100kV Chapter 14

Chapter 14
New Beginnings

This evidently also misled Xing Yuan. After he read through and didn’t find any problems, he then recalled that young man who had just left not long before.

The young man had an excellent physique, and because previously he was a cutting-edge designer, his clothing taste and temperament were pleasing and delightful. He spoke cleanly, neither obsequiously nor superciliously, evidently he had seen the world and would not be pressured into silence by Xing Yuan’s imposing manner.

It was just that that pair of black glasses were too old-fashioned, if he had changed to a silver-rimmed pair, perhaps the number of young men and women who would come to the 37th floor everyday would increase by another fold.

Xing Yuan carelessly thought about this, and in the end did not reply to Ruan Yushan.

He had said that tomorrow he would inspect Ye Wenxuan’s work quality, so everything would need to wait until tomorrow to be decided.

“Xing ge, Xing ge you pay attention to me ah…tonight are you going to come to the dinner party?” Liu er saw that Xing Yuan was absent-minded, rather helplessly calling him back.

Xing Yuan glanced at him: “No time.” After spitting out those two words, he tapped on the remote control and ended the nonsense with the Liu family second master.

At this time, just a few hallways away from Xing Yuan, Ye Wenxuan was huddled in his own office, holding his camera to look through the results of his shooting.

Truly, that face of Xing Yuan’s was just as good as those of international superstars. Ye Wenxuan had tried all sorts of different directions in order to find his bad angle, all of which had ended in utter failure.

“He’s so handsome, and is still a billionaire.” Ye Wenxuan felt very unbalanced in his heart: “No wonder there would be car accidents and bomb attacks, I would say even if there wasn’t some sort of ‘Flying Wolf Club’, just with Xing Yuan this kind of life winner, the number of people who would want to destroy his pristine life path should still be at least a few hundred ba.”

He kept flipping through the pictures, finally stopping on the final one.

Ye Wenxuan paused his movements, squinting his eyes to look closely at this picture.

It was that picture of Xing Yuan smiling yet unsmiling, his eyes full of disdain.

“What a strong feeling of disruptiveness.” He held the camera closer to his face to observe more carefully for half a day, but he kept on feeling it was strange.

After thinking a bit, he got up and pulled out a magazine featuring Xing Yuan out of the cabinet, flipping rapidly to the page introducing the chairman of the Xing corporation. He quickly skimmed over it.

“The Xing family person in power Xing Yuan does not have the impulsiveness or recklessness of youth. He is an unsmiling yet refined and courteous calm businessman.”

Ye Wenxuan read aloud: “Even though he wields heavy power, he still always maintains a businessman’s bottom line. He is an upright gentleman, as well as a sentimental and straightforward man. His friends often praise his humility and hospitality, his partners often praise his insightful vision and meticulous mind, his subordinates often praise his ability to recognize talent. Even his business rivals can’t help but praise him as an extraordinarily gifted, rare strong opponent.”

Ye Wenxuan: “……”

What the hell is all this, there’s even parallelism? I’m afraid this magazine publisher was opened by Xing Yuan ba?!

Ye Wenxuan shook off the goosebumps covering his entire body and threw the magazine far away from him, completely not wanting to see it again.

“Upright gentleman, sentimental and straightforward?” He picked up the camera on the sofa, the picture on the screen still paused on that final photo.

Ye Wenxuan stared at it for a while, a long time afterward scoffing: “This person actually hid quite deeply.”


The next day, Xing Yuan really brought Ye Wenxuan to his luncheon.

Actually the people who went was not just them two, each party also brought seven or eight subordinates and assistants, it seemed like there was really going to be a meeting. The place they were eating in was a small clubhouse, where they were having teppanyaki. The tables were arranged in a 回 shape, with four main chefs standing in the very middle, each one responsible for cooking the food for the customers on one side.

Because he needed to take pictures of the food and everyone eating, Ye Wenxuan couldn’t eat, only hugging his camera and roving around the room.

The Leiyin company president Lei Xiangming saw him and took advantage of his subordinates talking about business to turn his head to Xing Yuan sitting on his right: “You’re still bringing a photographer just for a meal, why are you being so high profile recently?”

Xing Yuan swallowed the steak in his mouth before responding: “We are going to be pushing a new project, I’m just cooperating with some marketing gimmicks.”

“Nonsense, using this to deceive your worshippers is fine, but you’re actually telling me this, you think I’ll believe it?” Lei Xiangming showed a disdainful expression: “You place the most emphasis on privacy, exposing so much of your daily activities at once, there’s definitely a problem.”

The chef placed a few pieces of beef tongue on the two people’s plates. Xing Yuan picked up a piece and placed it into his mouth, starting to chew.

Ka cha.

Ye Wenxuan casually took a picture of the two people leaning together to chat, and then he adjusted the camera, taking another several pictures of Xing Yuan and the delicate roses on the table.

