100kV Chapter 64

Chapter 64
Rescue Mission

CSW8702 Reagent

The woman had no expression, and after taking the stage she placed a metal suitcase on the table. Mario stepped forward, unlocking the complicated password locks one by one. Then he clasped the box on both sides, and with a stroke from his thumbs, the silver lid immediately sprung up.

Mario Rhodes put on a pair of sterile gloves, carefully removed a sealed test tube, and showed the pale blue liquid to the rebel officers below.

“CSW8702 reagent. The main role is to strengthen cell capacity and develop the limits of the human body to the maximum extent. So that in speed, physical fitness, strength, and other aspects of performance they would be more perfect…”

He looked at the tumultuous crowd under the stage and snorted: “In short, it can create super fighters.”

By the time the atmosphere reached a peak, Mario aded: “Of course, because everyone’s tolerance ability is different, not everyone will be able to become a superhuman after using this. So, whether or not you can change yourself, also depends on fate.”

“I brought a total of four tubes to demonstrate its specific properties on living bodies. The rest will be delivered later.” Mario cleared his throat and showed his first smile after coming here: “So, everyone here, are you ready to take the risk of possible death…and follow me to become the first batch of Heaven’s proud sons?”

There it is!

Some people were already unable to stop themselves from jumping out of their seats. Some soldiers were a little hesitant, and some were excited. The scene devolved into chaos, and until several high-ranking leaders shouted for quiet, it only slightly extinguished the enthusiasm of this group of people.

Xing Yuan sat next to Mullen. The latter was about to explode from excitement, his eyes red, as if he wanted nothing more than to immediately run up to the stage and snatch the reagent to pour it down his throat.

The blue-eyed Chinese man moved his eyes to the stage again, where Mario was holding a sealed test tube in his hand. Mario’s eyes roved over the room, meeting the pair of blue eyes.

This doctor’s expression was calm, with a little contempt and disdain, but there were waves rolling in the depths of his eyes. He couldn’t wait to start his experiments to ease his own discomfort from leaving the SP Institute.

“I brought four finished products, so…” He casually pointed to two strong black soldiers: “The first and second.”

The crowd immediately broke out into an even greater uproar. Mario completely ignored it, looking around and pointing to an elite captain: “Third.”

Then his finger paused, he turned, and pointed toward the only Asian in the room.

“You, will be the fourth.”

The black men who weren’t selected sighed in disappointment.

Mullen sat back down, and his eyes looking at the subordinate next to him revealed ferocity and jealousy.

“This isn’t fair!” Someone stood up and shouted: “The reagents should be given to the first elite team, we are the most ferocious soldiers of Issera!”

“No! It should be based on the level! They should all be left to the captains of the elite forces!”

“They should be given to the first team! Why should they start with those ordinary soldiers!”

“I think it’s up to the chief to decide!”

“Quiet!” Mario took the microphone and scoffed: “I will give it to who I say, and I don’t accept any objections. Without me, even if you have this thing, you wouldn’t be able to become a super warrior.”

One after another, irritated men started cursing. Some people knocked over their chairs and walked away, and some wanted to see the results of the experiment, patiently sitting there and waiting.

But no one dared to move their hands on the doctor on the stage.

Xing Yuan sat there motionless, his gaze having a silent confrontation with Mario across a distance of dozens of meters.

Mario’s lips hooked up, showing an unkind slight smile.

“Then, I ask the four experiment subjects to follow my assistants and go to the lab upstairs for some preparation.”

Two assistants wearing equally white coats walked up to Xing Yuan and politely asked him to follow. Under everyone’s gaze, Xing Yuan was helpless. He could only calmly stand up from his chair and leave the meeting in silence.

In an unnoticed corner, a shadow quickly flashed out of the partially open door, hiding into a corner that the monitor couldn’t reach.

The dark shadow pulled out a small device from his clothing, then bowed his head for a while. Afterward, he put the object back into his clothes and calmly went back.

At the same time, in the three-story villa that Mullen gave Xing Yuan, Yu Wei was in the middle of cleaning the attic. A vibration came from inside his clothes.

He threw the rag into the bucket and closed the wooden door in the attic, and only then pulled something out from his clothes and looked down.

There was a mass of complicated code on the screen, but Yu Wei read it carefully and could basically understand it with a glance.

[Issera wants to make super warriors. Xing Yuan was chosen as an experimental body, I’m currently thinking of ways to get into the lab. If all goes well, meet me at the old place.]

[If after an hour my communications terminal doesn’t send a message, assume that the action failed. Do not send another signal, and leave as soon as possible.]

