100kV Chapter 86

Chapter 86
The Calm Before the Storm

Returning Home and New Case

A soft robe fell from the sky. Ye Wenxuan grabbed it and looked up. Xing Yuan was coming out of the closet and had also put on a robe.

Even though the heater was turned on, it was still a little chilly to lie around naked. Ye Wenxuan held the phone with one hand and attempted the difficult task of putting on the robe one-handed.

Xing Yuan couldn’t look on any further and came over to help him put it on.

“Anyway, the current situation is that the criminal investigation team has caught a lot of people near Baoshan Pier and they’re still being investigated. I reckon that there will be some new progress tomorrow.” Zhong Lei continued. “So old Zheng told me to tell you to stop this thunder. The G10 summit in two days is still going to be held.”

Ye Wenxuan threaded his arm through the sleeve and said vaguely: “Okay, okay, I’ll stop it immediately.”

As he spoke with his colleague, he let Xing Yuan help him put on the robe.

At last, the other man got under the covers and held him.

The warm air from the heater, the soft bed, and on the bed was lying a handsome, half-naked boyfriend.

Most importantly, this boyfriend who had eight abs took advantage of him being on the phone call to lie down with an unopened condom, playing with it in his hands.

Ye Wenxuan: “…” True men cannot withstand this test!

He quickly ended the conversation with his colleague. Perhaps it sounded too hurried, because Zhong Lei finally said meaningfully: “It’s really good to be young ah, even your nightlife is particularly colorful.”

Ye Wenxuan: “Good night Zhong ge!” And then he hung up without hesitation.

Xing Yuan was waiting for this precise action. Seeing Ye Wenxuan throw his phone onto the carpet under the bed, he bowed his head to tear open the Durex with his teeth. One hand holding Ye Wenxuan’s shoulder, he slowly pressed him into the bed.

“Extra insulated Durex.” He shook open the condom and whispered: “Let’s try it.”

So they tried it all night.


Over the next few days, the wind and rain cleared up and S city ushered in some rare sunny days. The G10 summit was held as scheduled, and there weren’t any more tricks.

A week later, Ye Wenxuan and Xing Yuan set off for city B.

Xing Yuan originally came to S city to talk business, and the G10 summit just happened to be held there. He let his staff go check it out while he accompanied Ye Wenxuan to play around the city for several days.

The S city bomb attack case had been solved. The public security bureau did not disclose the specifics to the public, and Ye Wenxuan didn’t follow up on it, so he didn’t know what really happened in the end.

He had other things to do.

His task of supervising Adonis still had not ended. Ye Wenxuan bade farewell to Xing Yuan at the airport and hurriedly took a taxi all the way back to that building in the B city suburbs.

Adonis had previously told him that the lab had asked him to cooperate with some research projects over the past few days and that he would not return until late evening.

Kathy had been cleared earlier than Adonis by the Chinese government, and three special teachers came every day to teach her Chinese and some other subjects. They were mostly from the first to third grades of primary school, in line with what eight-year-olds would learn.

Ye Wenxuan first greeted some plainclothes members before pulling out the key to open the door.

When he entered the apartment, Kathy was sitting in the living room with her language teacher. The little girl was sitting at the coffee table with her head bowed, carefully practicing her writing with a pen.

Seeing Ye Wenxuan come back, the teacher stood up first and raised his hand to salute him.

The three teachers the Special Affairs department had brought to teach Kathy were all highly educated instructors from the military sector.

Ye Wenxuan also returned to him the military salute and smiled: “It’s been hard on you instructor Sun, happy new year.”

The instructor also smiled: “Happy new year.”

Kathy had been working on all the tasks the teacher assigned, and only now did she get up from the small bench and rush over to Ye Wenxuan, holding his leg and rubbing.

She still didn’t talk much, but she would express her affection in other ways.

Ye Wenxuan leaned over and touched her head: “Happy new year, Kathy.”

Kathy looked up and smiled at him.

She was no longer wearing a mask at home. Her scar was still very obvious, so when she smiled, the scarring would also move.

But neither of the two adults present frowned. They had apparently gotten used to it.

