100kV Chapter 63

Chapter 63
Rescue Mission

Assistance from Kurtu

Not long after Ye Wenxuan returned to the living room, Edward came over with the gaming controller.

“Hi, Tom.” He was a little shy, timidly saying: “Can I play some games with you?”

Ye Wenxuan looked at this doll-faced brown-haired boy and smiled slightly: “Of course, what do you want to play?”

“It’s not a new game, it’s an old game from three or four years ago, but I love it.” Edward quickly turned on the gaming console and handed him another controller: “Tom, you’re so strong. When you’re with Jerry, you’re not afraid of him at all.”

Lucy floated over at this time, bringing them two glasses of juice.

Ye Wenxuan thanked her and only vaguely replied to Edward: “Actually, I am also quite afraid of him. You see that I seem to be very calm, but in fact, I was already scared silly.”

Edward: “Re, really?”

Ye Wenxuan copied him: “O, of course.”

“…” Edward covered his face: “Annoying, Tom don’t copy me. I’m just too nervous.”

The two began to play the game.

In the middle, Lucy came over and sat down, wearing a mask, and chatted with the two. Yu Wei used a rag to clean up the house, and Clarence went out with a bag after breakfast, apparently to go to a nearby market to buy groceries.

Ye Wenxuan softly chatted with all the men and women who greeted him. His eyes slipped across each person, looking for each of their cracks and doubtful places.

Who the hell is the spy in the house?

If talking about who was the least likely, Ye Wenxuan’s first thought would be Renee. That little sister did not know how to hide her intentions in the least. She was so loudly and wildly being envious and causing a racket, with a single glance you could tell that she was a big boobed but brainless person.

But among the rest of the people, Clarence was gradually taking control of all of the tasks in the house. Edward seemed to be shy and introverted, but he could always detect a sense of something out of place. Even though Yu Wei was Chinese, even after seeing someone from his homeland he did not exhibit the least bit of intimacy. He stayed silent and uncommunicative, as if he had no sense of existence, and was very easily overlooked and ignored.

Lucy understood the proper etiquette on when to advance or retreat, but yesterday Xing Yuan had said that her fighting skills were very good. If this lady started a roundhouse kick, he was afraid that most normal people would have to avoid it. As for Lily, she took great care of her own face and had a soft personality. Besides this, he couldn’t tell anything else.

From this analysis, it seemed like all of these people had problems.

While talking to them, Ye Wenxuan subtly questioned them. He learned that some of these people were ignorant young people who been attracted by Issera and had run over to join, and some of them were foreign tourists who were captured. Their experiences were pretty similar to those of Gemma and Tim, but because Gemma was a field doctor, she got special treatment from those soldiers.

They were either comfortable with the status quo or had long gotten used to this kind of life. In any case, after they started living in this house yesterday, they seemed to have adapted very well.

Ye Wenxuan had a headache. He hated this kind of ambiguous and deceitful atmosphere where he needed to catch all sorts of clues to prove that everyone around him was a bad guy.

In fact, as long as he stayed alert, no matter who had bad intentionshe would handle it accordingly. Would he be unable to defeat them?

After playing a couple rounds with Edward, he handed the controller to Lily, who had gotten into the game while watching, and went to the bathroom.

The man in the mirror had waxy yellow skin. His facial features were actually not bad, but the eyebrow shape wasn’t very good, and the nose was somewhat slanted. His lips were dark purple, and there were thin wrinkles in the corners of his eyes. Large and small pockmarks were scattered across his entire face, destroying the remaining hints of handsomeness, and also making people who saw him feel a sense of disgust.

Ye Wenxuan looked at his own face and couldn’t help but mutter: “Such an ugly face, how did Xing Yuan that guy actually manage to kiss it…”

Truly a mystery.

Within a day and a half, the pockmarks would begin to disappear. His yellowed skin would become whiter and whiter, the wrinkles in the corners of his eyes would fade, his lips would turn ruddier, and his eyebrows and nose shape would recover to as they were before.

He would turn into a handsome man, much different from what he looked like now.

He wiped a hand on a more hidden part of his neck, and there really was a little bit of yellow on his hand. That was the special paint that he used on his skin.

Ye Wenxuan frowned, quickly going through remedies for this situation.

Just as he was thinking, the door behind him was gently knocked.

“There’s someone inside.” He shouted casually. The knocking didn’t stop. Ye Wenxuan was a little annoyed, turning and opening the door.

Outside was Yu Wei.

Ye Wenxuan looked at him in amazement: “Yu Wei?”

The latter was looking toward the direction of the living room. Seeing him open the door, he didn’t speak, directly holding his shoulder and pushing him in while squeezing in at the same time.

