100kV Chapter 6

Chapter 6
New Beginnings

Li Shaoyun invited them to sit down on the sofa. The little brother who had picked him up placed Ye Wenxuan’s backpack on the side and then waved at the two people: “My task has been completed, for the rest you guys can chat by yourselves. I won’t be disturbing you.”

Li Shaoyun nodded: “Many thanks Zhang ge, walk slowly.”

Zhang ge then spoke to Ye Wenxuan: “When you’re done being busy after this period of time, I’ll invite you for a meal when you’re free. Then that’s it, I will see you all later.”

Ye Wenxuan quickly thanked him, and then watched him push open the door and lock it on his way out.

The following would be the most important part of this trip.

Li Shaoyun took out a stack of papers from a drawer and then walked over to sit on the sofa next to him. He placed the papers on the coffee table: “Mr. Ye, you first look through these documents. These include all of the privileges and obligations of the Special Affairs Department’s counter-terrorism action group, of course all of these are confidential.”

“Also, because you belong to the special recruitment staff of the action group, the treatment and task classification will all be based on the special recruitment employees, not quite the same as those team members training in the barracks.”

Ye Wenxuan flipped through the papers while casually asking: “Special recruitment personnel…you wouldn’t make me take a written test or an interview or something, would you?”

“No need.” Li Shaoyun smiled. “You could be considered to have passed the power plant examination last time. Several important members of our staff were all present at that time, they all accepted you wholeheartedly and warmly welcome you to join. Well, but because your abilities are different, our team captain plans not to train you with the usual program.”

Saying this, he looked at Ye Wenxuan’s somewhat slim figure, and then his refined attire, vaguely saying: “For the team members who are able to test in, 80% of them have origins in the special forces, basically all of them are people who can fight one against 10 people. The deputy captain gives them a very strict training plan. I went to visit their unit a few times, I only know one part of their training is to do 500 push ups a day.”

Ye Wenxuan: “…”

“That, I feel like our physiques aren’t that bad.” He coughed. “I thought that we were team members.”

Li Shaoyun couldn’t resist laughing: “No no, I’m only an office worker. Even though I am also in the counter-terrorism action group, I only take care of some administrative work.”

He pointed at the two desks to the side: “There’s still a sister, at this time she should be upstairs looking for the technical investigation group to collate some information. Us two usually just record cases, and also contact other groups and pass on information, to provide you all some operation information or something.”

Ye Wenxuan blinked: “So what do I need to do normally, do I go out on tasks like criminal police?”

“Almost.” Li Shaoyun said: “Your office is next door, you’ll be in the same room as several other team members.”

“Area A is all the action team’s offices and conference halls or something, however, the special forces of the team are usually on standby in the barracks and don’t normally come over. Then there’s also some who are outside on tasks. Those who stay in the offices are not many, basically all of them are special recruitment personnel.”

Ye Wenxuan blinked. “No wonder I feel like this place is quite empty.”

“Countering terrorism ba, it’s quite dangerous, so we attach more importance on secrecy. If people kept on running to our Special Affairs Department building, it would be very easy for people to find out their identity.” Li Shaoyun explained: “We have some members of the group who are currently following large cases, I have not seem them for at least half a year. I only know that they are still on the task and don’t have too much risks to their life.”

Speaking to here, he composed his expression: “They usually have multiple positions, used to cover up their police identity and guard against people deliberately investigating them.”

Ye Wenxuan nodded thoughtfully.

Li Shaoyun: “Your situation is also very unique, therefore, if you do really like your designer career, you can continue to follow this career in the future. But personally, I think that it’s best to choose a career where you are able to freely arrange your time. After all, our action times are quite random, and once you pick up a task, shorter ones would take ten or so days, and longer ones could last ten months or more.”

Ye Wenxuan: “I understand.”

Then he again closely read through the documents on the table, and when he felt that he didn’t have objections, he readily signed and fingerprinted the contract.

Li Shaoyun placed the documents into an archive envelope and sealed it, then placed it into the cabinet next to him. Then he opened the door: “Let’s go, I’ll bring you to the office next door. Today there are 3 colleagues in, you can take this chance to meet them.”

