100kV Chapter 67

Chapter 67
Rescue Mission

Number two and regrouping

Xu Shan silently took out a grenade and pulled out the pin, throwing it out as the footsteps came closer.

The sound of heavy breathing coming through the wall stopped. Xing Yuan squinted his eyes and listened closely. When Xu Shan threw the grenade out the door, he gradually felt a sense of strangeness.

He didn’t hear the grenade fall to the ground.

He straightened his back, and Xu Shan next to him was also keenly aware of something. The two men quickly ran as far away as possible from the door almost at the same time.

Someone started chuckling lowly, and a grenade was thrown back in the darkness. Xu Shan listened carefully and kicked the little thing sliding to his side back to the door, while pulling Xing Yuan to hide beside a tall cabinet.

While Xu Shan was moving, Xing Yuan didn’t stop.

He raised his hand, firing three shots at the door, one of which hit the grenade.

The grenade was hit out the door by a huge force. The fuse just finished burning at this time, and a violent explosion lit up the entire corridor!

Xu Shan: “Get down!”

Xing Yuan gritted his teeth and suddenly bit open a grenade, throwing it hard toward the left wall.

At the same time when the corridor on the right side was swept away by the fire from the explosion, the brick wall on the left was pierced by the second explosion. Stones and steel bars fell down, and a ray of sunlight broke through the smoke, shining in through the broken wall.

The area in front of their eyes was finally no longer dark.

Next to him the soldier trembled a bit to shake off the dust, saying quietly: “Fuck, little Xing ah, can you let me know the next time you do this.”

Little Xing…

Xing Yuan’s mouth twitched, then while he stared at the collapsed door frame and walked to the big hole on the left, he casually said: “I will pay attention next time. How old are you?”

Xu Shan shook his head: “28 ah.”

Xing Yuan: “Oh.”

Xing Yuan: “Then you should call me Xing ge.”

He looked outside the hole. He first squinted his eyes from the light of the sun, then saw the ground covered in charred dirt and dead soldiers and really had a shock.

“Xu Shan, did you guys send a company of scouts to save us?”

Xu Shan was confused: “Ah? Including me, there’s only two ah…”

Footsteps sounded in the corridor again. The two men closed their mouths at the same time and warily moved to the back of the room, pointing their muzzles in that direction.

Xu Shan: “Based on the sound, it sounds like there’s only one person.”

Xing Yuan: “No matter how many people there are, my instinct tells me the the corridor is extremely dangerous.”

Xu Shan did a roll, quickly rolling to Xing Yuan’s side. He also looked out through the hole that was over a meter wide: “You want to jump? It’s three stories tall, can you do it?”

Xing Yuan: “Let’s not talk about this first. I feel…like something is very strange…”

He hadn’t finished talking when someone broke through the wall and stepped in from the corridor!

Xing Yuan and Xu Shan raised their guns at the same time and turned around.

The comer was also black, but not like the soldiers from before.

He didn’t even wear any combat gear, wearing only a pair of shorts. His upper torso was naked, revealing the bulging muscles. The man was very tall, his eye level over 250 cm (8 foot 2 inches) from the ground. He casually patted off the rubble and ash from the wall from his body, walking into the room barefoot.

When Xing Yuan saw him, his pupil shrank.

He had just seen this person. He was the one lined up in front of him, the second experimental body.

But…was number two this tall before?

Number two’s sharp lion-like eyes swept over the rubble and finally locked onto Xing Yuan.

“Jerry, did you steal the doctor’s thing?”

His voice was simply deafening. Xing Yuan stared closely at his movements and slowly took a step back: “I don’t understand what you mean.”

“You stole the potion. Why?” Number two looked at him, crooking his head to the side: “This one was clearly going to be used on you. But you stole it, and not only offended the doctor, but also betrayed us.”

Xing Yuan didn’t respond. He could feel the killing intent intensify more and more from the other person, and quickly concluded that he and Xu Shan could not fight against number two.

“Let’s go.” His lips shook, using barely a breath of air to alert his companion.

Xu Shan: “But the information…”

Number two cracked his knuckles, walking toward them: “Oh, the leader said to catch you alive. The other one…I can kill…”

Xing Yuan: “Forget about the information, jump!”

Number two pounced, and his entire body shot over like an artillery shell!

Xing Yuan pushed Xu Shan out of the hole with one hand while leaning to the side to dodge the oncoming fist. He raised his gun, shooting a burst of bullets toward number two.

Number two rapidly rotated his body with an abnormal speed, avoiding the bullets narrowly. That hill-like body seemed unusually light. After Xing Yuan emptied his magazine, number two just landed back in his original spot, no scars on his body.

