100kV Chapter 60

Chapter 60
Rescue Mission

Mario Rhodes and the New Home

Ye Wenxuan’s attention was immediately pulled back: “If you’re talking about that plumber that headbutts mushrooms…”

“That’s right.” Xing Yuan paused, then corrected him: “Not a plumber. He’s called Mario Rhodes.”

Ye Wenxuan waved a hand: “Whatever.”

“This man also has a connection with the Issera army. I heard that the doctor was coming to South Sudan on a flight the day after tomorrow. The high levels were all discussing how to receive him in a grand fashion.” Xing Yuan gravely said: “The relationship between the two sides seems to be very good. Mullen’s troops have already been fully prepared to set off, but they didn’t even complain about being forced to change the plan. He even wanted to personally pick up Mario.”

Ye Wenxuan met his gaze: “The Issera armed forces…know about the SP lab?”

“I don’t know about that, but the two sides must have cooperated in some fashion previously. I think that their being so cautious about his visit means that nine out of ten they know something.” Xing Yuan frowned: “Last time there was such a mess in England, I don’t know whether this doctor suspected that it was caused by a superhuman.”

He said: “Because of this, the Issera’s elite will all be heading to the stronghold closest to the airport this afternoon. In the meantime, the Issera-controlled areas will all be under full martial law. I’m afraid that the plan to leave quietly will be hampered.”

Ye Wenxuan’s thoughts were messy. He both wanted to take the opportunity to approach Mario to understand the superhumans’ situation, but also because of Adonis’s experience, his attitude toward the doctor was full of fear and vigilance.

“If, I use my power to help us escape…” He asked the man sitting on the sofa across from him.

Xing Yuan: “Right before Mario arrives, that might not be very reasonable.”

Ye Wenxuan hesitated: “Would he discover me?”

Xing Yuan looked at him: “Right now it’s the dry season. South Sudan is not rainy year round like England, it will be very likely that you would be exposed.”

Then he added: “One more thing, Mullen offered to let me go along to pick him up.”

Ye Wenxuan raised his eyebrows: “This is…wanting to promote you?”

“The Issera know that I am that rich man who was already announced to be dead. Mullen asked me to enter his fifth elite team, one reason is because I’m quite skilled, and the second…” Xing Yuan coldly said: “They want to take me in and then let me reenter the public eye at an appropriate time.”

“If I take back my family in one fell swoop, Issera would get a substantial sum of money. And they, as my lifesavers, would be able to refresh their image in the international community to promote themselves and attract more young people to join them.”

“But, just based on you as an individual, Mullen’s proposal is meaningless.” Ye Wenxuan disagreed: “The plumber and the Brotherhood alliance are connected, so he might know that you are wanted. You’re too easily recognized. Once the plumber recognizes you, we can’t guarantee that he wouldn’t pass on the news.”

Xing Yuan smiled: “I’m afraid the relationship between the plumber and the Brotherhood is not as good as you think.”

Then he said: “I actually think that if we have no way of leaving for a while, it would be necessary for us to look into this person.”

Ye Wenxuan frowned: “It’s too dangerous.”

Know yourself and your enemy, and you will never be defeated.” Xing Yuan looked at him: “You are a superhuman, and he captures superhumans to study them. You two will be at odds sooner or later. If you can understand the opponent’s situation now, you won’t be blinded in the future.”

Being stared at by those sapphire eyes, Ye Wenxuan lightly coughed and turned his head: “That’s my business, you don’t need to…”

Xing Yuan smiled: “Just take it as me wanting to do it.”


On March 29th, at 3:30 pm, a special plane carrying Mario Rhodes arrived at the airport.

Xing Yuan and Mullen had long already arranged through the airport personnel to get special access to the tarmac. The afternoon sun was blaring, and both of them were wearing sunglasses, waiting for the plane to come to a stop before walking over.

“Mullen, what’s going on with the guys behind the D exit gate. They’re been looking this way since a long time earlier.” Xing Yuan’s blue eyes were hidden behind a pair of sunglasses, his tone cold and indifferent. He was tall and built and wearing the Issera rebel uniform. When he turned to look at the D exit gate, the small men hiding there immediately hid behind the door.

Mullen patted his shoulder: “Don’t worry, those are all men from other armed forces. When they heard Dr. Mario was coming they all wanted to come see. They probably have the same purpose as us.”

Xing Yuan: “They only dare to hide behind the door to see?”

Mullen smiled: “They can’t beat us, of course they can only hide to the side and watch.”

Xing Yuan didn’t comment. At this time the door to the airplane opened, and several crew members came down one after another.

Three minutes later, a middle-aged man in white came down, surrounded by several people.

