100kV Chapter 74

Chapter 74
The Calm Before the Storm

Meeting Adonis Again

Ye Wenxuan placed the ground baby casually back on the ground, then grimly looked at Xing Yuan: “Tonight, you sleep on the sofa.”

Xing Yuan brought his hand away from his face a little, and tried to hold back his smile: “I’m a victim, you’re abusing the wounded like this. I apply for sleeping on the bed.”

“Wounded my ass.” Ye Wenxuan glanced at his thigh: “In the field hospital you didn’t even lie down on the hospital bed, and now you tell me you need a bed?”

Xing Yuan: “Oh. I’ll put it another way.”

Xing Yuan: “I need you.”

Ye Wenxuan: “…”

Ye Wenxuan nearly tied the bandages in his hand into a Chinese knot.

After he finally finished changing the bandages, Ye Wenxuan still didn’t let Xing Yuan sleep with him on the bed.

He flipped out the sofa in the living room, arranged the sofa bed, then took out a quilt from the bedroom and threw it on top of Xing Yuan. Then, without even turning his head, he rushed into the bedroom and closed his door to sleep.

When he went in, he even unconsciously locked the door.

Ye Wenxuan: “…”

So why did he have this kind of sense of danger ah ah ah——

Did he subconsciously think that Xing Yuan would attack him at night ah ah ah——

The other person was still limping on one leg, no matter how you look at it it was more likely for he himself to do a nighttime attack ah!

Heart is weary.

Let’s just wash and sleep.


The next day it was already noon when Ye Wenxuan got out of bed. He groggily brushed his teeth and washed his face. When he finished up, he finally realized that the house was a little too quiet.

He looked around the two rooms and one hall and finally determined that Xing Yuan was no longer in his apartment.

Who knew when he had left.

Ye Wenxuan saw the note he left on the coffee table, and picked it up and glanced at it.

[Xing family’s affairs need to be dealt with urgently, I might not be able to see you in the near future. Wait for me.]

In the lower right hand corner, a “Xing Yuan” was written in imposing and flamboyant script. The strength of the pen was evident even from the back of the paper. Ye Wenxuan casually threw the note back onto the table and poured himself a cup of hot coffee.

Looking at the time, Ye Wenxuan changed his clothes and took his wallet and keys, leaving the apartment.

Because he encountered the Issera hijacking in South Sudan, his cellphone and other things had been confiscated. He had to run to the store and buy a new cellphone, then go to the mobile network office, getting his old phone number back onto this phone.

Finishing up these errands, Ye Wenxuan went back to the Special Affairs department.

Today’s counterterrorism action team’s office was just as deserted as ever.

Only two people sat in the office. Ye Wenxuan knew both of them, one was Qin Nianwei, and the other Su Runan.

These were both little sisters. The two both also had part time jobs. Qin Nianwei had opened a Taobao shop, and Su Runan provided game power leveling and boosting services. When the two people weren’t off on tasks, they would guard their computers. One of them chatted with customers while the other gamed. They were especially dedicated, as if they treated this as their primary occupation.

When Ye Wenxuan walked in, he heard a “ding dong ding dong” system sound. Qin Nianwei looked up and saw him, and immediately shouted: “Ye big brother you came back?!”

Su Runan was operating her boss’s account in a strenuous PK with someone else. Hearing this, she looked up and greeted him. When she looked back down at the screen, she had already dropped half a bar of blood from the other person’s attacks.

Su Runan: “…”

Ye Wenxuan just passing by: “…I didn’t do it.”

Su Runan: “…I wasn’t going to hit you.”

Ye Wenxuan walked to his desk and found that the desk was still quite clean. He cleaned up simply and said: “Why is it just you two, is everyone else out on a task?”

“Yeah.” Qin Nianwei continued to chat with her customers and casually answered him: “Recently they are all busy hitting the tigers. By the way, deputy captain said in the morning that if we see you to tell you that these two days you have no task, and have a good rest.”

Qin Nianwei: “Hey, but our Xue captain said that if you really are too idle, you can go to the training rooms and find a coach to exercise your physique, or practice shooting, throw a lead ball or something.”

Ye Wenxuan: “Oh?”

Qin Nianwei: “Captain said that your body is too delicate, as soon as you fight a bit you would faint, like a little girl.”

“…” Ye Wenxuan didn’t want to speak for the time being.

“Oh, that’s right.” Qin Nianwei suddenly let go of her keyboard. She pulled out an envelope from her drawer, and turned to face Ye Wenxuan: “Deputy captain told me to find a chance to give this to you. He didn’t say what it was, and only said that you would know once you opened it.”

Ye Wenxuan took it. Thanking her, he flipped the envelope over and looked at the front and back.

It was a simple envelope made from thick paper. There was not a word on the front, and the seal was also glued to death, with no traces of having been opened.

Ye Wenxuan casually tore it open and pulled out a note.

He unfolded the folded note and found a string of phone numbers followed by a man’s name.

