100kV Chapter 82

Chapter 82
The Calm Before the Storm

Meeting with the good friend

Fortunately this was not Lei Xiangming’s first time being angered to death by Xing Yuan. He rubbed his face, thought for half a day, and finally sighed: “Surnamed Xing you are really not loyal to your friends ah, before you came you didn’t even let me know, how could I know that you brought your family to see me. I didn’t even bring anything on me, it would seem like I, Lei Xiangming, am too miserly.”

With that, he turned to Ye Wenxuan and expressed goodwill: “Truly embarrassing, I hope you forgive me. Well, calling me by my last name is too unfamiliar. Among the three of us I’m the oldest, so I’ll call you Ye zi, and you can just call me Lei ge.”

Ye Wenxuan smiled and responded: “Lei ge, lao Xing was just kidding around. Before coming, I was told that you were his best brother, that life and death kind.”

Xing Yuan, who had never said such a thing, almost spewed out a mouthful of water, and even Lei Xiangming to the side was very flattered: “Aiya, really? Damn, lao Xing, I’ve known you so long, but I actually saw you wrong! Originally it’s not that you have a poisonous tongue, you’re a f*cking tsundere!”

Xing Yuan was busy coughing and couldn’t say a word.

And Lei Xiangming patted the table, excitedly saying: “That’s right, who are us two ah, we’re good brothers for life. Come come come, sister-in-law, come with brother later, brother will take you to get some congratulatory gifts…”


Ye Wenxuan’s mouth twitched, but he smiled: “Then I’ll first thank Lei ge.”

Lei Xiangming continued to pat the table: “Thanks for what, we’re all a family!”

“…” Xing Yuan kicked Lei Xiangming’s chair: “Shut up for lao zi, drink tea quietly.”

But who was Lei Xiangming ah, he was now worth more than ten times as much as Xing Yuan. Now that he was finally the big man, he had to have Xing Yuan call him godfather.

The two men sat together, drinking tea while giving each other personal attacks.

Until that little sister named Xiao Qian came back to bring in some new tea and sandalwood, Lei Xiangming suddenly became polite and elegant again.

His tall and cold appearance as if he were a mysterious cultivator that did not need human nourishment made the little lady’s heart jump, and when she left her face was pink and flushed.

Xing Yuan saw this and turned to Ye Wenxuan: “In the future stay farther away from this man, he’s a scum man, teases whoever he sees.”

Ye Wenxuan actually really wanted to ask whether or not the two of them had done anything related to the 38 banned theaters, but thinking of yesterday’s soul-sucking experience, he finally held it back.

Lei Xiangming was a seemingly rough man with a hidden sharp mind. He seemed to be very easy to get along with, with a cheerful and lively personality, very generous to his friends, and should be a relatively open person in the business circle.

But after Lei Xiangming and Xing Yuan talked about some business matters, Ye Wenxuan listened for a bit and found that this person in private should also be vicious, and when he had to act, there wouldn’t be the slightest hint of emotion. Fortunately, Lei Xiangming still maintained a businessman’s bottom line, and would never touch things that he should not be in contact with. Ye Wenxuan listened to him sneeringly talk about the government corruption matters, and came to some conclusions in his heart.

This friend, actually had some meaning.

After two hours in the teahouse, Lei Xiangming checked the time: “Lao zi is going to have a couple tailors come over to my house at around 4, little Ye, how about you come with brother? I’ll send you five boxes of designer suits, just take it as brother giving you a meeting gift.”

Ye Wenxuan blinked: “Still sending what gift, Lei ge you’re being too polite.”

Lei Xiangming: “Hah, come come come, I have a villa nearby. Tonight you can all live there, it’ll be more lively with more people.” Then he asked Xing Yuan: “Have you finished with your new project, you’re still meeting with that grandson named Zhang tomorrow?”

Xing Yuan scoffed: “He doesn’t have that much face, I’m inviting his old man to dinner.” Then he said: “All that’s left is little matter, I’ll just give it to those little fellows in the company to practice with. Let’s go, go to your villa for two days.”

Lei Xiangming: “Good good!”

He turned and pulled out his cell phone to call his assistant, righteously saying that he was going to talk about a project with Xing president, these two days he wouldn’t go to the company, and also refused to receive guests.

Ye Wenxuan at the side heard him say “receive guests” particularly smoothly. Those uninformed might even think that this was a highly experienced male prostitute, and he couldn’t help but sigh in his heart.

Only when they arrived at Lei Xiangming’s private villa did he find out that today the tailors who were going to measure him included the design director of SFLS.

Ye Wenxuan glanced at Xing Yuan, and the other reached out to rub his earlobe, smiling with some deep meaning.

Ye Wenxuan: “What are you laughing about.”

Xing Yuan: “The design director who’s coming is called Zhou Bo, I heard that this person seemed to not be on good terms with you before?”

Ye Wenxuan: “Uh huh.”