Ye Wenxuan stood up: “You can call me Ye zi or Wenxuan ba, saying mister all the time is too unfamiliar.

Li Shaoyun immediately smiled: “Then you can also call me Shaoyun.”

Next door was really a very large office.

Li Shaoyun politely knocked on the door frame and then pushed open the concealed door, bringing Ye Wenxuan in. Then he greeted the few people inside the office: “Zhong ge, Ding ge, Wei ge. Wenxuan just arrived, I brought him here to find his spot, and conveniently let you guys meet each other.”

He pointed at the man sitting next to the door, saying to Ye Wenxuan: “This is Zhong ge, full name Zhong Lei. He is especially strong, and also very nice. Zhong ge permanently stays in the office, Wenxuan if you have something you don’t understand you can ask Zhong ge for guidance, he’s very clear about everything.”

This man seemed to not be young, Ye Wenxuan estimated that he was in his early 30s. But his clothing seemed quite unique, from his fashion designer point of view, it was still quite good, he was a mature man with a somewhat yuppie manner.

Zhong Lei smiled and shook his hand: “I don’t dare to give guidance, in the future everyone will be brothers sharing trials and tribulations, being more casual is fine.”

The other two people also walked over from inside, Li Shaoyun took the opportunity to introduce them: “These two are Ding Yu and Wei Xiu. Ding ge comes from a martial arts family, his martial arts are very strong. Wei ge usually stays in the special forces, but this time because he’s on vacation, he came to the office for a few days. Wei ge is a firearms expert, he’s the best sniper in our team.”

Ding Yu politely smiled at Ye Wenxuan, while Wei Xiu stuffily said: “I’ve already said multiple times, don’t call me Wei ge, too conspicuous.”

Li Shaoyun: “Ah? Oh.”

Oh, “Wei ge” this name was really somewhat eye-catching.

Ye Wenxuan secretly looked over these three colleagues, he didn’t have the discernment of criminal investigators, so he could only observe their limb coordination to some degree. Their movements were smooth and flowing, yet he couldn’t see the type of muscle that most military people would have.

Wei Xiu was a man with smaller stature, he had a more unprepossessing appearance, plus when he spoke he also didn’t have much of an expression. He was the kind of person who would be able to rapidly melt into a crowd.

Yet while he was secretly looking over them, the other three colleagues were also silently watching him.

This new team member didn’t know, but his famous name had actually already been passed around the counter-terrorism action group for several days.

At first for this new special recruitment personnel who was said to just be a designer, there was some dissatisfaction and hesitation, but afterwards because of the experience in the power plant and then that manmade thunderstorm and heavy rains in S city, those action team members who usually stayed in the office all gained first-hand experience of this person’s formidable power, and also understood the reason the captain Xue Yongchang, deputy captain Zheng Xingguo, and even the department head Luo Wen fought to bring him in.

Are you kidding, someone who is able to control electricity and thunderstorms, that could be considered as a superpower person. Having this person with extraordinary abilities as a colleague, if he was able to fit in appropriately, that would definitely be a big assistance in the battlefield.

All of the members of the action team were brothers who had gone through fire and water, who could give their lives for each other.

So as a result, Ye Wenxuan was still apprehensive about how to integrate well into the counter-terrorism action group, but those colleagues who already knew the inside information were already rapidly accepting of him, and also showed a completely friendly attitude.

“Jiang Tiantian has class today, you’ll be able to see him on the weekend. Lao Zhu went out to Z city to bring back some cargo, he’ll probably be back in the evening. Oh, there’s also xiao Wei, right now he should be sleeping at home, probably hasn’t woken up yet.” Ding Yu pushed up his glasses and gently said to Ye Wenxuan: “That should be it for the people who don’t currently have tasks. For the others, they are basically all in the army to concentrate on training, some are outside on a task, and also a few overseas who are currently unable to return. But they all entrusted me to greet you and express their warm welcome to you.”

Ye Wenxuan could only say: “Oh, thank you so much.”

