100kV Chapter 56

Chapter 56
Rescue Mission

I am Tom Siris

So the next day, Gemma made the request to the soldier who came to pick her up that she wanted to bring a helper. That black man was very puzzled.

“You did very well by yourself last night, why do you need to bring another person.” His eyes swept over Ye Wenxuan: “This guy isn’t a doctor, what could he help you with?”

Gemma said softly: “You soldiers are too strong. There are some patients I can’t lift, so I need an assistant to help.”

The words “too strong” were obviously very satisfying to the soldier’s ears. He puffed up his chest and said: “In that case, you should pick that one.”

Gemma looked in the direction he pointed and saw that the man he was referring to was Yulaya.

At this time Yulaya was shirtless, doing a one-handed handstand against the wall.

“He’s a bodyguard and knows how to use guns. He can kill people.” Ye Wenxuan calmly responded: “I don’t know any of these, and can only do a slight bit of manual labor. Which one would you choose?”

“What about the other one?

The crowd looked at the dazed Tim.

“…Alright, keep up.”

Ten minutes later, Ye Wenxuan stood in front of the old building they had been to before, following the soldier in front to the second floor.

The building wasn’t large, with only six rooms on each floor. Four of the rooms had wounded people inside them, and the other two had closed doors. Who knew what they were used for.

Ye Wenxuan first followed Gemma to give those wounded rebel soldiers treatment. Because of the shortage in medical supplies, Gemma could only do some simple emergency treatment.

Even so, it was still a lot more professional than the soldiers handling their wounds themselves.

The military men’s attitudes toward the two people were obviously much better than yesterday. Ye Wenxuan knew that these were all to the credit of Gemma.

When they finished checking up on all of the wounded, a short man came over and gently asked Gemma to go to the third floor.

Ye Wenxuan’s slightly distracted spirit immediately shook—yesterday Gemma had said that Jerry was living on the third floor.

When they got to the third floor, Ye Wenxuan noticed that all the rooms here had closed doors, but only the room furthest inside on the right had men guarding outside. That should be the person in highest command in this team of people.

The man leading them brought the two people to the right, and a ridiculous guess slowly appeared in Ye Wenxuan’s mind.

Xing Yuan…he wouldn’t have become the little leader of the rebels, would he?

He was just thinking when the door to a room on the left was opened from the inside. A tall black man came out and paused when he saw them.

“Moses, where are you going?” The man leading them asked casually.

It was that black man who had caught them yesterday.

Ye wenxuan really couldn’t recognize the appearances of these black men. He only remembered when he heard the name.

“There’s no fight, I’m bored to death. I’m going to find some people to play cards.” Moses looked at them: “Giving that guy medicine again?”

“En, the chief promised before that when we get info about a doctor we would help him pay attention.”

Moses sneered: “The boss definitely would have forgotten a second later, only you Gene would remember that.”

Gene ignored his sarcasm and said: “Poor Moses, just because he fought your boss for five minutes and didn’t lose, you could never forget him. Alas, you still don’t dare to say it to his face, so pitiful.”

Moses: “Gene! Are you looking for a fight?”

Gene pushed him: “Enough, those two brothers guarding the door have already endured you for a long time. Quickly leave, I’m bringing the doctor to see Jerry.”

Moses walked away indignantly and Gene nodded to the two guards, then said to Gemma and Ye Wenxuan: “This way, please keep quiet.”

Gemma: “O…Okay…”

Ye Wenxuan didn’t speak. He just lowered his head and followed behind, helping Gemma carry her medicine box like a porter.

This room was no different from the rooms on the second floor, but it had obviously been cleaned extensively. There was no junk on the floor, and everything in the room had been cleaned out. There was only a chair, a camp bed, and a long table that had a missing leg.

The man in the room was standing next to the window looking outside. When he heard the door open he turned around and looked at the visitor expressionlessly.

Ye Wenxuan swept his gaze over. The other person was the same as what Gemma said, wearing glasses.

But if he wanted to block his own face like this, then he really thought too simply.

Ye Wenxuan gritted his teeth. If there weren’t so many outsiders here, he would definitely have thrown away the box in his hand and rushed up, first giving this guy two punches to vent his anger.

He swore on his own superpowers that if this thing wasn’t Xing Yuan, he would take off his own head and kick it like a ball!

Ye Wenxuan was still secretly gritting his teeth while Gene had already greeted “Jerry”. The latter took off his top with a cold face, revealing his bandaged chest and left arm.

Ye Wenxuan: “…”

F*ck, it really was this bastard.

Gemma: “Tom, put the box here. Help hand me the things.”

