100kV Chapter 7

Chapter 7
New Beginnings

Ye Wenxuan also wasn’t polite. He directly stepped across the threshold and entered the house.

This was an apartment with two rooms and a living room, similar to his rental house in S city. But it wasn’t decorated as well, and the rooms also seemed to have a sort of old and decadent smell.

The furniture all seemed to be in the old-fashioned wood style, the colors were all dark, looking at it seemed a little depressing.

Past the vestibule was the living room, to the north was the kitchen and to the south was the bathroom, in the east direction there was a bedroom and a study. Ye Wenxuan took less than 2 minutes to look through the entire apartment.

The large luggage that he had sent over earlier was all packed up in cartons next to the sofa in the living room. Li Shaoyun looked through the rooms with him and said: “The things in the apartment are all functional, water, electricity, and the heater are all on, but the kitchen tableware are not complete, and I also recommend you to buy some new bedding for the bedroom. In addition, if you don’t like the furniture in here, you can also change it out, but you won’t be able to get it reimbursed, so I think just using it to get by is also fine.”

If it was just living here temporarily he naturally wouldn’t care about it. Ye Wenxuan asked: “After my training period, do I need to stay in B city, or will I be sent outside the province?”

Li Shaoyun: “Oh, I reckon you will be left here by our captain, after all, your situation is more special.”

Leaving him under their eyes, both for easy management and for good precautionary measures.

Ye Wenxuan was well aware, so he nodded with understanding: “Then I reckon I’ll be staying here for a period of time. Once I get more familiar here, I’ll decorate the house.”

Li Shaoyun: “That’s also fine.”

Everything that should have been said had been completely finished. Li Shaoyun sat with him for a while, then gave him a B city mobile phone card, and finally got up and left.

Sending away this enthusiastic colleague, Ye Wenxuan closed the door and turned around to look at the dim living room.

He found the switch at the door, and patted it down.


The wall lamp made a slight noise, it seemed unable to bear a sudden current jump. The light bulb flashed twice, and then completely turned off.

Ye Wenxuan’s movement froze, after a long time he dryly coughed twice, saying to himself: “No problem, it’s just an old circuit, there’s nothing…”

His words had barely fallen, he hadn’t had the time to take his hand off of the switch, when there was another “pa” big bang sound.

This time it was the main circuit breaker at the door that had tripped.

Ye Wenxuan: “…”

He stood still at the doorway for a good while, and finally had no choice but to pick up his phone and dial Li Shaoyun’s number. He asked him to help find some circuit maintenance workers.

He had just gotten to B city and wasn’t even able to warm his butt, and actually had first managed to completely burn up the circuits in the dorm assigned to him by his unit. Ye Wenxuan felt that he had really lost face, he just wanted to quickly let the Special Affairs Department people train himself and quickly solve these sequelae that were really an incomparable pain in the ass.

The next day, Ye Wenxuan followed Li Shaoyun back to the National Special Affairs Department. In the counterterrorism action team, he met the captain Xue Yongchang, the deputy captain Zheng Xingguo, as well as the Special Affairs Department Head boss Luo Wen, and the Assistant Head Guo Pengtao.

The four heavyweight leaders met him in a small conference room. He had seen Zheng Xingguo before—at that time he had personally gone to test Ye Wenxuan’s powers, and during the test he had met him.

Of the other three, Ye Wenxuan was only a little familiar with Luo Wen. Earlier he had looked for some information on the Special Affairs Department online, but Baidu only showed a very brief introduction on the National Special Affairs Department Head, information on the other few people could not be found at all. The Special Affairs Department didn’t have a public website, Ye Wenxuan could not be said to be utterly unfamiliar with the department, but he truly knew very little.

The four leaders also didn’t say much, they only came over to see this extraordinary talent. They had been leaders for a long time and were good at evaluating people, just looking a few times was enough for them to see how the behavior of the person in front of them would be, whether or not they would be malicious.

After seeing Ye Wenxuan, the few people looked at each other and understood their intentions. Xue Yongchang first gently coughed and said: “Xiao Ye, you will first be staying in the counterterrorism team. Let xiao Zheng find some coaches to train you well, and first improve your physique. After the special training period is over, I’m afraid you will start getting busy.”

Ye Wenxuan cleverly nodded, and then secretly looked at Zheng Xingguo. Of these four people Zheng Xingguo’s seniority was the shallowest, his age was also the smallest, being called “xiao Zheng” was really natural.

“The action team isn’t considered the busiest of all of the departments, but it will definitely be one of the most dangerous. Train well and don’t be lazy, this is also for your own good.” Xue Yongchang said: “Have you seen your colleagues?”