Tut, 360 degrees without a bad angle was truly good, he felt that even the effort of photoshopping afterward would be saved.

Ye Wenxuan spit in his heart, turning to go take pictures of the chef cooking the food next to them.

Lei Xiangming stared at his back, and then whispered to Xing Yuan: “I suddenly discovered that this little photographer is quite handsome ah, hey I say, this guy couldn’t have caught your eye ba.”

Xing Yuan glanced at him: “Despicable.”

“Hah?” Lei Xiangming looked around and saw that no one was paying attention to them, and then showed a complicated expression: “If there weren’t other people present, I would really not dare to rob the title of ‘despicable’ with you.”

He continued: “Seriously, what’s going on lately? Even I heard that you were being targeted by some extremist group.” Saying this, Lei Xiangming’s eyes shone: “Lao Xing, you’re quite capable ah, is it really that legendary terrorist organization ah?”

Xing Yuan squinted: “There’s too many people here, later we’ll talk by ourselves.”

“F*k…we still have to talk alone about it, I can see it’s really very complicated.” Lei Xiangming didn’t keep interrogating him, instead chatting about Ye Wenxuan again: “So that new photographer, was it purely coincidental that he appeared here?”

“Not random.” This time Xing Yuan finally didn’t keep him in suspense. He glanced at the young photographer currently chatting with his own assistant, faintly saying: “I just need a photographer, and as to what the other person looks like, or whether or not his skills are good, it doesn’t matter.”

Lei Xiangming almost thought he had misheard: “Ah? What, what do you mean?”

Xing Yuan slightly curved his lips, revealing his first smile that day: “I just want to borrow his hand to help me shoot some things.”

Lei Xiangming couldn’t understand the deeper meaning in his words, but he also wisely did not choose to keep asking, just changing the topic bas to the matter of the cooperation between the two companies.

The meal had lasted for over two hours, and the majority of the cooperation project had already been finalized at the table. The business staff on both sides looked very satisfied, and when they left they were all smiling, agreeing to keep independently working on it that night.

After Ye Wenxuan had taken pictures for over an hour, he sat down to eat, and ate enough to be basically mostly full. At that time he lifted his camera to walk to Xu Yan’s side, and seeing that Xing Yuan and Lei Xiangming were still sitting at the table to talk, he sat down next to Xu Yan to chat: “Our chief Xing seems to have a pretty good relationship with chief Lei ah.”

“Of course.” Xu Yan had drunk quite a bit, so he was speaking half a beat slower than usual: “They are both China’s prestigious big families, as long as they don’t have mutual hostility, these aristocratic families will always make their relationships quite good on the surface. Chief Xing and Chief Lei have known each other for at least five or six years, and their business views are also relatively similar, so they will also privately hang out together quite often.”

Ye Wenxuan nodded with an “oh”, and seeing that Xing Yuan and Lei Xiangming had finally stood up and embraced each other as farewell, his mischievous mind activated, and then took a photo of this scene.

Just looking at the picture in the camera, there really seemed to be some inexplicable deep feelings, extremely thought-provoking. He believed that if this photo were seen by those two concerned parties, they would be able to give this photographer hell.

Ye Wenxuan appreciated his masterpiece, feeling like he had discovered some sort of unspeakable secret, he was deeply moved.

The two completely ignorant people bid farewell to each other and then led their respective men to part ways. They went back to release information on the official channels to officially announce the two companies’ intention to cooperate.

Also attached were all sorts of photos from the banquet that Ye Wenxuan had worked hard to capture for over an hour.

In one of them, Xing Yuan was hold a glass of wine with a light smile on his lips and a warm smile in his eyes, completely overshadowing the blooming roses right next to him.

This piece <>, because of the outstanding composition design, delightful color matching, as well as chief Xing’s rare smile, became an instant hit, continuing to occupy the global hot search list for the next month. Because of this, Xing Yuan’s fans also rose by several hundred thousand.

Xing Yuan finding out that he had again and again gotten more fans: “……”

In view of the amazing effect of this photo, even though Xing Yuan himself had veiled criticism, he still nodded to agree to Ye Wenxuan’s job application, and allowed him to remain in the company.

“I often have to meet with a variety of business partners, and during our discussions we might talk about matters that involve business secrets. If you want to be my photographer, you would do better to be able to not listen to anything besides taking pictures.” Xing Yuan warned him: “If you have any other thoughts, then remember to do it more secretly. If I find out, you will definitely not want to know what I will do.”

Ye Wenxuan righteously and uprightly said: “Boss you don’t need to worry, I am someone who is very serious and responsible about my work. If you are still concerned, I can sign an agreement.”

Xing Yuan: “Well, sign it ba.”

Ye Wenxuan: “……” He was only casually saying it, this man actually really made him sign one?

Where’s the so-called treating subordinates well, generous magnanimity? Sure enough, those magazine media were all deceiving!