The little girl had already stayed almost a year in China. Because she was no longer on the run, and with warm shelter and delicious food, her curly hair was no longer straggly and dry, going back to a bright gold. Her skin had also begun to become more delicate, gradually starting to become ruddy.

Her previous experiences had not dispelled Kathy’s innocent childish spirit.

Her eyes were still clear and bright, and hearing Ye Wenxuan’s greeting, she gave him a big smile and said with broken Chinese: “Brother…brother, xin lian, kuai le!”

The only thing that ruined the great atmosphere was that with that smile, the scars on Kathy’s face became more vivid.

Ye Wenxuan bent down and picked her up, changing to English: “Ai, you got heavier. Have you been eating well these days?”

Kathy giggled: “I ate meat. Teacher Sun knows how to cook and even made me a yummy soup.” After that she thought a bit and added: “Very delicious, it was even better than what brother Adonis usually cooks, Kathy could eat two big bowls!”

Ye Wenxuan thought: that’s because the food your bald brother makes is too bad ah little sister.

Kathy’s language teacher was called Sun Ping. He sat on the sofa for two hours and taught Kathy some more things, giving her some homework before getting up and saying goodbye.

Because Ye Wenxuan came back, teacher Sun did not stay to cook dinner. When he was leaving, he bid farewell to Ye Wenxuan: “Tomorrow xiao Zhang is coming over. Xiao Zhou transferred before the new year so there’s going to be some adjustments. They’ll send another instructor to teach.”

Ye Wenxuan: “Zhou ge was promoted?”

Sun Ping: “Not quite, he was dispatched to a task abroad, quite dangerous.”

Ye Wenxuan fell silent for a few seconds and solemnly said: “I’ll hope for his safety.”

Sun Ping smiled and waved: “I will tell him. I’m leaving, I’ll see you later.”

Ye Wenxuan: “Bye.”

In the evening he made some food for himself and Kathy. After dinner, the little girl carried her textbooks back to her room to do some homework. Ye Wenxuan had nothing else to do, so he used his tablet to video chat with Xing Yuan.

Xing Yuan was still working overtime, with people constantly streaming in and out of the office. During this time Xing Yuan also held some video conferences on his computer. Ye Wenxuan watched for a bit but did not disturb him.

They didn’t have much time to communicate. Xing Yuan was working on some business documents, and Ye Wenxuan was sitting at his desk holding a couple thick physics books, burying his head to read bitterly.

In order to better grasp his own abilities, he had to keep adding to his own relevant theoretical knowledge. Even though he wouldn’t be tested in the end, he still didn’t dare to be too sloppy about it.

When Xing Yuan was in his meetings, he would still occasionally turn his head to look at his tablet screen. If Ye Wenxuan’s head was falling too low or it seemed like he had dozed off, Xing boss would knock on the table and call his cell phone to wake him up.

The several company presidents in the meeting were puzzled, and one of them joked: “Does president Xing have something to do at night? Then we should finish this up as quickly as possible.”

Xing Yuan saw the young man on the other end sit up, rubbing his eyes and continuing to do his problems. Then he retracted his line of sight: “It’s nothing. There’s children at home doing their homework, so I’m just watching over them.”

“Haha, I didn’t think that president Xing was such a family-oriented man.”

Some others were surprised: “President Xing is already married? And even already has children.”

Xing Yuan didn’t explain. His tablet was under the computer monitor, and no one could see what he was looking at.

When he looked up, he still had that familiar expression of cold indifference.

Those soft and warm eyes left to a certain someone disappeared in an instant as he raised his head.

Xing Yuan calmly said: “Let’s continue.”

“Ah…okay, then let’s continue to talk about the potential risks in this project…”

The “children” at home did not have the volume on and did not know that he had been taken as a primary school student who needed his parents to urge him to do his homework. He was now biting a pen, continuing to do problems with sleepy eyes.

The next few days continued as usual. Occasionally Xing Yuan would have people deliver something there.

Sometimes a few delicious snacks, sometimes a succulent plant, a little tank of tropical fish swimming around, or little massage stickers for shoulder and neck pain, they were all some small things.

Besides those, there were some truly outlandish gifts, like a few boxes of digestion tablets, a snuff bottle, and even a variety of Pikachu masks and capes. And there was even a time that Xing Yuan sent him a stack of paper. When Ye Wenxuan opened it to take a look, he found that it was a set of papers from the MIT physics department.

