100kV Chapter 59

Chapter 59
Rescue Mission

You look good no matter what.

Today the entire army was sleeping outside. They didn’t make any fires, because they were too close from the strongholds of the government forces and it would be easy for them to found by the sentries. So they just set up camp in the dark.

The hostages and prisoners of war parted ways with them halfway through, heading toward Issera’s territory. The only outsiders left here were Ye Wenxuan and Gemma, one a respected doctor and the other a plaything of the reserve team member Jerry.

Ye Wenxuan did not care at all about his new identity. Maybe because he was in a foreign place where no one knew him, he had abandoned all sense of shame early on. But he would sometimes still make his grudges clear, and when others made things difficult for him maliciously, he would turn around and silently prank them back.

This, presumably, was best appreciated by Moses—though he had yet to find out where the source of his bad luck came from.


On March 21st at 10:40 am, three shells were dropped onto a building in the city of Selaar, setting off a power-grabbing war between government forces and Issera rebels.

The civil war lasted four days, with dead and wounded on both sides. Until the ammunition was exhausted, Mullen finally brought his subordinates to leave and withdraw to a safe area five km away from Selaar.

On the 25th, the government officials began to contact the leader of Issera to discuss a ceasefire agreement.

That day, Mullen’s fifth elite unit began to withdraw. Xing Yuan and Ye Wenxuan followed the troops and returned to the Issera compound.

They had not captured Selaar, but the rebels had received some benefits in the ceasefire agreement. Mullen was in a good mood and invited several cronies to eat and drink out of his own pocket. Maybe he was trying to pull him in, but he also specifically invited Xing Yuan to go along.

This was a wine party for the core members of the fifth elite force, so Ye Wenxuan couldn’t follow. He also couldn’t go out and walk around at will, so he just stayed in the room that Issera had assigned Xing Yuan. He looked around the suite that for people of South Sudan could already be considered quite luxurious, and waited for Xing Yuan to come back.

It had to be said that the rooms around here added up might not be half as large as Xing boss’s office.

Earlier, Gemma had dropped by to say goodbye to him. Her bodyguard had also been released. Issera indeed had not made it too difficult for this doctor. The two men came to chat with him briefly and left the base in a Jeep, heading in the direction of Kurtu.

“Tom, are you really not coming with us? If I suggest it to them, we can also bring you along, just like Tim.” Gemma came to ask him before she left.

Tim hid behind Yulaya. Because of the previous sequence of events, he had become much more subdued and quiet. Ye Wenxuan looked at him, and finally smiled and said to Gemma: “I came to South Sudan to find someone, and now I have found him. How could I leave so easily.”

Gemma sensitively asked: “Is it…that handsome Asian?”

Ye Wenxuan: “Yes.”

Gemma hesitated: “But…how could he be a rebel soldier…”

Because he had a good impression of this doctor, Ye Wenxuan didn’t hide it: “He will not stay here forever, we will leave together.”

“That’s very good.” Gemma finally said: “Tom, I wish you all the best, and I hope to have a chance to meet you in the future.”

Ye Wenxuan showed a gentle smile: “There will be the chance. Goodbye, Gemma.”

Gemma: “Goodbye, Tom.”

After Gemma, Yulaya, and Tim left, no one knocked on the door of the room.


At eleven in the middle of the night, Xing Yuan came back smelling strongly of wine.

Still dressed in Issera’s army uniform, he entered the room, untied his coat, and threw his glasses onto the shoe rack next to him, before leaning against the wall near the door with his eyes closed to sober up.

Ye Wenxuan leaned against the wall near the bedroom door watching him. Hearing a car engine start, he went to the window, opened a gap in the curtain to take a peek, and watched the armored vehicle slowly leave.

“There’s even a luxury car to send you in and out, looks like the people here treat you pretty well.”

Xing Yuan closed his eyes, then stood straight a moment later, beginning to walk to the living room.

As he walked, he took off his inner shirt, and when he got to the sofa, he threw the clothes to one side, pulled out his pack of bad quality cigarettes, and shook out a stick to put into his mouth.

Ye Wenxuan went into the bedroom and came out with a plastic bag in his hand.

“Gemma came to say goodbye in the afternoon and left me some medicine.”

Xing Yuan: “Who’s Gemma.”

Putting the bag on the table, Ye Wenxuan pulled out the medicine while saying: “The doctor you caught and came to check up on your injury multiple times.”

Xing Yuan smoked: “Oh.”

Ye Wenxuan saw him sitting on the sofa like a big master and threw the trauma medicine in his hand to him: “Take it and wipe it on yourself.”

In the living room under the dim light of the light bulb, Xing Yuan began to apply his medicine himself.

