietly smoked his cigarette, and then snuffed out the butt.

“I flew to England last year and he followed.”

Lei Xiangming sneered: “So many staff members followed you to England, who knows what kind of thoughts they had. Not to mention, half of them were your brother’s people…”

“When I was in South Sudan, he still followed.”

Lei Xiangming: “?!”

He opened his mouth and didn’t speak.

Xing Yuan ignored him. He tilted his head and thought, then said: “After coming back I didn’t explain to you in detail. There are some things that the higher-ups won’t let me reveal, so I can’t say anything.”

“But I’ll just tell you one thing. During that time in South Sudan, if there wasn’t Wenxuan, there’s an 80% chance that I would have fallen there.”

The cigarette in his mouth fell to the ground. Lei Xiangming didn’t even notice, only letting out a sound after half a day: “…Hah?”

Xing Yuan patted his shoulder and calmly said: “The two of us determined our feelings between life and death. If he wanted to kill me, I would have died who knows how many hundreds of times already.”

Lei Xiangming stayed silent for a while, then nodded: “…I understand.”

Could be considered as accepting that statement.

The two stood there for a while, and Lei Xiangming first opened his mouth: “Pay more attention to the Liu family in the near future, they have been making more private moves.”

Xing Yuan walked a few steps and moved a chair over. He sat down and said: “The Liu family’s pressure on me hasn’t stopped ever since the Xing family went into prison. My people have been constantly staring at them.”

“Hah, you even kicked that bastard Xing Yi into prison, yet that older Liu didn’t fall out with you on the spot. I actually think that Liu Tianquan this kid is pretty able to endure.” Lei Xiangming rested his elbows on the back of the chair, chuckling: “Your little brother led him on for over a decade, and at least sometimes would give him a bit of sweetness. Now that he’s in prison, I’m afraid big Liu is going to hate you.”

“I thought that last year he was going to do something, but didn’t think he was actually able to hold back. He is really a character.”

Xing Yuan patted his elbows away and cooly said: “You didn’t go over and try to divvy up the soup with him?”

Lei Xiangming laughed loudly: “Lao Xing, are you afraid that big Liu and I will become friendly and then kick you down. Hahah, I really didn’t think that you would also feel this sense of crisis.”

Xing Yuan just smiled.

And finally made it so Lei Xiangming felt goosebumps and couldn’t endure anymore: “Don’t you know what kind of person I am? Lao zi already found him annoying since a few years ago, if the Liu family wants to get rid of you, then I have to help you ah!”

These kinds of words would be hypocritical if someone else said them. But Lei Xiangming and Xing Yuan really did have a close friendship, and since he said this, he really did want to deal with the Liu family together with Xing Yuan.

Of course, when they divided up the benefits later, Lei Xiangming would not take less.

Xing Yuan nodded and only said: “Big Liu is pretty troublesome. But don’t forget that this generation, the Liu family doesn’t only have Liu Tianquan.”

Lei Xiangming raised his eyebrow: “You want to support the second son of the Liu family?” He thought and then said: “That silkpants is indeed easier to handle than Liu Tianquan.”

“After all those years of being pressured down by his older brother, he must have some of his own little thoughts.” Xing Yuan narrowed his eyes: “Second Liu already knew long ago why I would contact him, but he didn’t expose it, he was also happy to see it.”

Lei Xiangming rubbed his chin: “What a fellow, sure enough, there isn’t a single one that’s an innocent little rabbit.”

The two men looked at each other with a tacit mutual understanding. Then they hid their fox tails back under their clothes, each one hiding it well.

Lighting another cigarette, Lei Xiangming casually said: “Hey, so when are you preparing to reunify the Chinese business world again?”

“Reunify my ass, don’t think I don’t know you’re taunting me.” Xing Yuan declined the cigarette he handed over: “I’m not going to mix up in this anymore, I’m ready to make a little money, buy a new house, and take care of the wife.”

Lei Xiangming: “…”

The second cigarette once again nearly fell to the ground. Lei Xiangming barely managed to catch the falling cigarette, but in the chaos got covered in soot. He couldn’t help but curse.

He stared incredulously at the man in the chair: “Damn…this Ye Wenxuan is a real character ah, look how obedient he made you, it’s really…this man is not simple ah!”

Xing Yuan sat there. In his mind he recalled that time in the field hospital in South Sudan, when Ye Wenxuan was lying in his hospital bed talking to him.

He said: I hope that you will become better and better, have good and honest friends, live a simple and low-key life, learn to respect others, and know how to cherish other people’s lives.