Ye Wenxuan: “Well, I met a few, Zhong ge Ding ge and the others are all quite good.”

Xue Yongchang said with satisfaction: “If there’s something you don’t understand then just ask them, they all know that you are very strong, previously they were constantly discussing you. It’s just now when they are meeting you face-to-face that they’re pretending to be serious. Xiao Ye ah, you don’t need to be nervous, you can just take our action team as your own family.”

After speaking for a while longer, they saw that they had basically finished chatting, so the four leaders stood up and ended this conversation that had been more like an interview.

Zheng Xingguo walked at the end, saying to Ye Wenxuan who was walking beside him: “Your personnel file has already been processed, and your pass, credentials, and payroll card should all be with Shaoyun. Later just ask him for them.”

“Your training program will be sent out in the afternoon. I have found you 13 teachers, each one will teach you different kinds of knowledge. Tomorrow morning come to the main floor area A training room 3007 at 7 am to wait. For the first lesson, we will first have you learn some simple psychology.”

Ye Wenxuan heard that he didn’t need to go to the army to train bitterly, and also didn’t need to do 300 pushups, so he let out a breath and quickly responded: “Good good good.”

So at this point, he officially became a member of the National Special Affairs Department counter-terrorism action team. Even though behind him he still had more than 10 teachers, and his physical fitness, individual survival ability, combat ability, and even the professional basic knowledge, were worse than his colleagues by 108000 miles, he was still unanimously recognized by the members of the action team.

By the second week of his coming to B city, he paralyzed the circuitry system of the Special Affairs Department main building from the first to seventh floor, and after five days of re-maintenance, in a competency training class, he again killed all of the transformers on both sides of the entire Chang’an street.

Similarglorious achievements” were innumerable, to the extent that for a long time afterwards, Ye Wenxuan’s legends were the never-ending topic of idle conversation in the 18 divisions of the Special Affairs Department. Even the security guards at the entrance didn’t need him to show his credentials, letting him in just from his face.

Ye Wenxuan: “…” I’m actually not happy, instead faintly distressed.

Naturally, his deeds could only be circulated within the Special Affairs Department. Luo Wen and Guo Pengtao strictly controlled all gateways, strictly prohibiting the outflow of information about Ye Wenxuan.

Files related to his ability level and physical data were all encrypted and stored on the 7th floor in the innermost layer of the intelligence collection center. Without access privileges of the level of the division deputies, no one would be able to move this top secret file that was still constantly being augmented.

After four months, 13 teachers successively handed over to Zheng Xingguo Ye Wenxuan’s training situation reports, accompanied by the 13 teachers’ comprehensive assessment of Ye Wenxuan after long-term observation of his ability, temperament, moral conduct, and other aspects.

Even though they couldn’t give high scores, they could still barely give him a passing score.

Zheng Xingguo looked at the report, Ye Wenxuan’s tragic physical performance, as well as his barely acceptable psychology and wilderness survival courses, and then afterwards a string of “Count you as a pass” in different pens, and then fell into a brief silence.

Then he finally picked up his pen, and in the blank below he signed his own name, affixed the counterterrorism action team’s red seal, and then sealed this group of files into an archive envelope called [Special Affairs Department Counterterrorism Action Group Member Ye Wenxuan].

When the bitter training was finally over, Ye Wenxuan suddenly discovered that he had already stayed in B city for almost half a year.

In 5 days, it would be a new year.

At this time, B city seemed particularly empty. The usual crowds of people hurriedly walking on the streets were mostly all people from outside coming to work, so at this time they had long already returned home on holiday. Even in the second ring, the usual heavy traffic on Chang’an was now unobstructed. Ye Wenxuan rested his chin on one hand, looking out the window at the sparse flow of people. For a bit of time he was unable to adapt.

He had barely managed to pass the last special training the day before yesterday and hadn’t bought a ticket to return home. And now on the internet he basically was unable to find some suitable train ticket or plane ticket, he was just pondering whether or not he should go find Li Shaoyun to ask whether the Special Affairs Department had any channel to procure a ticket.

“Ye brother, what are you doing?” The sweet-looking sister came over from next door, admiring the side profile of the handsome brother, and then wiped her saliva. “Don’t move, just stay like this!”

After she said this she quickly picked up the DSLR on the table, and then “kacha kacha” took more than 10 pictures of Ye Wenxuan.

Ye Wenxuan: “…”

“Xiao Wei, you’ve already taken pictures of me for four months.” He said helplessly, “You still haven’t gotten tired of it?”