Ye Wenxuan watched him: “What are you going to do now?”

Xing Yuan screwed his eyebrows and bit his cigarette: “This evening I tested, Mullen doesn’t want to let me go.”

Ye Wenxuan: “What about after putting down three strongholds?”

“I’m talking about after.” It wasn’t easy to talk with a cigarette in his mouth. He simply dropped the cigarette onto the table and said: “Today he invited me to go to meet a few high level members of Issera, as well as take a look at some of their facilities in the city. They exposed too many secrets to me. The final outcome, if not allegiance, is erasure.”

Ye Wenxuan clicked his tongue: “What’s this called, escaping the frying pan of the Flying Wolves and Brotherhood into the fire of Issera?”

Xing Yuan grunted.

Ye Wenxuan: “Since they won’t let go of you no matter what, are you still going to keep putting down that half a stronghold for them?”

Xing Yuan didn’t answer, instead saying: “Next morning, the second to fifth elite units will go east to Lometo. This time, the enemy isn’t government forces, but the WS organization.”

Before coming Ye Wenxuan had checked up on several of the larger armed groups here. He knew that the WS extremist group was notorious internationally for their support of terrorism.

So he just asked: “Saying this, could it be that you’re also going?”

Xing Yuan closed the medicine bottle and put it back on the table, calmly saying: “We will follow, and then escape in the chaos.”

Ye Wenxuan looked at him, then looked at the medicine bottle: “You haven’t finished putting on the medicine.”

“I can’t reach the back.” Xing Yuan picked up the medicine and gave it to the person across from him, calmly saying: “Tom, please do it a little lighter, thank you.”

Ye Wenxuan: “…”

He walked over and grabbed the medicine bottle from Xing Yuan, and then said with a hehe: “Jerry, since you let me help you, don’t complain about my strength.”

Then he grabbed the other person and viciously applied the medicine to his wounds.

Xing Yuan actually didn’t make a sound, only sweating all over. He silently waited for Ye Wenxuan to help him finish applying the medicine, and then turned and pounced like a tiger, putting him down on the sofa to tickle him.

Ye Wenxuan: “!!!”

“Let go hahahaha——“ Ye Wenxuan busily tried to push him away: “Quickly let go! Ha…I’m going to electrocute you ah, I’m really going to electrocute you…ha, ah hahahaha…”

No matter how he pushed he couldn’t budge him. The person on top of him was covered in solid muscle, and after several days of battle, his strength was much more terrible than before. Ye Wenxuan’s hands only touched warm skin, and after pushing a couple times he really couldn’t bear to activate his electricity.

Xing Yuan propped one hand next to Ye Wenxuan’s face, his body covering him. He looked down with a slight smile: “I’m a wounded person, you can bear to electrocute me?”

Ye Wenxuan used his elbow to prop up Xing Yuan’s chest: “Of course I could bear to…ha…get up haha…”

Xing Yuan: “If you electrocute me, my wounds won’t be able to recover.”

Ye Wenxuan disdained: “Why would I care if you die…”

Xing Yuan leaned down and said: “Isn’t it only you who cares about whether I live or die.”

Ye Wenxuan was struck speechless by him and couldn’t respond for half a day.

His nose was filled with the strong smell of medicine and wine, and once he raised his eyes he could only see that pair of blue eyes. The other side was also looking at him, those ice-blue eyes as if they held some different emotions.

“You…” Ye Wenxuan swallowed: “You get up a bit…”

Xing Yuan lowered his face a little more: “No.”

This was really…too close.

Ye Wenxuan turned his head to one side and twitched his mouth: “What do you want.”

Xing Yuan was very close, his breath blowing onto his face. Ye Wenxuan waited for a while and heard the other person say: “Want to see you.”

It seemed that since that night, the interaction between the two men was a little different from before.

And now, those ice-blue eyes were pure and bright when looking at him. Ye Wenxuan inexplicably felt his face heat up, and for a time did not know how to react.

“We’re both men, what’s there to see.” He drily said: “And…and I’ve done a disguise…a face full of pockmarks, what are you looking at…”

Xing Yuan listened to him finish and hooked up a corner of his mouth.

“You look good no matter what.”

Ye Wenxuan: “…” Who was the one who said that it was really f*king ugly the first two days.

His entire face showed a “wtf” expression.

“Xing Yuan.” Ye Wenxuan looked up and met his gaze: “Did you drink too much?”

Xing Yuan: “No.”

Ye Wenxuan: “Who are you trying to deceive. Your body is covered in the smell of wine, if you didn’t drink would you be such a hooligan?”

Xing Yuan smiled: “The more I drink the more sober I am.”

Implying that right now he wasn’t just speaking nonsense.