Xing Yuan pinched his soft earlobe: “When this Zhou Bo comes and sees you, I’m afraid that he’s going to be angered to death.”

Ye Wenxuan also smiled with a hehe: “I am not the kind of petty person who likes to seek revenge, really, that kind of small matters for me is just like smoke, not worth mentioning.”

Xing Yuan didn’t comment: “En, people are coming.”

The two paused their chatting and saw Lei Xiangming coming into the reception hall, followed by three or four young men and women in uniform, along with some servants.

Ye Wenxuan could see at a glance that these people were some of the menswear group A’s top employees back when he was there.

He had already left SFLS for over a year. Now when he met his former colleagues, he found that they were still like before, and didn’t have any strange changes.

The one walking behind Lei Xiangming was the most familiar. This person’s work uniform was slightly different from that of the other designers, it seemed as if it had been re-trimmed, fitting closely to his thin waist and long legs. As he walked his waist twisted, even bringing along a coquettish atmosphere.

Ye Wenxuan: “…” This excessive gay atmosphere, even after over a year, actually was still the same as it was before, and still very strong.

That man came in and saw the two people sitting on the sofa. He first caught a glimpse of Xing Yuan, and after being stunned he revealed joy. He involuntarily rushed past Lei Xiangming and came over, whispering: “Xing president, Mr. Xing, you’re actually also here!”

Xing Yuan did not look at him. That person rushed halfway over and only then saw that there was still someone sitting very closely next to him.

When he saw the young man’s appearance, he was viciously shocked: “Damn…Ye Wenxuan, how did you run here?!”

Ye Wenxuan looked up at him and waved cheerfully: “Hai xiao Zhou, I haven’t seen you in a long time, you’re actually making clothes for Lei ge la?”

This person was the rival he had a strained relationship with at SFLS, Zhou Bo.

Zhou Bo looked at him, then looked at Xing Yuan who was sitting very close to him, his expression not very good.

With only this short dialogue, Lei Xiangming came over and saw that they had some strange expressions, then casually said: “Oh, lao Xing also ordered clothes from here before, did you meet an acquaintance?”

Xing Yuan didn’t even lift his head, leaning back on the couch and looking at his cell phone: “No impression, don’t know.”

“…” Zhou Bo’s face turned white, his expression full of unwillingness.

Ye Wenxuan looked at his crestfallen expression, which seemed like because of Xing Yuan’s single sentence, his entire person was like a candle in the wind, so aggrieved that tears were about to fall.

With that physique and that look, it was simply like a little white flower that was being hit by the rain, in urgent need of pity to come forward and soothe.

Because of this image, Ye Wenxuan shivered——damn.

He elbowed Xing Yuan secretly: “Hey, people are still waiting for you to comfort them ne, the tears are almost going to fall down and you’re still looking at your phone.”

“I’m only responsible for comforting you, what businesses is it of mine whether or not other people are crying.” Xing Yuan raised the phone so that Ye Wenxuan could also see the screen: “Take a look, how about this?”

Ye Wenxuan casually glanced at the screen and found that this fellow was actually on the x bao’s online custom toy store.

On the screen were a few big characters——[Pokemon Series: Pikachu Glowing Mask].

He stared at [Glowing Mask] these two words, and slowly said: “You’re looking at this, for what?”

Xing Yuan very seriously discussed with him: “If you want to wear it out at night, this would be simply perfect. Look, the two ears can even glow, and then it can completely be used as a flashlight.”

The more he spoke the more satisfied he was. Xing Yuan looked them over again and concluded: “En, this thing looks pretty good.”

Ye Wenxuan took a deep breath.

With a buzz, a puff of smoke floated out from Xing Yuan’s phone, and the screen directly turned black.

There was faint burnt smell in the air.

Lei Xiangming and Zhou Bo were some distance away from them and couldn’t see the smoke from the phone, but could smell that burning smell.

Lei Xiangming sniffed a couple times, turned his head, and looked back and forth: “Hm? What’s that smell?” Then he called the young housekeeper: “Go take a look at the kitchen, was it some new person who burned something in lao zi’s kitchen?”

The two men on the couch didn’t make a sound, both staring at the cell phone Xing Yuan was holding. They fell into a brief silence.

Xing Yuan: “Where’s your cell phone?”

Ye Wenxuan calmly said: “What’s that, I don’t have that kind of thing.”

Xing Yuan: “Be obedient, or else I’ll go get lao Lei’s phone and buy you 500 of them.”

Ye Wenxuan: “…”

Xing Yuan: “And they all would be different. I heard that these can be customized. I’ll let them install lights all over Pikachu’s ears, and they can change color with every couple steps. Red orange yellow green blue and purple, they would change one by one.”

Ye Wenxuan: “…”

Xing Yuan: “Be good.”

Ye Wenxuan silently pulled out his cell phone and threw it angrily at him.

Xing Yuan was not angry, just picking up the cell phone with a smile, unlocking it and continuing to browse x bao.

