100kV Chapter 77

Chapter 77
The Calm Before the Storm

In the blink of an eye, spring the next year

Due to Ye Shuxue’s abnormality, Ye Wenxuan glanced discreetly over at this person a few times. He looked pretty good and was quite young. He was wearing some blue sportswear, looking like he was ready to go out to exercise.

The man nodded and said hello, then moved past the two of them to go downstairs.

Ye Wenxuan turned around. His sister was putting the chicken leg back into her mouth dejectedly.

Ye Wenxuan: “…” Yi, why did he feel like his sister was getting more and more crude.

When the footsteps downstairs disappeared, he quietly asked: “Who’s that?”

Ye Shuxue said proudly: “He’s the one I told you about last time, the handsome guy who moved in downstairs. He works at the same college as our father as a PE teacher oh. How is he, isn’t he cool and handsome?”

Ye Wenxuan was very perfunctory: “Pretty ordinary. But if compared to your brother, he’s still a little lacking.”

Ye Shuxue: “You can roll further away from lao niang.”

When they got to the third floor, the outside door on the left side was not locked. Ye Shuxue pushed the door open and shouted: “Dad, Mom, Ye big silly is back!”

“Back? Quickly come wash your hands and eat!”

Ye Wenxuan stood by the door waiting for a while. He found that there really was no one coming to help him with his slippers or coat or backpack or to give him a cup of water, so he could only sigh silently. He simply placed his bag on the ground, took off his shoes, and while just wearing socks, he followed his sister straight to the living room.

“It’s fine if you don’t come welcome me, but you should still help me prepare a bowl and chopsticks ah!”

“Ye big silly! That’s my favorite ribs, don’t think of robbing them!”

“Aiya, you monkeys, eat slower…xiao Xue, you should give your brother a bit, he hasn’t eaten our food for over a year…”

“No way!”

“Wife, don’t bother about them. If they really can’t handle it they can go out and fight, and any problem will be solved…”

Ye Wenxuan was just feeling like he was surrounded by long-lost maternal love and warmth, but was very readily knocked back to reality by his father’s single sentence. He wiped his face and then once again started squabbling with Ye Shuxue.

After the meal, Ye mother went into the kitchen to wash dishes. Ye Shuxue rushed to the bathroom to shower, and Ye Wenxuan sat with Ye father on the couch in the living room, chatting while watching the news.

Ever since his eldest son had run to S city to fight it out, Ye father basically had not asked him about his work. Even if he later transferred to B city, he didn’t express any strong views.

He himself was a lecturer at the nearby college. Normally he would often be in contact with the students, so his temperament was also somewhat like an old naughty child.

Therefore, there was no hard requirement for his son of something like he “must go out and become famous.”

Of course, Ye father did not know that his son in some areas was actually quite, quite famous.

At this time, he was just very casually chatting with his son.

Ye father: “Is the place you’re living in the outskirts? Are you sharing it with someone?”

Ye Wenxuan replied: “Within the three rings, two rooms and one living room, I live by myself.”

Ye father nodded: “This treatment is not bad.”

Ye Wenxuan: “Hehe.”

Ye father then asked: “I heard your mother say that you started dating?”

Ye Wenxuan almost spit out his water: “What…what what?”

Ye father was staring at the TV and didn’t notice his gaffe: “Your mother said that you ran to B city to chase a little lady.” He turned his head and saw his son’s dark expression and said: “Eh? Not true?”

He had even thought that he had been exposed the moment he arrived home. Ye Wenxuan deliberately calmly picked up an apple to cover up: “Don’t listen to mom’s nonsense. She’s just afraid that I’ll come home one day with a pot of crested dog’s-tail grass and say that that’s my wife. I told her last time already that I didn’t go to B city because of some girlfriend.”

Ye father said hesitatingly: “In fact, I do not object to free love, but…as long as the other person is a human…”

Ye Wenxuan: “…”

He asked with great difficulty: “Why do you guys always think that I’m going to like something that’s not human???”

Ye father: “Ai, you don’t bring any little lady to come play at our house, but you still blame your mom and dad for using our imaginations?”

“…” Ye Wenxuan threw up his hands: “Alright, I have no objections, you guys imagine freely.”

Finished, he coughed gently: “But, that…”

“I…I actually have…someone I quite like…”

Ye father could not help sitting up straight. In the kitchen, Ye mother quickly threw the bowl into the sink, flying into the living room and sitting down opposite Ye Wenxuan.

