100kV Chapter 62

Chapter 62
Rescue Mission

Can I Use Anywhere.

Ye Wenxuan: “What now? Do we remove the bugs?”

Xing Yuan: “You can go remove them. I’ll give Mullen a call.”

There was a landline telephone in the master bedroom that could only dial numbers in Souther Sudan in order to prevent residents from contacting anyone abroad.

Who knew whether this phone was monitored, but Xing Yuan had said that this matter didn’t need to be hidden. Mullen may well be waiting for his political enemy to give himself a handle.

While listening to Xing Yuan question Mullen, Ye Wenxuan bent down to take off the mini bug in the seam near the head of the bed. He really couldn’t reach, so he slightly hooked a finger. Static electricity collected at his fingertip, gradually producing an electromagnetic field. The bug was attracted by the field, landing in his palm with a slight clicking noise.

Ye Wenxuan played with it for a bit before placing it next to the record player.

He also pulled out the other bug hidden under the mirror in the bathroom. Xing Yuan had finished his call, hanging up the phone with a calm expression.

He crushed the two bugs with a finger, leaving them lying on the coffee table next to the small sofa.

After that, Xing Yuan re-examined the room and confirmed that there was no more monitoring equipment in the room. He closed the window, pulled closed the heavy curtains, and then locked the door. He picked up the two porcelain cups on the coffee table and hung them both on the door handles.

This was in case someone wanted to secretly unlock and open the door and acted as a sort of simple alarm.

Ye Wenxuan lay in bed watching him busy himself, asking: “What did Mullen say?”

Xing Yuan came back from arranging the door and casually said: “He expressed his shock and said that he would look into this matter as soon as possible. He let me keep those things safe.” After a moment, he continued: “But now Mario Rhodes’s matter is the most important thing. I think that tomorrow he will use some other method to compensate me.”

Ye Wenxuan turned over: “I already have a hunch that tomorrow night you may need to do seven beauties in one night.”

Xing Yuan: “You are not beautiful at all right now, thank you.”

Ye Wenxuan said with conviction: “Hah, in terms of compensation, only money, rights, and beauty would impress people the most. I see that their fifth elite troops have to go out to fight a war and still have nothing good to eat, so the money is probably very limited right now. That’s right, you are basically almost the top person right now under Mullen. So…”

Speaking to here, Ye Wenxuan laughed mischievously with a hehe and joked: “Lord Jerry ah, let people come serve you ah, you can use anywhere~”

He pinched his throat to make his voice like Renee’s. Unexpectedly, a shadow appeared above his head. Xing Yuan had come close to him, looking down at him from high above.

His expression seemed to be very serious, and Ye Wenxuan paused for a moment: “Why, why are you looking at me?”

“Okay.” He said: “I agree.”

Ye Wenxuan: “…eh…?”

Xing Yuan earnestly asked: “Can I use anywhere?”

Ye Wenxuan’s face inexplicably heated up from his intense stare: “What…that’s what Renee said, you go find her.”

“I don’t know any Renee.” Xing Yuan pinched his chin: “I only know you.”

“Can I use anywhere?” He asked again.

Ye Wenxuan clenched his lips and looked down, not meeting his gaze.

Xing Yuan moved even closer to him, muttering: “Can I use here?”

Then he lowered his head, lightly kissing those lips.

This caught Ye Wenxuan off guard. His mind was a mess and he opened his mouth to talk, but Xing Yuan immediately seized this opportunity and even entangled Ye Wenxuan’s tongue.

Ye Wenxuan: “Wu?!”

Xing Yuan hooked his tongue, a smile evident in his voice: “Hands up, hold my neck.”

Ye Wenxuan pushed at his chest, but his hands were caught by Xing Yuan, who wrapped them around his neck.

A warm palm attached onto his waist. The man’s arm was full of strength and easily held him up. Ye Wenxuan was originally half lying in bed, but the force on his waist brought him up into an embrace, and the two lips took the chance to stick even closer together.

“Close your eyes.”


Xing Yuan knelt on the edge of the bed with one leg and leaned over, holding Ye Wenxuan with one arm. He ground his lips and teeth against Ye Wenxuan’s, sometimes stirring wantonly, sometimes caressing lightly and gently. He pressed down lower and lower, finally lowering Ye Wenxuan to the bed, firmly locking down all of his limbs.

Ye Wenxuan gasped for breath, glaring at him: “What’s the meaning of this.”

Xing Yuan rubbed his earlobe: “I wanted to kiss you.”

Ye Wenxuan: “…”

He really was more and more unable to withstand this new Xing Yuan. He was simply so frank it was terrible, and yet would provoke him randomly all the time.

He wanted to push him away slightly, but found that the other person’s strength was too much more than his own. This kind of thing couldn’t be solved by electricity, after all, this situation…this atmosphere…

It was like there was something between them.

“Why would you want to kiss me?” He put down his hands, puzzled: “We don’t have that kind of relationship.”

