100kV Chapter 78

Chapter 78
The Calm Before the Storm

Old Xing, Happy New Year

A neighbor from the same building was walking along the street and saw the two men, coming over to say hello.

This old lady was even friendlier to this Zhang Rui who had just moved in only a few months ago than to Ye Wenxuan, who she had known for over ten years. Every sentence she would say xiao Zhang this or xiao Zhang that, almost forcing him to go to her home to eat a holiday dinner.

Even though Zhang Rui had that emotionless face, he was unexpectedly patient toward the elderly. He spoke slowly with her, the exchange lasting for many rounds, throwing Ye Wenxuan to the side.

Ye Wenxuan: “…”

Well, apart from the fact that his facial expressions weren’t very vivid, this guy was actually fine.

If next time Ye second silly waxed idiotically in front of him about Zhang Rui again, it seemed like it wouldn’t be so unbearable.

In the end Zhang Rui still did not go home with the old lady for the new year. The two young men stood downstairs, smoking while watching the children play, watching waves of students and parents coming to visit their teachers, as well as the neighbors who cheerfully streamed out from their doors and up and down the stairs.

There was a strong festive atmosphere everywhere. Zhang Rui smoked a bit before saying in a very low voice: “I heard some colleagues say that some people have recently been asking about information of ‘Asians or Europeans who can use lightning’. It seemed to be a foreign force.”

Ye Wenxuan raised his eyebrows: “Oh?”

Zhang Rui: “It’s just some rumored intelligence. Just be careful.”

Ye Wenxuan fell into thought.

Zhang Rui snuffed out his cigarette and threw it into the trash can a few meters away: “I’m leaving.”

Ye Wenxuan waved: “Thanks for the reminder.” Then he added: “Happy new year.”

Zhang Rui waved slightly, then walked into the building and up the stairs.

Ye Wenxuan just stood there motionlessly for a while longer until Ye Shuxue was dispatched by Ye mother to go downstairs to find him. Then he took a deep breath, shoving those brief thoughts to the back of his mind, and followed Ye Shuxue back home.

Someone who wanted to find “the person who could use lightning,” for some reason, he would think of that crazy doctor he met in South Sudan, along with the unfathomable SP Institute.

He just hoped…that it was really just him thinking too much.


That night, Chinese New Year’s eve.

Ye Wenxuan was sitting on the couch with his family to watch the Spring Festival Gala. He held his phone in his hand, sometimes shaking it to grab for a few cents of welfare with Ye second silly, and sometimes grabbing for the red envelopes of big men in the counterterrorism action group’s WeChat group. When he was free he made a phone call far away to Adonis in the suburbs of B city. After only a few words he hung up, just as a routine new year’s greeting.

The supersonic soldier was still surrounded by a large group of plainclothes in the community even on the new year. He himself did not care much, even specifically buying hot pot ingredients and cheerfully telling Ye Wenxuan over the phone that he was going to experience a taste of Chinese New Year’s eve with Kathy tonight.

Hanging up the phone, Ye Wenxuan was full of emotions. He opened Zheng Xingguo’s chat and sent emotionally: [Deputy captain ah…]

Not long after, he received a [En?].

Ye Wenxuan: [Not much, I just saw Adonis’s situation and felt that when you recruited me into the Special Affairs Department, you didn’t deal with me as strictly as with him ah.]

On the other end, Zheng Xingguo said in his heart: That’s because you didn’t see what happened behind the scenes.

But the message he sent back was: [You aren’t the same, in the end you are one of ours.]

Ye Wenxuan: [Honestly, when I was first contacted by our colleagues in our department, I had thought that I would be stuffed into some little-known lab and surrounded by a bunch of legendary old experts to carry out some unspeakable extreme experiments or something. Hehehe…]

Zheng Xingguo: […]

Zheng Xingguo: [It sounds like you’re quite excited?]

Ye Wenxuan: [No!]

Ye Wenxuan: [It’s just that later you said to let me go power the Spring Festival Gala. That fall was too big, I couldn’t help but have some doubts about life.]

Zheng Xingguo: [Rascal, letting you go power the Spring Festival Gala is considered wronging you?]

Ye Wenxuan: [Ai, isn’t it because I don’t really want to be portable charger…]

Zheng Xingguo then said: [If we really arranged you the same as Adonis, you rascal would probably have long rebelled, where would you care that I’m called the deputy captain.]

Ye Wenxuan avoided Ye Shuxue’s snooping gaze. He got up and hid in his room, leaning against his window to send a message.