He was not tall, his hair almost to his shoulder. He had a large aquiline nose and a pair of heavy square-rimmed glasses sat on the bridge of his nose. Through the thick lenses, a pair of small, narrow eyes were faintly visible.

As he walked closer Xing Yuan could tell that this person shouldn’t be young. His brown hair was being overtaken by white hair, as if he had two hair colors. The wrinkles on his face were also very obvious, and his chin was covered in unshaved stubble.

Xing Yuan confirmed instantly that this man must be Mario Rhodes.

Next to him, Mullen stepped forward, bowed his head and said respectfully to the man: “Dr. Mario, welcome to South Sudan.”

But Mario didn’t seem to have any spirit, just squinting at him and saying: “Issera?”

Mullen didn’t seem to feel slighted at all, and carefully responded: “Yes, Doctor.”

“Well…who’s your leader…” Mario thought for a moment: “Oh, Monroe. Where’s Monroe?”

Mullen: “The chief is still visiting the Defense Minister and wasn’t able to rush over. I was specifically told to bring you his apologies.”

Mario waved his hand casually: “I know, let’s go. After speaking business I will go back. My little babies can’t be away from me for too long.”

After that, he pointed to the seven or eight men and women with him: “These are my assistants, arrange something for them.” Then he pointed at the boy nearest to him: “This one will follow me all the time, you don’t need to arrange him with the rest.”

“Of course, we will make sure you’re satisfied.”

Mullen turned to the side and made a “please” gesture: “Doctor, this way.”

Xing Yuan stood behind him. Mullen’s large body covered him up halfway, and Mario’s line of sight was drifting so he didn’t notice him. Several of his assistants were carrying suitcases, and they all had a certain high-class appearance. Without any changes in expression, they followed Mario into the airport’s special passageway.

Mullen gave him a look and signaled for him to perform well. Xing Yuan thought for a bit and simply took advantage of the time the crowd was putting away the luggage in the parking lot to chase the driver away.

Then he himself sat in the driver’s seat of the armored vehicle. After waiting for Mario and Mullen to get on, he lowered his voice and said in a deep voice: “Everyone, please fasten your seat belts.”

Mullen had just sat down in the shotgun seat. When he turned to look at him, he was immediately startled.

“Jerry, what are you doing here?” He looked at the cars behind them: “Where’s the driver?”

Xing Yuan: “I let him go to one of the cars in the back to rest.”

Mullen: “Oh, okay, doesn’t matter. Let’s go.”

Xing Yuan looked through the rearview mirror at Mario in the backseat, and at the little boy sitting next to him. He nodded, turned the key in the ignition, and slowly drove.

Along the way, he inconspicuously observed the doctor.

Mario Rhodes didn’t speak much, and had a casual attitude. He basically always buried his head to look at his cell phone. His too-long hair hung down to block most of his face, greasy and unkempt. He looked very sloppy.

He seemed to still be doing experiments the moment before he got on the plane, so much so that he hadn’t even taken off his work clothes and just ran straight to South Sudan in his lab coat. And he didn’t think that this kind of attire was disrespectful at all.

A slovenly man who took himself as the center of the world, and was extremely self-conceited.

A cold line of sight met his gaze in the rearview mirror. The little boy sitting next to the doctor looked at him coldly but didn’t say a word.

He looked like he was ten or so years old, wearing a plain long-sleeved shirt and trousers. His blonde hair shone in the sun, his facial features as perfect as if they had been sculpted.

But there was not the slightest expression on that delicate face. He looked at him, his eyes cold and dead.

Xing Yuan took back his gaze and didn’t look at him again. He focused on driving.


They went to an Issera compound near South Sudan’s airport.

Just yesterday, most of the backbone members of the rebel group had gathered here from all over just to welcome this doctor who had come from afar. Only the leader Monroe was holding a secret meeting elsewhere in order to woo the defense minister.

There were no ordinary civilians in this compound. Two thirds of the city’s population were Issera soldiers, and the rest were the soldiers’ families. Some were temporarily absorbed foreigners who were still under observation, and could only operate in the perimeters of the stronghold.

As a “soldier’s mistress,” Ye Wenxuan was assigned to live in a place at the very edge of the stronghold. There was only a round domed hut, and inside there were a few wooden planks spread on the ground. On the boards was a mess of sheets, and nothing else.

When he was first brought here by the soldiers, Ye Wenxuan took a look inside and outside several times. He found that this “house” didn’t even have any lighting. It was only marginally better than sleeping on the streets.

This was the abode assigned to him by the rebels, but that didn’t mean that they gave Xing Yuan the same treatment.

Ye Wenxuan stayed in the room for less than five seconds before he went straight out and said to the soldier: “Excuse me, can you take me to Jerry’s place?”