Commanding the housekeeper and then turning back to watch the other half of the show, Lei Xiangming’s mouth was twitching.

He pushed the still dull-faced Zhou Bo aside and lightly coughed: “That, you all can first measure me, and after you finish you can measure the two over there. Zhou Bo, hurry up. Lao zi’s time is very precious, stop standing there in a daze!”

Zhou Bo heard that he had to make clothes for his former rival and exploded from anger on the spot.

“I…I…” He I I I’d for half a day and finally was pulled a couple times by his colleagues, agreeing with a pitiful voice.

He took out his tools while angrily thinking: Ye Wenxuan, you wait, lao niang will find someone to take care of you sooner or later!

A former colleague instantly becoming his customer, this taste was sour.

In particular, SFLS’s customers were all people with illustrious identities and could not be easily offended. The designers from group A secretly saw Ye Wenxuan, all privately guessing how this person flew up to the sky, even on equal terms with Lei Xiangming and Xing Yuan.

Of course, Xing Yuan’s current status was no longer what it once was, and his labels as China’s richest man or Xing group’s person in power had long since ceased to exist.

But when the Xing family had been suffering the wind and waves and the entire group was on the brink of devastation, this person was able to retreat safely and get back onto his feet, and regain his footing under pressure from all sides. Just this was enough to force people to look at him differently.

So, how could Ye Wenxuan be in the same room as these two high level CEOs?

By the time the designers left the villa, they had already started posting questions in the company forum.

Unfortunately, no one knew news about Ye Wenxuan. But there were a few old colleagues who had a good relationship with him who called to inquire, and Ye Wenxuan gave them a perfunctory answer, saying that he was a civil servant in B city and had some contact with these businessmen.

It didn’t take long for this post to sink to the bottom and never get anyone’s attention again.


In the evening, Lei Xiangming contributed the villa’s private theater, opened a few bottles of beer, selected a recently very popular action blockbuster, and invited everyone to watch the movie together.

He himself watched it for a while but couldn’t hold back his addiction, quietly going out and lighting a cigarette in the courtyard.

Xing Yuan saw this from the corner of his eye and slightly smiled.

He turned and whispered to Ye Wenxuan: “Don’t drink too much alcohol, I’ll go out and smoke a cigarette.”

Ye Wenxuan guessed that these two men wanted to talk about some private matters and waved his hand, letting him quickly roll.

Xing Yuan got up and opened the door, going outside.

By the evening, the servants in the villa all returned to the staff building a distance away to rest. There were only two servants left on duty in the villa. The only living people remaining were the security guards squatting around the periphery.

Without all these people, the big house was cold and quiet.

Lei Xiangming stood smoking in the yard, his face a little cold, not as wanton as during the day.

Xing Yuan pushed the living room door open and stepped out. He stood by his side, looking up at S city’s night sky.

Tonight the weather was good, the stars above their heads brilliant. A curved moon hung in the sky, looming above the wispy clouds.

Lei Xiangming took out his cigarette box, shaking one out and handing it to him.

Xing Yuan pinched it between his fingers and didn’t move, apparently waiting for him to light it for him.

“…” Next to him, Lei president rolled his eyes. He took out a lighter and lit the cigarette: “You aren’t Xing the richest man in the world anymore, but still use this old behavior, are you not afraid of being kidnapped when you go out.”

Xing Yuan squinted at him, bringing the cigarette to his mouth and sneering: “Recently lao zi has constantly been holding in his tail to talk to people, it’s just that you haven’t seen it.”

Lei Xiangming nodded in understanding and wanted to say something, but didn’t say it in the end, just letting out a sigh.

Xing Yuan also didn’t say anything, just quietly smoking.

S City was still quite cold in February. The two people stood in the yard and exhaled hot air that turned into white fog, rising with the smoke ring and dissipating.

After a while, Lei Xiangming whispered: “That one upstairs, you’re serious?”

Xing Yuan spit out a cigarette ring: “En.”

the author has something to say: ye xiao shou suffered from spicy chrysanthemum after eating five pounds of crayfish, and xing xiao gong suffered from an electrocuted ding ding after eating ye xiao shou.

## the gay gay zhou xiao bo  ##

Zhou Bo: “Surnamed Ye, lao niang and you cannot coexist under the same sky!”

Ye Wenxuan: “Damn, originally you’ve always been a woman crossdressing as a man?”

Zhou Bo: “…No, mistake mistake.”

Zhou Bo restarted: “Lao zi and you cannot coexist under the same sky!”

Ye Wenxuan: “…I suddenly feel like me considering you a rival before was a little embarrassing.”

Translator Notes:

[1] good friend – 老铁, literally means old iron, basically a very close or unshakable friendship
[2] godfather – 大佬, da lao, also means big shot
[3] receive guests – 接客, also means to receive patrons (like a prostitute)

Random Notes:

A little over an hour: 12:45 pm – 1:50 pm, for 4.2k characters to 2.7k words.

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