[13XXXXXXX43, Adonis.]

He looked at it for a moment then folded the paper again, solemnly putting it into his pocket.

Qin Nianwei curiously looked at him: “A piece of paper?”

“Ah, it’s a phone number.” Ye Wenxuan smiled slightly: “An old friend’s.”

Zheng Xingguo had mentioned before that they weren’t entirely sure whether the purposes of the two superhumans who came to China were simple. Adonis and Kathy needed to go through a long assessment period in order to truly enter this country.

Ordinary soldiers couldn’t control them.

It would be most appropriate, after all, to have superhumans monitored by superhumans.

Ye Wenxuan was well aware of this truth, and also readily accepted Zheng Xingguo’s dispatch.

Not giving him a “hitting tiger” task should have been for this matter.

He greeted Qin Nianwei and Su Runan, then didn’t stay in the office in the afternoon. He first went to a coffee shop and sat down, calling a phone number.

Before going to England, Ye Wenxuan had contacted his family and told them that he was going on a trip, and that he might come back later than expected. When the plane that returned home fell down, Ye Wenxuan decided to go on a rescue mission alone. Since the situation in the special affairs department wasn’t too optimistic, he pondered a bit and didn’t call home.

Now that he had come back home and had reported basically everything to the leaders already, this time he should be able to get in touch with his family.

He picked a window position and sat down. While looking at the scenery outside, he put on his headphones. Thinking for a bit, he simply dialed his old sister’s phone number.

After two rings, the call went through.

Ye Wenxuan: “Hello, Shuxue?”

On the other end a very fake voice came over: “Oh my god, ge ge you actually called me? I’m so excited! I’m almost fainting…need kisses and hugs in order to cure…”

Ye Wenxuan: “…”

He rubbed his face: “Ye Shuxue, what damn TV drama did you watch, straighten out your tongue to speak to lao zi.”

Ye Shuxue tch’ed then stopped pinching her throat: “What are you finding lao niang for?”

En, this was the normal brother and sister dialogue style. Ye Wenxuan said in satisfaction: “Did you go home last month?”

“Nonsense, lao niang goes back every week to see our parents show love.” Ye Shuxue seemed to be getting out from class. He could vaguely hear some sounds of conversation, and she spoke briefly to a couple people next to her before responding to him: “What’s up, you came back?”

Ye Wenxuan listened to the sounds coming from the other end and said: “Just got back. Did anything happen at home? How are Mom and Dad?”

“Eh? What could happen, every day they go to work then come back from work, buy groceries, and make food ah.” Ye Shuxue said in confusion and remembered something: “Oh that’s right, our neighbors changed, both next door and downstairs.”

Speaking of this, she excitedly said: “Hey I tell you, downstairs a new college PE teacher moved in, from that school our father works at, he looks super cool, super handsome ah! Damn, lao niang really wants to become a walk to school student, then every day I can have a chance of meeting that big cool brother ah!!”

Ye Wenxuan ignored her fantasies and only casually said: “When did he move in?”

Ye Shuxue was clearly still very excited: “Ah? The big cool brother? It’s been more than a month? The one next to us moved in last year, around the time you went to City B.”

Ye Wenxuan intuitively thought that the special affairs department was involved in this. He noted down this matter and instead asked this old sister a bit of other trivial matters, until the other person became impatient. Finally he said: “If something happens at home, you must call me. Our parents are old, their hearts are wide, you should pay a bit more attention to them. If…you notice anything suspicious near our house, inform me immediately.”

On the other end, Ye Shuxue paused in packing up her backpack: “Ye big silly, you’re making some big implications ah.”

Ye Wenxuan: “Ye second silly, you must remember my words ah.”

Ye Shuxue felt more and more strange. She gestured to her friend then turned and found a relatively quiet corner, saying into the headphones: “After going to B City, you became so mysterious, not even coming home for Spring Festival. Last time our mother told me you went abroad, and didn’t even tell me where you went, only saying that it was for your job.”

“Brother…” She paused for a moment, then asked: “You…what have you been doing in City B for this half a year? It wouldn’t be that…”

Ye Wenxuan listened patiently: “What?”

Ye Shuxue spit out a sentence after hesitating for half a day: “Brother you wouldn’t have…mixed with the mafia in City B ba? Or did you go find someone to borrow money, and someone will take a 40 meter long watermelon knife and splash paint on our house?”

She finished speaking, and the phone was quiet for a dozen seconds on both ends.

Ye Wenxuan: “Pfft.”

Ye Shuxue: “…”

Ye Wenxuan: “Hahahahahaha.”

Ye Shuxue: “What the f*ck are you laughing at ah——”

After a long time, Ye Wenxuan wiped away the tears from the corner of his eyes, lying down on the table: “How did I not know you were so imaginative before…laughing lao zi to death…”

Ye Shuxue was fuming: “I’m hanging up!”

