100kV Chapter 85

Chapter 85
The Calm Before the Storm
My Wife is Superman

Xing Yuan sat on the slightly floating sofa, holding a wineglass in his hand. He swayed gently side to side with the sofa’s movement.

A glimmer of excitement hid in his eyes. He watched the beer on the table floating upward, a bit of golden liquid pouring out from the slanted mouth of the pitcher. It didn’t float like everything else, instead splashing out, sloshing onto the table and the floor.

Gradually, the scent of alcohol began to pervade the room. Even though the smell wasn’t exactly fragrant, it still made one slightly intoxicated.

The thunder outside grew louder and louder. The rain splashed onto the glass windows, and the cold wind blew them astray, drawing crooked streaks down the glass.

Xing Yuan held Ye Wenxuan and rested his chin on his shoulder, turning his head to kiss the pale neck.

He glanced over the furniture hovering in the air and whispered: “Wife, are your powers getting stronger and stronger?”

The streaks of electricity in Ye Wenxuan’s eyes became more and more obvious. His neck was getting ticklish, so he twisted his neck to avoid the other man’s kisses, vaguely asking: “My deputy leader…hasn’t called to yell at me yet?”

His cell phone was still floating above them. Xing Yuan busily attempted to fish it out of the air, and finally grasped it in his hand: “What power is this, truly absurd.”

Ye Wenxuan: “This is called, absolute field, hehehe…”

Xing boss who had never been a weeb could not understand this deep reasoning, and only picked up the phone to look at the time, frowning: “Baby, in a moment someone is going to come in and tell us to eat. You still have half an hour to get sober and rearrange the living room back to normal.”

Ye Wenxuan: “Okay!”

And then he animatedly picked up the remote control. He seemed to think that it was some sort of strangely shaped wand and sat in Xing Yuan’s lap, waving the remote control while calling out: “Abracadabra! Long live Demacia!”

The furniture returned to their original locations one by one, the chandeliers no longer jangled, and Xing Yuan felt a jerk beneath him. The sofa fell back to the floor, causing a loud “dong” sound.

Xing Yuan: “…”

He still felt that it was very amazing.

He turned to look at Ye Wenxuan: “Wife, give us another thunderbolt?”

Ye Wenxuan waved the remote control: “Okay!”

He barely finished speaking when a rumble came outside and a bolt of lightning shone on the glass door, followed by a crackling roar.

Xing Yuan watched the entire thing, inexorably thinking: my wife is superman, this kind of thing…is it a little awesome?

He thought while his fingers unconsciously slipped into the clothes of the person in his arms, slowly groping down his back. One hand went up, the other down.

At the same time, his lips attached to the young man’s collarbone, gnawing back and forth.

Ye Wenxuan twisted around: “You…what are you doing…”

Xing Yuan removed his clothes, muttering: “I still have half an hour…”

“Wu! Cold…”

“I’ll help warm you up…”

Not long afterward, Lei Xiangming’s servants and security guards found that the lights in the house were all flashing, but there was no power outage, which was a relief.

At lunchtime, the rain outside became heavier and heavier. The darkness of the sky continued into the evening, the whistling of the wind accompanied by thunder from time to time. A storm was coming.

Ye Wenxuan held a glass of freshly squeezed juice to sober up, with an expression of hopelessness.

Xing Yuan comforted him: “You only shouted a couple Demacia’s, otherwise you were pretty normal.”

Ye Wenxuan quietly said: “Really?”

Xing Yuan thought a bit: “You seemed to have said abracadabra?”

Ye Wenxuan: “…what else?”

Xing Yuan handed him a sandwich: “What else…absolute field, what’s that?”

“…” Ye Wenxuan covered his face and groaned: “In the future I will, never, drink the housekeeper’s wine again…”

Xing Yuan thought about how he had called him “wife” several times and Ye Wenxuan not only did not object, but even agreed particularly enthusiastically. If Ye Wenxuan remembered this, presumably he would beat Xing Yuan up along with the housekeeper.

He looked at the string of kiss marks on the young man’s neck and wisely stopped pursuing the subject.

The two were eating when someone opened the door and sat down at the table with a sigh.

Ye Wenxuan glanced over and found that Lei Xiangming had come back.

Xing Yuan: “Chased back by the lightning?”

A servant immediately handed over some clean chopsticks, and Lei Xiangming picked up a towel to wipe his hands, saying depressedly: “What else, this fucking weather, the forecast said that it was going to be sunny. I took a group of foreigners to hang out outside, and we almost all turned into drowned rats.”

Ye Wenxuan covered his mouth and coughed, feeling a bit of guilt.

Xing Yuan: “What about that group of old friends?”

Lei Xiangming: “They all went back to the hotel. You two were here and probably didn’t want that kind of chaos, so I didn’t invite them over.”

Xing Yuan sneered: “I indeed don’t want to see these ‘friends.’”

Lei Xiangming: “It’s raining so much, I don’t know if the next two days will also have bad weather. If it’s still raining when the G10 summit opens, I will almost be panicking for our S city government.”

