100kV Chapter 68

Chapter 68
Rescue Mission

Ye Wenxuan vs Number Three

Several beams of light swept through the dark from the other side of the corridor. Ye Wenxuan hid in the doorway of the stairwell like a cat. When he felt like there weren’t any more things flying over, he reached out his head and saw a Hulk-like man silhouetted by the light standing in the middle of the corridor.

His muscles were like hard stones. Just standing there, he gave off a sense of majesty like Colossus.

This fellow looked over twice as strong as number two.

At this time he casually picked up a piece of metal equipment that had fallen by his foot. From time to time he would let out a beast-like low roar from his throat, followed by a shake of his arm. That heavy equipment flew out like an artillery shell to chase after a black shadow in front of him. That black shadow grunted and was thrown forward over a dozen meters by the weight of something much like an iron block.

That strong man seemed like he was dissatisfied, and he turned to grab another one nearby.

The flashlights would sometimes shine on the black shadow crawling on the ground. Ye Wenxuan immediately rushed out of the safety channel, carefully running to his side. He reached out to pat the man’s cheek: “Yu Wei, Yu Wei?! Are you okay!”

It was Yu Wei, who had come to the fifth floor to find people.

Yu Wei had fallen into a short coma from this hit. Ye Wenxuan called him a couple times before he shook his head and raised his hand to wipe off the bloodstains from his mouth: “Ma…Mage…” He tried to prop himself up but didn’t expect that his right arm had gone completely powerless, and he almost fell back down.

Ye Wenxuan hurriedly held him up: “How are you?”

“I’m afraid…my internal organs were hurt…” Yu Wei held his abdomen, gasping weakly and looking back. Behind them, the strong man was fighting a fierce battle with a man using his bare hands.

No, it could be called a one-sided beating.

Yu Wei attempted several times to raise his gun to shoot, but his arm was shaking nonstop. He gasped heavily and said quietly: “That’s Xu Shan, we can’t…can’t let him die here…”

He couldn’t die here. Even if he was dead, the body couldn’t be left to Issera.

Ye Wenxuan knew what he meant. He grit his teeth and nodded.

A bullet flew by his ear, spinning at a high speed to cut through the air and nail the strong man’s neck.

The tall “metal tower” paused, and his skull was hit to the left by the force of the bullet.

This bullet actually couldn’t kill him.

But the sniper’s support allowed Xu Shan to get a moment of respite. He immediately took this opportunity to roll into the darkness toward their side.

Ye Wenxuan turned around and saw that Xing Yuan had picked up a sniper rifle who knew when. His thigh was still bleeding and he could only lean sideways on the wall to support his body. But those blue eyes were still staring tightly at that mad experimental subject through the glasses.

He pulled the trigger, and a second bullet quickly flew out. Like a sharp blade, it ruthlessly blocked the strong man’s pursuit of Xu Shan!

“It’s experiment number three.” Xing Yuan’s lips barely moved, whispering: “Tom, can you beat him.”

Ye Wenxuan squeezed the bridge of his nose and slowly stood up: “Laozi will try.”

With that, he shook his hand, and a bolt of lightning as thick as an adult’s calf started to form in his hand.


It started out bright white, and after it pulsed again and again, the color of the lightning changed from white to blue, then from blue to purple, and finally stopped at a dark purple.

It was growing longer and longer.

When Ye Wenxuan got up to block Yu Wei, the lightning bolt was only a foot long. He took a step, and the lightning bolt stretched out to a few meters long. Three steps later, it had already extended to a few dozen meters long.

Ye Wenxuan gently shook his hand. The lightning was like a huge whip, harnessing its immense power and starting to turn its “body” in the corridor.

Like a ferocious beast, it slowly looked down on its “prey.”

“Hey, guys.” He whispered to the two men behind him: “Close your eyes.”

Then, Ye Wenxuan leapt forward, facing the enemy opposite him and flinging his arms wide——

Lightning flew explosively toward number three. For a moment, the entire corridor was filled with a stinging light!

Some soldiers shouted and reached out to cover their eyes. On the other end of the corridor, Monroe took a step back and raised his right arm to cover his eyes. The other hand quickly removed the sunglasses from his pocket and put them on the bridge of his nose, and then he raised his head, staring at the two men battling.

Number three was struck by lightning. As if he didn’t knew pain, he only moved back three or four steps, his face full of offended exasperation.

Ye Wenxuan took back his whip. Number three looked down at the black scars on his body, and with a ferocious expression, he slowly moved his body.

