100kV Chapter 76

Chapter 76
The Calm Before the Storm

Confession Brought by the Summer Wind

A random current hit the TV switch. The screen lit up, showing the news channel that was playing last night before the TV was shut down.

At this time it was almost noon. The news channel was broadcasting expert interviews. They talked about Ge Zhengqing’s case, which was the hot topic these days.

Ye Wenxuan half-listened. They mentioned the Xing group, but only a few words at a time. It could be seen that the main topic of this program was not about the Xing family.

He heard Adonis in the kitchen shouting that he should go call Kathy to eat. He lazily made a noise in agreement and went to knock on the door of Kathy’s bedroom.

Ye Wenxuan: “Kathy, come out for lunch.”

Soon, Kathy came to open the door, carrying a book.

Ye Wenxuan looked down at her: “Which book are you reading?”

Kathy showed him the cover: “This…one…”

The little girl no longer wore a mask, the scar on her lips especially conspicuous. But Ye Wenxuan had been looking at it for over three months and had gotten used to it.

He was surprised by something else: “You weren’t reading this yesterday, you already finished reading that one?”

Kathy nodded: “En…”

Ever since this little prophet came to China, she no longer had to hide all over the place. Even though because of her identity problems, she could not go to school with the other ordinary children, Ye Wenxuan had helped her buy a lot of fairy tale books, both in Chinese and English. He also helped her get a Chinese and English dictionary.

But now the dictionary was stolen by Adonis, the American seemed to need it more than Kathy. He still had not yet been allowed to use electronics that could leak information. The only old machine that could make a phone call was still under surveillance. He had no access to translation tools, so he could only use this paper dictionary to improve his Chinese.

At lunch, Adonis brought the noodles to the living room coffee table. Ye Wenxuan took out a pile of seasonings, and Kathy obediently helped move over the little bench.

All three had formed the habit of eating and watching TV. The table in the living room was basically unused and had become a decoration.

And of course, the most important thing was——Kathy was too short. When the little lady sat at the dining table, she couldn’t even reach the plates.

The fragrant meat sauce noodles were in place, the hot sauce with smoky vinegar oil was in place, the chopsticks, fork, spoon were in place, the small bench was in place.

Adonis: “Let’s go!”

Kathy raised her little fork: “Yeah!”

Ye Wenxuan: “…” So excited even when eating noodles, I really don’t understand your thoughts.

The three people ate while watching the news. The two foreigners’ Chinese were not enough to look at. Only Ye Wenxuan could understand, and the other two people followed to watch the pictures and be lively.

As they were eating, the female TV anchor said: “With respects to the Xing group’s corruption and bribery, the private case of Xing Jianming’s transfer of assets, today the Supreme Court has made a decision. The defendant, Xing Jianming, Xing Yi…these 17 people are convicted. The court will no longer accept a retrial, and the verdicts of the seventeen people are as follows…”

Unconsciously, Ye Wenxuan had put down his bowl and chopsticks. He stared at the TV, and only when the female anchor began to report another news item did he let out a long breath.

There was no Xing Yuan in the list of people who were being sanctioned.

This was really the best news he had gotten in the past over three months.

From April when they separated in Ye Wenxuan’s apartment until mid-July, Ye Wenxuan and Xing Yuan had not seen each other again, not even a phone call.

One of them was appointed to a new task, and the other, under the close supervision of the police, assisted in the investigation of major criminal cases with the Xing family and Ge Zhengqing.

As a criminal witness, Xing Yuan was closely protected by the Special Affairs Department when participating in the case. Then afterward he started to stabilize his company, so busy that he could barely sit down. But Ye Wenxuan here was quite leisurely. He supervised Adonis and Kathy, and exercised his powers every day.

However, his side also had other forces from the Special Affairs Department in secret surveillance. In order to avoid suspicion, Ye Wenxuan also didn’t want to contact Xing Yuan while under their supervision.

And now it seems like the Xing group’s case is coming to an end.

In the afternoon, Adonis was once again invited out by six plainclothes men. Today, he needed to go to assist with experiments with several biology and physics experts, and then he would be transferred to a military region and carry out some educational sparring with some unknown forces from the military.

Such activities take place almost every few days. They were just some of the conditions that Adonis had agreed to with the Special Affairs and Military departments in order to stay in China.

