100kV Chapter 57

Chapter 57
Rescue Mission

You are as silly as me.

Ye Wenxuan: “So what’s with you joining the rebels?”

Xing Yuan: “At that time that place was in the middle of a battle, and they found me…”

His words were interrupted by a knock on the door. Xing Yuan paused, and someone called from outside: “Jerry, Moses and the rest found an armed force in the woods to the south. Come and take a look!”

“I know.” Xing Yuan agreed and then turned to Ye Wenxuan and whispered: “Stay here first. I’ll tell them that you’re my man. When I come back, we can clarify everything else.”

Ye Wenxuan stuttered: “Wait…what your man…your words are a little ambiguous…”

Without waiting for him to speak smoothly, the person across from him had already put on his uniform and left. When he left he locked the door behind him, obviously not wanting other people to come in.

Ye Wenxuan: “…”

Alright. He wiped his face and thought: Whatever it was, he would wait for the person to come back before solving it together.

But this waiting lasted until the night.

Xing Yuan threw his blood-stained coat to the soldier behind him. His goggles were broken during the gunfight and blood was still dripping from his forehead, but he didn’t care, just ordering Gene next to him: “Let that doctor treat the wounded. Where’s Garcia and Moses. Let them bring people to interrogate the prisoners of war. Also, in a moment bring me some food.”

Gene’s left leg was pierced by a bullet, and he walked with a slight limp. Xing Yuan glanced at him: “Losing too much blood will make you more uncomfortable. Go up to the second floor and find somewhere to lie down, and let the doctor bandage that.”

Gene glanced down at his leg: “Just a small wound. I’ll deal with it myself in a moment.”

Xing Yuan had just mentioned it casually. He walked to his door, took out his key and prepared to open the door.

Gene looked at his movements, his expression a little strange: “I heard the guard brothers say that that Chinese person stayed in your room for a day.”

Xing Yuan: “En.”

“You know him?”

Xing Yuan’s actions paused, and he turned to look at him: “No. Why?”

“Nothing.” Gene shrugged: “No wonder you don’t like the girls that Boss found for you, you actually like men.” Here, he couldn’t help but say: “But…is there some sort of deviation in our sense of beauty? I feel like he looks…well…you understand my meaning, you actually like that type?”

“…” Xing Yuan looked at him as if it was the first time he had known this mild-mannered black brother.

Gene: “Oi, man, don’t look at me like that. There’s still some prejudice against gays in this region, but I personally don’t think there’s anything wrong with it.”

“This place is full of war and disease, and no one knows how long they will live. Who has the time to care what kind of people other people like.” He shook his head and said: “But Moses has a lot of resentment toward you, so don’t let him take the opportunity to trouble your people.”

“Well, it’s already dark. Hopefully the lady doctor hasn’t slept yet, we still have some wounded…”

Having said that, that fellow waved his hand and limped off.

Xing Yuan’s gaze followed him down the stairs, feeling like his heart was very complex.

It wasn’t that Gene’s comments had made him uncomfortable, or that they were absurd.

But…he actually didn’t want to refute Gene’s words, and even felt a faint sense of excitement…

Was it because he was in a foreign land, and had gone through countless life-and-death experiences, endless sleepless nights, and then finally found…that there was still another person who was willing to set foot on this faraway land, with the only purpose of finding him?

Undeniably, Ye Wenxuan’s arrival deeply touched him.

“Why did he come?” This question lingered endlessly in his mind. Xing Yuan lowered his head and put the key back into the keyhole, thinking: “My relationship with him…in fact, has always not been very good. Even though we suffered through a lot of tribulations together, but…he did it because he was ordered to by the Special Affairs Department, and he always felt like I was annoying.”

So why would Ye Wenxuan be willing to risk the gunfire and artillery to come to this war zone in search of someone who may have died?

“Maybe it’s another task.” He thought.

Turning the key twice in the lock, Xing Yuan pushed the door open and walked in.

He had already chased away the guards outside the door, and the elite members living next door hadn’t returned yet. On this entire third floor, there was only him and Ye Wenxuan.

This was the best chance to be alone.

Because it was already night, the room was dark. You could only see some dim moonlight through the broken window, just enough that you wouldn’t hit a wall when walking around.

Xing Yuan walked in and lit the oil lamp on the table. The room brightened in an instant.

He turned and swept his gaze around the room. He found Ye Wenxuan lying on the camp bed, sleeping soundly on his side.

The light from the lamp shone on his face but Ye Wenxuan didn’t move at all. Presumably, he really hadn’t rested properly these past few days.

Xing Yuan leaned down and came closer to look at him.

Under the light from the lamp, the pockmarks on this guy’s face became even more noticeable.