“Leader, let me help you clear out everything blocking your path!”

He began to chant the exclusive prayers of the Issera Army. Number three’s eyes seemed to be unaffected by the darkness, and he bent his knees, rushing toward Ye Wenxuan.

A long whip of purple lightning suddenly appeared between the two. Number three raised his arm to block it, and half of his body became covered in electric sparks. A faint burnt smell came from his body.

But the man’s eyebrows didn’t even furrow. After landing, he accelerated, as if he could reach Ye Wenxuan in an instant.


A bullet covered in killing intent broke through the darkness, flying past Ye Wenxuan’s neck like a shadow. He gently flicked his fingertips, and a terrifying high-voltage current began to shuttle around the bullet, intent on destroying all of the obstacles in front of it!

Even as strong as number three was, he still had to slow down and dodge to avoid the bullet.

The long whip formed again and wrapped up number three’s neck.

Ye Wenxuan suddenly stomped on the ground, waved his arm and called out: “Get up——”

Ye Wenxuan threw up his arm, and the lightning bolt expanded again. It wrapped number three layer by layer, broke through the ceiling above them, and opened a gaping hole in the east side of the building.

With a loud bang, half of the building was torn in two by this shocking electric whip.

Number three was thrown out far away, but Ye Wenxuan expected that he wouldn’t have died from this. He turned back to lift up Yu Wei and retreated to Xing Yuan and Xu Shan: “Let’s go, don’t wait for him to catch up…”

As he spoke he suddenly grunted. Xing Yuan instantly brought him into his arms, and in the ensuing rain of gunfire, he held him and rolled into the safety channel next to them.

Xu Shan raised his gun and returned fire, carrying Yu Wei to also limp into the channel.

“Fuck…I forgot to clean up that trash…” Cold sweat flowed from Ye Wenxuan’s forehead. His arm drooped, and he was hugged up by Xing Yuan, who climbed up from the ground: “Who hit me…”

The ceiling of this entire building had been knocked off by Ye Wenxuan. At this time Xing Yuan used the sunlight to look down at his wound. A bullet had entered his shoulder blade from the back and seemed to be embedded in it. A large blood stain dyed his shoulder red.

He thinned his lips and helped Ye Wenxuan walk quickly down the stairs without a word. After a moment, he only said: “Mario’s men.”

Ye Wenxuan gasped twice: “Where are Yu Wei and the rest?”

Xing Yuan: “Behind.”

“You…I can walk by myself.” Ye Wenxuan pushed him away unsuccessfully and helplessly said: “Your leg is still bleeding. My arm is hurt, but my legs and feet are fine.”

Xing Yuan coldly said: “Shut up.”

Very quickly, a gunshot came from above their heads. Ye Wenxuan had just raised his hand when it was caught by Xing Yuan. The other threw away the sniper rifle and took out a SMG from his back. Not even lifting his head, he fired a mass of bullets above to the stairwell.

Several bodies fell down.

“Kill them! Damn, give me the grenades…” Monroe’s curses entered their ears.

The two scouts’ expressions instantly changed, and they pulled Ye Wenxuan and Xing Yuan to rush downstairs. Ye Wenxuan whispered: “Don’t worry, I can block them.”

With his voice rang out Mario’s angry yells: “No killing! I want him! Number two, number three, catch him alive!”

Monroe: “Shut up, son of a bitch, I’m their leader!”

With a loud bang, a big hole opened somewhere in the wall on the third floor. A tall black man came out of the broken wall step by step, just leaping out straight into the air. After landing on the ground with his knees bent, he pulled his feet out from the ground and slowly stood up.

Number three had also come downstairs who knew when. The skin of his neck had been peeled up and the charred wounds were still smoking. In the deepest places you could even see the exposed trachea. The image was terrifying, enough to make the people break into a cold sweat even under the blistering sun.

Number two and number three didn’t launch any attacks. They just stood there in the hot sun, staring at the four people running out of the security exit.

The four Chinese stopped in front of a big piece of rubble from the building. Xing Yuan first raised his arm and let loose a burst from his SMG. Behind him, Yu Wei and Xu Shan saw the two super soldiers, and Xu Shan cursed in disbelief: “Fuck…he’s actually still alive?!”

“He doesn’t look quite right.” Yu Wei’s body was slanting, and blood constantly flowed down from his lips. Ye Wenxuan’s heart jumped and he said quietly: “You…are you sure you’re okay?”

Yu Wei: “For the time being…I won’t die…”

Xu Shan was supporting him and said in exasperation: “If you can’t get treatment in an hour you’re going to die for sure, do you know that!”

