100kV Chapter 4

Chapter 4
New Beginnings

“Ah, I heard that your B team took over a big order, who’s the boss, is it convenient to reveal it?”

B team designer mumbled: “Oh, this…”

“It can’t be, it’s actually confidential?”

“Eh, the main thing is…heard that Ye ge’s going to be resigning, we also don’t know whether or not this order is actually going to be able to come to our hands…”

“I heard that it was the Xing family group’s order.” A certain A team male designer mysteriously said: “Earlier our boss and the B team competed for a long time, there was a vague rumor that it was to give some powerful person do business, the boss had been excited for several nights. And then the result was that he heard the other person’s assistant say that that person was more interested in Ye Wenxuan’s design style, so the order was given to the B team. He almost fainted from high blood pressure, every day giving us bad face.”

Talking like this, he patted the gaudily dressed man standing next to him: “Ai, our Zhou Bai wasn’t able to seize his dream lover’s business, he’s been depressed for a week already.”

This person called Zhou Bai looks more feminine, and also wears casual suits, but because of some deliberate design, it set off his waist and butt very conspicuously. Even if it was the most sluggish person looking at him, they would still be able to feel that kind of gaygay atmosphere.

Hearing his colleague’s teasing, he rolled his eyes at him.

“Wait, the Xing family group?!”

“That powerful person, could it be…”

Zhou Bai patted his colleague’s hand off his shoulder, hatefully saying: “He actually likes Ye Wenxuan’s designs, all of my clothes are created for him, every design spent countless efforts and thought. If he wore my clothes, he would definitely be a thousand times more handsome than now! How could that surnamed Ye person be better than me?”

“Ye Wenxuan could only have gone through some back door, my ability is better than him by that much, obviously he’s going to get in my way…”

There was a moment of absolute silence, you could only hear Zhou Bai excitedly cursing Ye Wenxuan. A crowd of designers saw the concerned party walking over, and tacitly drew a distance with Zhou Bai.

The colleague who had been teasing him earlier quickly laughed to interrupt him: “So that’s why designing children’s clothing is still better ah, as long as it’s cute it’s enough, all of the parents would go buy ah hahaha…”

“Oh, that’s right that’s right!”

Ye Wenxuan raised an eyebrow.

He didn’t walk over, only waving his hand to greet the crowd of people, and then put his phone and card back into his pockets, turning around and walking into the office.

Since walking over would provoke some awkward interactions, he might as well go downstairs to the coffee shop and sit down for a while to relax a bit.

A crowd of people watched him leave, and Zhou Bai coldly spit: “Drag what drag, he’s already resigning and not working anymore, and still clinging to Xing Yuan’s order…ah!”

He suddenly shouted and hugged his arms, kneeling on the ground, scaring the people beside him to retreat a step: “Ah f*k what are you doing? I didn’t push you, you all saw it right!”

Zhou Bai: “What…what was that…just now!”

Colleague: “What’s wrong? Why did you suddenly kneel down, it’s still long before the new year. Hey, did you guys smell something burning?”

Zhou Bai raised his head, his face was already white, his body quivered, as if his upper body had the Parkinson’s syndrome. He said with a trembling voice: “There, there’s el, el, el——electricity on m, m, me——”

Colleague: “…Static electricity? Static got you in this state?”

Zhou Bai wasn’t able to speak, only keeping on shaking.

Whose static would be able to electrocute to this strength, Ye Wenxuan had just left when he got into this, he couldn’t be trying to deliberately blackmail them ba.

A crowd of people looked around at each other, and didn’t make any objections, so they just moodily scattered.

And those few colleagues who had come together with Zhou Bai were aware that they were out of luck, they evaded for a while, and then still supported Zhou Bai onto a different elevator, going up to the infirmary on the 3rd floor.

One of the people supported him while quietly murmuring: “What kind of static electricity would be that awesome, you were electrocuted to this extent, yet when I’m supporting you there’s no problem. Ah xiao Zhou, you’re already in the elevator, don’t act anymore, everyone’s already gone.”

In a different elevator, Ye Wenxuan lowered his head and rubbed his right index finger and thumb together, an unknown smile hung on his lips.

Saying bad things about others behind their backs, don’t blame him for exerting a little bit of revenge.


The Xing family group’s business, throwing it away still really causes some heartache.

That’s it, things will definitely have to be lost, not everything will always be satisfactory, who knows whether or not this is a blessing in disguise, with the fortune coming later.