After introducing them, Li Shaoyun led him to a table by the window: “Wenxuan, how do you feel about sitting here, the lighting isn’t bad and it’s also next to the window, you’ll be able to see the outside scenery.”

Ye Wenxuan took a look at the brand new computer and office supplies, sincerely saying: “Really great, thanks.”

“Thanks for what, later on we will all be members of the same big family, don’t be so polite.” Li Shaoyun looked at the time: “It’s already almost 2 o’clock, then I’ll first bring you to the canteen here to take a look. But at this time the canteen is probably out of food already. Even though here we don’t officially say that we are managed by military standards, but it’s also not too different. If we’re past the time then the doors are locked, we’ll just go to show you the way, and then later you’ll be able to find it yourself.” Then he smiled: “Later I’ll invite you for a meal, and then we can go check out your dorm, everything you mailed over should be placed in there.”

Ye Wenxuan naturally agreed, the two people said goodbye to the other three people in the room and then went out of the Special Affairs Department building together.

“Your pass and your work credentials are still being processed, you’ll be able to get them in basically two days.” Li Shaoyun: “For the next few days I’ll be going to work with you, otherwise the doorman won’t let you in.”

After they ate a meal nearby, Ye Wenxuan finally saw his staff dormitory.

The other members of the action team also had dormitories assigned by their units, but because of the special nature of their work, they weren’t like Li Shaoyun or the other employees living together in group apartment buildings.

This was somewhat different from what Ye Wenxuan had envisioned previously——he had thought that the colleagues who also were living in staff dormitories wouldn’t be living too far from one another.

But in reality, besides the team members who lived together in the army, for the team members who lived in B city, their dormitories were basically not in the same area.

The building assigned to Ye Wenxuan was in between the second and third rings, it was in an ordinary six-story residential building, nestled in an ordinary neighborhood. It really could not be any more ordinary.

“Life in B city moves at a rapid pace, many residential buildings are all rented to office workers, one set of apartments can live four to six households, usually a lot of people will walk in and out, it’s too messy.” Li Shaoyun brought him up to the fourth floor while saying: “This neighborhood has relatively fewer rental households, all of them are fully rented, next door is a university, so most of them are rented by students. The social environment is more simple.”

The buildings in this neighborhood seemed to have been built for more than 10 years, with four units per building. In each unit there were three households per floor. Ye Wenxuan’s apartment was on the fourth floor of the east unit.

Li Shaoyun opened the door and gave him the key, then stood to the side, making a gesture inviting him in the room.

## On the importance of naming the action team members ##

Li Shaoyun: “When we go out on a task we need to use code names, Wenxuan, you should give yourself one.”

Ye Wenxuan: “Can I casually make it? Are there any for reference?”

Zhong Lei: “My code name is Big Flower.”

Ding Yu: “Mine is Abyss Fish.”

Wei Xiu: “…”

Ye Wenxuan: “Seems like all of them are flora and fauna ah.”

Li Shaoyun: “No no, Wei ge’s isn’t, Wei ge’s code name is really long and powerful ah!”

Wei Xiu: “Shut up.”

Zhong Lei & Ding Yu & Li Shaoyun: “His is Golden Gun Doesn’t Fall, Invincible!”

Wei Xiu: “Shut up!”

Translator Notes:

[1] unprepossessing – 其貌不扬, idiom, means nothing special to look at, ordinary
[2] silently – 不动声色, idiom, literally means without a word or movement
[3] fought to – 力排众议, idiom, means to stand their ground against the opinion of the masses
[4] fully rented – this bit is a little confusing. Based on my guess, I think that he’s comparing rental with high fluidity (such as monthly rental) compared to rental with lower fluidity (maybe rental by year or multiple years). This might also be in terms of social life (office workers move around a lot?)

Random Notes:

Took longer for this one, 1.5 hours: 6:30 pm – 8 pm, for 3.2k characters to 2.4k words.

I don’t know what the difference is, it’s not like there’s lots of idioms. I guess there’s just more weird terms that usually haven’t shown up. Perhaps like modern slang or special career terminology that I am not aware of bc I am yung and naive.

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