Yu Wei smiled and didn’t answer.

Ye Wenxuan’s heart was bitter.

He looked at Xing Yuan’s left leg, Xu Shan’s body covered in bruises, and then the blood stains in the corner of Yu Wei’s mouth. He slowly spit out a breath, the thought in his mind growing firmer and firmer.

Issera’s soldiers gathered around the central building. Fearing number two and three, they stopped a few meters behind the two super fighters, sealing the way out and surrounding the intruders in the middle.

Ye Wenxuan looked around, and he found that most of these people had changed into insulated clothing.

Mario and Monroe met with the army at the exit from the other side. There, under heavy protection, they were arguing over the life and death of the four intruders.

“I want both of them. I can give you two more bottles of potion in exchange for two live people.” Mario stressed: “Live!”

Monroe said ferociously: “They have offended me, offended Issera. This is about my authority as a leader, I won’t let it go like this.”

Mario compromised slightly: “Alright, then as long as they are alive when they are given to me, you can do whatever you want to them. As long as they aren’t dead.” All he wanted was that magic weapon.

Until Ye Wenxuan spread out his right hand, a lightning sword emerging from his palm, the two people’s argument came to an abrupt end.

Before in the dim lighting in the building, everyone had thought that he had used some sort of terrifying weapon to fight number three and break open the building. Only now were they shocked to find that this man was holding a bolt of lightning in his bare hands!

Monroe muttered: “How is that possible, how can humans hold lightning, could it…”

He turned and stared at Mario: “Was he made by you too? You’ve been lying to me this whole time, did you want to pull down Issera since the start?!”

Mario didn’t look at him, muttering to him: “Oh my god…superhuman…my eyes aren’t mistaken, that is definitely a superhuman…”

Monroe reached out and seized him: “Mario Rhodes! Confess your plot!”

But the excited doctor had completely lost his sense of hearing.

“I knew it! Hahahaha——I knew it——a man who can defeat the super warriors I made, could only be a superhuman!” Mario pushed him away, completely ignoring the muzzle at his head.

He stepped forward, staring at the man in front of the building. His eyes were blazing and feverish: “He can deform the lightning? Another new, never before seen ability has emerged! I want him, I have to have him…”

“I must…cut open his skull, cut open his brain, and take a look inside…oh…the things there, must be mysterious and beautiful…”

Monroe listened to his mutters and only felt that his spine grow cold, goosebumps crawling on his skin.

He involuntarily took a step away from the mad doctor to stay a little further away from this madman.

Far in the distance, Ye Wenxuan didn’t heart the doctor’s crazed declaration, his entire focus on the “longsword” in his hands.

Bringing together thousands of lightning bolts and compressing them into a longsword in his hands was something that he had never succeeded in before.

If it weren’t as a last resort, he would never have wanted to show his power out in the open to everyone here like he was doing now, and even maybe using this power to kill all of the enemies present.

As if they could feel the dangerous energy, number two and three’s expressions began to change. Number two even took a step back and reached behind his waist with one hand, but he suddenly remembered that he only wore a pair of shorts and his gun holster had already been confiscated before the operation.

The super warriors’ behavior shocked the ordinary men. No one here had ever seen a man who could control the lightning and manipulate the power of nature. This kind of thing, besides God, who could do it?

For a moment, the central building in Collum fell into a strange calm.

No one dared to do anything about Ye Wenxuan, and they even began to silently chant prayers.

Ye Wenxuan was slightly relieved and knew that he had shocked these people.

At this point, a gunshot broke the delicate balance. One of the Issera soldiers closest to Ye Wenxuan fell down on the ground, twitching twice before he stopped moving.

All of the soldiers started rioting again!

## ye xiao shou, taking the opportunity to advertise ##

Ye Wenxuan pulled out a big sword, roaring: “Dragon Massacring Sword, gifted with just a click! Excellent equipment, maxed out in a second!”

Issera soldier: “???”

Xing Yuan & Yu Wei & Xu Shan: “…”

Yu Wei: “What the fuck?”

Xu Shan: “…I’m afraid he must have played too many web games.”

Translator Notes:

[1] dragon massacring sword – 屠龙宝刀,点击就送!极品装备,一秒刷爆!, apparently this is an actual phrase from an advertisement from this one chinese game that happened when a certain number of players went online at the same time. this was really hard to translate, so it’s really an approximation

Random Notes:

About an hour: 4 pm – 5 pm, for 4.2k characters to 2.6k words.

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