100kV Chapter 65

Chapter 65
Rescue Mission

The Not Very Smooth Experiment

Mario waved to the assistant from outside the room, and the assistant quickly packed up and exited the lab with the box in her hand.

“Start monitoring the experimental data.” Mario said: “Tell that group of black people out there that no matter what happens here, they can’t break into these lab rooms.”

A male assistant bowed slightly: “Yes, doctor.”

As the assistant walked out the door, he looked sideways at the four soldiers wielding guns who were guarding the door: “Guard properly, don’t let anyone bother the doctor’s research.”

The tall soldier on the right side bowed his head and said: “Understood, please rest assured.”

Three minutes later, the black man in the lab room began to show noticeable signs of reaction.

“The heart rate is too fast, the blood flow has increased by onefold…twofold…”

“The internal organs are showing signs of failure, oh, they started to repair themselves.”

“The cells are appropriately active, no abnormal reactions.”

“Brain waves are normal, no abnormal reactions within the skull.”

Mario: “Begin the second stage of the operation.”

“Yes, doctor.”

Someone pushed open the door and came to Mario’s side. He bent down and whispered something into his ear.

Mario stared unblinkingly through the glass wall, only replying after the other person repeated it the third time: “No, I have already made up my mind.”

Male assistant: “But…the other person is, after all, the leader of Issera…”

Mario frowned: “Okay, let him come over.”

The male assistant left in a hurry.

Xing Yuan sat near the door. He couldn’t completely hear everyone’s conversations, but he could see everyone’s movements. He straightened up very slightly and could see through the glass wall the first experimental body, who was covered with wires in the lab opposite him.

The third experimental comrade next to him was trembling from head to toe. Xing Yuan knew that this guy wasn’t afraid but too excited.

It was at this time that an instrument on the long table suddenly started an alarm with a “beep beep beep.”

“Internal organs failed, unable to repair themselves!”

“Number one is showing signs of struggle, ready for minor electric shock therapy.”

“Brain wave abnormalities, experimental subject has a confused consciousness, suggest termination…”

Mario strode over and looked down at the display: “Start the third stage.’”

The assistant looked up at him and finally nodded: “Yes, doctor.”

The experiment did not stop.

By the time Monroe rushed over, the number one experimental body had begun to struggle violently against the bed.

His limbs were tied. His muscles bulged, the veins beating and jumping with the skin. He roared loudly, his body moving back, and began to repeatedly hit the bed with the back of his head.

Even through the layer of glass, his struggle was still deafening. Monroe’s steps paused and in the end he calmly walked to Mario’s side. After one round of roars ended, he whispered: “Dr. Mario, I wasn’t able to receive you at first, I am very sorry.”

Mario: “Oh, no matter, I don’t mind.”

Monroe: “I heard that you have already picked four people.”

The experimental subject across from them struggled even harder. His muscles grew bigger and bigger, and even the restraints were nearly broken. Mario watched and couldn’t help frowning: “With all due respect, I am really disappointed with the experimental equipment here.”

Monroe also saw and sighed: “The conditions in our country are just like this. These are already considered relatively good equipment.”

After that, he added: “I hope that the doctor will think carefully about the experiment candidates. After all, not everyone has the tenacity and strong physique needed. The doctor’s medicine is very precious, and I really don’t want it to be used on the wrong people.”

Xing Yuan clearly felt a line of sight on himself. He hung his eyes, no expression showing on his face.

“Asians are not physically fit, and the risk of using an ordinary soldier is also very high. I hope that the second and fourth experimental subjects can be replaced by the other more physically fit elite captains.” Monroe said: “After all, those people are my trusted aides.”

Mario: “Hehe.”

In the lab, the first experimental subject had finally broken free of the restraints. The whites of his eyes had already completely rolled over, and blood vessels from somewhere on his head had burst. Blood flowed from his head down to the ground, but he didn’t feel it at all.

The tall black man was now even stronger. His muscles bulged, and his height had suddenly increased by over thirty centimeters. He looked like a crazy modified giant, constantly using his fists to pummel various objects in the lab. After smashing them, he ran to the three walls of the room, and when he saw the crowd behind the glass wall, he began to focus on ravaging the hard reinforced glass.

The observation room shook from his fists and the glass hummed but didn’t break. The first experimental subject angrily let loose a few more punches, and then turned to start destroying other things.

The words Monroe was urgently trying to say were caught in his throat, and he had forgotten what he had even wanted to say. For an instant, he both looked in distress at the equipment inside the room that was being destroyed, but was also shocked by the appearance of his own subordinate.