Ye Wenxuan: [Deputy captain, in all seriousness, I don’t really understand.]

Ye Wenxuan: [Personally, if I really found a superhuman, he would definitely be captured and then would be completely cut up to study. When I first entered the Special Affairs Department, I’m not afraid to let you know, I deliberately took note of all of the safe routes in the building. I was really ready to run at any time.]

Zheng Xingguo’s message only came back after a while: [Oh, why didn’t you run?]

Ye Wenxuan: [I had a feeling of closeness with you.]

Zheng Xingguo: [What closeness, tell the truth.]

Ye Wenxuan: […Not reporting to the government, I kept feeling like I was undocumented lightning, very fake.]

The deputy captain on the other side was particularly speechless about this answer and didn’t really want to chat with his teammate anymore.

Zheng Xingguo: [Right now society is lawful, paying attention to human rights. Are superhumans not people? A powerful and lethal yet loyal comrade-in-arms, versus an experiment filled with hatred who could fall at any moment, which one is more beneficial to China, I think the ministers above can still clearly tell.]

[We are a big country, and the country’s treasures are immeasurable. If you say that lacking a superhuman’s strength would make us unable to recover, then you are really looking down on this country.]

Ye Wenxuan: [Deputy captain…]

Zheng Xingguo: [I say this, not to belittle you. On the contrary, recruiting you into the Special Affairs Department, was first because of your excellent character and only second because of your ability.]

But without his abilities, he reckoned that he would have never come into contact with these people from Special Affairs.

Ye Wenxuan was quite clear about this. He looked at the conversation for half a day and finally slowly typed: [Will definitely live up to your expectations and the expectations of the ministers.]

First of all, he must be a Chinese who knows how to respect the bottom line and always maintains a clear understanding of his situation.

Only after that would he be a superhuman with superhuman abilities.

Right now, to be honest, he was quite satisfied.

Beforehand, Ye Wenxuan had also had a period of confusion, and also had a tendency to become more arrogant. It was good that he had managed to stop that in time and never crossed that line.

Ye Wenxuan thought about it, and felt that in here there was actually a large contribution from Xing Yuan.

Looking at the time, it was already near midnight. He dialed another number and held the phone up to his cheek, listening to the beeps coming through the phone.

After three rings, the call connected.

The corners of Ye Wenxuan’s mouth began to rise: “Where are you?”

The man on the other end said: “Office.”

“Still working overtime?”

Xing Yuan grunted in affirmation. Then he seemed to stand up from his seat, and said after a while: “It’s snowing in B city.”

Ye Wenxuan was facing the window at this time. Hearing this, he looked out and said with disappointment: “W city isn’t snowing, but it’s very cold, and there isn’t even heating.”

He didn’t know what was happening on the other end. Xing Yuan didn’t speak for a long time, so Ye Wenxuan waited a while, and then Xing Yuan said: “Look at WeChat.”

Ye Wenxuan plugged in some headphones, exited the call interface and opened WeChat. With a glance, he saw a few photos sent from Xing Yuan.

Opening one, it was the snow falling down softly from the night sky. The ground was covered in thick snow, bright lights shining from the city in the night.

Because it was taken at night, the photo was dim, but there was a sense of brightness.

Ye Wenxuan smiled then took a picture of his room.

“There isn’t anything good to look at outside, so I’ll let you admire my room.”

Xing Yuan sneered: “A bedroom without heating, it’s a waste to even look at it.”

Ye Wenxuan: “…You’ve gone too long without getting electrocuted, so your skin has gotten thicker eh?”

He didn’t expect that the other side sent over another photo. Ye Wenxuan opened it, Xing Yuan had taken a very high quality close-up of his office radiator.

Ye Wenxuan, who could feel the thick malice even through the photo: “…” Fucker.

Outside, someone was setting off firecrackers. Ye Wenxuan closed the curtains but the sound was still deafening. He waited for the sound to go away before saying again: “You won’t be staying up all night tonight ba.”

Sounds of typing came from Xing Yuan’s side: “The fourth day of the new year I’m going to go to S city, then on the fifth day I will be talking to some investors about a project. Before then we need to prepare all the information, so my company staff are all outside this room catching up.”

Ye Wenxuan: “This is too much, you’re not even letting other people go home to relax on the New Year.”

Xing Yuan: “If I don’t make money, how can I buy buy buy for you?”

Ye Wenxuan: “…Damn, you say that as if you’ve bought lao zi anything.”