Honest friends, low-key life, a much more colorful life than before.

Just thinking about it made one yearn for it.

As Xing Yuan thought, the corners of his lips rose involuntarily.

He smiled: “This life, it’s him.”

As he said that, he got up and waved, walking back in: “It’s cold, I’m leaving.”

Lei Xiangming saw that the depths of his eyes were filled with warmth and couldn’t help but rub the goosebumps on his arms, saying: “Where are you going? Call sister-in-law to come down and play cards.”

“Roll. Lao zi is going to hug his wife to bed, not going to waste his life here with a single dog.” Xing Yuan didn’t even turn his head: “Lao Lei ah, when you go back into the house remember to take out the heated blanket. On such a lonely and empty cold night, maybe that will be a little better.”

Lei Xiangming: “…”

He kicked the empty chair next to him and said angrily: “It’s everyone’s responsibility to protect animals you know! Isn’t a single dog a dog? Don’t you have to worry about their feelings?! Wang! Wang wang wang!!!”

Not long after that, Lei Xiangming became even more furious: “Fuck me, lao zi became so angry, I even fucking started barking like a dog…”

Leaving behind the barking Lei Xiangming, Xing Yuan walked all the way back to the theater, pushing open the door to see the movie still playing on the big screen.

But the man on the sofa was lying there crooked. He was motionless, and had apparently fallen asleep while watching.

On the screen, the lights would turn bright then dim. Ye Wenxuan was nestled on the soft sofa, and from time to time there would be a bright light shining on the side of his face, sketching out half of a handsome sleeping face.

Xing Yuan approached silently. The young man didn’t react at all, and the man leaned over and stole a kiss.

Then he put the sleeping man in his arms and left the theater.

During the walk Ye Wenxuan woke up hazily. Seeing that it was him, he vaguely said: “Wu, came back?”

Xing Yuan climbed up three floors and walked slowly down the hallway. He lowered his head and gently whispered into Ye Wenxuan’s ear: “Came back. Sleep, I’ll take you to the bedroom.”

Ye Wenxuan grunted in affirmation then buried his head in Xing Yuan’s chest, messily reentering his dream.

It was a completely unguarded state of relaxation.

Xing Yuan saw him like this and couldn’t help but kiss him again.

His steps didn’t stop. He found the room he had stayed in before when visiting, opened the door, and walked in with Ye Wenxuan in his arms.

Even though the two were in someone else’s villa, they weren’t the least bit reserved.

When lying down Ye Wenxuan woke up, gasped, and asked him: “Do it?”

Xing Yuan only planted a bunch of strawberries around his neck, reached out and helped him come, then finally helped him clean up, gently saying: “Wait until you’re better, quickly sleep.”

Ye Wenxuan didn’t doubt him and yawned. Then he hugged Xing Yuan’s waist and fell back asleep.

The other man on the bed didn’t rush to sleep. He took out Ye Wenxuan’s cellphone, changed to his account number to log in to x bao, then looked at the delivery information.

The kidney supplement and Durex were all shown as “in transit.”

Well, before he received the items, he still had to endure.

He thought seriously in his mind for a bit while casually logging out of his account. He gently removed the young man’s arm, rolled over and got out bed, then undressed and went to the bathroom.

Fo the sake of frustrated waists and tintins, he would still take a cold shower tonight.

Xing Yuan sighed and refused to admit that he had been stimulated by the little charged chrysanthemum last night.

Absolutely. Not.


Ye Wenxuan had thought that this time when he came back to S city he could play alone with Xing Yuan for two days. He didn’t think that the next day he would receive a phone call from Zheng Xingguo and talk about work.

The housekeeper prepared a large table of hearty breakfast, which was placed in elaborate plates by the servants and brought to the courtyard behind the living room on the first floor.

Outside the glass door of the living room was a huge courtyard.

The servants placed the breakfast on a long white table outside, which had a beautiful parasol above it and a swimming pool further in, where workers were busy cleaning the pool walls.

Lei Xiangming and Xing Yuan were sitting at the table. The two men slowly ate breakfast while reading the newspaper on the table.

Adding on the servants busily adding dishes, and the luxurious multi-story villas in the background, one could hardly help but scold, “these evil capitalists.”

Ye Wenxuan looked away and leaned under the eaves. Avoiding the servants carrying out dishes and cleaning up, he silently listened to Zheng Xingguo speak.