The two pairs of old eyes stared unblinkingly at Ye Wenxuan, looking him over from head to toe.

Ye Wenxuan couldn’t help but shrink back into the sofa: “What…what are you doing ah this situation…”

Ye mother held her breath with rapt attention: “Son ah, I didn’t hear clearly, can you say it again?”

Ye Wenxuan: “Oh…I, I met someone I quite…”

He still hadn’t finished when another person rushed out of the bathroom like a wind scented with bath soap. Ye Shuxue’s hair still hadn’t been wiped dry, just jumping and squatting down on the coffee table, staring at him.

Ye Wenxuan: “…”

He stomped silently on the coffee table: “What’s with this reaction?!”

Ye father: “Son ah…you just said…”

Ye mother: “You have someone you like?”

Ye Shuxue: “Wow, who’s this miserable?”

Ye Wenxuan: “…”

He calmly said: “I suddenly remembered that I have something in B city, I will go back first.”

With that, he stood up and tried to rush to the door.

Ye Shuxue jumped up, and with a single step, she locked both arms around his neck, securing him firmly: “Quickly confess! You’re firmly restricted! Speak, who was it who made you cast off the identity of being FFF Inquisition’s leader!”

Ye Wenxuan flopped around, struggling: “Let! Let go!”

Ye Shuxue: “Is her chest big? Is her hair long black and straight? Is she fair, rich, and beautiful? Is her butt perky? Does she look half as good as your cute sister?”

Ye Wenxuan: “Ye second silly! If you don’t let go I’m going to flatten you!”

Ye Shuxue: “Hmph, you say that as if you can beat me.”

The brother and sister then fought into a pile.

Ye mother watched from the side and couldn’t help but worry: “Ai, lao Ye, is our son not a little weak ah.”

Ye father had a benevolent expression: “Men ah, as long as he fights a bit more he’ll be fine.”

Ye Wenxuan was especially regretful, feeling like he should not have come home this year for Spring Festival.

In short, today’s Ye house was warm and lively as always.

The only regret was that even until midnight, Ye Shuxue still could not pry out of her brother’s mouth who this “mysterious girlfriend” was.


The day of Chinese New Year’s eve, people in the Ye family’s community had started setting off firecrackers. This place was the home of many of the teachers from the nearby college. These days, there had been many students and parents coming to pay their respects, and the flow of people in Ye Wenxuan’s home also never stopped.

If it had been before, he might have stayed at home with Ye Shuxue to help greet those guests.

But perhaps after struggling alone outside these past few years, and then coming back he was somewhat unused to this kind of liveliness, Ye Wenxuan simply put on a windbreaker and walked out of the door. He went downstairs and stood under a big tree on the side of the road, hand holding a cigarette, staring at a group of little children setting off firecrackers over a dozen meters away.

The phone in his pocket vibrated. He took it out to look at it, it was a photo sent by someone on WeChat.

The picture was of a cluttered office. The room was not big, and against the wall was a row of file cabinets. There was a huge desk under the window, and on top of it besides the computer and monitor were piles of documents.

Ye Wenxuan enlarged the picture with two fingers, moving it back and forth. He showed great interest in Xing Yuan’s office.

Along with the photos was a brief message from Xing Yuan.

Xing Yuan: [Overtime.]

Ye Wenxuan clicked his tongue and took a picture of those children setting off firecrackers, sending it over.

Ye Wenxuan: [Haha, lao zi is very idle.]

After a few seconds, the phone vibrated.

Xing Yuan: [12 o’clock at night, leave the phone for me. Everyone else has to move to the side.]

The corners of Ye Wenxuan’s mouth couldn’t help but rise. He pushed them down and showed an expression as if nothing happened, sending over a “qi” word.

Suddenly someone next to him said: “The soot has fallen into the sleeve.”

Ye Wenxuan: “…”

Ye Wenxuan: “?!”

He jumped two steps back. Turning his head, he saw the handsome PE teacher standing beside him, his eyes just moving away from his cell phone.

Ye Wenxuan swallowed his “fuck” back into his throat and stared this person: “When did you run behind me?”

“Just now.” The PE teacher still stared at his sleeve: “The soot has fallen in, you shake it a bit.”

“…” Ye Wenxuan could only shake his sleeve a couple times, but he didn’t think that he actually did shake out some soot.