Qin Nianwei: “Not tired not tired, that storage disk will forever be saved for handsome brother!”

Ye Wenxuan didn’t pay attention to her nonsense, he conveniently picked up the black framed glasses at his side, and then in Qin Nianwei’s howls of grief, he again placed his glasses back on his nose, blocking most of that handsome face.

“It’s almost the new year, why did I see Zhong ge them are still on a mission.” He asked the sister next to him: “Do we not have a holiday for the new year?”

Qin Nianwei lay on the table, feebly saying: “Holiday ah…we do have it…but the nature of our work is not the same, so the times for our holidays is also different from other people.” As she spoke, she pointed outside: “During Chinese New Year or other holidays the outside celebrates more, but it’s also our most tired time. The schedule of security guard shifts posted on the door is even arranged until after the new year, and the troop colleagues are away on task all 24 hours.”

While speaking, she lamented: “Our this kind of special recruitment personnel is still better, even though we also have to go out on duty, but we are always in plainclothes. We don’t need to be like those troops as if they’re just lacking the military march.”

A large proportion of the team members who could still stay in the Special Affairs Department building offices were the same as Ye Wenxuan—they all had unique abilities, and were people who were specially recruited in.

It’s just that these people were not as exaggerated as he was, Qin Nianwei was an expert in camouflage and tracking, as well as in a set of techniques in sleight of hand that could shock people speechless. Basically she was also not an ordinary person.

Ye Wenxuan: “Oh, I also saw that list of people on duty, but…”

Qin Nianwei: “Your name isn’t on it?”

Ye Wenxuan showed a doubtful expression.

“Then I reckon the deputy captain deliberately didn’t add you in, I would guess that there definitely is some reason.” Qin Nianwei suddenly came over, mysteriously saying: “Hey, Ye brother. Yesterday I went over to hand in my work report and heard the deputy captain and captain chatting. They said that after the new year they would arrange you a task. You say, could it be because of this, that you don’t need to be on duty?”

Ye Wenxuan sat up: “Oh, what mission?”

Qin Nianwei: “I don’t know oh, I saw that their expression seemed quite relaxed, it shouldn’t be too difficult of a task.”

Ye Wenxuan inexplicably let out a sigh of relief.

## On Ye xiao shou’s Jianghu legends ##

Colleague a: “Did you hear, there was another blackout on the 3rd floor.”

Colleague b: “Wow, could it be that the most handsome electricity generator in history made some big recruit again?”

Colleague c: “It must be ah, it’s said that my male god’s program today is to train his alcohol capacity.”

Listening to the fun, colleagues defgh: “…”

Colleague d: “Wait wait, I vaguely remember, there was once a legend on the most handsome electricity generator…”

New member who had just arrived a few days ago colleague c: “Oh oh oh, my male god’s?”

Colleague d, quietly: “Once your male god gets drunk, he will become…”

His voice had barely landed when outside suddenly thunder erupted, lightning rumbled, storm winds rose.

Colleague d: “…become the God of Thunder, if he doesn’t finish hacking 9981 bolts of lightning he swore he wouldn’t sober up.”

Colleague abcdefg: “……”

Colleague c was silent for a while, and then quietly: “Hmm…worthy of being my male god.”

[Ye xiao shou’s code name is not “the most handsome electricity generator”, and is also not “god of thunder” ~remember to remember!]

Translator Notes:

[1] evaluating people – 知人善任, idiom, means expert at appointing people according to their abilities
[2] malicious – 包藏祸心, idiom, means to harbor evil intentions
[3] similar – 诸如此类, idiom, means things like this, etc.
[4] glorious achievements – 丰功伟绩, idiom
[5] innumerable – 数不胜数, idiom, means too many to count
[6] tragic – 惨不忍睹, idiom, literally means spectacle too horrible to endure
[7] sleight of hand – 妙手空空, it’s like those thieving/magic hand tricks
[8] God of Thunder – 雷公电母, I’m not quite sure about this, 雷公 means God of Thunder but 电母 means electricity mother…

Random Notes:

1.5 hours: 5:30 pm – 7 pm, for 3.3k characters to 2.6k words. I’m quickly finding that translating this series might even be a little harder than my CFCS series, for some reason. Probably bc this series is more professional (as in more related to real life and career) and more fleshed out compared to the arcs in fast wear, so there’s more like technical terms that I have no idea about. Lots of MDBG was used here. Ugh when I’m translating I have an urge to reread this series again…but I basically know everything that happens lol after already rereading it.

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