“Failure.” Mario muttered: “This guy didn’t even make it through the second stage, really…trash…”

Monroe took a few steps forward and stared through to the other side of the glass: “Dr. Mario, didn’t you say earlier that this was a finished product? Why is this kind of thing happening?!”

“What medicine doesn’t have side effects? We made it very clear in the contract what the side effects of CSW8702 were, don’t tell me that you didn’t pay attention.” Mario sneered: “And I also didn’t expect that your men would be so useless.”

He pushed up his glasses and said to the assistant next to him: “Go clean him up and bring in the second one.”

Monroe looked at the still crazy subordinate in the lab room and could not get out the words “replace the second and fourth experiment subjects.”

“That’s not going to work.” He took a cigar out of his pocket and bit it, frowning: “Doctor, I spent a lot of money to buy this thing from you. In the end, if you turn all of my men into madmen like that, I won’t be kind.”

Mario didn’t answer, ignoring the leader.

“Experiment number one has been cleared.”

“The lab is cleaned up.”

“Experiment number two is in place.”

“Preparations are complete.”

“The experiment begins.”


A team of soldiers carrying guns walked across the road. Ye Wenxuan lowered his head and waited for them to leave: “Soldiers patrol the gap about once every three minutes.”

Yu Wei was constantly receiving and sending information, and said: “Nice, how did you calculate it?”

Ye Wenxuan moved back and took out an eyebrow pen from his clothes, adding some more color to his pockmarks just by feel: “In my head.”

“I have a bad hunch. That what 8702 reagent may have a problem.” He sat down crosslegged next to Yu Wei to finish applying the makeup and pondered: “Do you know where they are at now?”

Yu Wei looked up at him and commented: “This is too complicated, you could just wipe a pile of ash on your face directly. Black people don’t really understand Asian looks, so as long as they can’t really make out your features you’ll be fine.” After saying that, he smiled slightly: “I imagine that the people at the villa have also found that we are missing, so whether or not you wipe it on it’s the same.”

Ye Wenxuan: “Ai, I’ll just slap it on first ba.”

He reached out to the wall to scrape off some ash and wiped it onto his face, while sighing: “I now have to change a face every time I use my superpowers. In the future I should just wear a mask, which would at least save me from having to wipe this and that on my face all the time.”

When he looked up again, Ye Wenxuan had indeed completely been covered in grime. Seeing him like this, Yu Wei simply also wiped some ash on his own face.

The two men were busy covering themselves in ash, and Yu Wei asked: “You want to go directly save Xing Yuan?”

Ye Wenxuan was a little embarrassed: “I came to South Sudan just to save him.”

“You need to think clearly. Even though you have extraordinary abilities, there are times when that’s not enough.” Yu Wei frowned: “You don’t have much experience fighting, so if you just take the risk and enter the enemy base, it would be very easy for an accident to happen.”

Ye Wenxuan really wanted to say “when I bring down a ray of lightning it can basically solve a lot of problems,” but when he thought of that Mario plumber from the SP Institute, and then thought of the scar on Adonis’s head, he automatically swallowed this sentence back.

Damn, even wanting to show off in front of the comrades isn’t easy. This world is really difficult.

Yu Wei on the side did not find that he had wanted to say something but stopped, instead flipping over the screen of his transmitter and waving him over: “My comrade transmitted his location coordinates to me.”

Ye Wenxuan leaned over to take a look.

[Super fighters are real, we need to find a way to stop them. If we can’t, I will try my best to collect the experiment data.]

[System alert: coordinate positioning has been received successfully.]

A map appeared on the small screen, and Ye Wenxuan needed to squint his eyes to see the small red dot on it.

“Here, four streets away from us. The chances of encountering a patrol along the way is about 11 times, and there are 3 to 5 surveillance probes on each street.” Yu Wei pointed at the dot: “Besides that, there will definitely be tight security outside the building. Unless we disguise as one of them, we will be exposed in less than three minutes.”

“About this…” Ye Wenxuan said: “I actually have some way.”

“What do you think of a massive power outage with no warning?”


“The fifth stage is complete, number two’s data looks normal.”

“Initial confirmation of the success of the operation, please transfer to the isolation room for follow-up observation. Removal of the restraints prohibited, isolation time five hours.”

“Experiment number three is ready.”

“Experiment begins.”

In the observation room, the people’s expressions were much more relaxed than before.

Because of the success of the second soldier, Monroe no longer showed an ugly expression. He even walked behind the group of assistants, standing very close to the glass wall to observe the experimental body.

Because there was no anesthetic before the operation, the soldier was sober throughout the entire process. He looked like he had just gotten out of some water, his body covered in sweat and his expression twisted. It seemed like his previous experience was not very comfortable.