Soldier: “No, unrelated people are not allowed in there.”

Ye Wenxuan: “I’m not ah, I’m Jerry’s family.”

Soldier: “Mistresses aren’t allowed in.”

“…” Ye Wenxuan: “What mistress! That’s too ugly, we are in true love!”

That soldier looked at him, presumably thinking that whether it was as a “mistress” or as a “true love”, the choice of such a man with such a face was already very unusual.

He was shocked by this “true love” claim, and simply let the communication soldiers report to the superiors. On that side Mullen and Xing Yuan were on the road, and after hearing it they laughed and directly assented.

So, after Ye Wenxuan was brought into the Issera stronghold and to the luxury three-story villa provided to Xing Yuan, he lay on the bed in the guest room and comfortably rolled around a couple times. Then he suddenly remembered. In fact, he could say that he was Xing Yuan’s brother, why did he have to say “true love”?

Ye Wenxuan: “…” Probably it was because he was angered by the domed hut.

This city was smaller than the one they stayed at the other day, but military facilities were everywhere. There were few shops and idle people on the streets, more so teams of soldiers on patrol. It was more like a military fortress than a town in the ordinary sense.

He could no longer wander the streets casually as before and could no longer sit in the roadside tea shops to gather information. He could only stay in the closely watched house, temporarily acting as a potato.

“Alright, if it weren’t for the fact that there are no computers or cell phones and the only TV would be to watch Issera’s promo videos, I feel like being a potato is also pretty nice.” He lay in bed, thinking.

Just after 5 in the afternoon, someone knocked on the door.

Ye Wenxuan cautiously walked over, and the person outside said: “Mr. Tom, please open the door.”

“What’s the matter?”

“I am lord Mullen’s guard.” That person said: “I came to send some gifts on the orders of the lord.”

The door didn’t have a peephole, so Ye Wenxuan was hesitating on whether he should open the door. He put his hand on the handle: “Where’s Jerry?”

“He is with the other lords welcoming the esteemed guest. Mr. Tom, quickly open the door.”

Ye Wenxuan slowly let out an “oh”, and opened the door a crack.

Outside, there was a black man in uniform.

Seeing that the door was finally opened, he impatiently pushed the door open further: “I’m just sending something and am going to leave immediately. Why are you so scared.”

Ye Wenxuan was holding a bolt of lightning in his hand, hesitating on whether to send it over.

Then he saw the “gift” that he had brought.

Ye Wenxuan: “You guys…have a trend of sending live people?”

The soldier pointed to the three men and three women who walked into the living room: “These are all gifts from lord Mullen to Jerry. They can be servants, or even better, bed partners. Jerry can change the taste and change the style. This is of great benefit to soldiers living in the war zone.”

Of the three men and women, one of them was a local, several others were Caucasian, and there was also an Asian. They all had excellent appearances.

Ye Wenxuan: “…”

He said with some difficulty; “But…isn’t this too many…”

The soldier laughed loudly: “Jerry is strong! It’s just six people, no problem!”

The lightning in his hand became larger. Ye Wenxuan rubbed that lightning in his hand back and forth, and finally forcefully closed the door. Then while that black man turned around and left, he took the chance to give him a good one.

The soldier dropped to the ground with a cry, and after half a day somehow managed to stand up and stumble away.

Ye Wenxuan: “Huff.”

He turned to look at the six people sitting in the living room, adjusted his breathing, and smiled: “All of you, what’s the situation?”

The six people looked at each other, and a blonde man stood up: “We’re here to serve Jerry.”

Ye Wenxuan looked at him: “European? American?”

“Swiss.” The man smiled amicably: “My name is Clarence. These two are Edward and Yu, and the three ladies across from me are Renee, Lucy, and Lily.”

Ye Wenxuan swept his gaze over them and finally stopped on the face of the obvious Asian.

The young man stood up, his face expressionless, and said to him: “Yu Wei, Chinese.”

Ye Wenxuan let out an “oh”, and pointed to himself: “Tom.”

## jerry is very strong♂##

Soldier: “Jerry is very strong, six is no problem!”

Ye Wenxuan: “How do you know?”

Soldier: “Last time he turned over more than a dozen of us!”

Ye Wenxuan: “Wtf?!!”

Xing Yuan: “…Clearly it was just a normal fight, why did you make it sound so dirty?”

Translator Notes:

[1] Mario Rhodes – 马里奥·罗德, ma li ao · luo de
[2] know yourself – 知己知彼,百战不殆, commonly used idiom from sun zi’s art of war
[3] slovenly – 不修边幅, idiom, means not caring about his appearance, slovenly in dress and in manner

Random Notes:

About an hour: 1:30 pm – 2:30 pm, for 4.3k characters to 2.6k words.

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