The culprit was sitting right across from him, so he calmly clamped a large amount of food with his chopsticks and stuffed it all into his mouth.

Xing Yuan silently handed him a glass of water.

Ye Wenxuan bulged his cheeks and worked hard to swallow all the food. Then he lifted the glass of water and poured all of it into his mouth.

Lei Xiangming: “…Ye zi ah, your way of eating is, is quite heroic.”

Then he gave a thumbs-up: “This is a true man ah, broad-minded!”

Ye Wenxuan got a mouthful of water stuck in his air pipe: “cough cough cough…”

Xing Yuan: “Chat after finishing dinner, lao Lei, are you not hungry?”

Lei Xiangming quickly picked up his bowl: “Who said I’m not hungry! Lao zi ran around all morning and was even drenched in rain, I really need to make up my energy!” After saying that he looked at the other two and smiled meaningfully: “You two ah, I estimate that you also quite need to make up your energy.”

His eyes looked between the two people’s necks. Ye Wenxuan was confused but Xing Yuan reached over and helped him pull up his collar.

Only then did Ye Wenxuan remember that he still had fresh kiss marks on his neck that Xing Yuan had just gnawed out.

“…” His eyes were a little fluttery. He was embarrassed, lifting up the glass of water to pretend to drink water.

Xing Yuan: “Eat your food, what are you doing looking at someone else’s wife.”

Lei Xiangming sighed: “Lao Xing ah, ever since you got a family you changed, you are no longer the Xing rascal who went with me to womanize. Ai!”

Ye Wenxuan turned his head: “Pu!”

Xing Yuan who was sprayed with water: “…”

His mouth twitched, and he turned his head toward Lei Xiangming.

Without saying a word, he succeeded in shutting up the man surnamed Lei.

Lei Xiangming made a zipping gesture and hurriedly lifted his rice bowl, burying his head to eat.

Only then did Xing Yuan slowly stand up: “I’m going to change.” Then he reached out and pulled Ye Wenxuan up with him: “You’re coming with me.”

Ye Wenxuan: “Ah? But I haven’t finished eating yet.”

Xing Yuan pointed at the wet clothes on his body that were still dripping.

That water had all been sprayed out from his own mouth, so Ye Wenxuan had to surrender: “Okay, go go go, isn’t it just accompanying you to change?”

Xing Yuan smiled slightly and pulled the man away.

After that, Lei Xiangming waited blankly for over two hours before seeing them come back downstairs together.

Ye Wenxuan was walking down the stairs a little unnaturally. Xing Yuan reached out to help him massage his waist, and was stung a little in retaliation.

“In the morning while I was drunk…and then again in the afternoon…I just finished eating, you shook me until I almost threw up…” He pushed away the man, angry: “What kind of thing did you buy, cold and even had beads…could you not have gone with something simpler…”

Lei Xiangming sat on the sofa. He pricked up his ears and tried to eavesdrop.

“The name’s too long, I can’t remember.” Xing Yuan didn’t care about getting electrocuted, putting his hand on Ye Wenxuan’s waist and whispering into his ear: “Was it comfortable?”

Ye Wenxuan’s face reddened: “Just…just okay ba…”

Xing Yuan: “As soon as you get excited you’ll let out electricity. Seeing that reaction, it seems like it should have been pretty comfortable.”

He smiled: “This time you electrocuted me again.”

Ye Wenxuan pounced over and latched onto his body, using his hands to cover his mouth: “Asshole, shut up ah ah ah ah——”

Lei Xiangming: “???”

The two people walked into the living room. Xing Yuan pulled Ye Wenxuan off his body and threw him onto the couch. Then he found a pillow and tested it, then helped put it under Ye Wenxuan’s butt.

Lei Xiangming nestled in another sofa. Watching this, he couldn’t help but make a sound: “Yo——”

Xing Yuan looked around at him and fell silent for a few seconds: “Forgot that you were also here.”

Lei Xiangming: “…I’m telling you, if you’re like this you’re going to lose me.”

Xing Yuan: “Oh.”

Xing Yuan: “Goodbye.”

Lei Xiangming: “…”

This fucker, let’s break off relations.

In the afternoon, two of Xing Yuan’s assistants came over and brought him a new cell phone as well as some project materials.

They discussed business in Lei Xiangming’s living room. Ye Wenxuan and the owner of the villa went up to the third floor, hiding away in the game room hugging a computer. As they played the fire of gaming consumed them.

The thunderstorm outside the house rained all day. When night fell, Ye Wenxuan’s cellphone suddenly rang.

At that time the two men were fighting beneath the covers. Ye Wenxuan struggled to reach out a hand, finally grabbing his phone after feeling around for a while.

“Stop…I have a call…damn, lao zi said to stop ah ah ah…”

“Your request…is a little difficult…”

After Ye Wenxuan saw clearly who was calling, he immediately kicked the other man off the bed, answering the phone while gasping for breath: “Hey, Lei ge, is there something?”