“Two days later the G10 summit is going to be held in city S, you should know about this ba, all of the major news channels have been following this lately.” Zheng Xingguo’s voice was still as serious as before, his tone had not been eased by Spring Festival. He said: “You also witnessed yesterday’s riots at S city airport, Xie Shengrong is now swamped with work. Some people want to take advantage of G10 summit being held in S city to make a mess.”

Ye Wenxuan now felt guilty listening to him mention the airport. He then pretended not to hear that sentence and instead said: “Deputy team leader, is this matter going to be transferred to us?”

Zheng Xingguo: “Not for the time being. There are no casualties in S city right now, so Xie Shengrong is not going to let the province or even central people intervene.”

Ye Wenxuan: “Then…”

“Because the bomb attack, may well escalate.”

“Just last night, S city public security department received a wire report that someone may be launching a bomb attack. They then searched several subway stations in the city center and found similar bombs.” Zheng Xingguo said: “This time you didn’t intervene, and all of them were genuine goods.”

With that he snorted sternly: “Good thing they found them in time, or else, Xie Shengrong would be the one blamed.”

Ye Wenxuan stood up straight: “Subway station?”

Zheng Xingguo: “En. Last night Xie Shengrong mobilized a large number of police, all plainclothes, and secretly searched through all of the subway stations in S city. But in the end there was still an explosion.”

Ye Wenxuan gradually raised his eyebrows: “What’s going on, I am in S city but didn’t see any reports.”

“It was past 3 AM today. A section of the national highway on the outskirts of S city was blown up. Fortunately, it was far from the city and there weren’t many vehicles at that time, so there wasn’t much damage.”

“At that time it was actually the residents in the nearby countryside who heard the commotion and went over to look before they called the police.” Zheng Xingguo calmly said: “This matter has a bad impact and was suppressed. Otherwise you would have definitely seen it in the morning news.”

Ye Wenxuan: “Damn…really blew up…”

Zheng Xingguo continued: “There are only two days left before G10 summit, we can’t guarantee that there won’t be other situations. This morning an old friend from the S city public security bureau reported this matter to our Special Affairs Department, and the counter-terrorism operations team will send a group of armed police to come over and give them some help.

Ye Wenxuan looked in the distance. Lei Xiangming and Xing Yuan were still chatting and eating. He slowly exhaled, then said: “Deputy team, what do I need to do?”

He thought that Zheng Xingguo would conveniently let him go help Xie Shengrong, but who knew that the other side would say: “For the time being you don’t need to come forward. Your identity needs to be kept secret, I will let the other team members go help first.”

Then he said with a not very happy tone: “Xie Shengrong this kid’s territory consciousness is too strong, he really doesn’t like having other officers order him around. So, it is very likely that our people will not have first-hand information and will only be able to play a very small role before a real big case occurs.”

Ye Wenxuan: “Uh…”

He couldn’t in good conscience say bad things about this police chief that he had only seen once, so he could only wait for Zheng Xingguo to finish before asking: “Since it’s like this, then…what can I do?”

Zheng Xingguo pondered for a bit at the other end, and after a while said: “Your task is to stay in S city these two days, first do not go back to W city or B city. By the way, when you’re free, thunder and rain.”

Ye Wenxuan: “…”

He almost thought deputy captain Zheng was joking, and with a momentary blank, he said: “Hah?”

Did he hear wrong, or was deputy leader really joking?

There must be something wrong here!

the author has something to say: g10 summit or something, is just like the g8 summit and the g20 summit ba _(:з」∠)_ when i wrote this even i felt a little awkward, anyway it’s not detailed, you can come laugh at my nonexistent naming ability OTZ

## president xing and ye xiao shou he he he ##

Xing Yuan and Ye Wenxuan roll in the sheets.

At the last step, president Xing always slams the brakes.

Ye Wenxuan rubbed him with his leg: “What’s wrong?”

Xing Yuan felt out his cell phone and began to look at the shipping information.

[Your super-insulated Durex is in transit.]

[Your X source kidney supplement is being delivered.]

He threw his cell phone away and calmly removed Ye Wenxuan’s leg wrapped around his waist: “Wife, we just did it yesterday, I’m afraid that you’re hurt.”

Ye Wenxuan quietly said: “It’s, it’s okay…”

Xing Yuan gently said: “We can talk about it when you get a little better.”

Xing Yuan said in his heart: we can talk about it when lao zi’s Durex gets here!!!

Random Notes:

A little more than an hour: 3:15 pm – 4:30 pm, for 4.1k characters to 2.7k words.

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