Ye Wenxuan immediately became alert. He grabbed the hand on his shoulder and quickly rotated his body, pulling the other person’s thumb, ready to throw him over his shoulder!

Yu Wei’s reaction was surprisingly fast. Almost simultaneously, he borrowed the force from Ye Wenxuan’s throw and kicked a foot off the wall, turning halfway around in the air. When landing he shook off his attack, then continued to press him against the wall.

Yu Wei’s skills were surprisingly good. In this small bathroom, he and Ye Wenxuan exchanged a few moves. Nothing in the room was impacted, but the other person’s skills were really strong, and Ye Wenxuan almost immediately fell to a disadvantage.

Ye Wenxuan was once again pressed by him against the wall. He struggled a couple times, shook off the other side and reached into his clothes, pulling out something and casually poking it onto Yu Wei’s palm, electrocuting him.

Sure enough, the other side suffered from the electrocution, took a step back, and then fell to the ground.

Yu Wei finally opened his mouth: “Electricity…is this electricity…”

Ye Wenxuan exposed the pen: “Electric stick.”

Yu Wei shook his head, the corner of his mouth lifting slightly.

“Who are you, and why did you attack me.” Ye Wenxuan stepped closer, crouched down in front of him, and used the pen to raise his chin: “What are you getting close to us for?”

Yu Wei tried to move his body and found that his body had already turned numb. He finally just didn’t struggle and just sighed: “At least I tested it out.”

Then he lowered his voice and said: “Mage, I’m from the Kurtu camp. I was instructed by my superiors to look for you and Xing Yuan in the Issera-ruled area.”

Ye Wenxuan: “…”

Ye Wenxuan: “!!!”

“Mage and Xing Yuan…and Kurtu…” He gaped: “You wouldn’t be…”

Yu Wei struggled to get up and lean against the wall next to the toilet. Then he raised his hand with great difficulty and made a stiff salute.

“Kurtu camp, Chinese peacekeeping force, scout Yu Wei. Hello comrade.”

Then he smiled slightly: “Because of the secrecy of the mission, my documents aren’t on my person. Sorry.”

Ye Wenxuan instinctively also saluted: “Special Affairs Ministry, counterterrorism operations team member Ye Wenxuan, codenamed Mage, hello comrade!” After realizing that his voice was too loud, he lowered his voice and said: “How did you know we were here?”

“You previously sent a message to the Special Affairs Department every day. After the 18th, you no longer sent any messages. The Special Affairs Department specifically contacted the peacekeeping force in South Sudan for this reason.” Yu Wei explained to him: “Because you reported your trip process before, we knew from intelligence that there were two tribes nearby fighting for unknown reasons. The scouts went there to check, and there were signs of tanks and armored vehicles, which those little tribes wouldn’t have.”

Ye Wenxuan extrapolated: “After that, the Issera rebels suddenly attacked the city of Selaar, and you suspected that the Issera forces had just happened to pass through there and conveniently got rid of those two small tribes? Oh…and also caught us along the way.”

Yu Wei nodded: “We also looked through those two tribes and didn’t find you two. So, the likelihood of you being here was the highest.”

“To that end, the officers dispatched a team of scouts, and we scattered around a few different places in Issera. We thought that if we couldn’t find you, we could at least hear some news about you. My comrades and I were in charge of the town of Collum. I didn’t have much hope before, but unexpectedly, I managed to meet you both.”

For a moment Ye Wenxuan didn’t know what to say. He opened his mouth and finally just slowly raised his hand and saluted, softly saying: “Thank you.”

Yu Wei smiled: “Don’t be polite. We are a family, we will help where we can.”

So like this, the two confirmed their identities.

Before leaving the bathroom, Ye Wenxuan still couldn’t resist, asking him: “I disguised myself like this, how did you recognize me?”

“I didn’t recognize you at first, but Xing Yuan is very recognizable. His face and blue eyes are simply a walking billboard.” Yu Wei said: “In this place, someone who is close with him and also Chinese, and plus I tried you out, and sure enough your skills aren’t great and you also know how to use electricity.”

Ye Wenxuan: “…” Sk…skills aren’t good…

“Of course, it’s not that you weren’t hiding properly. It was mainly because we already learned and analyzed your situation before we came.” He was afraid that Ye Wenxuan would feel embarrassed and patiently added: “Even though you know how to disguise yourself, we are also good at deciphering disguises. Some people have a sense of something out of place. If they didn’t do plastic surgery, they must have done some sort of camouflage.” He added: “And…your disguise is particularly light.”

Ye Wenxuan touched his nose: “It’s been too long, my makeup is almost gone. Also, my tools are in the hotel, I didn’t dare to bring them on me.”