Ye Wenxuan was really a little overwhelmed.

The warm body was attached to him, so close that he could see Xing Yuan’s muscle lines and the big and small scars covering the skin.

Not ugly, but very attractive.

Xing Yuan had long stopped tickling him, but that hand held his waist with a little force. Ye Wenxuan could feel the heat and strength from that palm on his waist across the single layer of clothing.

He suddenly felt himself heat up.

“You…first get off.” He didn’t know where to put his hands, so he just put them on Xing Yuan’s face and pushed him away: “Can we sit up and talk?”

Xing Yuan was pushed by him and pulled away slightly: “About what?”

Ye Wenxuan: “What else can we talk about, the escape plan ah.”

Xing Yuan: “Oh.”

Xing Yuan: “At that time just follow me, don’t look back.”

Ye Wenxuan waited for him to continue. But the result was that this guy actually lowered his head again and pressed him down onto the sofa, not moving for a long time.

Ye Wenxuan: “…And then what?”

Xing Yuan’s voice was muffled: “Adjust on the fly.”

Ye Wenxuan: “…” This plan is too casual ah, big brother!

However, when he turned his head and was ready to chew into him, he found that the other person had closed his eyes and his breathing was calm. He seemed like he had long fallen asleep.

The hand that wanted to pull his hair weakly fell down, and Ye Wenxuan sighed. He kept feeling that the recent Xing boss was becoming more and more unlike that person he had first met. He didn’t know if this series of setbacks had changed him, or if he was originally like this and he just hadn’t known him well enough before.

Xing Yuan still frowned in his sleep. Ye Wenxuan looked at him for a moment then raised his hand to rub his eyebrows, slowly smoothing out that little wrinkle.

“I’ll let you off this time.” He lowered his voice and muttered: “Next time, I will definitely electrocute you into a cripple.”

He tapped a finger gently on the sofa, and a electric current swam across the floor and furniture, climbed up the shoe rack, absorbed into the wall, and then finally jumped onto the switch near the door, drilling in.

The small light bulb hanging in the living room made a buzzing noise, and after a pop sound, the room fell into darkness.

Ye Wenxuan rubbed Xing Yuan’s forehead, and softly said: “Good night.”


The next day, Ye Wenxuan woke up without an extra weight on top of him. Xing Yuan was not in the room and should be out.

Don’t know how he felt when he woke up and saw the two people on top of each other on the sofa.

Just thinking about it gave him a headache. He changed his clothes and went out. He had never visited a town controlled by an anti-government force, not to mention such an important stronghold. Ye Wenxuan was curious and aimlessly walked around the city for most of the day.

His mobile phone had been confiscated when he was caught and he didn’t have any communication equipment on him. He was afraid that when Xing Yuan came back he wouldn’t find anyone there, so he wandered back to the original street at noon. Avoiding the armed men in uniform on the street, he went all the way back to their temporary residence.

It didn’t take long for Xing Yuan to come back. He didn’t mention what happened last night but said: “The plan has changed, there might be bad news.”

Ye Wenxuan pressed down the awkwardness in his heart: “What’s the matter?”

“Today I went to a high-level meeting with the group of leaders. They’re temporarily putting off the mission to send troops to Lometo, the earliest will be three or four days later.”

Xing Yuan’s expression was even heavier than it had been the past few days. He took off his sunglasses and threw them on the table: “Remember when we were in Cain in England, Adonis once mentioned a doctor who studied superhumans?”

the author has something to say: WS extremist group is really not a lewd extremist group, really [doge face]

## electrocuting xing boss can’t use too much force ##

Ye Wenxuan: “If you play a hooligan again I will electrocute you!”

Xing Yuan: “High voltage?”

Ye Wenxuan: “…static electricity ba.”

Xing Yuan [dressed in insulated suit]: “Ok, I’ll keep playing hooligan.”

Ye Wenxuan: “…fuck.”

Translator Notes:

[1] out of the frying pan and into the fire – 逃出虎穴,又入了狼口, literal translation is from the tiger’s cave into the wolf’s mouth
[2] Lometo – 卢鄂墨托, pinyin lu e mo tuo

Random Notes:

About one hour: 2:30 pm – 3:30 pm, for 3.9k characters to 2.5k words. This chapter is so cute!

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  1. So… does that mean XY turns clingy under the influence of alcohol? :3 I want to know his reaction when he woke up the next morning on top of YWX >D

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  2. Thanks for the chapter! 😊😍 Kyaaaaa!!! I love thiiiis~ So cute~ I love their dynamic. It’s so touching how the ML wants someone to care about him & protect him and the shou can give that. It’s how too many stories make it seem like strong men can’t be vulnerable as well but this story shows that and I love it!


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