100kV Chapter 58

Chapter 58
Rescue Mission

Night Chats and Departure

The two men stayed in this position for a while. After a few minutes, Xing Yuan straightened up.

The fatigue on his face was still evident, but his blue eyes were strikingly bright and he looked to be in very good spirits.

Ye Wenxuan looked at him carefully and felt like this person must have recovered.

Sure enough, Xing Yuan leaned back against the wall and whispered: “Let’s talk business.”

Ye Wenxuan also lifted his spirits.

The night was dark, but in this small building full of Issera members, few people actually slept.

The wounded on the second floor were waiting for the doctor’s treatment, Moses and his teammates were interrogating the prisoners of war under the light of oil lamps, and some of the soldiers were ambushed on the top floor. They took turns being on duty, hiding in the dark and watching the abandoned town.

On the third floor, there were only two people, Xing Yuan and Ye Wenxuan.

The smell of the canned meat still hadn’t dissipated. Xing Yuan reached out and pushed the soup bowl and empty cans to the other side of the table: “Tomorrow, the men here will go to the east and join the other two forces. Then they will begin to attack the government forces stronghold of Selaar.”

Ye Wenxuan thought, sure enough, and asked: “What about the prisoners of war?”

“They will all be brought along. The few of you are the same, but your treatment will be much better.” Xing Yuan said: “At that time, the female doctor will be taken to the vicinity of Selaar to help us treat the wounded. Issera’s army treats doctors well and they should later bring her to the Kurtu camp.”

“The others will not be brought to the battlefield but will be taken back to Issera’s stronghold by soldiers and locked up. For those who came with you, Issera may send a video notice to their families to redeem them.”

Ye Wenxuan nodded: “You’re also going to Selaar?”

Xing Yuan: “My injury when I jumped off the plane wasn’t light. I was recruited by the Issera people and they asked a doctor to treat me. In return, I have to help them bring down three strongholds.”

Ye Wenxuan: “…So how many have you helped bring down so far?”

Xing Yuan: “One and a half.”

In the dim light, Ye Wenxuan saw that his forehead was still dripping with blood. He couldn’t resist shifting over and pulling over the linen on the camp bed to wipe the wound.

“Stretch your head over and I’ll wipe it for you.” He waited for Xing Yuan to bow his head and gently rubbed the wound with the cloth in his hand: “Why doesn’t your head stop bleeding. How about we let Gemma come and see it and disinfect it with alcohol. Be careful of wound infections.”

Xing Yuan gave an “en”: “Then can you let go of my sheets.”

Ye Wenxuan threw the blood-stained sheets back onto the bed: “You’re already like this, what’s wrong with sleeping on a blood-stained bed. How manly that would be ah.”

He said he was going to call the doctor, but neither of them actually moved.

Ye Wenxuan asked: “So after you take down three strongholds, you can leave?”

Xing Yuan thought: “Most likely no. If I’m not dead by then, Issera’s core members may find a way to keep me fighting for them.”

Ye Wenxuan wanted to say, otherwise, we could just run away now. But then he remembered that his temporary teammates were still being locked up in another small building.

He actually didn’t pay much attention to those peers. Besides Tim’s cowardly cowering, Yulaya’s racism also made people not have good feelings toward him. But Gemma was a good girl, and he could tell that those rebels treated her more politely.

If Ye Wenxuan and Xing Yuan ran away now, those rebels might not trouble Gemma, but they would be furious with the remaining people.

Changing the topic, Ye Wenxuan asked: “I heard that the power of the Brotherhood was not only in the Middle East, but they also have branches and vassals in Africa and Russia. They want you and will definitely also notify the other organizations. Did Issera not discover your identity?”

“They found out the day they caught me. After all, I do have some fame.” Xing Yuan avoided touching his wound, raising his hand to knead his temple. He simply walked back to sit down on the bed, not even taking off his shoes before turning over and lying down: “Issera’s anti-government forces are against terrorism. Their only difference with the government forces is political disagreement. In contrast, there are several rebel groups in South Sudan who are not as large as Issera, but more fearsome.”

He vaguely said: “If I had been caught by another troop back then, I might not have such good luck.”

Ye Wenxuan dragged his chair to the bed: “Tired?”

Xing Yuan: “En.”

Ye Wenxuan: “Even if you’re tired don’t sleep right now. Get up and first call Gemma over and let her give you some alcohol to disinfect the wound.”

Xing Yuan: “Don’t want to move.”

Ye Wenxuan leaned over and looked down at him: “Don’t be coquettish.”