Ye Wenxuan instantly came back to his senses. He bowed his head and walked to the two people. He watched Gemma remove a variety of medical supplies from the box and then looked at Gene, who was standing to the side and staring at them.

Xing Yuan didn’t say a word after sitting onto the chair, like a big master waiting for someone to see to his wound. Ye Wenxuan knew that right now wasn’t the time to calculate old accounts, so he quietly picked up a piece of alcohol gauze and fiercely pressed down on Xing Yuan’s back.

Xing Yuan: “…Hiss…”

Gemma: “Oh, did my assistant hurt you?”

Xing Yuan: “En.”

Ye Wenxuan: “…” How could a man admit their weakness so quickly, why is this style not quite right?

Because Xing Yuan’s expression was turning colder and harder, even though Gemma wanted to get along a little longer with this handsome man, she still could not stand the cold air wafting from his body. She quickly tied the bandages and packed up the medicine box, saying to Gene that she would like to go back as soon as possible.

Gene: “Oh, good, lady doctor. Thank you very much for your generous care.”

On the other side, Ye Wenxuan picked up the uniform on the camp bed and handed it to Xing Yuan: “Mr. Jerry, your clothes.”

Xing Yuan casually took it. He didn’t expect that the other person’s move of reaching out didn’t stop, and that he wouldn’t take back his hand when their fingertips collided. Ye Wenxuan grabbed his finger and sent over an energetic little thread of electricity.

Xing Yuan froze in taking his clothes.


“Mr. Jerry looks a lot like one of my friends. He is also Chinese and has a pair of very beautiful eyes.” Ye Wenxuan seemed like he didn’t notice the other side’s searching eyes, continuing: “I even sent him a pen, but then we no longer had any contact. I don’t know how he’s doing right now.”

The other two people in the room were left in confusion from his words. Only Xing Yuan slowly furrowed his eyebrows. He asked Gene to first send Gemma back and left Ye Wenxuan by himself. After they all left, he slowly said: “What’s your name?”

Ye Wenxuan looked down at the thick-soled military boots on his feet and said word for word: “Tom Siris.” Then he added: “Oh, if you’re asking about my Chinese name, my last name’s Ye.”

The other man’s breathing became disordered. Ye Wenxuan was waiting to continue to talk when he felt a sudden force on his right arm, and he had been pulled by Xing Yuan to the window.

That incomplete table stood next to the window. There was a basin on top. The man pulled Ye Wenxuan to the table, and then used the water in the basin to start to wash his face.

Ye Wenxuan: “…”

He grabbed the hand on his face: “Let go…this is waterproof! You let…ke, ke ke…what kind of water is this…it’s so nasty…”

Xing Yuan heard him and let go. He took a step back to see him wipe his face, then said with some hesitation: “Ye…Wenxuan?”

“What are you calling dad for.” Ye Wenxuan pulled up his clothes and wiped his face hard, while whispering viciously: “I kindly ran all the way here to find you, and you repay me like this? I really didn’t think that your little life here would be quite comfortable. If I had known earlier I wouldn’t have come.”

It seemed like Xing Yuan hadn’t come back to his senses.

That sound was indeed Ye Wenxuan.

He looked down at the young man standing in front of him, trying to find some clues from his face.

However, there was only a strange man with a face full of pockmarks and yellow and black skin.

Xing Yuan: “…”

“What kind of disguise is this, could you be any uglier?” He reached out to pull at a pockmark on that face, but Ye Wenxuan kicked his calf: “Don’t touch my pockmarks! It took me a lot of effort to draw them on!”

Outside the room someone knocked on the door: “What’s happening?”

Xing Yuan covered Ye Wenxuan’s mouth and lowered his voice, shouting: “Nothing.”

Ye Wenxuan raised his hand and poked him in the waist, motioning for him to take his hand away.

Xing Yuan obliged and stared at him for half a day: “What did you come here for, and even followed a female doctor as an assistant?”

Ye Wenxuan retorted: “At least it’s a lot stronger than a certain person who can even fall down on a plane, and then after not dying even run to join the anti-government army, who is wrapped in bandages but still wants to be a small captain.”

“Just a last resort.”

Xing Yuan took off his glasses and pulled him to an area farther away from the door, in case their conversation was heard by others. He lowered his voice and asked: “Why are you here.”

Ye Wenxuan chuckled: “What do you think?”

Xing Yuan bit his lips: “Because of me?”

Ye Wenxuan: “What do you think?”

Xing Yuan: “…Alright, sure enough it was because of me.”