Yu Wei was also at a loss: “When I came I also did a bit of adjustment, but I didn’t bring those…well, there’s a brow pencil, you could use that to muddle through first…”

He hadn’t finished speaking when the door was knocked from the outside.

“Tom, are you alright? I want to go to the bathroom…”

It was Edward.

Ye Wenxuan cleared his throat: “I…I’m constipated! If you can’t wait, go to the bathroom on the second floor.”

Edward: “…Oh, okay.”

After waiting for him to leave, Ye Wenxuan and Yu Wei exchanged a glance.

Yu Wei mouthed: He’s the spy. I’ll find a chance to go to your room in the evening.

Ye Wenxuan: “?!” Wait, the spy is Edward???

Yu Wei waited for a bit to confirm that there was no one outside, and only then explained: “He is a special talent that Monroe gave Mullen. His appearance makes it very easy to reduce people’s sense of vigilance, and he can easily get in their defenses.”

Ye Wenxuan: “…No wonder I always felt something was off.”

He still wanted to ask about the remaining few, but the two had really stayed in the toilet for quite a long time. Thinking that he could also just ask later in the evening, Ye Wenxuan opened the toilet door and took a look around. Finding that no one was in the corridor, he let Yu Wei get out quickly.

The two left the bathroom like nothing had happened. One went to the living room to the left, and the other picked up the broom hidden in the corner, beginning to silently continue cleaning.

Ye Wenxuan absent-mindedly slowly paced down the corridor. The corridor was not long. When you got to the end, you would enter the living room to the right and there was a glass door to the left that connected to the small courtyard outside.

He walked to the end of the corridor and was about to turn right when he suddenly caught a glimpse of a dark shadow on his left from the corner of his eye.

This discovery made him instantly covered in sweat!

Ye Wenxuan turned, Edward’s figure immediately showing up in his gaze.

“You…” He almost stuttered. After calming himself with great difficulty, he calmly asked: “Edward, what are you doing here?”

Edward looked at him and shyly said: “I wanted to go take a look in the yard, but…I’m by myself…”

Ye Wenxuan didn’t know whether he just saw him and Yu Wei coming out of the bathroom, but Yu Wei had said that Edward was the spy, which made him unable to avoid being alert.

He controlled his temper: “It’s so hot right now and the sun is too strong. If you go out now you’ll definitely get burned. Let’s go back and play games.”

Edward didn’t dare to refuse: “Ah, o, okay!”

Ye Wenxuan watched him walk over from the glass door and suddenly said: “Edward.”


“Did you finish going to the bathroom?”

Edward turned to look at him: “En, I went.”

Since then he was constantly observing. Edward was like every other introverted boy in his early twenties, and sometimes Ye Wenxuan simply felt that he was like a pure little white flower.

But that didn’t exist in war zones.

While Edward ran to go find Clarence to chat, Ye Wenxuan turned to ask Lily: “Beauty, just now did you see Edward go upstairs?”

The revolving staircase leading to the second floor was against the right wall of the living room. If someone went upstairs he had to go through there. Lily held a bottle of milk and shook her head: “No, handsome Tom.”

Ye Wenxuan looked pensive, and showed a smile: “Thank you very much, Lily.”


With Mario Rhodes’s arrival, most of Issera’s elite gathered at Collum in a five-story military building in the center of town.

These men were prohibited from carrying firearms or other weapons, and each person sat under the stage in a folding chair, listening to the doctor’s speech.

Of course, most of his speech was too professional, and few people could understand what this middle-aged man was saying.

Xing Yuan mixed into the crowd, listening very carefully.

He needed to know what this unkempt doctor was trying to do, coming to South Sudan.

Mario finally stopped talking. He motioned his assistant onto the stage and said: “I brought some finished products this time. I expect that even though you have all seen the experimental videos and some of the documents from the lab, you shouldn’t have actually seen this thing in person.”

The play was about to begin.

Everyone subconsciously sat up straight. The entire hall was filled with the sound of chairs being adjusted. Xing Yuan’s eyes flashed behind his glasses, looking toward the female assistant on the stage.

## the crowd’s eyes are filled with lightning ##

Yu Wei: “Hello headquarters, I have found the missing Mage couple, over.”

Headquarters: “???” Couple?

Yu Wei: “Correct, husbands, over.”

Headquarters: “…”

Translator Notes:

[1] had bad intentions – 包藏祸心, idiom, concealing malice
[2] he would handle it accordingly – 兵来将挡水来土掩, idiom, means different situations call for different actions

Random Notes:

About an hour: 1:30 pm – 2:30 pm, for 4.3k characters to 2.6k words.

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