100kV Chapter 61

Chapter 61
Rescue Mission

The First Day in Collum

He and the other men and women stared at each other for half a day. Finally, he casually pointed to the kitchen: “If you’re thirsty, there’s water in the kitchen. You can freely use the bathrooms. The master bedroom and the guest room next to it is off limits, along with the study, but everything else you can casually use.”

The curly-haired woman who had been sitting on the sofa was not satisfied. She had thick smoky makeup, pale skin and big eyes. Her soft and delicate hands had nails painted scarlet, and she was wearing a leopard print bra and skintight leather pants. She was definitely the splitting image of sexiness.

The woman stood up with a twist of her waist and glanced at him: “Who are you? This is the house that Lord Mullen gave to Jerry, why should we listen to you.”

Clarence awkwardly interjected: “Renee, you should be a little more polite…”

Renee: “Shut up.”

Ye Wenxuan looked at her extremely curvy figure and finally revealed an expression commonly seen on the proper wives on TV and slowly said: “Sorry, I am Jerry’s true love. Usually he listens to me, so you all likely also need to listen to me.”

Renee looked at the layers of pockmarks on his cheeks and her face almost turned blue: “Once lord Jerry sees me, trash like you can only stand on the side!”

Ye Wenxuan: “Oh.”

Ye Wenxuan: “Good luck.”

Then he went upstairs and went back into his room.

Downstairs, Renee was so angry her hair almost straightened.

“He actually laughed at me!” She grabbed the pillow on the sofa and threw it hard on the ground: “An ugly man with a pockmarked face! What’s he so arrogant about!”

The people sitting next to her all ignored her. Only Clarence gently comforted her: “Don’t be angry, you won’t look good.”

Renee rolled her eyes: “Handsome, even though you are also handsome, I’m here to accompany lord Jerry in bed.”

Clarence raised his hands to show that he had no thoughts in that direction.

“Before lord Jerry comes back, we’d better divide up the jobs and get ourselves in order.” He pointed to the kitchen and up the stairs: “Do any of you know how to do housework?”

A group of people looked at each other and finally Yu slightly raised his hand: “I can clean.”

Clarence asked: “Who can cook?”

No one raised their hands.

“Well, I know a bit about cooking.” Clarence said: “Then the kitchen will be mine.”

Edward timidly said: “Then I…”

Renee snorted and impatiently said: “Anyway, I’m here to serve the lord’s body. You all can share this kind of work.”

She pulled her curly hair and twisted her waist, walking upstairs: “You’re not allowed to fight for the bedroom with me. That f*cking gay, you actually don’t let me sleep in the master bedroom? Delusional.”

As soon as she went upstairs, Renee found that all but a few rooms near the stairs were locked. She didn’t give up and tried them all again, and finally kicked at his door.

“F*king gay! When lord Jerry comes back, I’ll let you see clearly!”

Ye Wenxuan didn’t pay attention to her, rolling over under the quilt and continuing to sleep.


So when Xing Yuan finally came back from the welcome reception, he saw a group of handsome men and women floating around the room.

Oh, and there’s an ugly man with pockmarks in the middle.

Ye Wenxuan was sitting at the dining table in the living room, cutting a steak while chatting with Clarence. Next to him were Yu Wei and Edward. Lucy came over to pour him a glass of red wine, and Lily had put on a face mask, lying on the sofa watching TV.

It all seemed very harmonious.

Xing Yuan: “…” What’s the situation.

“This is the most delicious thing I’ve ever eaten recently.” Ye Wenxuan praised the blonde man next to him while turning to see Xing Yuan: “Oh, dear Jerry, you’re back ah. Have you eaten?”

Xing Yuan glanced at the exotic creatures around him and said: “I ate a little, not full.”

Ye Wenxuan immediately waved: “Then come and eat a bit more ah. We made steak and pasta!”

Xing Yuan walked over and looked at the extra people who had appeared, then asked Ye Wenxuan: “Tom, what’s going on?”

“I’ll introduce you. This is Clarence, Yu Wei, and Edward. The black beauty is Lucy, the masked girl is Lily, and there’s another one upstairs who has been clamoring to sleep with you.” Ye Wenxuan pointed them out one by one.

Xing Yuan patiently said: “I’m not asking about this.”

Ye Wenxuan blinked: “Then you want to ask, why they showed up in our house?”

Xing Yuan: “En.”

“I think, that you should ask your captain Mullen.” Ye Wenxuan chewed his steak slowly: “He dispatched someone to send you a bunch of beauties to let you change the taste and not always have to be with someone with such a face.” After that, he added with a fake smile: “Oh they also said that you’re particularly capable. Having six bed partners is just a small thing, not a big deal.”

Xing Yuan: “…”

Cursing Mullen in his heart, Xing Yuan looked up at the group of people in the living room.

