100kV Chapter 9

Chapter 9
New Beginnings

Ye Wenxuan glanced at the documents on the table: how special was Xing Yuan this person, wasn’t the data written up on him already quite detailed?

“First of all, Xing Yuan, as third on the list of the world’s richest people, and holding over tens of billions of dollars worth of assets, that is already enough to attract a large number of outlaws and criminals to turn on him.”

“However, given that Xing Yuan spends a large amount of money every year hiring skilled bodyguards, most of the attacks and abductions come up empty.” Zheng Xingguo showed some photos of Xing Yuan on the projector. Ye Wenxuan looked carefully, he discovered that these photos not only included portraits from all kinds of major media companies and magazines, but also had many everyday photos taken from different angles.

He pointed at the projection screen: “These pictures…”

Zheng Xingguo: “Taken secretly by our men.”

Ye Wenxuan: “Oh.”

He didn’t quite understand why the Special Affairs Department would suddenly muster such large forces, actually following a billionaire as a paparazzi.

After all, they are the national counterterrorism action group, staring at one person like this, it really made Ye Wenxuan unable to not think about whether or not there was some deeper meaning behind it.

He was just thinking like this when Zheng Xingguo had already started speaking next to him: “You must be wondering why we would suddenly start watching him.”

Zheng Xingguo pressed the remote control. The projector flipped a page, showing a somewhat familiar logo.

It was a vicious black wolf with wings on its back, one eye blindfolded, and waving its claws, ready to tear the screen.

Ye Wenxuan looked at this one-eyed wolf, muttering to himself: “This is…something the teacher let me see earlier, this is the mark of the Flying Wolf Club.”

The “Flying Wolf Club” was an old-fashioned mercenary organization that could be said to be very notorious.

It was notorious because it was attached to the “Brotherhood,” and the “Brotherhood” was entrenched year round in the Arabian nations, launching countless anti-society and anti-government terrorist activities. It was an extreme terrorist organization that used radical, brutal, and chilling methods.

Upon recognizing this logo, and then recalling the task that the captain had issued earlier, Ye Wenxuan immediately felt his heart tighten a bit. He looked at Zheng Xingguo and Xue Yongchang: “Could it be…”

Zheng Xingguo again released the information about several cases that had not been reported in the media. “These cases started in December of last year, one after another targeting VIP members of the Xing group. After this, the Xing group reported to the police, and after the public security investigated they found that the situation was not simple. One month later, they formally transferred these several cases to us.”

He flipped the pages very slowly. After Ye Wenxuan carefully read through, he continued: “In these cases of attempted terrorist attacks, we found several suspects through the surveillance videos. Among them, there are Asian as well as Arabian men, and after comparison, we were able to associate them with members of the ‘Flying Wolf Club’ with great difficulty.” But he added: “By the way, because the surveillance video was not that clear, we could not be completely certain that these people were all mercenaries of the ‘Flying Wolf Club.’”

Ye Wenxuan: “You can’t prove it?”

Zheng Xingguo nodded: “But even so, we cannot take it lightly.”

“There are only a few reasons why extremist terrorist groups would eye a billionaire. One, they are eyeing his assets, and second, they want to bring him into their membership, and then enter the upper circle of celebrities to recruit members, and third, there is an opponent paying to bring down the Xing group.”

He tapped on the table and slowly analyzed: “There may also be other reasons. But no matter what the reason is, once Xing Yuan dies, the Xing group will definitely be in chaos. Xing Yuan cooperates with many government dignitaries in China, if the terrorists’ plan succeeds, not only economically, but also politically, China’s development will be under great threat.”

“And your mission this time is to find out why the ‘Flying Wolf Club’ launched an attack on Xing Yuan.” Zheng Xingguo pointed at the logo of the flying wolf on the projector screening, slowly saying: “Is Xing Yuan hindering other people’s way, or…he himself has some problem.”

Ye Wenxuan: “You’re saying…Xing Yuan did it himself, you suspect that he has joined the extremist group?”

“It is possible that he has already joined, but it is also possible that he is only being entangled in the terrorist forces.” Zheng Xingguo: “If we can determine that Xing Yuan has joined the Brotherhood, then whether it is to the benefit of both groups of terrorist organizations, or due to inner turmoil within the Brotherhood, these conjectures are all within our suspicions until there are enough clues or evidence to prove them.”