Xing Yuan put down the gun and looked at his movements, frowning and muttering: “This ability…supersonic?”

Number two rubbed his neck, twisting his head back and forth a few times and showing a vicious smile: “Lao zi has long wanted to teach you a lesson.”

And then he disappeared.

Xing Yuan’s heart clamored in alarm. Almost while number two was speaking, he had turned to run. The wind behind his head seemed to form a shadow, and Xing Yuan turned to change a direction to escape. Number two’s figure appeared in his original spot, and he seemed quite annoyed that his prey didn’t follow the predetermined route to escape.

He picked up a handful of rubble and flung it toward Xing Yuan. The stones and pebbles were like a bunch of concealed weapons, shooting toward the target at bullet-like speeds!

Xing Yuan only had time to reach out to cover his skull and chest. He didn’t even have time to dodge, the gravel drilling into his thighs, entering the flesh and blood, spinning straight through, and then nailing into the wall behind him.

Xing Yuan let out a repressed grunt, his right foot moving back half a step to help hold up his body.

He closed his eyes tightly, gritting his teeth to endure the pain that would follow.

But the stones that should have shot him into a sieve were late.


That sound was too familiar. Xing Yuan opened his eyes sharply, putting down his arms and looking up.

In the broken room, a visible bluish-purple electricity grid was set up, separating Xing Yuan from number two on the left and the right and also blocking off the dense rubble that was going to strike Xing Yuan.

The net split the room into two. It extended to the left end beyond the broken walls and cut into the corridor on the right side. The entire passageway was occupied by sparks and lightning. The soldiers that had come to support number two were blocked off, and no one dared to cross the corridor.

And in the room, number two’s proud expression was gone.

A thick arm of purple lightning wrapped around him. One end of the lightning was wrapped tightly around his neck, and the other end extended out, held in the hand of a man who could not be seen.

Xing Yuan opened his mouth, the words “Ye Wenxuan” rolling twice in his throat before he finally said: “…Tom?”

Ye Wenxuan slowly came out from behind number two and glanced toward Xing Yuan, his eyebrows shooting up: “You’re hurt!”

Xing Yuan covered his left leg: “No problem.”

Ye Wenxuan didn’t speak. He tightened his hand, and the lightning binding number two expanded to twice the size. The big black man’s entire body was flashing with sparks. His eyes started bulging from the electricity, and he couldn’t resist calling miserably: “What is this?! It’s impossible for someone to be stronger than me! I am a super warrior, I am invincible…this is impossible!”

Ye Wenxuan huffed coldly. The lightning was like it was alive, climbing like a snake up number two’s body and suspending him into the air bit by bit. It left mark after mark of black and purple scorches on his body.

Number two couldn’t break free, and he screamed in horror: “Ah——impossible——you, what kind of thing are you——?!”

Ye Wenxuan didn’t respond to him. He slowly brushed past number two, who was suspended in the air, and stepped across the electricity grid that was emitting a terrifying energy. Dragging the lightning in his hand, he walked step by step to Xing Yuan.

When he came closer, he stared at the bleeding wound on the other person’s legs and asked: “Why…every time I’m not there, you get hurt so miserably?”

As Ye Wenxuan approached, Xing Yuan simply half-leaned on his shoulder and chuckled quietly: “Why is it that every time I’m in trouble you run to save me?”

Ye Wenxuan scoffed: “You still have the energy to joke around, it seems like the injury is not serious.”

Xing Yuan: “That’s right, I had to wait for your hero saves the beauty so I got hurt.” Not waiting for the other person to retort, he added: “How did you get here?”

“Yu Wei came with me. His comrade was sending coordinates, both of them came to rescue us.” Ye Wenxuan looked at number two and vaguely continued: “When we got to the third floor, he found that the coordinates began to shift again. But the third floor was still in the middle of a fight, so as a last resort, we could only split up to check.”

Xing Yuan looked at him: “The power failure earlier was also you wasn’t it.”

Ye Wenxuan raised his eyebrows proudly: “Ha, if I weren’t afraid of accidentally hurting you, I would have wanted to electrocute the entire building of people.”

Number two was still crying out loudly on the other side. These shackles that were even more terrifying than high voltage electricity couldn’t kill him, but they still made him suffer greatly.

Ye Wenxuan had found Xing Yuan and his heart settled greatly. He and Xing Yuan quickly talked a bit, exchanging some updates on the situation while drilling out from the hole that number two smashed out to come to the outside corridor.

There were no soldiers in the corridor except for the bodies left behind in the previous explosion.

“Yu Wei went to the fifth floor. His comrade is probably also there.” Ye Wenxuan spoke as he walked. The lightning in his hand still remained in the room, used to bind number two.