Several assistants in sterile suits entered the room and brought him away. The third experimental subject went in on his own.

This was the captain of the third elite unit. Xing Yuan had seen him a few times before, and they could be considered nodding acquaintances.

He watched as the tall and strong man took the initiative to put on the restraints and lay down on the bed. That female assistant carried over the syringe and quickly injected the drug into his veins and heart.

The last reagent was still left in the metal suitcase next to Mario. The lid was never closed, just displayed so openly in front of everyone.

There were no more experimental subjects around him anymore, but there were still two bodyguards watching him. Perhaps they were the only ones in the building who still were carrying guns, besides the guards outside the door.

How could he extricate himself from this crisis and steal that test tube along the way?

Perhaps he had been staring at it for too long, but one of the bodyguards pressed him in the shoulder with his gun: ‘Sir, you better not make any threatening moves.”

Xing Yuan looked at him, his expression natural: “Sorry, I’m too excited.”

“I know you, rich man, very high on the world’s wealthiest list.” Mario’s voice rang out behind him.

Once Xing Yuan looked back, he saw the disheveled doctor standing right next to him, as if he had been attracted by the voices of the two men. Mario stared at him and showed a smile: “Another friend of mine is looking for you, but I heard that he recently withdrew the wanted notice. What a pity, otherwise I could have paid him back for a favor.”

He mentioned the “wanted notice,” and Xing Yuan immediately thought of the Flying Wolves and the Brotherhood. But then he was a little stunned.

“Withdrew…” Xing Yuan wanted to stand up, but the bodyguard next to him pushed his gun against him twice, so he could only sit back down: “If I didn’t hear wrong, that means that I won’t have to worry about being chased and killed again in the future?”

“Oh, who knows. I don’t care about your matters, I only care about my research and favors owed.” Mario shrugged disinterestedly: “My medicine has been tested on Americans and some Europeans, and now even black people. Hei, I only haven’t collected experimental data of Chinese people.”

With that, he came even closer, and those two thick lenses nearly hit Xing Yuan’s handsome face.

Mario excitedly said: “You will be the first Chinese super fighter to undergo the CSW8702 reagent transformation, and even have the highest social status among my experimental subjects—usually, this kind of person is my employer. Oh oh, thinking of this, I’m so excited!”

“…” Xing Yuan began to suspect that this guy might be neurotic.

Monroe, who had been staring at his subordinate this whole time, walked over: “Dr. Mario, I thought that you should be standing there to watch over your people doing the operation, not casually standing here to talk to some ordinary soldier.”

As he approached, he looked at the two men and squinted: “You know each other?”

Mario seemed to have failed to see his vigilance, and pointed at Xing Yuan: “One of the world’s richest men, who doesn’t know him?”

Xing Yuan was expressionless: “Many people don’t know me.”

Monroe also looked at Xing Yuan: “I need to add, he’s formerly one of the world’s richest men. My cronies want to support him to make a comeback, but I feel like it’s best for Issera not to mix in with the matters in China.”

What this Issera leader didn’t say was: we originally intended to look for opportunities to get rid of this Chinese rich man after receiving Mario, and then push it onto hostile forces or government forces, but Mario this old ancestor made him have to reconsider whether to give up on a super warrior or to take him back in.

Monroe still hadn’t decided when the observation room suddenly blacked out and all of the equipment turned off.

“What’s going on——”

“Damn, blackout!”

“Break in the third experiment’s monitoring data! Stage four surgery is terminated! The experimental body is currently…No, it’s too dark for me to see inside…”

“Where’s the phone, use the phone——”

“F*k, guards! Quickly go turn on the emergency power!”

the author has something to say: in fact, this is a perfect warrior serum like that of the american team (⊙▽⊙)

## mario’s inventions ##

Mario presented his research results to the crowd.

Mario: “Look! This potion can make people’s bodies expand by five times and turn their skin green, with incredible strength!”

Mario: “This! After successfully transforming, you can spit out webs, and even flying and climbing up walls isn’t impossible!”

Mario: “And this! Using this can make you as strong as Captain America!”

The crowd: “…”

Xing Yuan: “Does your doctor particularly like watching Marvel superhero movies?”

The assistant proudly raised his chest: “Of course, the doctor is a big fan of the Avengers!”

Xing Yuan: “…” What’s there to be so proud about???

Translator Notes:

[1] that’s not enough – 双拳难敌四手, basically two fists can’t rival four hands, or that one person can’t defeat a group

Random Notes:

About an hour: 4 pm – 5 pm, for 4.4k characters to 2.7k words.

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