100kV Chapter 66

Chapter 66
Rescue Mission

Escape and Rescue in the Darkness

All of the lab rooms here had no windows. When there was a blackout, even if it was daytime outside, inside the room it was too dark to even see your hands in front of your face. One of Mario’s assistants fumbled out a phone and hurriedly turned on the flashlight.

“The glass wall blocks the light, I can’t see experiment number three.”

Mario was being guarded between his bodyguards during this blackout. His face sank and he coldly said: “Monroe, the services you have given me so far are truly unforgettable.”

Monroe was somewhat in a mess and felt a little out of sorts: “We are out of power here, that’s true, but there’s a backup power system in the military core, which usually only takes a few dozen seconds to turn on.”

Mario: “A few dozen seconds? I feel like it’s already been five or six few dozen seconds already.”

“This is impossible.” Monroe’s gaze sharpened and looked toward Mario in the faint light: “Normally everything is fine, why is it only when you do the experiment that the power supply would be cut off?”

Mario: “Oh, you actually suspect that I did it?”

Monroe walked forward step by step, looking down at him: “The person in the lab right now is one of my trusted aides. Why did the power stay on during the first two, but when we got to him it messed up?”

Mario still wanted to sneer at him, but he heard someone scream next to him.

“Doctor! It’s bad, the last reagent is gone!”

Mario quickly turned around: “Monroe!”

Monroe picked up his walkie-talkie: “Level one alert! Where are the guards, hurry up and block off the building!”

After shouting a few times, he could only hear static from the other side. Monroe took a couple deep breaths, then strode to the door to grab a soldier: “Go, tell the first to eighth elite captains to come block off the building for lao zi! Block off Collum!”

Soldier: “Yes, sir!”

A few minutes later, the soldiers familiarly encircled the building. They pointed their guns toward all the doors and windows, preventing anyone from walking out of the building in any way.

Inside and outside the building, it was as if it were two separate worlds.

Although the sun was hot, the building had woefully few windows. The sun was shining through the few windows, but most of the places inside were still in the dark since the power system was damaged.

In the main building, some people brought over the emergency lights. Several soldiers blocked off the lab door, and Monroe took the emergency lights, doing a sweep of the room. The light shone on the reinforced glass, and they could barely see the person in the lab still lying on that bed.

Then they checked the medicine box. Even though someone had just used their cellphone flashlight to confirm, Monroe still looked at it again himself.

There was nothing left in the box.

His expression was very ugly. He swept the emergency light over everyone present. Every single person who was found subconsciously reached out and covered their eyes, both to avoid the bright light and to avoid Monroe’s murderous gaze.

“Hu…find some people and take a look next door to see how Eisenel is doing.” His eyes stayed on the empty box, and he said solemnly: “I would like to see who dares to seize things on lao zi’s territory, and even seize them so arrogantly!”


Monroe: “Why are you not leaving immediately?!”

His subordinate froze and still wanted to speak, but Mario suddenly pushed away a bodyguard and said: “Where’s the fourth experimental subject?”

The crowd looked toward the bench by the door.

Under the emergency light and mobile flashlights, that place was empty, and number four had already disappeared who knew when.

Mario asked: “Besides number four, who else has disappeared?”

The bodyguards quickly scanned the crowd, and after a check, they said shortly: “Just him.”

Mario: “Who opened the door to the observation room?”

“This…I didn’t pay attention.”

“It seemed to be a soldier, oh, shouldn’t there be four soldiers outside the door…”

“Someone pretending to be an Isseran soldier secretly rescued the Asian?!”

At this moment, someone came in with a flashlight.

All of the flashlights and muzzles aimed toward him. The comer raised his hands and said: “Hey, Chief, it’s me.”

It was Mullen.

Monroe lowered his gun: “Mullen, why are you here.”

Mullen walked over: “I have some things to tell you.”

He leaned over and whispered to Monroe about Ye Wenxuan and Yu Wei’s escape.


Monroe flipped the bench with a single kick and shouted: “Find them! Find those Asians for me. Besides Xing Yuan, kill them all!” With that, he looked at Mullen: “You were the one who brought him in. If this matter doesn’t get cleaned up, you will be the one I look for!”

Mullen straightened up and saluted: “Yes, sir!”

Monroe watched them leave and then turned to look toward the lab room on the other side of the glass.

Several soldiers had gone in, carrying flashlights and looking around inside.

The third elite captain Eisenel lay in bed so quietly that no one knew whether he was dead.

“What’s going on.” He muttered: “It’s already been so long, why hasn’t the backup power turned on?”