Ye Wenxuan raised his hand: “I have a question.”

Zheng Xingguo: “Speak.”

“I found that these ten or so cases all came up empty, Xing Yuan actually didn’t receive some big injury.” Ye Wenxuan said: “If this was not the result of their deliberate planning, this means that his bodyguards’ abilities are superb and can basically cope with these emergencies.

“I can understand you saying that you want to dispatch a team of SWAT, but I am quite wasted on this kind of matter, I estimate that after I go I would also be unable to keep up with my colleagues.” He looked at Zheng Xingguo, earnestly saying: “I…am not able to understand, why you would let me follow for such an important task. Well, after all I haven’t been here for very long.”

Zheng Xingguo paused. Xue Yongchang, who had not spoken for quite a while, smiled at the side: “Xiao Ye ah, I’m afraid you might have misunderstood, Xiao Zheng and my meaning, was that this time you would not be following the SWAT team.”

Ye Wenxuan: “Huh?”

Xue Yongchang: “The SWAT team is one line, you are another. Xiao Ye ah, our meaning is to give you a different identity and arrange you by Xing Yuan’s side, and protect him from up close. At the same time, if you can use this opportunity to explore the details about the Flying Wolf Club crimes, or find whether or not Xing Yuan has some problems, that would be even better.”

Zheng Xingguo also said: “We said that we want to dispatch a SWAT team, but we all know that the Xing group would not easily let our people get close to their office or living circle. There are some political factors, and also involves many of the commercial secrets of the Xing group. I estimate that after the SWAT team goes in, they will face a lot of obstruction.”

“This also means that the SWAT team is only a smoke bomb. You are the one that we truly want to put in as a bodyguard.”

Ye Wenxuan was still puzzled: “If my line is the key, then it’s even more important that you should let a professional come, I am just a dabbler ah.”

“Xing Yuan has a lot of bodyguards by his side, including no shortage of armed forces. These people are good at observing the people around him. People who are good at kung fu will always have some small habits, if they stay with them for a long time, some clues will always be found.

“So if we send plainclothesmen or martial arts people, the bodyguards will observe their behavior and daily movements, I’m sure that it wouldn’t be long before the group is found to be good at martial arts and guns.” Zheng Xingguo explained: “Wenxuan, you are different, you have little knowledge about combat skills, with just a glance they would know that your training is unstable and your kung fu is very weak. But you are good at lightning, lightning is faster than most guns. As long as you are able to properly implement preventative and protective measures, then you can be completely effective.”

Ye Wenxuan scratched his face: “Well, even though it sounds like I’m still really weak…but well, I understand your meaning.

“But I still think giving such an important task to me this new guy is taking this as too trifling of a matter.” Ye Wenxuan sincerely said: “Captain, deputy captain, I think you should still arrange a few more professionals not following the SWAT team and enter into the Xing group like me. Don’t put all of your eggs into one basket, this way there would be more insurance.”

The two leaders exchanged a glance, and Xue Yongchang smiled: “Xiao Ye ah, how did you know, we didn’t arrange other people ah?”

Ye Wenxuan froze: “There really are?”

“Since you asked, we can also tell you.” Xue Yongchang explained to him: “We have arranged a total of five lines, you are only one of them. Being able to enter is already a success, not being able to get in is also not considered a failure.”

Zheng Xingguo also followed: “Rest assured, this is your first time going out on a task. It’s impossible for us to give you a job beyond your abilities the first time you go out.”

“Do your best on the task, but above all, remember to protect yourself.”

Ye Wenxuan could finally let go of his worries, he stood up and saluted: “Yes!”


His first task was settled like this, and because it was quite a confidential operation, the content of the task could not be shared with his colleagues. Zhong Lei and Ding Yu those people seemed to understand these procedures very well, they only exhorted him to pay attention to his safety and didn’t ask a bit about the content of his task.

And because of this, Ye Wenxuan could only put down the thought of going home for the new year.

He called his mother on the phone, bluntly saying that he had some matters in B city and couldn’t go home for the new year. He didn’t think that once his mother heard this, she did not hesitate a bit and directly agreed.

Ye Wenxuan did not think that she would be so clear-cut about this, suddenly feeling somewhat psychologically unbalanced: “Mom, you aren’t even asking me about why I’m not going home for the new year?”