Xing Yuan then said: “Don’t go out tomorrow morning, I’ve called a courier to deliver you something.”

Ye Wenxuan: “Fuck, you really bought something? Wait, how could there be a company sending couriers on New Year’s Day?!”

Xing Yuan: “Oh, as long as you’re willing to pay more, there is nowhere that the express delivery cannot deliver.”

“…” Ye Wenxuan held his forehead, speechless: “Ok, rich man as long as you’re happy.”

On that side Xing Yuan chatted while working, chatting with Ye Wenxuan until midnight. On both sides there were people setting off firecrackers. Neither side could hear anything, but they didn’t hang up the phone.

After a while, Ye Wenxuan said: “Old Xing ah, it’s been another year. I wish you a happy new year ah.”

Xing Yuan paused his typing and quietly smiled: “Happy new year.”


The next morning, Ye Wenxuan indeed received a delivery package.

Bearing his old sister and parents’ curious and gossipy gazes, he quickly moved the box into his room and unsealed it. He couldn’t wait to open it to see what was inside.

A box of cute Pikachu masks.

Ye Wenxuan: “…”

After a while, he pulled out his cell phone and typed in silence.

Ye Wenxuan: [Let’s break up.]

The other side instantly responded: [Look at the bottom.]

Ye Wenxuan suspiciously reached into the box and felt around for half a day. In the end, he actually did pull something out from the sea of masks.

It was a small, long gift box.

Looking at its size, Ye Wenxuan touched the pattern on the top of the gift box, thoughtful.

When they had flown home on that plane, he had indeed talked to Xing Yuan about some especially fanciful ideas.

Unwrapping the ribbon, he lifted the lid of the box. There was a beautiful pen lying inside.

Ye Wenxuan recognized it with barely a glance. This was a custom version of the Aurora Diamante.

The Aurora Diamante was encrusted with a total of 1919 diamonds, of which the one on the top of the pen cap was the largest.

Unlike the other Aurora Diamante pens that Ye Wenxuan knew of, the 2-carat diamond at the tip of the pen was a dazzling blue of shocking quality.

A gem that could be set on the Aurora Diamante would certainly not be fake. Ye Wenxuan turned it back and forth. Under the natural sunlight, the blue diamond was crystal clear. Its saturation was very high, and was undoubtedly extremely expensive.

He held the pen in his hand and looked at it for a few seconds, then carefully put it back into the gift box.

Ye Wenxuan: [This is too expensive, I can’t take it.]

Xing Yuan: [Do you like it?]

Not waiting for Ye Wenxuan to reply, Xing Yuan messaged again: [The pen is only a supplemental gift, the one I wanted to send, was that blue diamond.]

Ye Wenxuan: [Then I can’t accept it even more.]

Xing Yuan: [Think of it as my eyes.]

Ye Wenxuan: [???]

Xing Yuan: [Seeing it, is the same as seeing me. (Smile)]

Xing Yuan: [Make sure to bring me when you go to the bathroom. (Smile)]

Ye Wenxuan: “…”

He had never seen anyone liken their eyes to a blue diamond, truly peak narcissism.

He looked at the pen again. Ye Wenxuan gazed at the most eye-catching blue diamond, and finally still carefully put away the pen, no longer mentioning returning it to Xing Yuan.

This former billionaire’s gifts were still very collectible.


Early in the morning of the fourth day in the new year, Ye Wenxuan said that he had something to do in B city, and carrying only a light backpack, he boarded a plane to S city.

An hour and a half later, he stood by the floor to ceiling window in the airport lobby and dialed a familiar phone number.

Xing Yuan’s cell phone was turned off. Seems like he was still on the plane.

Ye Wenxuan then casually found a place in the arrival reception area to sit down. He wore sunglasses to cover his face and stuffed earbuds into his ears. Listening to some soft music, he randomly swept his eyes through the crowd.

the author has something to say: xing boss’s net worth has shrunk considerably, he’s beginning to work hard to earn money to support the family 23333

## the good man is me, i am xing xiao yuan ##

Xing Yuan: “Work hard, try to earn money to raise the wife.”

Ye Wenxuan: “emmm…this time I won’t bother about the matter of you calling me wife.”

Xing Yuan: “Buy the wife more Pikachu masks and Pikachu head covers.”

Ye Wenxuan: “…”

Ye Wenxuan: “I’m going to electrocute you to death.”

Random Notes:

About an hour: 2 pm – 3 pm, for 3.8k characters to 2.4k words.

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