In any case, every time he picked up the mail from the courier, when he was unboxing it, he would always have a stupefied expression.

And when that courier brother delivered his package, his facial expression was getting more and more difficult.

But there was no denying that every time he received a delivery, that feeling of novelty when unboxing the package was like no other.

Xing Yuan was sending things over quite frequently, so even Adonis could tell that Ye Wenxuan was dating. Every time he saw the courier brother send over something, he would come and curiously watch him open it, while lamenting: “Your boyfriend is too interesting! You say, do you think one day he will send you a Stanford physics professor?”

Ye Wenxuan: “…” That is actually a very good question.


On March 10th, Ye Wenxuan and the other two superhumans gathered around the coffee table for lunch, and the TV was set to the news channel.

“At around 6 pm on the 9th, an explosion occurred at a metro station in central Paris during rush hour, killing 85 people and injuring 172 others. 43 of them were seriously injured, and the number of casualties continues to rise.”

Ye Wenxuan froze in the middle of picking up some food with his chopsticks and looked up.

“After a preliminary investigation, the French police confirmed that this was a planned terrorist attack. The killer placed multiple bombs under the seats in three train cars and detonated them.” The female anchor expressionlessly stated: “At present, no organization has claimed responsibility for this.”

“After the incident, the French president, prime minister, and the mayor of Paris rushed to the scene. Much of Paris is now under martial law, and the site near the attack is now closed. Until 11 am on the 10th, our embassy has not yet received any news that Chinese people were killed or injured in this incident. Our channel’s reporters will continue to bring you the latest updates…”

Ye Wenxuan put down his chopsticks. Even though Adonis still did not have a great grasp of Chinese yet, he could tell what was generally being said.

He shook his head: “Such a big move.”

“Paris metro…” Ye Wenxuan muttered.

He suddenly remembered that he had also encountered bomb attacks over the New Year with Xing Yuan in S City.

But the criminals in S city were acting like cowards, and the quality of their bombs were bad. Based on the reported Paris subway bombs, the perpetrators were obviously very skilled, not the same grade as the terrorist attacks in S city at all.

“It shouldn’t be connected.” After thinking, he came to a decisive conclusion.

But then, over the next ten or so days, a second and third bombing occurred, breaking his conclusion completely.

Xue Yongchang’s phone call had all the team members in city B rush into the conference room.

Just past 10 am in the meeting room of the counter-terrorism operations team on the third floor of the special affairs department, a crowd of people gathered around the conference table and looked up at the video playing on the projector screen.

It was about the cases happening in many parts of the world these past few days.

The first case was the subway bombing in Paris on the 9th. The content was more detailed than the news reports. Ye Wenxuan clenched his teeth and continued to read.

[March 11th, 2:25 pm local time, a car rammed into the crowd in Maria Square in Munich, Germany. A man drove his car into the crowd in the busy area of Maria Square, and minutes later another man drove his car into a bus stop near the square. A total of 11 people were killed and 23 tourists of different nationalities were injured in the incident.]

[March 13th, 10:55 am local time, a series of explosions occurred at Incheon International Airport in Seoul, South Korea. One was even arranged on a passenger plane bound for the Chinese capital. A total of 21 people were killed and 196 injured in that incident, which forced the closure of the airport and left nearly a thousand passengers stranded in South Korea, unable to leave the country.]

## president xing takes the plunge for sexual happiness ##

Xing Yuan: “Come come, let’s try this box of extra insulated condoms.”

Ye Wenxuan: “These were made too fucking thick ba!!!”

After a night.

The next day, Durex’s official website received a bad review.

[This product is seriously unqualified. But it’s quite comfortable.]

Customer service: ???

That afternoon, the boss of the Asian division of Durex got a call.

Xing Yuan: “I am very interested in your field and would like to participate in research and development work.”

The boss read the investment plan he sent over and sincerely said: “Mr. Xing, we welcome you to join!”

Xing Yuan: “Then, let’s first tackle a more insulated condom.”

Boss: “???”

Random Notes:

A little over an hour: 4:20 pm – 5:30 pm, for 4k characters to 2.4k words.

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