Mario didn’t pay attention to him. He first stared at the empty box for half a day, then turned to look at the bench that fell to the ground. For a moment, his gaze looked unfathomable.

“Archer that magician quack seemed to say last time that Asian man…seemed to have some sort of strange secret weapon?” His gaze stayed on the bench, and the eyes behind the thick lenses slowly squinted.

“It seemed to have something to do with electricity, being able to trigger lightning, oh, that reminds me of those mysterious thunderstorms in England…”

“This power outage, could it have something to do with him?” Mario pushed up his glasses, took a deep breath, and almost started shaking from excitement: “So exciting…get him…I have to catch him…I have a hunch that there will be a huge surprise waiting for me this time…”

The bodyguard was at his side and became somewhat uneasy: “Doctor?”

“Oh, I’m fine.” Mario swung his hand: “Where’s 0185?”

The bodyguard didn’t understand: “What?”

Answering him was a somewhat tender voice.

“I’m here.”

The bodyguard turned and saw through the faint light the blond boy who had been following the doctor.

Seeing him, Mario waved back his bodyguard and pulled the boy to his side: “From now on, stay next to me, understood?”

The boy swallowed slowly: “Okay.”


Outside the building, a group of soldiers quickly assembled. Because walkie-talkies were out of use, the soldiers used gestures and codes to convey messages.

Ye Wenxuan and Yu Wei hid in a bunker not far from the building. The two men stared at the group of black soldiers who slowly scattered around. Not long later, armored vehicles and tanks drove over, pointing their guns at the building.

Ye Wenxuan: “Can we start now?”

Yu Wei looked down at his communications device. There was a new message. He quickly read it and finally said: “Let’s start.”

Ye Wenxuan was waiting for this sentence. He no longer stretched his head to look outside, but leaned back against the wall, closing his eyes slightly and breathing deeply.

At the same time, numerous black spheres about ten cm in diameter appeared everywhere outside the building.

They seemed to have no mass but also seemed to be drawn by something. They landed one by one on the few windows, on the grass in the corners of the walls, at the feet of some soldiers, and even a few actively drilled into the tanks’ guns.

Because it was daytime, these weird little things were very obvious. Some people discovered them, but for a moment they couldn’t react.

“Oh, bro, I seem to be having some hallucinations. How could there be a black sphere over there?”

“Wait wait wait wait…it’s moving…what the hell is that?”

“Oh shit! Whose prank is that, it fell into my tank!”

“There’s one over there too! There’s so many, what the fuck are these?!”

“Tell the captain, Bosson, go take a look at what those are…”

Ye Wenxuan hung his head slightly. He lifted the corner of his mouth in an unkind smile, and gently spit out the word: “Explode.”

Eighty three dark lightning orbs instantly exploded!

Deafening noises covered up the soldiers’ screams. Tanks were blown apart, walls collapsed, trees fell onto the armored vehicles and crowds, and others were blown to pieces by the black balls of lightning, broken arms flying everywhere.

Ye Wenxuan frowned. He could hear the people’s miserable cries, and for a moment his heart wavered.

But then thinking of the fact that Xing Yuan and another comrade were still trapped in the building, that little bit of hesitation was instantly erased. One after another, dark lightning was generated and exploded, causing the Isseran army to devolve into chaos.



It wasn’t just here. With Ye Wenxuan at the center, the surrounding 500 meters of the streets were covered in dark lightning. They were responsible for intercepting patrol forces and creating some sort of trouble for them.

Yu Wei looked outside: “Okay, let’s go.”

Ye Wenxuan: “Wait, I’ll go in and you can just meet us here.”

Seeing Yu Wei look over, he explained: “My dark lightning has a slight radiation effect on the human body. It’s not very good, it would be best to wait for it to dissipate a bit before you move.”

Yu Wei shook his head and stood up: “It’s all right. Saving people is more important.”

Ye Wenxuan saw his determination to act together with him and was somewhat helpless, but he couldn’t stop a determined soldier.

The two men took advantage of the huge amount of smoke billowing from the explosion to quickly run into the building. On the way, they would even occasionally reach out to pick up some of the fallen soldiers’ SMGs, body armor, grenades, and helmets.

Ye Wenxuan picked up their equipment while saying quietly: “Damn, I have a very weird feeling right now.”

Yu Wei looked back at him: “What?”

Ye Wenxuan: “Why do I feel like they’re NPCs who came to send us equipment.”

When they were about to reach the entrance, Yu Wei suddenly pounced over and brought Ye Wenxuan down to the ground. A string of bullets hit the ground in front of them. Ye Wenxuan was hit in the face by the dirt set off by the bullets, almost throwing out all of the equipment in his arms.