In the following days, Ye Wenxuan continued working with his original team, brainstorming with more than ten other highly capable designers to catch up on the progress that they had fallen behind on earlier.

It was only the Xing family group’s order that eventually returned to the hands of the A team. Making his colleagues lose such a big business, Ye Wenxuan still felt quite guilty, so he privately invited everyone to eat a meal, and sincerely expressed his apologies to everyone.

Even though these colleagues also had some complaints, but the Xing family group at that time had chosen the B team because of their interest in Ye Wenxuan’s designs, so the success or failure had all been dependent on one person. Then they really had no way to say that it was all Ye Wenxuan’s fault, so they just took advantage of this way out of the embarrassing situation and put it behind them.

The crowd opened more than ten bottles of white wine, everyone took turns to battle with Ye Wenxuan, eventually he could no longer decline, and could only return each of their toasts.

In the later half, no one touched the food, basically all pushing their cups to toast each other.

The usual bright, neat, and beautiful designers were all drunk lying under the table, Ye Wenxuan supported his chin with one hand, and then sat at the table until the last person was also drunk and dizzy. Then he finally shook his head and stood up, and then walked out the box in a similarly drunk manner to check out.

He knocked on the counter and requested the receptionist to call for some rides, and then sent away those ten something drunks one by one.

The front desk little sister wearing exquisite makeup asked him with a red face: “Sir, should I also help you call a car?”

“Ah, I don’t have a problem.” Ye Wenxuan waved his hand and grinned: “I’m still sober, you don’t need to worry.”

And then he really looked like a normal sober person, watching the last colleague get into the taxi, and then slowly carried up his bag and started walking down the road.

At this time it was already getting late at night, the moon hung on the horizon, the S cheng even at 11 PM was still full of heavy traffic.

Ye Wenxuan walked along the sidewalk, brushing past countless amounts of cars and strangers.

Neon lights and car horns intertwined, this was an night song of the city.

His pace brought a wonderful rhythm, with a smile on his face, and a pair of peach blossom eyes were blocked behind a pair of black-framed glasses, yet seemed to bring a hint of indistinct electricity.

If someone accidentally took a look at him, they would be nailed in place by that electricity, from top to bottom, and even their spine seemed to have been gently stung a bit.

Countless men and women looked back with a stunned face, and their eyes followed that man’s back until he disappeared into the dark night.

Thousands of meters above in the sky, dark clouds gradually gathered together, strong winds blew down from the sky and fled past the large buildings into the alleys, a sudden clap of thunder burst, lightning illuminating half the night sky.

A sudden storm seemed to be brewing.

Ye Wenxuan’s phone suddenly rang.

He paused his footsteps, the ponytail behind his head was blown over his face by the wild wind, bean-sized raindrops hit his lenses and then ran across his cheeks, waking him up from his tipsy state.

He lowered his head to look at his phone, and then swiped the screen to answer the call.


On the other side was a somewhat familiar voice: “Mr. Ye, hello, I am Li Shaoyun.”

“Oh, it’s Mr. Li.” Ye Wenxuan stopped at the entrance to a restaurant, standing under the awning to look up at the thunderclouds above him. Smiling, he responded, “What matter does Mr. Li have at this late hour?”

The other side paused for a bit, and then responded: “It’s like this, just now, the weather station observed that S cheng suddenly appeared a large area of lightning and electromagnetic pulse, but S city is not currently in the conditions for the formation of thunderstorms, they seemed…like they had appeared out of nowhere.”

Ye Wenxuan looked at a ray of lightning flashing across the sky, happily responding: “Oh.”

Li Shaoyun: “….”

He said with difficulty: “Mr. Ye, where are you now?”

“Ah, I just finished eating, I made them all fall down.” Ye Wenxuan smiled: “En…I’m beside the road…watching the lightning.”

Li Shaoyuan: “Mr. Ye? Are you all right?”

Ye Wenxuan: “Hurrah! hehehe.”

Now Li Shaoyun could determine, I’m afraid this person had become quite drunk, he helplessly said: “Just stand there and don’t move, don’t hang up the call, I will first find some people to send you home.”

Another ray of lightning struck a skyscraper in the distance, producing a loud bang.

Ye Wenxuan exclaimed: “Wow!”

Li Shaoyun facepalmed: “Also, don’t discharge any more!”

Ten minutes later, Li Shaoyun really dispatched four plainclothesmen to pick him up based on the positioning that Ye Wenxuan had sent over.