The three men were sitting there. Clarence smiled brightly and gave a friendly greeting, Yu slightly hung his eyes, and Edward smiled timidly at him.

Then he looked at the two women. Lucy raised her glass of red wine at him, and Lily was no longer next to the TV, presumably having run to the bathroom to take off her face mask.

Xing Yuan grabbed the walkie-talkie on his waist and bowed his head to say to Ye Wenxuan: “I’ll go out for a bit.”

It looked like he was probably going to look for Mullen to ask clearly about what he was doing. Ye Wenxuan casually nodded, all of his attention on the steak and pasta in front of him.

If he was very against these people before, after a sumptuous dinner, Ye Wenxuan’s firm will began to shake violently.

But he believed that anyone who ate stone-like pancakes for days, strange soups, and cans of meat far past their due dates, and then suddenly tasted steak pasta made with fresh ingredients, would not hesitate to betray the revolution.

“It’s not my fault.” He took a bite of beef and thought sadly: “It’s all because South Sudan’s soup and canned meats are too nasty.”

After a while, Xing Yuan came back. He didn’t say anything, just letting those people do what they wanted. When there wasn’t anything, they shouldn’t hover around in front of him.

Looks like the exchange didn’t do much.

Ye Wenxuan also didn’t have time to pay attention to him, all of his focus on the food. When he came back to his senses, he found that the beautiful men on both sides had gone. Xing Yuan was sitting on his right with another steak made by Clarence in front of him.

He looked around. Only the two of them were left in the previously bustling living room. From this point of view, he could see Clarence walking around the kitchen, but no one else could be found.

“Where’s the crowd?”

Xing Yuan took the glass of red wine from in front of Ye Wenxuan and said: “I told them to go back to their rooms, and if they didn’t have anything don’t come out and bother me.”

Ye Wenxuan didn’t tangle with him, turning to grab the other person’s water cup. When he came close, he murmured: “What’s with this group of people.”

Xing Yuan: “We’ll talk about it at night in the room.”

Ye Wenxuan: “In the room?”

“Tonight you’ll sleep in my room.” Xing Yuan didn’t look at him, just elegantly cutting his steak: “Unless you want to hear my revels with six people or something.”

“…” Ye Wenxuan was deeply impressed by the thickness of his face.

He was about to add a couple more sentences when he suddenly heard the sound of footsteps from the spiral staircase. The two of them stopped talking and almost simultaneously turned to look.

Seeing who it was, Ye Wenxuan immediately turned back around. He raised his hand to his mouth, gently coughing twice and covering up the uncontrolled rising of the corners of his mouth.

Oh oh oh, the wild big boobed little sister who hates him has arrived!

She seemed to have heard the other people say that Xing Yuan was back. Renee put on some makeup and came down. Seeing Xing Yuan, she walked over with a catlike stride, and then seeing Ye Wenxuan to the side, she immediately glared at him.

Renee: Ugly, roll.

Ye Wenxuan calmly ignored her and continued to poke at his steak.

“Jerry, you’re finally back, people waited so long oh.” Renee came near, and began to fall onto his body.

But who was Xing Yuan. This Xing president would meet this kind of “accidental fall” male and female beauties every day. With a look at the other person, he could tell what was happening.

He leaned closer to Ye Wenxuan, wiping the meat sauce from the corner of his mouth with one hand and gently saying: “Have you finished eating?”

Renee wasn’t able to fall into her “lord Jerry”’s arms and was ready to continue to stick closer. Then she was suddenly aware of something on her calf, followed by half her body beginning to stiffen. This time she really fell over onto the ground.

The lady screamed and hurried to pull at Xing Yuan, who kicked her hand away with his left foot.

Ye Wenxuan retracted the hand on the table: “Done.” Then he subconsciously licked the corner of his mouth that had been touched, feeling like there was a lingering heat there.

Xing Yuan watched his move, his throat gently rolling.

“If you’re done let’s go upstairs. Come to my room.” He downed the glass of red wine on the table then pulled out a tissue to wipe his lips. He got up and walked past Renee on the ground.

Ye Wenxuan agreed with an “oh” and followed him upstairs.

Renee, who was ignored: “…”

“Lord Jerry!” She unwillingly got up, her chest swaying: “Lord Jerry, I was sent over by lord Mullen. You know what that means!”

Xing Yuan paused in walking up the stairs, looking down at her from high above.

He wasn’t wearing glasses, and those ice-blue eyes seemed to possess an extraordinary magic that would make anyone forget their thoughts when meeting his gaze. His domineering eyebrows had a scar that couldn’t be ignored, which only added to his masculinity and made him appear a lot fiercer.

Xing Yuan only wore a thin t-shirt with a pair of camouflage pants. His chest and arm muscles bulged under the thin clothing, and those two long legs were wrapped tightly in the camo pants. He walked both relaxedly and powerfully, not slow nor fast.