Ye Wenxuan signed an agreement gloomily, and since then had become an unwilling Xing corporation employee. His working hours were readily adjusted based on Xing Yuan’s working status, usually only going over when he called to “ka cha ka cha” shoot, and when he encountered content that he could not listen to, he immediately pulled away. His service was quite skilled.

In addition, he also needed to occasionally travel to the Xing residence a few times to take some pictures of Xing Yuan’s regular life. Sometimes, he would also take some supplementary pictures of Xing Yuan’s younger brother Xing Yi and his father Xing Jianming’s interactions.

The Xing family members seemed to have already known of his existence, and when Ye Wenxuan came over they would just nod simply in greeting, and then independently do their own matters, not saying much else to him.

Only Xing Yuan said a couple more sentences to him: “I’ll give you a morning of time to mainly take some pictures of my family’s interactions. In addition, you cannot take pictures of my mother or younger sister, pay attention.”

Xing Yuan’s younger sister had actually always stayed away from the public eye, outside they had always rumored that this was Xing Yuan’s way of protecting his younger sister. Ye Wenxuan also thought this way, so he nodded after Xing Yuan’s command, and then held his camera to observe all around.

## Chief Xing and his personal photographer two three things ##

Chief Xing ate with xx company’s chief, and hugged him in farewell after the meal. Ye Wenxuan ka cha took a picture.

Ye Wenxuan looked at the photo: “Alas, hugging so tight, you can’t blame me for wearing tinted glasses ah.”

A few days later, Chief Xing ate with oo company’s director, hugging him farewell after the meal. Ye Wenxuan sharp-sightedly took another picture.

Ye Wenxuan: “Ay, these two people might also have an affair.”

After another few days, Chief Xing and the Liu family person in power sat down for a meal, and again hugged before leaving. Next to them there was another “ka cha ka cha” sound.

Ye Wenxuan was silent for a while: “……I didn’t think that Chief Xing wouldn’t even let go of such an old one.”

Xing Yuan: “You come over.”

Ye Wenxuan hugged his head: “Boss I didn’t intentionally take pictures of your harem! It was my hand that moved itself, it didn’t listen to my commands!”

Xing Yuan: “……”

Xing Yuan: “How do you want to die?”

Ye Wenxuan: “Oh……drowning in checks?”

Translator Notes:

[1] pleasing and delightful – 赏心悦目, idiom, means warming the heart and delighting the eye
[2] cleanly – 有条有理, idiom, means clear and orderly
[3] neither obsequiously nor superciliously – 不卑不亢, idiom, means neither servile nor overbearing, just right/appropriate
[4] seen the world – 见世面, not really an idiom but means something like he’s not naive or ignorant, he’s seen and experienced things, enriched his experiences
[5] unbalanced – 不平衡, I’m already confused so I don’t know if this is something we actually say in English, but basically it’s almost like he finds it unfair/unjust
[6] pristine life path – 人道, this is some sort of religious thing, but I’m just writing it somewhat like his life has been too perfect so lots of people just want to ruin it
[7] disruptiveness – 违和, based on MDBG this means unwell or out of sorts, but basically he means something like something is not right, something feels uncomfortable, I honestly don’t really know what to put here-feel free to give me suggestions!
[8] sentimental and straightforward – 性情中人, had to baidu this one, apparently means like this person is a frank person, acts according to his instincts and shows his emotions
[9] ability to recognize talent – 知人善任, idiom, means like expert at appointing people according to their abilities
[10] privacy – raws just had ** instead of any words, privacy seems to make sense here
[11] despicable – 衣冠禽兽, idiom, literally means a dressed up animal, means an immoral and despicable person
[12] complicated – 一言难尽, idiom, means heard to explain, not easy to express
[13] squinted – 目不斜视, idiom, means not glancing around, basically means he’s staring fixedly and not moving his eyes but that doesn’t really sound very good in context
[14] completely ignorant – 一无所觉, idiom, means not knowing anything at all
[15] became an instant hit – 一炮而红, idiom, means to win instant success
[16] again and again – 又双叒叕, a very interesting phrase, apparently internet slang for time after time or again and again and again
[17] unwilling – 身在曹营心在汉, idiom, ok so literally means he lives in Cao camp but heart in Han camp, so basically he is somewhere but wants to be somewhere else

Random Notes:

Took two hours: 11 am – 12 pm, 1 pm – 2 pm, for 3.2k characters to 2.7k words. First time translating in a long time, just bc I had to…first time I have run out of 100kV storage since I started it. Look at the number of T/Ns on here, really trying to kill me here.

Edit: I’ve found the theme song for this novel: everyone check out Thunderstorm by Aditya! It’s really catchy (just don’t read too much into the lyrics bc the grammar is a bit difficult to parse, it’s probably bc it’s not his first language). But yeah, I’m totally feeling the vibe for this, especially since our MC can create thunderstorms.

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