Ye ma mysteriously said: “Hey, I know, I know.”

Ye Wenxuan: “No…what do you know?”

“You this little brat, you resigned last year and also didn’t return home, putting so much effort into running to B city, could this not be obvious ah.” Ye ma lectured him: “Your mom I could tell, isn’t it just because you got a girlfriend in B city ma, and you want to be together over the new year? Oh, is she beautiful or not ah, when will you bring her home to let Mom see her?”

Ye Wenxuan: “…”

Ye ma: “Son, having your good matters exposed by me, do you feel guilty?”

Ye Wenxuan: “What’s all this and that…I didn’t get a girlfriend!”

Ye ma, somewhat disappointed: “Oh…you didn’t?”

Ye Wenxuan, resolute and decisive: “No, I just wanted to switch cities for a while.”

Ye ma was incomparably disappointed by his response, waiting for Ye Wenxuan to again mention that he wasn’t going to return home for the Spring Festival, she casually said: “Then you should make yourself more dumplings over the new year ah, don’t order from outside, those things from outside are always not as good as ones you make yourself at home.”

Ye Wenxuan very patiently listened to her talking at the other end, and from time to time would “um” in agreement.

Until the end when they were about to hang up the phone, Ye ma asked unwillingly: “You don’t have a girlfriend…then…what about a boyfriend?”

Ye Wenxuan: “…” You are really my biological mother.

“No boys or girls!” He jabbed his phone angrily and decided not to speak a word to his mother again this week.

At the same time, his task also had some progress, Zheng Xingguo arranged for him a job that would allow him to come in close contact with Xing Yuan.

The business activities of those in power in the Xing group are not announced, but the Special Affairs Department would at least know a bit about Xing Yuan’s travel plans. After all, the two parties would often cooperate. Even though Xing Yuan did not like having the SWAT team stationed in the Xing group, he also could not really have a confrontation with the nation. So as long as they did not touch his bottom line, Xing Yuan would still choose to maintain a good relationship with the Special Affairs Department.

Therefore, for some of Xing Yuan’s upcoming major activity arrangements, Zheng Xingguo would know some details.

## The very understanding Ye ma ma ##

Ye ma: “Son, I heard that you have a girlfriend la?”

Ye Wenxuan: “Whose rumors did you listen to, recently I have always been learning advanced scientific knowledge and tempering the strength of my body, where do I have the time to get a girlfriend.”

Ye ma: “Ai ya, you’re already starting to wrap yourself up, there is definitely a situation!”

Ye ma: “Then it’s a boyfriend? Is he handsome, is he the type where under the neck is all legs, does he have a great figure?”

Ye Wenxuan: “…”

Ye ma: “Ai ya you’re actually still shy? What’s this, your mama I am still quite reasonable hehehehehe.”

Ye ma: “As long as you are not like that roommate of yours that one time, liking a pot of naked man flowers, we are all good to discuss ha.”

Ye Wenxuan: “…Those are Italian orchids thank you.”

Translator Notes:

[1] come up empty – 有惊无险, idiom, means to be more scared than hurt
[2] chilling – 令人发指, idiom, mean to make someone’s hair stand up in anger
[3] resolute and decisive – 斩钉截铁, idiom, literally means to chop the nail and slice the iron
[4] good figure – 盘顺条亮, too much slang for me, Baidu says basically good face and figure
[5] Italian orchid / naked man flowers – 意大利红门兰, not fake, I found out (check here to educate yourself)

Random Notes:

Almost 1.5 hours as well for this chapter: 3 pm – 4:20 pm, for 3.3k characters to 2.4k words. I’m not going to make the same comment for every chapter, but it is still true. Also this chapter was a little annoying for me, sometimes the MC is just like that. I’m just like wouldn’t these leaders know that? They know that they can’t trust you, they’ll definitely arrange many other avenues, don’t think you’re the only one! Special snowflake.

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  1. Hey, thanks for translating this. But I got a suggestion. The part where the MC goes he can “put down his heart” is a proverb referring to ‘letting go of ones worries’. But wouldnt it be really confusing and odd passage to those not familiar with it? To put down one’s heart is not really a common image or saying in other cultures. The direct translation in my opinion isnt the best choice.
    Once again, just my thought on it. No offence meant at all; your translations are great.

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