Xing Yuan: “…” Forget it, he simply couldn’t become sentimental in this situation.

After a while, someone sent in some food. Seeing Ye Wenxuan lying on the bed, he left with a strange smile.

Xing Yuan knew with a glance what he was thinking but was lazy to explain. He felt like this was also good, he could use this excuse to let Ye Wenxuan follow him.

The smell of food woke Ye Wenxuan up slowly. He turned and sat up. Seeing Xing Yuan leaning against the wall next to the window to eat, he yawned and came over: “Is there anything good to eat?”

“Some canned food, vegetable soup, biscuits.” Xing Yuan swallowed a mouthful of a biscuit and motioned toward the table: “Military rations, at least there’s less bacteria. Do you want to eat?”

Ye Wenxuan: “I’ll taste it.”

Then he almost choked on a dry and hard biscuit.

“What…what kind of thing is this…this biscuit is actually a concealed weapon isn’t it?!” He coughed for half a day and said hoarsely: “You just eat things like this? Aren’t you a little captain.”

Xing Yuan finished the biscuit in his hand without any change in expression, and said: “I’m not a little captain, I’m just a temporary team member.”

Ye Wenxuan watched in awe as he picked up the other half of the biscuit, and said: “Don’t lie, I see that these people all listen to you.”

“Because I can fight.” Xing Yuan pointed next door: “That black man living next door called Moses, and that Gene who you saw before, were all sent by their boss to watch over me.”

Ye Wenxuan: “…Hah?”

Xing Yuan casually picked up the bowl of soup on the table, blew at the oil on the top, and then took a sip.

“What do you think a suspicious person who suddenly appeared in a war zone could rely on to stand here and chat with you, unscathed?”

Ye Wenxuan pressed a finger on the corner of Xing Yuan’s forehead: “Unscathed?”

Xing Yuan hissed, nearly knocking over the bowl in his hand.

Ye Wenxuan then pressed on the cut on his neck: “You call this unscathed?”

This injury was also very new. This morning Gemma had helped Xing Yuan deal with all kinds of wounds on his body, and Ye Wenxuan had stood next to them. He could see clearly that Xing Yuan had added many new wounds to his body.

“How did you get this injury here?” He leaned over and peeled open the bandaid slightly, looking at the scar that still hadn’t completely scabbed over: “A sharp cut…who cut your neck with a knife?”

Xing Yuan’s throat moved: “I had a fight with Follett of the Issera forces. He gave me a cut on my neck, and I pierced his kidney.”

Ye Wenxuan: “What’s Issera?”

Xing Yuan put down his soup bowl: “The Issera rebels. Their men found me in the Geneti Mountains. The war zone knows no order, and that group originally wanted to kill me. I killed a few of them, and in the end they wanted to recruit me.”

“…” Ye Wenxuan didn’t quite understand these people’s thought processes, and then asked: “Then what about Follett?”

Xing Yuan: “A member of Issera’s 5th elite unit. He found me annoying and came to attack me the night I entered the troops.”

Ye Wenxuan: “What happened?”

Xing Yuan sneered: “They sent him to the battlefield hospital in the rebel stronghold.”

Ye Wenxuan watched him pick up the box of cans and put them in front of him, saying a little unnaturally: “For me?”

“En.” Xing Yuan took back his hand and leaned back against the wall: “I’m full.”

Ye Wenxuan felt like the other person’s attitude was a little different from before. He sat down on the chair somewhat awkwardly and buried his head to eat.

After a while, he could only raise his head helplessly: “I say…can you stop looking at me all the time, it feels weird.”

Xing Yuan: “Oh, there’s nothing to look at, I can only look at you.”

Ye Wenxuan took a deep breath: “What is there to look at on me…”

“I’m looking at your pockmarks.” Xing Yuan pointed at the bump on his nose: “I was thinking, how long can these things you drew last?”

Ye Wenxuan: “…A week probably.”

Xing Yuan: “Oh.”

Ye Wenxuan: “What’s the meaning of your expression. That disdain is too obvious, do you think I’m blind?”

Xing Yuan: “It’s really fucking ugly.”

Ye Wenxuan: “…”

He took out the pen from his pocket and poked it on the man’s thigh: “Can you repeat that?”

Xing Yuan also took out the pen from his own pocket and lifted Ye Wenxuan’s chin with the tip: “I also have this.”

“Are you silly?”

“Not as silly as you.”

“How could you be less silly than me?” Ye Wenxuan laughed angrily and poked him hard: “If you weren’t as silly as me how could you become like this. A big rich man wearing gold and silver actually squats here drinking vegetable soup and eating dry biscuits, his body covered in bandaids and gauze. I see that this face of yours is also about to break. Alas, so miserable.”