Somewhere above his head there was another gunshot. He gritted his teeth and swiped his right hand in the air, bringing out a strand of lightning.

With a whoosh, the lightning flew up toward those shells!

That bright purple lighting swam upward like a snake. It was like a poisonous python with a tracking system, its mouth biting at the nearest shell, the electricity splitting the shell open at a speed that couldn’t even be seen by the naked eye, and then passed through the middle——

And then it turned and split the second, third, and fourth one in the same way, all the way until the last one!

Ye Wenxuan stuffed the helmet onto his head and pulled Yu Wei with the other hand. The two people rapidly ran toward the door in the “bullet rain.”

Someone started shooting from upstairs. Ye Wenxuan waved for the lightning to cut open the bullets, and when the split open bullet fell, everything had happened in an instant. By the time Ye Wenxuan and Yu Wei hid into the large building, less than two minutes had passed.

The two hid in an empty corner of the lobby. Yu Wei gave him a thumbs up.

“Worthy of being the mage, I’ve truly opened my eyes today.” He quickly put on the equipment they had picked up while exclaiming.

“Where do we go next?” Ye Wenxuan waved his hand. He played with a tiny spherical lightning bolt while observing this not very spacious first floor lobby through the many objects they were hiding behind.

“There are five floors in this building. If Monroe and the rest are on the upper floors, they will definitely send soldiers down to check out the situation after all the noise we set off just now.”

“But I’m afraid that they won’t come down themselves.” Yu Wei pulled out his communication device and said: “We need to go to the third floor. They are moving right now, and their speed is not very fast.”

Ye Wenxuan: “Xing Yuan and your comrade are together?”

Yu Wei: “Yes…”

He had barely opened his mouth when there was a sudden burst of gunfire somewhere above them. It was like there was a fierce gunfight upstairs, shaking the whole building.

Yu Wei’s expression changed: “Quickly go upstairs, they were found!”

Ye Wenxuan didn’t need him to say that. He carried the SMG and ran to the stairwell!

It had to be said that completely cutting off power all over the city had its drawbacks.

They also almost couldn’t see anything!


Third floor, east corridor.

Xing Yuan bowed his head to avoid a string of bullets flying over. Next to him, a man turned and returned fire, while taking the time to throw a grenade at him: “Take this.”

He spoke English.

Xing Yuan caught it in one hand. In the other, he carried a pistol.

In the corner of the hallway, a red light appeared fleetingly in the darkness. Xing Yuan’s pupils shrunk, and he pulled the man next to him into an open room.

“There’s an ambush across from us.”

He half crouched with his back against the wall. He bowed his head and bit off the ring on the grenade, then threw it out.

A few seconds later, there was a roar from the corridor, and the ceiling outside the room collapsed halfway.

The stones obscured the faint light source, plunging the corridor back into darkness.

Xing Yuan listened to the sound and said quietly: “It’s too dark. We have to make a bit of movement and lead them out.”

The man who escaped with him smiled and pulled seven or eight grenades out from his clothes.

Xing Yuan took a few while paying attention to his every move: “Brother, what are you called?”

“Kurtu camp, Chinese peacekeeping force, scout Xu Shan. There is also a comrade outside meeting us to send you home.”

Xing Yuan froze and said quietly: “You…came to find us ah.”

Xu Shan: “Let’s talk more after the danger is over. My comrade and I have other tasks. In a moment you will leave first and I will find the opportunity to go back upstairs.”

Xing Yuan: “What do you still have to do?”

Xu Shan: “Issera’s super warrior program…”

There was a sudden sound of scattered footsteps in the corridor.

The two men instantly fell silent.

the author has something to say: i gave the little gong two cheats: one is money, and the other is the little shou (⊙▽⊙) [that way, doesn’t it seem like he isn’t that miserable?] [no, actually]

## the isseran soldiers, who can’t even see their fingers in front of them ##

The building was out of power, and because there weren’t any windows, it was completely dark inside.

Monroe: “Soldiers, soldiers?”

Black soldier: “Leader, we are in front of you ah.”

Monroe: “Ah? When did you get here?”

Black soldier: “We’ve been here the whole time.”

Monroe: “Mullen! Where’s Mullen, the new man you picked up robbed me!”

Mullen: “Chief, I’ve been standing next to you for half a day.”

Monroe: “…”

He wiped his face: “It’s too dark. Next time you need to show your teeth so that I can see more clearly…”

Random Notes:

A little over an hour: 4:20 pm – 5:30 pm, for 4.3k characters to 2.5k words.

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