Xing Yuan: “…”

In the end, it was still Ye Wenxuan who went out to call people over. The Issera soldiers showed a strange smile when they saw him. Gene was also on the second floor, and after listening to him, he just smiled and said: “Jerry is very strong and capable, this little wound is nothing.” But he still let him go find Gemma to get some alcohol gauze.

“This little wound” in Gene’s words was really nothing in South Sudan, but if it were back home, that long finger-length cut on his forehead would definitely be shocking.

Once again deeply experiencing the difference between here and peaceful society, Ye Wenxuan went back to the third floor with the alcohol gauze. There was not a single person in the corridor, and Ye Wenxuan took out the key to open the door. After entering the room he locked the door. Still not reassured, he placed a layer of static electricity on the handle.

Walking over to the camp bed, he was preparing to sit down when the man lying flat on the bed shot up.

A dagger silently lay on his neck. Ye Wenxuan still hadn’t reacted when the blade had already been placed near his major artery. Only a slight slice could cut out a sufficiently fatal incision.

Ye Wenxuan: “…Don’t move! It’s a friendly!”

Xing Yuan came to his senses. He sat back slightly and withdrew the dagger from Ye Wenxuan’s neck.

Ye Wenxuan rubbed his neck with some lingering fear.

“Sorry.” Xing Yuan pinched his nose and raised his spirits: “I’ve always been like this the past two days, I’m still not used to others being close.”

Ye Wenxuan didn’t really care. He pulled the chair over to the table and said: “Don’t sleep, sit here. I’ll help you disinfect your forehead.”

Xing Yuan: “En.”

One person sat and one person stood, and under the light of the lamp, Ye Wenxuan wiped Xing Yuan’s face. There was no other way, Xing boss also couldn’t pay too much attention while on the battlefield. Blood was almost covering his entire face to his chin.

“Are there any more wounds?”

“Hands ba, I can’t feel the wound anymore.”

Ye Wenxuan grabbed his hands and took a look. Sure enough, there were a lot of thin bloody cuts. Then he began to help him disinfect them one by one.

Xing Yuan also didn’t speak, just watching him bowing his head and fiddling around.

Who knew when, but outside in the corridor there gradually came sounds of people. Someone was climbing the stairs while loudly talking, and Ye Wenxuan could tell there were Moses’s and Gene’s voices.

“Where’s that guy Jerry, did he sleep that fast?”

“No no no, just now Garcia said that his kitten went downstairs to get him some medicine, this time they should be…ha ha ha…”

“Kitten? Who.”

“That pockmarked faced man. I really didn’t think Jerry liked that kind.”

Someone immediately shouted in disgust: “F*k, Jerry actually likes men!”

“…That yellow-skinned Asian?” Moses’s voice was a little strange: “So ugly and he’s still able to stomach it, I’m starting to see that bastard Jerry in a new light.”

Ye Wenxuan: “…”

He looked at Xing Yuan, and the other person also had a very complicated expression.

In the corridor, Moses continued: “Guys, do you want to see the live version?”

A group of exuberant soldiers agreed loudly. Ye Wenxuan said to Xing Yuan, expression strange: “Live version? Issera’s army has a wide range of hobbies.”

Xing Yuan: “…”

Ye Wenxuan was about to continue when Moses suddenly let out a cry. After that, a succession of other people’s cries sounded in the corridor. They were basically all “why is there static on your body” “my body is numb ah” “zi zi zi zi” and the like. Not long afterward, the sound of people faded away. They should have crawled back to their rooms.

Ye Wenxuan nodded with satisfaction: “Very good, this is the consequence of being too obscene.”

Xing Yuan didn’t want to talk for the time being.

Ye Wenxuan: “When do we leave tomorrow?”

Xing Yuan said: “When the sun rises.”


The next day, they did indeed clean up and leave very early.

Ye Wenxuan sat in the same car as Xing Yuan. He felt like there was always a line of sight locked on his own body, and the meaning in that gaze was extremely varied, making his balls hurt.

He and Gemma were the only two hostages who could sit in the armored vehicles, while the others huddled together with the prisoners of war in several military trucks with their hands tied. In front and behind them were tanks carrying soldiers, and if they wanted to go to the bathroom they had to see how the rest of the group were feeling, or they could only wait.

It was Ye Wenxuan’s first time sitting in an armored car. If it weren’t because his identity wasn’t appropriate, he really wanted to run to the cab and touch the steering wheel. This thought was perceived by Xing Yuan. He reached out a hand and pressed down on the back of Ye Wenxuan’s neck, rubbing it twice.

“Sit still.” He warned: “They are very cautious, and if they think you’re a spy, they will immediately shoot you.”

Ye Wenxuan no longer looked around wildly: “Oh, even though I’m not particularly afraid.”