It was on this hot afternoon that Xing Yuan’s phone call came.

At this time Ye Wenxuan had returned to his room. He closed the window and the curtain, and without using the remote control, the AC automatically turned on with a “zzz”.

The cool wind slowly diffused. Ye Wenxuan fell onto the bed, casually accepting the call.

It was an unknown number. He thought it was yet another telecommunications scam coming over to fool honest people, while lazily saying: “Wei, who are you looking for.”

The other line was quiet for a few seconds.

Ye Wenxuan was impatient: “Who is it ah, if you don’t talk I’m hanging up.”

Then someone sighed on the other end of the phone, slowly saying: “The temper seems to be getting worse and worse.”

The man’s voice was extremely familiar. The sound was low and mellow, and when his voice came out of the earpiece, it was almost as if his ear was going to itch.

Ye Wenxuan reacted so violently he flipped right off the bed.

“Xing…Xing Yuan?!”

Xing Yuan gave a low “en”.

“You…” Ye Wenxuan walked a couple steps in his room, then stopped and sat down in the chair next to his table. “I saw the news at noon, the Xing family has just been convicted in the second trial. How did you…call me at this time?”

There seemed to be quite a lot of people on Xing Yuan’s side. The background was very noisy, and he whispered something to someone else. Ye Wenxuan patiently waited for a bit, and the noise coming from the other side gradually became smaller. Xing Yuan probably finally found a quiet place.

The man was in a good mood, laughing and saying to him: “I finally shoveled out this decaying dead wood.”

Knowing that this “dead wood” was actually the Xing family, Ye Wenxuan asked: “Where are you?”

Xing Yuan gave him an address and then said: “It’s the company that I hid from them.”

“The Xing family’s case, in fact, by the end of May, I had already finished handing over all of the evidence. I was restored to freedom in early June, but at that time my company had not been straightened out and was being suppressed everywhere, so I was very busy for a while.” He seemed to be explaining his whereabouts during this time to Ye Wenxuan, slowly saying: “I went to ask Zheng Xingguo. He said that you took on a new task, so I thought I might as well wait until I finish dealing with the company side, and then I would look for you.”

Ye Wenxuan listened patiently, then he asked: “Then have you finished dealing with it?”

Xing Yuan paused then said: “No.”

Ye Wenxuan: “En?”

Xing Yuan: “I haven’t seen you in too long, I always feel a little unsettled. I couldn’t stand it anymore and wanted to call you.”

Ye Wenxuan: “…”

Damn, how could he respond to that?!

“That…” He coughed twice, involuntarily saying: “I also…also miss you…”

When he finished speaking, his old face had already turned red. He got up from his chair, walked a few steps to the bed, and plunged into the pillow.

Xing Yuan: “Wenxuan?”

“En.” Ye Wenxuan muffledly said: “I’m here.”

The man on the other side was keenly aware of his strange tone and laughed. Ye Wenxuan was annoyed: “If there’s nothing else I’m going to hang up, annoying people to death.”

The man said: “There’s something.”

Ye Wenxuan: “What’s the matter?”

Xing Yuan thought for a few seconds then asked: “Is your mission to stay with Adonis all the time? How long will it take?”

“I can’t say an exact time. After all, it’s a confidential mission, even if we have a good relationship I still can’t.” Ye Wenxuan thought for a bit: “In any case I can’t leave in the near future. Adonis and Kathy’s danger levels are too high. As long as we haven’t determined their level of safety, I have to keep an eye on them all the time.”

Xing Yuan sighed.

Ye Wenxuan: “What are you sighing about?”

Xing Yuan: “I’m worried.”

He also didn’t say why he was worried, but Ye Wenxuan was able to guess some of it. The two people didn’t speak, only quietly listening to each other’s breathing.

After a while, Xing Yuan finally opened his mouth: “Wenxuan.”

Ye Wenxuan turned over in bed: “What?”

“I want…to seriously discuss something with you.”

“You speak, I’ll first listen.”

The AC buzzed, sending out a cold wind. It blew up a corner of the curtains, blowing past the young man’s cheeks, blowing to the other side of the room.

The man’s low voice covered up the AC buzzing steadily outside the window, over the crickets chirping on the walls, and fluttered into Ye Wenxuan’s ears.

“After this mission, let’s try out being together.”