A slight fluctuation flashing through his eyes, Yu Wei put the micro-communication device back into his clothes. When he looked up, he had returned to his usual appearance.

He picked up the bucket again, opened the wooden door to the lattice, and walked downstairs without a sound.

Five minutes later, he walked into his own room and locked the door. Then he opened the window and smoothly climbed out and onto the outside window frame, hanging from the wall on the second floor.

Then with quiet movements, Yu Wei quickly climbed past the next few rooms and arrived at the main bedroom. He moved his left hand a couple times, silently opening the padlock on the window.

The window was quietly pushed open, and Yu Wei drilled in. After landing he rolled half a circle to alleviate the force on his legs.

He still hadn’t stood still, quickly lifting his right hand to fend off an attack from the rear.

“Mage, it’s me.” He whispered.

The strength in Ye Wenxuan’s hand lessened greatly: “Yu Wei?”

Yu Wei: “I just received a message from a comrade-in-arms, there is something that might require your help.”

Ye Wenxuan: “You say.”

Yu Wei: “Get out of here first, I’ll explain on the way.”

Ye Wenxuan’s face turned solemn. He realized that a rather serious accident may have occurred.

“Just leave like this?”

“No.” Yu Wei said: “There are Issera spies in here. We’ll leave from the window, the earlier the better.”

Ye Wenxuan didn’t say anything, just nodding and quickly taking action with Yu Wei.

Twenty minutes later, Lucy knocked on the door to the master bedroom.

Lily came out of her own room and looked at her curiously: “Lucy, are you looking for Tom?”

“En.” Lucy showed a gentle smile: “I made some desserts, and wanted to ask if he would like to have some.”

Lily came forward: “He hasn’t heard you? Maybe he’s asleep.”

Lucy knocked again, but there was still no response. She helplessly put down her hand: “Forget it, I’ll just mention it again when he wakes up.” Then she said to Lily: “I also made your share. It’s in the downstairs kitchen, go help yourself.”

Lily: “Wow, Lucy you’re awesome!”

Lily ran off. Lucy took back her gaze, and the smile on her mouth gradually disappeared.

She knocked a few more times but there was still no response. Then she took a bunch of keys out of her pocket, picked one out of it, and using the light in the corridor, she poked it into the keyhole then turned it to the right twice.

With a click, the door opened.

Lucy took back the criminal prop and pushed open the door, walking in.

There was no one in the master bedroom.

“Little monkey, you really love to play.” She stared at the half-open window with her arms folded, and muttered: “Where did they run to?”


Lucy turned and saw Edward leaning against the door, looking at her gloomily.

“Edward, you lost him from your sight.” Lucy complained in dissatisfaction: “Who was the one who assured the lord that it would take no effort at all to deal with this kind of trash?”

Edward’s face sank, and he opened his mouth: “I have something else to say to you.”

Lucy: “Oh?”

“I’ve been looking for everyone else since a while ago.” He said: “Clarence disappeared who knows when, and Yu Wei. Those two people are nowhere to be found in this house.”

Lucy: “And then adding on that little monkey, very good, it’s already three now.”

“Among them, there is at least one who is a foreign spy lurking in the Issera.” Edward glanced at her: “We’ve been fooled.”

Lucy: “Let’s contact Mullen.”


In a small building five streets away from Xing Yuan’s temporary residence, Ye Wenxuan hid next to the window of a small room on the first floor, looking carefully at the situation outside.

There were no people living in the building, and all of the rooms were filled with debris. It appeared to be used by Issera’s soldiers as a waste warehouse.

He looked outside for a moment then turned around and asked Yu Wei, who was sitting cross-legged next to him: “Your comrade hasn’t sent another message?”

Yu Wei bowed his head, his hands moving nonstop on the device while responding: “I’m afraid…the situation might not be good.”

Ye Wenxuan: “What the hell is going on.”

Yu Wei looked at him and put down the device.

“In fact, besides searching for you everywhere, we have taken on other tasks, one of which is against Issera.” He explained: “Recently, we have found that Issera has become much more militant than it was last year, and they have started large scale annexation of small and medium-sized forces around them. They frequently battled with government forces, and there are wire reports that Issera is working to woo government officials in South Sudan.”

Yu Wei: “Wooing officials is very normal, but what we found strange was that their actions were too successful. Basically no officials refused, and they were all very quick to agree. This was very unusual.”

Ye Wenxuan: “So, you wanted to find the source of these anomalies.”

“That’s right.” Yu Wei said: “And now it seems that we are very close to the truth.”