Both of them stood by the window. Because they were afraid of the walls having ears, they stood very close together.

After a while, Ye Wenxuan whispered: “Since you’re alright, why didn’t you inform us?”

Xing Yuan looked outside the window and said: “After coming here, those in ranks lower than commanding officers were not allowed to use external communication equipment.”

“And…” He sighed: “I wouldn’t know who to contact.”

“…” Ye Wenxuan was rarely left speechless. He recalled what he had previously heard about the Xing family affairs and his tone gentled slightly: “You…you could contact me.”

Xing Yuan looked at him and didn’t answer.

“Even though our relationship isn’t very good, we still fled together after all, so we could be considered brothers formed in hardship.” Ye Wenxuan leaned closer and whispered: “Do you know how I felt when I watched you get onto the plane and then the plane fell once I turned around?”

Xing Yuan was suddenly a little curious: “How?”

Ye Wenxuan: “Lao zi protected a tender cabbage for so many days, but someone actually f*cking wants to tear off the leaves! If it were you, could you bear it?”

“…” Xing Yuan felt like he should not have been curious at all.

Ye Wenxuan wanted to continue when there was a sudden gurgling sound. Xing Yuan looked down at his stomach, and the latter covered his belly, saying with a bit of embarrassment: “The dinner you guys provided was…too locally flavored. I didn’t eat it.”

The taller man didn’t say anything, just reaching into his jacket. He took something out of his jacket pocket and threw it to him.

Ye Wenxuan caught it and took a look. It was a chocolate bar.

He immediately unwrapped the packaging and took a few bites. Now he felt a lot better, and his gaze toward Xing Yuan was also kinder.

Xing Yuan: “…”

“Tell me what happened to you.” Ye Wenxuan gnawed on his chocolate and leaned against the wall, asking: “I heard that there were a bunch of people missing from that plane. And that message that was sent from the communication device to back home, did you do that?”

Xing Yuan gave an “en”: “There were a few moles mixed in on the plane. The captain did some backhanded operations and deviated from the scheduled route. The deputy captain found that something wasn’t right and quarreled with him. Their movements were too large and everyone noticed the plane tilting, but the crew members didn’t warn us.”

“My guards and I immediately realized that something was wrong. It quickly developed into a scuffle, and there were also a few moles amongst the guards.” Xing Yuan recalled and shook his head: “In short, that situation was extremely chaotic. Besides myself, I couldn’t trust anyone.”

Ye Wenxuan: “What happened afterward?”

“The captain was killed, I didn’t notice who fired the gun. Cherno killed a few people, and someone wanted to sneak attack me, but I used your pen to electrocute him unconscious.” He smiled softly: “I must admit, that pen was very easy to use.”

“And then…the plane got out of control. All of the rest of us wanted to live, so we reconciled temporarily.” Xing Yuan calmly said: “There were parachutes in the cabin. Before the crash, some people chose to jump out, but I don’t know how many were able to successfully land.”

Ye Wenxuan remembered that just now when Gemma was dealing with his wounds, this person had added a bunch of new injuries. When he was parachuting, he must have suffered some new wounds.

Xing Yuan was still talking: “The place I landed wasn’t too far away from the site of the plane crash, so I went over to take a look. At that time the plane was still burning and I couldn’t get close, just looking at it from afar.”

“After waiting for over an hour, the fire got smaller, and I wanted to go up to see if there was still anyone alive. The head of the plane had completely separated and the cockpit was exposed. I saw that the communication device wasn’t broken so I immediately sent a message.”

“…” Ye Wenxuan could only say: “You were really too courageous. Were you not afraid that the plane would explode and blow you up?”

Xing Yuan stood next to him with his arms crossed, his face a little tired: “At that time my mind was too chaotic to think of that.”

## tom and jerry ##

Ye Wenxuan: “I am Tom Siris.”

Xing Yuan: “I am Jerry Siris.”

Gene: “Oh, your last names are the same!”

Ye Wenxuan: “Actually, we are brothers.”

The crowd looked at the handsome and confident Xing Yuan, and then looked at Ye Wenxuan with a face full of pockmarks and yellow and dark skin.

Gene: “Damn, Tom you were born to a stepmother ba.”

Translator Notes:

[1] energetic – 欢蹦乱跳, idiom, means glowing with health and vivacity
[2] word for word – 一板一眼, idiom, means following a prescribed pattern, very scrupulous attention to detail
[3] brothers formed in hardship – 难兄难弟, idiom, means fellow sufferers, friendship forged in suffering

Random Notes:

About an hour: 4 pm – 5 pm, for 4k characters to 2.6k words.

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