100kV Chapter 55

Chapter 55
Rescue Mission

The Asian within the Rebels

Moses clicked his tongue: “Don’t know. They’re all foreigners, this woman says that she is a doctor.” As he spoke, he added impatiently: “We found medical supplies in their car. She should be a real doctor.”

“Bring her over and let me take a look.”

Gemma was pulled to the front. Yulaya raised his hand and waved at them: “Hey, can you not be so rude to the lady.”

The man leaning against the wall didn’t mince words: “Name, where do you work, why are you passing through here?”

Gemma struggled to keep herself from shivering, nervously saying: “I…I’m a surgeon. I used to work for the Red Cross, and came here…to go to the hospital in the Kurtu camp on a humanitarian relief mission.”



“Take her away.” That man lowered his head and didn’t even look over, just commanding the teammate next to him: “Let her treat the injured guys first, and then after everything’s done we can send her to Kurtu. Treat her a little better.”

Someone next to him quietly complained: “A girl finally came…”

Jerry didn’t say anything, but Moses already stepped forward to berate him: “Don’t you understand the rules! You even dare to touch doctors, be careful that when the boss finds out he chops off your dick!”

That person shrunk back a bit and didn’t dare to speak anymore.

These people seemed to be very disciplined. Yulaya was relieved and felt that things weren’t too bad.

He looked around. The several people who got caught along with him were all somewhat depressed. Kabu was a Dinka man so he had been taken by the rebels somewhere else. That left Tim, who was standing and shaking with his head lowered. What surprised him was that Asian man who had his head up, his gaze constantly on that “Jerry” who had been talking earlier, as if he could see some kind of flower growing on his face.

It’s just a pity that this group of people were all wearing goggles and helmets. If they didn’t take off their goggles, you really couldn’t see what they looked like.

From Yulaya’s view, this man just had skin that was a few shades different from those around him.

Oh, this is probably a fucking Asian, too.

He thought quickly in his mind, and the man leaning against the wall opened his mouth again: “Who are these remaining people.”

“Journalist, photographer, doctor’s bodyguard.” Moses smirked: “There’s also a guide, a Dinka man, who has already been locked up.”

“They’re all together?”

Moses: “Oh, you’ll have to ask them about this. This work isn’t my responsibility, I’m only responsible for killing those army soldiers.”

Jerry hooked up a corner of his mouth: “It’s also not mine.”

Then he threw away the cigarette in his hand and turned away.

Moses looked at his back and kicked the wall: “Damn, only the head values him.”

The black man guarding Ye Wenxuan laughed loudly: “When you can beat the boss, you will also have this kind of treatment.”

Moses: “Fuck off!”

Ye Wenxuan still wanted to eavesdrop a bit more, but someone had come to bring them to another bunker not far away.

It appeared to be the place where hostages were held. Most of the walls on the first floor had collapsed, and there were quite a few people being held on the second floor. There were many rooms on both sides of the corridor, some with closed doors, and some where the door had already disappeared. Ye Wenxuan glanced around while passing through and saw a few black men in tattered clothing crouching around holding their heads in their arms. Their temperament was very different from the soldiers who were pushing them in, but they still showed some violent aura.

They should be prisoners of war who had been captured on the battlefield.

The soldiers pushed them into an empty room and left. This room had a door, and Yulaya stood by the door, peering out through a broken hole. He came back after a while and said: “There are soldiers carrying guns in the corridor. They’re not afraid of anyone running away. When that happens they’ll just shoot a bullet and everyone around them would listen obediently.”

Gemma had calmed down greatly by this time. She re-tied her messy long hair, finding a place near the wall to sit down to rest.

“They said they would send us to Kurtu.” She looked at the others and asked: “Can I believe them?”

“I will try to convince them.” Yulaya could only say this.

“But he only said you!” Tim yelled: “What about the rest of us? I…I don’t even have a press card, they definitely won’t believe that I’m a journalist…what do I do…”

Yulaya: “Be quiet.”

Tim: “I’m scared! I can’t be quiet! I want to go home…ugh!”

His outburst was stuffed back by Yulaya in one move. He pinned him against the wall and said viciously: “If you want to live, you better learn how to shut up from now on.”