This man seemed to covered in hormones. His muscles were smooth and full of strength, like a lazy black panther. Once he acted, he would harvest human lives.

It really…made one shiver.

Renee looked at him obsessively and felt like she had almost softened into a puddle of water.

“Lord Mullen must have told you about me.” She pulled down the straps on her shoulders and exposed her entire torso. She slightly propped up her arms and said: “Let me serve you, my lord, however you want…”

Ye Wenxuan covered his face with one hand, peeking through his fingers with great interest at her white skin.

He was just watching with great interest when suddenly another hand appeared on his waist.

That palm held his waist and pulled him half a body width over. Ye Wenxuan was immediately brought into an embrace. Turning his head, his nose suddenly hit the other person’s hard chest muscle.

Ye Wenxuan: “…”

In response to Renee’s words, Xing Yuan’s voice was very impatient: “I already have it.”

Renee stared at the man in his arms: “But he’s so…”

Xing Yuan interrupted her: “Roll, or shut up and get back to your room. Choose for yourself.”

With that, he hugged Ye Wenxuan and continued up the stairs. They stepped on the soft carpet into the master bedroom, and then he loudly closed the door.

After a minute’s silence, Xing Yuan let go of his hand, but his chest was still tightly attached to Ye Wenxuan.

He looked down at him: “Why so quiet?”

The latter raised his hand and covered his nose with a bitter expression: “Your chest hit my nose.”

Xing Yuan lowered his head even more and reached out to pinch his chin: “Take away your hand. I’ll see if you’re bleeding.”

“No, no need…” Ye Wenxuan quickly pushed him away slightly. He felt that he was breathing a lot more smoothly and couldn’t help but sigh in relief: “At least it’s clean.”

Xing Yuan pulled him to sit down on the small sofa by the window. He didn’t answer, instead standing in the middle of the room, quietly looking at the furnishings in the room.

Ye Wenxuan knew what he was looking for. He waved at him, pointing somewhere near the bed and mouthing: tap.

Near the glass door connecting the master bedroom to the balcony was an old record player. Xing Yuan walked over and started the player, a soothing symphony flowing out.

Under the cover of the music, Xing Yuan came to Ye Wenxuan’s side. The two people came very close together, whispering.

Xing Yuan: “Are there any anywhere else?”

Ye Wenxuan: “I searched this afternoon. The master bedroom has two, the study four, one near the living room sofa, one below the table, one in my room, and one in the bathroom and kitchen. I don’t know if I missed any. I didn’t bother to check the other rooms, but I guess they also have these things.”

Xing Yuan’s expression was not very good, cursing under his breath.

Ye Wenxuan: “Stay calm. You are someone who can revel with six beauties at night.”

Xing Yuan: “You can be added, one night seven youths.”

Ye Wenxuan: “Why wouldn’t it be one night seven beauties?”

Xing Yuan looked him over: “Wash your face off and I can barely agree with that.”

Ye Wenxuan: “Roll.”

Bringing the topic back to proper business, Xing Yuan asked: “Where are the two bugs in the room?”

Ye Wenxuan pointed to the bedside and the bathroom: “I suspect that the eavesdropper might be a pervert. He actually even wants to hear the sound of people using the toilet and taking a bath.”

Xing Yuan: “…Just tapping bugs?”

“There seems like a camera in the living room, facing the dining table and the sofa. I pretended to be some rural pleb who hadn’t seen the world and came in and touched all of the furniture. I felt like I was a pervert.” Ye Wenxuan whispered: “You have a computer in your study. If someone secretly monitors, that would also be very dangerous.”

Xing Yuan nodded: “I understand that.”

Ye Wenxuan: “Is Mullen monitoring you?”

“He gave me this house, so since he wants to woo me, he couldn’t do it this obviously.” Xing Yuan played with the ponytail behind his head and scoffed: “Most likely it’s a high level core member who isn’t in a good relationship with Mullen. Coming up with such a bad idea, no wonder he can’t beat Mullen.”

## xing president ♂ gong’s one night six beauties ##

Xing Yuan: “I am a man who can do six beauties in one night.”

Ye Wenxuan: “Six times a night, one minute at a time, I understand, I understand.”

Xing Yuan: “…”

Ye Wenxuan: “You can finish everything in six minutes. Looking up, it’s not even 10 o’ clock, this operation is very strong ah.”

Xing Yuan: “…”

Xing Yuan: “You come over. After 10 pm, lao zi will only gong you.”

Translator Notes:

[1] Collum – 科勒姆, pinyin ke le mu
[2] proper wives – 正房, not really telling of context. basically when the man may have many concubines, but you’re in the position of power as the proper wife and not just a concubine

Random Notes:

About an hour: 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm, for 4.3k characters to 2.6k words.

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