His mouth twitched. He looked this man who didn’t laugh or speak much up and down: “Zhang Rui?”

The young man said quietly: “En.”

Zhang Rui this name, Ye Wenxuan had heard from Zheng Xingguo.

Because of his special identity and abilities, the Special Affairs Department also conducted a series of analyses and action against this most unique member.

Ye Wenxuan’s personal files were all encrypted, and only a few people in China had access. All his colleagues who knew his identity had signed a confidentiality agreement that they would keep the secret strictly under wraps and prevent the release of information.

In addition, there was his family.

In B city, Ye Wenxuan was surrounded by the Special Affairs Department or military department colleagues. His own battle strength was also not weak, so he could basically cope with most emergencies. But his family were all ordinary people, no different from most other Chinese families, and they were also living ordinary people’s lives.

Although Ye Wenxuan’s identity had been tightly sealed off, it was difficult to make sure nothing would happen. After some deliberation between Luo Wen and the counter-terrorism operations team vice captain, they decided to strengthen the security measures in W city, and around Ye Wenxuan’s home, they would deploy some police forces to monitor them 24/7.

This matter, Zheng Xingguo had privately told Ye Wenxuan. After a few days of thinking, he had also agreed to this series of arrangements from the Special Affairs Department.

Zhang Rui was one of the plainclothes police officers crouching near his home.

Of course, that family that had just moved in across from them six months ago was also, it was just that at that time he still hadn’t left S city. At that time, the order had been issued by Xue Yongchang. Its purpose was also not as pure as now.

At that time Ye Wenxuan still had not officially joined the Special Affairs Department. Xue Yongchang sending people to keep watch near his family was also just more for emergency measures.

It was not only to guard against the other forces’ spying on the superhuman, but more so, in order to guard against Ye Wenxuan, this superhuman.

If he were temperamental or difficult to control,, they could control his family first. Just in case he had some other different thoughts and wanted to make a move that endangered the country.

Even if superhumans were rare and precious, if they go counter to the state, there are other ways of dealing with it.

Ye Wenxuan himself probably didn’t know that until now he was still in the trial period of the Special Affairs Department. His level of security had been marked with a [high risk] label. But because of his own honest world view, values, and outlook on life, even though he was a little vengeful, he was very sincere and pure. This label had recently been loosened a little, and perhaps soon could be lowered a few levels.

And also because they understood Ye Wenxuan’s true character, those police now sent to the Ye family would be mostly there to protect them, with no mention of those previous undercurrents.

These things Zheng Xingguo had not mentioned to Ye WEnxuan, but he could more or less guess them.

At this time seeing Zhang Rui take the initiative to come over, he also didn’t pretend to not know anything. He stood there with him watching the children, while pulling out a cigarette box from his pocket, shaking out one for Zhang Rui.

Zhang Rui took it and put it into his mouth, then borrowed his lighter to light it, sucking in a breath silently.

Ye Wenxuan casually said: “It’s been hard on you, you even have to stay on the task during the New Year.”

“Not hard.” Zhang Rui said quietly: “There are no holidays in this line of work. Compared to the days of training in the army, it is very idle.”

Ye Wenxuan smiled: “A little boring?”

“At least a bit.” Zhang Rui looked upstairs: “But this is also pretty good. No opportunity for us to act shows that the lives of the people are going pretty well.”

Ye Wenxuan nodded: “Very good.”

## ye shuxue might be a tomboy ##

Ye Shuxue: “Is her chest as big as mine?”

Ye Wenxuan looked at his old sister’s flat expanse in front: “Yes.”

Ye Shuxue: “Is her butt as perky as mine?”

Ye Wenxuan then looked at his old sister’s flat expanse behind: “Yes.”

Ye Shuxue: “Then then then, is she as cute as your little sister?!”

Ye Wenxuan hesitated: “Seems to be cuter than you.”

One day, Xing Yuan finally entered the Ye home.

Ye Shuxue looked at her brother-in-law/sister-in-law. Thinking of her brother’s words, she couldn’t help but feel grief. She held up her fist, fighting 500 rounds with Ye big silly, successfully gifting him a pair of black eyes.

Translator Notes:

[1] FFF Inquisition – FFF团, this phrase originated from the manga/light novel Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu. the FFF inquisition is a group that punishes those who receive attention/affection from girls.

Random Notes:

About an hour: 12 pm – 1 pm, for 3.8k characters to 2.4k words.

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