Xing Yuan climbed back onto the bed and leaned over, sucking on the back of the young man’s neck.

Ye Wenxuan: “Hiss…”

On the other end, Zhong Lei asked strangely: “What’s the matter?”

Ye Wenxuan: “No, nothing…Lei ge, finding me so late, does the deputy leader…deputy leader have some task?”

As he spoke he raised his leg and went to kick Xing Yuan again, but this time the other man was on guard. He caught his ankle and bowed his head, kissing him on the calf.

Ye Wenxuan inexplicably shivered.

In his ear, Zhong Lei was still talking: “I indeed called for this.”

Ye Wenxuan covered the microphone and stared at Xing Yuan silently: don’t bother me.

Xing Yuan smiled, held out an index finger, and tapped on his own lips.

Ye Wenxuan took a deep breath and leaned over to kiss him.

“Some news just arrived, after 8 pm today, didn’t a few people try to set off some bombs in S City’s train station but were caught on the spot.” Zhong Lei could not hear the movement on this side and continued talking: “Xie Shengrong interrogated them for over an hour and then personally led a team, ran to Boshan pier, and caught over 30 people.”

Ye Wenxuan was having difficulty breathing from the kiss. He vigorously patted Xing Yuan’s naked back, making a “pa” sound.

Zhong Lei: “Ye zi? What are you doing, you wouldn’t have fallen asleep ba?”

“No…It’s still raining and thundering here…the signal isn’t very good…” Ye Wenxuan struggled to push Xing Yuan away slightly and busily laughed.

He reached out and snapped his fingers, and a bolt of lightning fell down outside the window. It was deafening, even Zhong Lei could hear it clearly from the other end of the phone.

Xing Yuan almost couldn’t control his laughter.

Ye Wenxuan glared at him and then said: “S City train station? What happened, did anyone get hurt?”

Zhong Lei was surprised: “You didn’t see the online news? It seemed like it happened at 8:45 pm, someone posted about it on Weibo at 9 pm, and then the headlines confirmed it.” He added: “But we don’t need to pay attention to that, our team also had two colleagues at the scene, who would report back to our deputy leader at any moment.”

Ye Wenxuan thought about what he was doing at 8 pm, then once again kicked Xing Yuan hard. Then he said to Zhong Lei: “I…was busy raining and thundering, so I didn’t really look at my phone. Then, what else is going on at the train station?”

Zhong Lei did not get caught up on why he didn’t know the news and instead said: “They were mixed in with the crowd, specifically hiding bombs in crowded areas. It feels like these were newbies, all of them were extremely nervous. The criminal investigation forces hadn’t even moved yet when they were first caught by those police who maintain the order in the station.”

Ye Wenxuan: “What about the bombs?”

“They didn’t blow up. S city was full of thunderstorms and heavy rain all day. The receiver signals in the bombs weren’t in good condition, and a few of them were even wet.” Zhong Lei couldn’t help but laugh: “Deputy leader has long been annoyed by Xie Shengrong, so he told you to rain and thunder when you’re free, and it turns out that it became the first assist.”

Ye Wenxuan: “…Hah?”

Zhong Lei: “I’m kidding.”

“Our deputy leader reported to captain Xue and minister Luo. The big guys had no objections, so only then did he dare to let you go wild in S city. If it were really because he wanted to anger Xie Shengrong, even captain Xue himself would have first beat up our lao Zheng.” He lowered his voice and whispered: “But don’t tell him I joked to you about him. Lao Zheng’s sense of humor isn’t great, later he would dock my salary.”

Ye Wenxuan, who really thought that Zheng Xingguo wanted to anger the S City criminal investigation team captain: “…”

the author has something to say: the day was full of the little gong and little shou driving a car [who knows whether or not they will flip the car _(:з」∠)_worrying]

xing yuan: “it doesn’t matter, kidney supplements and condoms have both arrived, hehehe.”

ye wenxuan: [release electricity]

## the author who can’t stop once starting hehehe ##

Xie Shengrong: “Who is it wreaking chaos on Lao zi’s land?!”

Zheng Xingguo: “Hehehe.”

Zhong Lei: “Great god, the task is done, quickly take back the magic!”

Ye Wenxuan: “Wait…wait until I finish using this…”

Translator Notes:

[1] womanize – 偷鸡摸狗, idiom, literally means to imitate the dog and steal chicken, means to dally with women, have affairs
[2] Lei – this is different from lei xiangming’s surname. xiangming’s is , which means thunder. this one is 磊, which could mean rock pile or sincere lol

Random Notes:

A little over an hour: 4 pm – 5:10 pm, for 4.1k characters to 2.5k words.

hello all, sorry about the extra delay. honestly i am getting much busier these days, which makes me a little concerned about whether i will actually be able to consistently translate in the future. i will do my best to put out weekly updates when i can. but if anyone is interested in translating cfcs or 100kv, feel free to let me know and i will take that into account!

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