The plainclothesmen were still those people who had escorted Ye Wenxuan back home from the power station last time, everyone was already familiar with his situation, the four people sent this drunkard back home, and then politely asked him to collect his ability. Then they finally let out a long sigh and returned to the police station.

Ye Wenxuan was a little more sober, he stood by the window, gazing at the storm covering the entire city, and then slowly opened the window.

The pouring rain immediately blew into the house, and the blue-white lightning cut across the sky, leaving a reflection of light on his lenses.

This was quite similar to that big thunderstorm and rain in July.

He stretched out a hand toward the night sky, and then clenched the five fingers into a fist. Then the thunderstorm that had occupied S city slowly retreated.

The clouds dissipated, the torrential rains stopped, and the moon lit up the night sky again.

A mysterious thunderstorm quickly came, and left just as quickly.

Except for the people involved and the core staff of the Special Affairs Department, no one knew the real reason for the storm’s formation.

At this point, Ye Wenxuan had not yet reported to the National Department of Special Affairs, and the counter-terrorism action group, intelligence collection center, technical investigation team, integrated intelligence analysis team, and other departments, had already been passing along his legends.

The captain of the counter-terrorism action group added another item on his training program for Ye Wenxuan.

[Restrain from drinking.]


On November 25th, Ye Wenxuan received a response from the HR department, and that day he went to handle the resignation formalities.

In the company he bumped into a few acquaintances, and they all secretly asked whether he had already found a good job, for these Ye Wenxuan used the same excuse.

“My parents miss their son, and don’t want me to go too far to work.” He said the same thing to every person who asked: “I’m going to be returning to W city to do some small business, and later we might be able to have the opportunity to work together again, keep in contact.”

God knows, in his family he just took the place of a courier, his parents both pampered the small daughter, and for the big son they totally let him go raise himself. He could go where he wanted to go, he could live how he wanted, very independent.

At this point, his work at the SFLS branch came to an end, Ye Wenxuan cleaned up his office area and placed his designing tools and computer consoles into cartons, leaving only an empty table.

## On how to deal with an opponent you don’t like ##

Zhou Bai: “Ye Wenxuan is a scum, he knows that he can’t, so he took advantage of Xing Yuan’s order not being decided, and hurriedly walked a back door.”

Designers: “Ohh——”

Ye Wenxuan walked out the glass door, and then lightly tapped a finger on the door.

A thin line of current flowed down the wall into the office, and then along the ground to Zhou Bai’s feet.

Zhou Bai trembled: “Ah!”

Designer a: “Yi, Zhou Bai what happened to you?”

Zhou Bai: “Nothing…just now I seemed to have been electrocuted…”

Ye Wenxuan walked into the elevator room, and then another finger pressed on the downward arrow button.

Another current fled out.

Zhou Bai: “Ah! Ah! Ah ah ah~”

Designer b: “…Zhou Bai, I never thought that you knew how to breakdance?”

Zhou Bai: “I! Don’t! Know! Ah ah ah…quickly stop~”

Ye Wenxuan walked into the elevator, a finger brushing across the metal door.

Zhou Bai was like a robot that ran out of electricity, his legs went soft and he knelt on the floor, showing a quite standard orz.

Designers abcd together shifted to his front: “Ai ya, Zhou Bai you are really too polite, I really don’t deserve your big gift ah, don’t deserve.”

Zhou Bai: “….”

Zhou Bai: “There’s definitely something wrong here ah ah ah!”

Translator Notes:

[1] mumble – 吞吞吐吐, idiom, means to hum and haw
[2] absolute silence – 鸦雀无声, idiom, literally means the crow and peacock make no sound
[3] tacitly – 不约而同, idiom, means to agree by chance, do the same thing without prior consultation
[4] blessing in disguise – 塞翁失马, idiom, literally means an old man lost his horse but it turned out for the best
[5] heavy traffic – 车水马龙, idiom, means endless stream of horses and carriages

Random Notes:

A little over an hour: 9 pm – 10:15 pm, for 3.3k characters to 2.5k words. Not bad.

It’s been quite a while since I’ve translated this, so it took some getting back used to. This is the point when I have already come to terms with the fact that I will probably just be directly translating this instead of doing more summaries like I had originally planned. I did do some of this based on the MTL, but as expected I then went back through and started reading the raws and checking with MDBG again. The plot progression is so much slower compared to fast wear novels that are done in 10 or so chapters lol.

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