Xing Yuan: “Being a little careful is always good.”

They communicated in Chinese. A group of Issera soldiers couldn’t understand at all but thought the two were flirting, and all of them started to laugh quietly. There were also those who didn’t approve of homosexuality but because of Xing Yuan’s strength, they could only sneer in private. Xing Yuan and Ye Wenxuan completely ignored them.

Sooner or later, they would leave Issera. Why would they care about the reactions of these people.

It was only that Ye Wenxuan ignored them, but some people specifically ran over to provoke them. As if he finally found an opportunity to suppress Xing Yuan, Moses walked over when the group was resting, looking at the two with a gaze full of bad intentions.

“Jerry, in only one day you got together with the man that lao zi caught only the day before?” The words he used were insulting, and he looked at Ye Wenxuan and began to criticize him: “This sense of beauty is really. He’s not even as good looking as the other two I caught, is his butt full of meat? Can those legs hold onto your waist? Does it feel exciting to do him?”

Moses: “Ai, like this, as long as you blow out the oil lamp at night and can’t see his face, it should still be very comfortable hahahaha——”

But out of Moses’s expectations, Xing Yuan was not provoked, and even looked at him with a bit of pity.

Xing Yuan said to his guest politely: “When you speak pay attention to the impact, going against two countries at once isn’t very good.”

Moses: “…” What the f*k? Diplomatic relations between two countries?

Ye Wenxuan also smiled at him: “Rushing on the journey isn’t easy. The weather is dry so it’s easy for things to happen, pay attention to your safety.”

Moses: “???” This Tom and Jerry have problems.

He then provoked Xing Yuan for another half a day. But the other side still was expressionless like an immovable statue and at most looked at him with a little sympathy. Seeing this, Moses himself first couldn’t stand it, cursing at him for another two sentences before finally leaving in defeat.

Afterwards, on the road, if Moses wasn’t being electrocuted here, then he would be electrocuted there. Sometimes other people would touch something and be perfectly fine, but when drinking water he could even be electrocuted in the throat by the water. He was simply being utterly abused. At last, Moses didn’t dare to touch anything. He sat in the car directing the others, and from then on, the seat kept electrocuting his butt and chrysanthemum.

He was really no less tragic than those prisoners of war and hostages who were unable to move in the back of trucks.

Xing Yuan looked sympathetically at the armored vehicle behind them and said to Ye Wenxuan: “Well done.”

Ye Wenxuan modestly responded: “Overpraised, overpraised.”

After traveling more than a dozen kilometers to the east, the team adjusted their route. They no longer followed the bumpy dirt road, but turned onto the grassland off the road, gradually deviating from the original main road.

Right now was the dry season in South Sudan. The heat from the sun caused the trees to dry and crack, the grassland rivers and lakes were sharply reduced, and the wild animals were not willing to appear. So as the convoy sped across the grasslands, Ye Wenxuan could only look at a not-very-beautiful scenery.

Around noon, the convoy finally stopped.

Ye Wenxuan looked outside: “Are we here?”

Xing Yuan: “There’s Mullen’s men in front.”

Mullen was the fifth elite captain of the Issera army and the boss of men like Moses.

The fifth elite troops were all assembled. The next step was for them to be fully equipped and seize control of Selaar.

Mullen had little interest in Xing Yuan taking in a man, but had an in-depth discussion with him about Ye Wenxuan’s appearance. He asked Xing Yuan if Chinese people all liked pockmarked faces, which was completely different from what he had seen from Facebook and Youtube.

Ye Wenxuan who accidentally listened to an earful of gossip: “…” These rebel militants actually also know to visit social networking sites, they could be considered very up to date.

## little theaters are all full of pits ##

Mullen: “Suddenly found that my capable trusted lieutenant likes pockmarked faces, my face also has pockmarks, how come he’s not interested in me? Waiting online, especially urgent!”

Xing Yuan: “…I don’t like pockmarks, thank you.”

Xing Yuan: “You only have slightly whiter teeth, I won’t be interested in you even with pockmarks, thank you.”

Translator Notes:

[1] Selaar – 塞拉尔市, result from some Google searches and creative choices
[2] lingering fear – 心有余悸, idiom, means trepidation remaining after a trauma
[3] criticize – 品头论足, idiom, essentially is a minute criticism of a woman’s appearance

Random Notes:

About one hour: 10:30 am – 11:30 am, for 4k characters to 2.5k words.

Sorry for the delay everyone! A lot of schools kicked students out by the end of the week, so there were some logistical complications with moving and leaving campus last week! Updates should be back consistently from now on 🙂

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