“You…could it be that you…like me?”

He finally vaguely asked, inexplicably nervous in his heart.

Xing Yuan’s right leg squeezed in the gap between Ye Wenxuan’s legs. His slender fingers rubbed the soft flesh on Ye Wenxuan’s earlobe, making the other person a little uncomfortable.

His eyes roved over Ye Wenxuan’s face, as if he was looking at him, but maybe it was just an unconscious action while thinking.

After searching for the bugs, Xing Yuan had turned off the lights, leaving only two reading lights on at the head of the bed. Ye Wenxuan could still clearly see the other person’s blue eyes, as well as the hidden scars on his forehead.

The blazing breath of another man blew onto his face, making his own breathing slightly irregular.

Who knew what the man was thinking of, but he slowly showed a smile.

“I seem like…” he mused, softly saying: “I have come to like you.”

Ye Wenxuan: “But…”

Xing Yuan didn’t let him finish: “If you didn’t like, or you were annoyed, just now when I kissed you, I think I would long have been electrocuted unconscious.”

His breath sprayed onto Ye Wenxuan’s lips. He pinched his earlobe with a hand and then stroked his cheeks, and whispered: “You like me too, don’t you?”

Ye Wenxuan muttered: “I…”

Then suddenly came a knock on the door from outside, and a woman coquettishly called: “Lord Jerry! Lord Jerry, open the door and let people in ma…”

Ye Wenxuan: “…”

Xing Yuan: “…”

“I brought champagne. We can have a drink, en, people are wearing nothing under my bathrobe. It’s so cold outside, my lord, please open the door.”

The woman outside kept talking. Finally, Xing Yuan had to get up slightly and say in a deep voice: “Roll.”

“Ya…” The woman’s voice seemed to carry a hook that called the soul: “Lord Jerry, I am your Renee little baby ah, have you already forgotten me?”

Renee…little baby…

Oh my god.

Ye Wenxuan felt like he could not control his mouth anymore. He covered his mouth with one hand, trying to restrain his laughter.

Xing Yuan glanced at him, and as if he was annoyed, he pulled away his hand and bowed his head, quickly and accurately biting Ye Wenxuan’s lips.

Ye Wenxuan: “Wu…”

Outside, Renee was still attempting to seduce: “Lord Jerry, my chest is so cold ah…I want a big and hot thing to fill me up~ah~quickly come ah~I even brought five boxes of large condoms…”

Xing Yuan firmly pressed down Ye Wenxuan, wrapping his tongue with his own and blocking the latter’s burst of laughter all deep down his throat.

Renee: “My love, I know that you must have had a reaction, quickly come touch me ah, come…”

Xing Yuan finally couldn’t bear it any longer, raising his head and roaring: “If you don’t leave right now lao zi will throw you out the window!”

Ye Wenxuan: “Hahahaha——”

“What, that ugly man is really in there?!” Renee heard the noise and had a big shock, saying unreasonably: “My lord, I am a thousand times better than him! Come out and look at my face, my legs, my chest, and my ass, that ugly gay is not comparable to me at all!”

Ye Wenxuan: “No, I can’t help it, I really can’t bear it any longer hahahaha——”

Renee: “Slut! Get out for me, you aren’t allowed to stay in the same room as my lord Jerry!”

Ye Wenxuan was about to die from laughter: “Oh my god, I can’t anymore, five boxes of large condoms hahahaha——”

Xing Yuan silently released him. He stood up and turned to the door, taking off the two porcelain cups and opening the door, then walking out.

Renee saw him then immediately said in pleasant surprise: “I knew that you couldn’t bear to let me suffer…ah…what, what are you doing…”

Ye Wenxuan didn’t hold back his curiosity. He followed Xing Yuan out of the room and saw Xing Yuan open the window at the end of the corridor, pulling Renee up with one hand.

Renee only had a large bath towel on her body. When she was being pulled, the bath towel fell to the ground, and sure enough, there was nothing underneath.

She fought to keep her toes on the carpet, screaming and struggling. But she still couldn’t resist the man’s strength and was lifted and thrown out the window without mercy.

This was the second floor. She wouldn’t die from the fall, but the bump caused from the fall would be enough to lay Renee low for quite a while.

The woman’s cries led the other men and women out. Clarence walked up to Ye Wenxuan and cautiously asked: “Tom, uh, what just happened?”

Ye Wenxuan covered up the slight smile on his lips. He shrugged and shook his head, indicating that he didn’t know anything.

Clarence: “Renee…”

He hadn’t finished his question when Xing Yuan came back.

“If anyone else does the same as her, knocks on my door at night and scolds my man, that woman’s end will be the same as yours.” His cold blue eyes sliced through the pile of men and women in the corridor. With that one glance, the crowd shriveled slightly.

Only Ye Wenxuan’s face heated up slightly: abominable, what’s that “scold my man”?