Tim struggled to get onto his tiptoes, both hands grabbing madly at the hand around his neck.

Gemma: “Yulaya! Let him go!”

Yulaya loosened his hold on Tim, punching the wall in irritation. He walked two laps around the room and then stood at the window, looking outward.

The windows in these ruins were all incomplete. The glass on the window had long disappeared, leaving only four square openings of darkness. Along with the black and white scarred remains on the walls from explosions, as well as the shell casings and blood on the floor, it all looked very creepy and striking.

Ye Wenxuan played with the pen in his hand, standing next to Yulaya and looking out the window.

Yulaya glanced at him: “What did you find?”

“These rebels are occupying strongholds.” He glanced over the red strips of cloth tied to the rebels’ arms and said: “This place is very close to the city of Seral, one of the most important strongholds of the governmental forces. I’m guessing…soon there will be war.”

Seral was the city where Tim was supposed to go. The schoolmate he mentioned worked there as a professional war correspondent with a journalist’s license.

Yulaya was also looking at this group: “I’m afraid that the rebels will take us to Seral to fight.”

“Gemma is a doctor and can save lives at key moments. This possibility is not low.” Ye Wenxuan put the pen back into his pocket and said: “But at the same time, they will try their best to protect her.”

Yulaya shot him an examining glance: “You seem to not be nervous at all.”

Ye Wenxuan: “No, I just don’t like to show my tension.”

Yulaya: “Like the little kid behind us?” He squinted at the person huddled in the corner and quipped: “With this kind of psychological strength, he still wants to run here to become a war correspondent, ha.”

Ye Wenxuan sighed: “Just a normal reaction of an ordinary person.”

Not long afterward, someone came in and asked Gemma to go out for a trip. Knowing that they wanted her to treat their men, Yulaya still dutifully put forward the request to “accompany his employer.”

“With someone she knows around her, she can relax a bit more.” He explained sincerely: “You don’t want your doctor to be too nervous, and do something like leaving gauze in the wound or something.”

Of course, his request was rejected.

Seeing Gemma leave, Yulaya held onto the door frame and started doing pull-ups.

Ye Wenxuan sat on the ground and watched him exercise.

He looked very calm, but in fact he had constantly been a little restless.

He had seen “Jerry” earlier. Even though he couldn’t see his appearance, from his tone while speaking and his general physical characteristics, they were all very similar to those of Xing Yuan.

Coupled with the labels of “Asian” and “recently joined,” Ye Wenxuan only became more certain of his own speculation.

As for that name “Jerry”…

At that time, he had once jokingly called himself “Tom Siris” and changed Xing Yuan’s name to “Jerry Siris.”

“I have to find a chance to get close to him and test him.” He muttered silently in his heart.

In the time afterward, Ye Wenxuan was considering how he should proceed. Yulaya had nothing to say to him and Tim, only observing the outside through the doors and windows from time to time. He kept paying attention to the movements of the men around them, very alert and careful.

Tim was very different. This child was so frightened by the bullets and the dead people that he had always been shrinking by himself in a corner. Soon, he had fallen asleep from exhaustion.

Ye Wenxuan looked at him and sighed.

If he didn’t have his abilities, his psychological strength would be no different from Tim’s.

But if it wasn’t for Xing Yuan, he wouldn’t just randomly run into a war zone, so there wasn’t really a comparison.

When the sun was setting, some soldiers came to give them two big bowls, saying that it was for dinner.

Ye Wenxuan came up and looked at them. He found that one of the bowls was filled with not very clean water, and the other bowl had some sort of sticky paste, presumably the “dinner” that those soldiers were talking about.

“This…what kind of thing is this.” He touched the bowl with a finger and found that it was warm. Whether he was looking at it or smelling it, the thing in the bowl was very strange and daunting.

Yulaya came over to take a look: “Oh, you won’t die from eating it.”

“…” Ye Wenxuan watched him calmly grab a handful of it and dump it into his mouth, silently moving to the side: “Your requirements are quite low.”

“What right does a captive have to be picky.” Yulaya raised the bowl of water and took a sip, his expression not very good: “Not fresh water, the taste is really sketchy.” He put the bowl down and said: “Have you gotten vaccinated before you came here?”