“Alright alright, I’m not laughing anymore…” Ye Wenxuan took a couple gulps of air and finally said after a while: “Little girl, don’t make up random things. I’m here looking for decent work, a very stable job, an iron rice bowl.”

Ye Shuxue: “Then what you just said…”

Ye Wenxuan: “That was just in case. Lao zi right now is doing well, a bunch of people want to seize it. I’m afraid of people getting mad and then running to our home to make a mess.”

Ye Shuxue: “…Be less shameless thank you.”

Ye Wenxuan laughed for another while then chatted with her a bit more before hanging up.

As far away as W city, Ye Shuxue hung up the phone. A corner of her mouth was raised, but her eyes were solemn. Her brows were tight, and she was very serious.

She made a decision in her mind and returned to say goodbye to a bunch of her friends. She walked out of the classroom with her backpack, stuffing her headphones back into her ears.

“Hey, Mom.” She walked out from the crowd and slowly said: “I’m coming home today, wait for me to go back for dinner.”

Over there Ye mother said a couple sentences, and Ye Shuxue smiled: “I miss you guys ah, the school cafeteria’s food is so bad, I want to eat sweet and sour ribs!”

“En, there are cockroaches in the dorms, and the teacher said that people in the city can go home and come back.”

“Mom, has…anything happened back home?”

“Just asking, uh, is that true? Oh oh, then I’ll come back and talk, you buy food.”

After hanging up, Ye Shuxue murmured: “Ye big silly what are you doing ah…like you’re making some sort of suspense movie…”


Ye big silly, who had left his old sister in a state of confusion, at this time had left the coffee shop and dialed a second phone number.

This one echoed for a long time, and no one answered even when a busy tone sounded. Ye Wenxuan thought for a moment, and simply sent a text message over.

[I am Ye Wenxuan, I hope you still remember me.]

Less than a minute later, a call came back.

Ye Wenxuan answered it, and a male voice gently said from the earphones: “Tom?”

“It’s me. But you can call me Ye, Tom this name was one that I casually came up with, don’t use that one anymore.” Ye Wenxuan smiled: “Is it convenient to meet now?”

Adonis had a good impression of him and didn’t make it hard for him. He directly told him an address: “Your people arranged for me to live here. I can’t leave their prescribed scope, I’m sorry, I can only have you come here.”

Ye Wenxuan: “No problem, I’ll go find you.”

The address Adonis gave him was in a suburb of B City. It was close to the boundary of H province, a combination of urban and rural areas. There were no high rise buildings, and the population of migrant workers was almost the same as the population of local residents.

When Ye Wenxuan arrived at the agreed place, he spotted a young man wearing a gray cap and a dark windbreaker. He was crouched down along the road, as if he was looking at something with great concentration.

He was still over twenty meters away when the young man suddenly looked up directly at him, meeting Ye Wenxuan head on.

The latter didn’t pause in his footsteps. He walked all the way over and said: “Adonis, long time no see.”

Adonis then stood up, a slight smile on his handsome face: “Tom, it’s good to see you again.”

“…” Ye Wenxuan was somewhat helpless: “You can call me Ye, Tom this name, in fact, I don’t like it that much.”

Adonis readily agreed: “Ye, this way, I’ll show you the house they assigned to me.”

Ye Wenxuan walked by his side and casually asked: “What were you doing just now?”

“Oh.” Adonis looked back at the place where he was just squatting: “Just now a few spiders were climbing up the steps. I was idle, so seeing them climb up I picked them up and threw them back down. They kept climbing so I kept throwing them, climbing and throwing, climbing and throwing…”

Ye Wenxuan: “…”

He was afraid that it had been too fast, so Ye Wenxuan hadn’t even seen his arm moving.

Those few spiders, meeting a supersonic warrior blocking the road, were also quite tragic.

## the ye family’s brother and sister’s everyday style ##

Ye Wenxuan: “Second silly, lao zi is really powerful now la!”

Ye Shuxue: “Big silly, you finally managed to become B city’s red light district’s top killer?”

Ye Wenxuan: “…What the heck???”

Translator Notes:

[1] Chinese knot – a kind of knot with varying complexity, but is pretty fancy and decorative
[2] chatted with customers – 聊旺旺, basically she’s using Aliwangwang, which is an instant messaging service that allows customers to contact Taobao sellers
[3] old sister – 老妹, actually a younger sister, but affectionately calls her old younger sister
[4] lao niang – 老娘, basically the opposite of lao zi, like I, this old woman, or this old lady
[5] iron rice bowl – 铁饭碗, a concept where it’s basically a job that is very stable and consistent, but might not have the biggest salary. a job that is high risk and high pay would be a gold rice bowl
[6] red light district – 八大胡同, i’m not too sure about this one. baidu says this is basically the same as 花街柳巷, which means red light district. i’m just assuming it means like the underworld

Random Notes:

A little more than an hour: 2:10 pm – 3:15 pm, for 4.3k characters to 2.8k words.

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