“CSW8702 reagent. The manufacturer is suspected to be named Mario Rhodes. Its function is the ability to greatly enhance human function so that ordinary people can turn into super fighters. Mario brought four reagents this time, and four people were selected in Issera for the experimental transformation.”

He read the information on the device, and said with a frown: “Does this group think that they’re making superhero movies, how could this world have this kind of thing?”

Ye Wenxuan’s heart moved because of a certain name: “Wait, you just said…Mario Rhodes?”

Yu Wei gave an “en” in response and looked up at him: “There’s one more thing I need to tell you.”

Ye Wenxuan was still processing this information: “Mario Rhodes actually came here to do this kind of deal with Issera…”

Yu Wei: “Xing Yuan, as the fourth experimental subject, was taken to the laboratory.”

Ye Wenxuan: “What?!!”


Collum Base, Central Building, 5th floor temporary laboratory.

Because this lab was temporarily slapped together at Dr. Mario’s request, the experimental equipment and facilities were far from comparable with those at the SP Institute. South Sudan was also not rich, so this might not even be comparable to general labs.

Mario walked through the lab rooms, isolation rooms, and observation rooms. His expression wasn’t very good, but he still reluctantly suppressed his dissatisfaction.

“This tattered place, I’m really almost unable to stand it any longer.” He took off his glasses and wiped off the dust: “My little babies, I haven’t seen them for almost two days, if I still can’t see them tomorrow…”

His assistant walked over: “Doctor, the first experiment subject is ready.”

“Okay.” Mario put his glasses back on: “Finally there will be something that can make me a little excited.”

Because the lab was so primitive, Mario and his assistants couldn’t operate four experiments at once, so they could only come one at a time.

So, when the first experimental subject was placed in a closed sterile lab, the other three sat outside. They observed the lab along with Mario’s team and bodyguards through a reinforced glass wall.

In order to prevent the waiting experimental subjects from making any dangerous moves, Mario’s bodyguards constantly watched over them. Outside the laboratory was closely guarded by Issera’s soldiers and countless surveillance probes, like they wanted to achieve the highest standards of restriction such that even a fly could not escape.

Xing Yuan was forced to change into a blue-and-white gown that made him look like a patient about to undergo surgery. He sat near the door with the second and third subjects.

A long table covered in a pile of instruments was right next to the glass wall, which had been brought by Mario’s assistants.

Xing Yuan observed the experimental subject through the glass. The black man was wearing only a pair of shorts. His hands and feet were tied by straps, and his entire body was fixed to a wooden bed. He looked like a livestock to be slaughtered.

But the man himself did not feel it. He was constantly smiling, full of excitement.

CSW8702 reagent was not safe, and Mario himself also warned them that it could kill them.

But even so, there were countless people who came forward, wanting to prove that they could pass the test. They all felt that they were special.

Xing Yuan looked very calm on the surface, but his brain was constantly revolving quickly. Right now the situation was quite unfavorable to him. Should he take the advantage of this time to get away?


Xing Yuan’s gaze swept across the instruments on the table, as well as the silver metal suitcase in front of Mario.

If he could get a tube of reagents in the midst of some chaos, that would be very useful.

As he calmly pondered on how to act, in the sterile lab next door, a female assistant wearing a mask walked up to the bound black man and began to give him a final check-up.

Then she made a gesture toward the glass wall. Mario nodded, and the assistant immediately took out the suitcase she was carrying, removing the contents one by one.

She glued numerous patches with wires attached to the body of the subject to monitor his physical data, then removed the familiar sealed test tube and a pen-sized syringe.

Injecting the light blue liquid into the syringe, the female assistant walked to the experimental subject again. She pointed the syringe toward the aorta on the side of his neck and quickly injected half of the liquid into it.

Then she moved the syringe to the heart and injected the remaining drugs.

The black man gave a muffled snort, the muscles turning tight and tense. It seemed like it was very uncomfortable.

## xing boss is in the frontlines again and again ##

Yu Wei: “Mage, there’s a big problem, something happened to your wife again!”

Ye Wenxuan: “…I feel like the whole world is coveting lao zi’s wife, my heart is so tired.”

Xing Yuan: “What can I do, I’m also desperate ah.”

Xing Yuan: “Wait, wife? Come here, let’s have a good talk.”

Translator Notes:

[1] again and again – 又双叒叕, slang, this is an interesting phrase. 又 means again, and this phrase is just increasing numbers of 又 in the four characters. phrase means time after time, again and again and again.

Random Notes:

Over an hour: 9 am – 10:30 am, for 4.4k characters to 2.6k words.

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