Ye Wenxuan nodded: “I heard that cholera and malaria are prevalent here.”

Yulaya said: “If you didn’t vaccinate, this bowl of water could probably kill you.”

Ye Wenxuan: “With all due respect, even with vaccination, that bowl of paste can still kill me.”

Yulaya shrugged: “Having something to eat is already good.”


It was not until nightfall that the light in the room disappeared and Gemma was brought back by two soldiers.

Who also brought back an oil lamp.

“That rebel boss named Jerry told them to give this to us.” Gemma didn’t seem as frightened anymore. Her face was not as pale as before, and her words were natural: “I treated the soldiers’ wounds and they were a lot kinder to me.”

Ye Wenxuan looked down at the oil lamp on the ground, asking: “Did you see that Jerry?”

“Yes.” Gemma said crisply: “He was also injured. I helped him take a look and bandaged it again. En…I must say…he is very manly, very handsome…”

Ye Wenxuan and Yulaya: “…”

“Gemma, I suddenly feel like you probably don’t need a bodyguard.” Yulaya wiped his face and said helplessly: “Girl, don’t tell me that you got interested in a soldier going against the government forces.”

Ye Wenxuan asked: “Did you see the injuries on his body? Where were they?”

Gemma ignored her bodyguard’s teasing and answered the young man’s question: “A lot of injuries. There are gunshot wounds, burns on his back, ai, they aren’t living very easily.”

“What kind of burn.” Ye Wenxuan unconsciously leaned forward: “And, does he have the same wound on his left shoulder?”

“There is…” Gemma hesitated: “Tom, what are you asking these for? Why do I feel like…could it be that you know this man?”

Ye Wenxuan got confirmation and more and more felt that this person was Xing Yuan. He was inwardly excited while saying to the girl: “Gemma, I don’t know, I haven’t seen his face.”

Gemma sat down next to him and looked at the tightly closed door. From the hole in the door she could see the light from the oil lamp outside, and the rebels patrolling the hallways.

When the soldiers’ footsteps grew further away, she spoke: “When I saw him, he was wearing glasses. When I wasn’t so nervous, I looked at his appearance. Well, he looked very handsome, his eyes…seemed to be blue. But it was too late, and the light in the room was too dark, I didn’t dare to look closely.”

As she spoke, she covered her face, muttering: “Ai, it’s just that he was too icy, not saying a word. It was really too much of a pity.”

Ye Wenxuan’s heart jumped wildly: “You saw clearly, his eyes really were blue?”

“Oh, I didn’t really see clearly, it just seemed like it.” Gemma covered her face and said: “I didn’t dare to look at him for too long. Just staring at his eyes…he would misunderstand me!”

Ye Wenxuan leaned back against the wall, slowly letting out a breath.

He raised his right hand and covered his eyes, and he couldn’t help but raise a corner of his mouth.


“Oh?” Gemma looked at him doubtfully: “Tom, are you smiling?”

Ye Wenxuan didn’t pay attention, instead saying: “Next time you see him, please…make sure to bring me with you.”

the author has something to say: tom and jerry = cat and mouse. ye xiao shou has always felt that he is better/stronger than xing yuan, so he has to be tom.

## gemma’s little girl fantasies ##

Gemma: “Ah, looking at this situation, I must be the heroine of this play. I would go deep into rebel territory, and come together with the rebel boss to carry forward the love story of world peace~”

Ye Wenxuan: “Little sister, do you remember that you came here to treat people?”

Gemma: “Yes! Treat the handsome rebel boss, and then let him discover my beauty, and elope together to the moon…”

Ye Wenxuan: “…Stop reading those kinds of fantasies and you can still keep your IQ intact.”

Random Notes:

A little less than one hour: 2:15 pm – 3 pm, for 3.9k characters to 2.3k words.

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  1. So YWX found his boss :3 Time to leave that damn place and finally go home. Of course before that their will be much of action, blood, death and thunder >3

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  2. Thanks for the chapter! 😊😍 Yeah, I just realized last chapter too that he was referring to Tom & Jerry when he made that joke earlier.


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