Xing Yuan’s thigh was injured so he walked with a slight limp. He frowned: “I pushed him out of the building earlier with the original intention of letting him jump to escape. If it’s really like you said, he didn’t jump down after flipping out, but actually climbed up?” After that, he paused and said: “I probably know why, he wants to go back and steal Mario’s data.”

Ye Wenxuan already knew that thing was called “CSW8702”, and knew the reason why Xing Yuan was chased to death by a group of people. It was because he had taken advantage of the power failure to stealthily steal away the last bottle of experimental medicine.

Ye Wenxuan: “…” Somehow I suddenly think that Issera wanting to punch Xing Yuan to death isn’t unreasonable.

He was able to gripe about Xing Yuan a couple times when someone in the cold and darkness came over and gnawed on his lips twice.

Ye Wenxuan: “?!”

Taking advantage of him not reacting, Xing Yuan bent over and wrapped his arms around Ye Wenxuan’s waist. He drew him closer to continue the kiss, and finally even reached out his tongue to entangle Ye Wenxuan to exchange a mouthful of each other’s saliva.

The swallowing sound was unusually loud in the dark. Ye Wenxuan leaned his head back, and Xing Yuan reached out his right hand, holding down his neck and wrapping his entire body in his arms.

“You…” Finally having a chance to catch his breath, Ye Wenxuan pushed Xing Yuan away and said angrily: “You’re actually playing hooligan, are you not afraid of blood flowing out too fast and bleeding to death!”

Xing Yuan’s breathing was a little unstable. He slowly wiped Ye Wenxuan’s lips with a thumb, holding up his face with his palms and wiping off most of the gray wall ash. Then he bowed and pecked Ye Wenxuan on the lips then straightened up and taking back the arm around him.

Ye Wenxuan wiped his mouth in dissatisfaction and heard Xing Yuan mutter next to his ear: “There’s no electricity in the mouth ah…”

This sigh made him nearly slip and fall. His mouth still felt the lingering touch of the other person’s licking. Ye Wenxuan moved the tip of his tongue as if possessed, gently licking twice in his upper jaw.

That place seemed to still be able to feel the strength of Xing Yuan’s tongue.

Ye Wenxuan: “…”

Damn, what was he doing!

Could he have been infected by Xing hooligan’s saliva?

Xing Yuan didn’t know that he had done something humiliating. He just looked up at the ceiling and suddenly said: “There’s a gunfight upstairs.”

Ye Wenxuan still hadn’t come back to his senses: “Well…ah?”

Xing Yuan: “It’s most likely Xu Shan and Yu Wei, let’s go.”

Ye Wenxuan was pulled to run upstairs, but his mind was still thinking about “there’s no electricity in the mouth no electricity”. Then he felt that he had simply gone crazy earlier when he was recalling that kiss. For a time, he felt like his entire body had gone a little bad.

The shouting and gunshots took a while to reach his ears. Ye Wenxuan finally reacted: “This movement is a little too big! Fuck…why does it sound like people are wailing and howling upstairs…”

Xing Yuan’s heart moved, and he pulled Ye Wenxuan to quickly climb up the stairs: “I told you that there were a total of four experimental subjects right.”

Ye Wenxuan followed him: “No, I think that what you’re about to say must be bad news.”

Xing Yuan continued: “The first failed, the second was tied by you on the third floor, the third fell unconscious because of the power outage, and the fourth just pulled you to kiss for half a day…”

Ye Wenxuan covered his face: “Get to the point, thank you!”

Xing Yuan respected his thin skin: “The first and third are still on the fifth floor.”

“So,” Ye Wenxuan said: “Don’t tell me, there are two failed super warriors upstairs fighting…”

As they spoke the two had already arrived on the fifth floor. Ye Wenxuan opened the security door and Xing Yuan dragged him in sideways to hide. Ye Wenxuan narrowly dodged an extremely large object that was flying toward his face.

With a bang, the machine fell into the stairwell and rolled down the stairs.

Ye Wenxuan still hadn’t reacted when a table smashed into the door frame, wood chips flying everywhere. Someone roared and smashed a fist into a wall in the corridor. Ye Wenxuan could clearly feel the floor beneath his feet shake a few times, and there was a sharp noise from the corridor.

## the princess, the dragon, and the hero ##

Xing Yuan: “I seem to be the captured princess that the hero gets as a reward after finishing a level.”

Number two: “I came out so awesomely, but actually was KO’d by two shots???”

Ye Wenxuan: “Who made you look so ugly.”

Random Notes:

A little over an hour: 4:30 pm – 5:45 pm, for 4.2k characters to 2.6k words.

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