Xing Yuan coldly said: “Now, everyone go back to their rooms to sleep. No one is allowed to open the door for that woman outside.”

He looked at the broken wine bottle and wine glasses by the door. The alcohol soaked the carpet, and he frowned: “People, come and clean up the mess here.”

His expression was too ugly and his momentum easily controlled everyone present. No one wanted to face that terrible pressure to clean. The oldest, Clarence, saw this and could only smile bitterly: “That…I’ll clean it.”

The others nodded hurriedly and didn’t dare to say anything, turning to hide back into their rooms.

It was as if in the next moment Xing Yuan would just explode and then they would all be grabbed and thrown outside.

Xing Yuan held Ye Wenxuan’s wrist, dragging him into the room and closing the door.

It was not until the two of them were alone that his face slowly began to change.

That obvious anger gradually faded, the cold and hard momentum became weaker and weaker as he walked forward, and by the time they reached the bed, his expression had returned to the relaxed state it had originally been in when he was previously chatting with Ye Wenxuan. It was as if the great thunderous momentum had been from someone else entirely.

Ye Wenxuan observed this entire face changing process live, and touched his chin, musing: “Oho. Are you taking advantage of this to make a big move and clean up that group of beauties?”

“I’m just letting them know that I have a bad temper. They shouldn’t think that they can act willfully.” Xing Yuan let go of his hand and casually took off his shirt, throwing it onto the small sofa: “I’m just giving them a warning. In that group of people must be some spies from Mullen. I temporarily can’t return them, so I have to find a way to let them settle down a bit.”

As he spoke he unzipped his belt. Ye Wenxuan stuttered: “You…surnamed Xing, what kind of hooligan things are you planning!”

Xing Yuan: “Taking a shower. It’s not often we can take a hot bath, I don’t want to miss it.”

Ye Wenxuan: “Ah? …oh.”

His unnatural tone was too obvious, it would have been hard if Xing Yuan didn’t want to notice. He walked over to Ye Wenxuan, pulled out his belt and pulled down the zipper. The camo pants lost their support, hanging around his hips loosely.

The closer he got, the more Ye Wenxuan retreated. Finally, he retreated to the bed, sitting down on the edge. Then Xing Yuan casually dropped his pants and leaned down to look at him.

“Do I look good?”

Ye Wenxuan’s line of sight slipped from his handsome face, gradually moving across the generous chest, followed by the eight abs, beautiful mermaid lines, and finally stayed on the black bullet underpants.

Xing Yuan was tall and strong, and his naked body was covered in beautiful muscle. He asked again: “Do I look good?”

“Good…” Ye Wenxuan instantly came back to his senses, lashing out with a foot to his chest: “Good you f*ck, go take your shower!”

Xing Yuan laughed loudly and didn’t entangle him too much, just going into the bathroom wearing only his underwear.

Leaving Ye Wenxuan still maintaining his position, deeply thinking about a problem.

Was Xing Yuan this bastard provoking him? Or provoking him? Or provoking him?

When the water in the bathroom sounded, he finally figured it out.

Damn, he was really provoking him!

We won’t mention how the two people tussled for the rest of the evening. The next morning when Ye Wenxuan woke up and came down to the first floor, he couldn’t find Renee’s figure.

Xing Yuan sat to his right, and Clarence, dressed in a black suit, served up breakfast like a young housekeeper with an elegant attitude.

Because of last night’s punishment of Renee, the others didn’t dare to casually bother them. Edward and Lily could only use their eyes to tenderly stare at Xing Yuan. Lucy also wanted to cook for Xing Yuan but was indifferently rejected by the latter. She immediately realized the difficulty in getting into his good favor and retreated, no longer disturbing them.

Ye Wenxuan peeked around and found that only Yu Wei seemed like he had no sense of existence, truly just eating very seriously.

After the meal, Xing Yuan hurried out to continue to approach Mario Rhodes. Before leaving, he reminded Ye Wenxuan: “When I’m not here, you’re the master here. Don’t let yourself suffer.”

The bugs in the house had been dismantled and crushed. At this moment they were lying in a bag in Xing Yuan’s hands, and would be delivered to Mullen as evidence.

Ye Wenxuan smiled merrily: “Hurry up and leave, I want to play with the little beauties.”

“…” Xing Yuan picked up his chin and gave him a hard kiss, then left with a cold face.

Ye Wenxuan stood at the door, rubbing his mouth hard.

Abominable, he had almost gotten used to being kissed by this asshole.

## he he he ##

Xing Yuan: “Can I use anywhere?”

Ye Wenxuan: “Ah…you’re so annoying…but if it’s you…”

So Xing Yuan gave him a kiss.

Ye Wenxuan: “…Th, that’s it?”

Xing Yuan: “En?”

Ye Wenxuan: “Nothing! I didn’t say anything! _(:з」∠)_”

Random Notes:

A little over an hour: 1:30 pm – 2:30 pm, for 4.3k characters to 2.6k words.

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