The man being poked let out an “oh.”

“I’ve become like this, and you actually still came to this kind of place to find me.” Not caring about the pen on his leg, Xing Yuan looked down at him, his voice a little hoarse: “It’s been nearly five days since the plane crash. I may have died when skydiving, may have been killed because of the war here, and my body might have been casually thrown into the ruins, unable to be found.”

He slowly said: “Even so, you still didn’t give up on searching for me…if you’re not silly who is?”

Ye Wenxuan’s hand paused, a little speechless: “I, I didn’t think…”

Xing Yuan rubbed Ye Wenxuan’s chin with the tip of the pen: “Why did you come find me?”

Ye Wenxuan honestly said: “I felt that you must be alive.”

“Not this.” Xing Yuan shook his head. He bent down, meeting the gaze of the person on the chair: “In England, you were always annoyed by me. I have a lot of problems, you were right when you said that. You said…my life isn’t worth more than others, or even, not as much as most ordinary people.”

“If not for the order from the Special Affairs Department, you should have gone to protect much more outstanding people, not running with me to England and being forced to escape with me.”

Ye Wenxuan said with difficulty: “No…and then I knew that you really weren’t all that…”

He hadn’t finished when Xing Yuan put the pen to his lips and leaned over: “I have already sent the evidence of the collusion between the Xing family and the senior officials back to the country. Dealing with them basically didn’t require my help, and I would at most act as a witness. But for me, deploying peacekeepers is already a great benevolence. They didn’t give you a task, right?”

Ye Wenxuan held the pen on his lips and moved it away slightly, whispering: “I applied for it myself.”

Xing Yuan: “Why?”

——You thought I was annoying, so why did you come to save me?

——If I had an accident, maybe some would be sad, some would sigh, and some would sneer and even celebrate.

“Only you came to find me.” He put his head down on Ye Wenxuan’s shoulder, saying tiredly: “I…am very grateful for you.”

Ye Wenxuan was still holding the pen in one hand. His right shoulder was a little heavy. He moved the fingers on his hand hanging down next to him slightly, and finally lifted up his hand, putting it on the man’s back.

In the room there was only the glowing yellow light from the oil lamp. It couldn’t shine very far, only softly surrounding the two people next to it at the table, as if only this place could see the light.

The darkness of night seemed to expose all the weaknesses that people hide, and makes people much more emotional and more likely to speak what they hide in their hearts.

The two people’s breaths were very close together. Ye Wenxuan didn’t know what he was thinking about. He had been searching for the past several days, flying from England to South Sudan, dealing with various locals, seeing the war happen in front of his very eyes, and reading those discouraging news reports about the plane crash.

He also didn’t know why he still insisted on it. The relationship between the two was actually not even as good as friends, but when he heard that Xing Yuan encountered an accident, he actually first lost his cool.

The Special Affairs Department had been a mess recently, and Zheng Xingguo didn’t give him a mission. The Xing family had long determined that Xing Yuan had already died, and after the peacekeeping forces confirmed the bodies on the plane, they could only search privately and not make any big moves due to the tension in the war zone.

Ye Wenxuan looked around, and finally found that there was actually no one insisting on looking for him.

“If I also didn’t come, would he really have stayed here. Or maybe he would have been able to wait for rescue, but he also might die in the war.” He held the man’s shoulder and thought silently in his heart: “I don’t want him to die like this.”

As he thought, he slowly opened his mouth: “Xing Yuan.”

The other man kept his head on his shoulder, not moving.

“As long as you are human, you will have flaws. The most difficult thing is to fix your own flaws. You are pretty good, not that bad.” He patted him on the back, carefully avoiding his wounds: “I don’t know how to comfort people, but I will lend you my shoulder.”

Xing Yuan smiled lowly: “Thank you.”

the author has something to say: xing yuan: my “unlucky gong” label is not a fake name. (/=▼_▼=)/┴─┴

[i gave the little gong the identity as the world’s x-th wealthiest person, besides letting the little shou protect him, would i say things like letting him eat candy and act as a migrant worker?] [i won’t say (⊙▽⊙)]

## the reason for traveling a thousand miles to search for x ##

Xing Yuan: “Why did you trek over the mountains and waters to come find me?”

Ye Wenxuan: “You haven’t paid this month’s salary.”

Translator Notes:

[1] Issera – 伊瑟拉, pinyin yi se la
[2] Follett – 福莱特, pinyin fu lai te
[3] benevolence – 仁至义尽, idiom, means extreme benevolence, utmost duty

Random Notes:

A little over one hour: 8:30 pm – 9:45 pm, for 4k characters to 2.6k words. I’m ready for the start of cuteness.

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