Ye Wenxuan: “…”

Before he could turn the corner, the man on the other side began to speak slowly.

“From the first time we met until now, it took me five months to realize one thing.”

“Wh…what thing…?”

“Wenxuan.” Xing Yuan quietly said: “I love you.”

Ye Wenxuan held up the phone, turned over, and fell out of the bed with a bang.

February of the following year, W city, a certain little community.

It was close to Spring Festival. The young people living far away from home for work had returned home. The usually not very lively small residential areas were now filled with people prepping for the new year. They were all young faces, very lively.

When Ye Wenxuan returned home it was already evening. He got out of the taxi, his headphones still hanging around his neck. A man’s voice casually came from the earpiece: “No need to come back so early, I don’t have any days off here. I have to work overtime on Chinese New Year Eve, so I will first fly to S city to handle some business. Even if you come back you won’t be able to see me.”

Ye Wenxuan carried a backpack, pulling out his cellphone from the pocket of his windbreaker while saying: “As if I really bought a ticket to go back, he he, Xing president you seem to have a very active imagination?”

Xing Yuan laughed lowly: “Really didn’t book tickets?”

Ye Wenxuan of course righteously said: “Nope.”

He secretly clicked out of the call interface and opened the ticket purchasing app, darkly thinking about whether he should hurry and refund the ticket now.

Xing Yuan laughed on the other side, then suddenly said: “The fourth day of the new year I have nothing. Do you want to come to S city to meet up?”

“Fourth day ah.” Ye Wenxuan dragged out his words, as if he was very reluctant: “Haha, that day lao zi is going to visit the relatives for New Years, you can go by yourself to Disneyland and sit on a merry-go-round, bye bye!”

He saw a tall girl standing a hundred meters ahead, hurriedly saying: “I arrived at home, I’ll talk to you later.”

Hearing the man on the other end grunt in agreement, Ye Wenxuan hung up the phone, quickly stuffed his headphones into his pocket, and strode over.

The person who came was his old sister Ye Shuxue, who had been especially pushed out by Ye mother to go down to meet the eldest son.

Ye Shuxue was still holding a chicken leg in her mouth. She saw him long ago, and after pausing for a couple seconds, she opened her mouth: “Ye big sister, how long have you not cut your hair? F*k…if the two of us stand together, I’m afraid you look more like a sister than me!”

Ye Wenxuan walked up and kneaded Ye Shuxue’s short hair into a chicken nest: “Just you, your chest isn’t even as big as mine, even if we’re not standing together no one will call you a beauty.”

Ye Shuxue yelled: “F*k you!”

She kicked Ye Wenxuan to one side: “You really can pick a time. Lao niang was happily eating but still had to squat under a tree to welcome you old person coming to the royal court.”

Ye Wenxuan carried his bag and walked into the building: “Where’s Imperial Father and Mother?”

Ye Shuxue: “Eating.”

Ye Wenxuan’s mouth twitched: “Sure enough I’m not a biological son, lao zi hasn’t even eaten yet.”

Ye Shuxue: “Hmph, talking as if lao niang has already eaten.”

Ye Wenxuan looked at her mouth covered in oil: “Aren’t you eating. You don’t even know to bring a chicken leg when you come down, so cold…”

Ye Shuxue: “If you keep BB’ing I’ll beat you.”

Ye Wenxuan immediately changed his tone: “Second silly let’s hurry up, our parents are waiting anxiously.”

Ye Shuxue: “He he.”

The Ye brother and sister squabbled while climbing up the stairs. When they got to the second floor, a door on the right opened, and the man coming out met the brother and sister face to face.

In an instant Ye Shuxue pulled the drumstick out of her mouth, hiding her greasy claws behind her back, and revealed a gentle smile: “Hello Zhang brother.”

## today the little gong seems to be a little green ##

Xing Yuan: “What do you and Adonis usually do?”

Ye Wenxuan: “We race.”

Xing Yuan: “Hm?”

Ye Wenxuan: “Seeing who is the fastest man.”

Xing Yuan: “…Is it my illusion…I suddenly feel like my head is a little green.”

Translator Notes:

[1] BB – basically chinese slang for complaining a lot about little things

Random Notes:

About an hour: 11:40 am – 12:40 pm, for 3.8k characters to 2.4k words.

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